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Zhou's Birthday Present Ch. 04

 — Mei and Xia are spared, but become true sex slaves. by gaggedKitty23in  NonConsent/Reluctance02/16/154.12

Zhou's Birthday Present Ch. 03

 — Mei and Xia discover that the Master's son is just as cruel. by gaggedKitty23in  NonConsent/Reluctance01/23/154.11

Zhou's Birthday Present

 — Abducted Chinese girls turn the tables on their captor. by gaggedKitty23in  NonConsent/Reluctance12/10/144.35

Adult Corn Maze Only!

 — Katrina makes her way through a provocative corn maze. by thelezforleslezsin  Erotic Horror10/20/144.39

Restrained (A Natalya Story)

 — In rubber & restraints, Natalya handles a mechanical dildo! by Cherish_Desirein  Fetish02/07/143.94

The Curator Ch. 17

 — A young woman studies an ancient people and herself. by neglected2muchin  Novels and Novellas02/01/144.80HOT

Session 07

 — Loud and Quick! Venus forces him to be very loud.. by SecretDreamerin  Text With Audio01/09/143.19

Session 06

 — Venus and Electro. by SecretDreamerin  Text With Audio01/09/142.88

Venus after the Dark Room

 — Venus2000 continues to suck him after he finished reading.. by SecretDreamerin  Text With Audio11/05/132.58

The Curator Ch. 09

 — A young woman studies an ancient people and herself. by neglected2muchin  Novels and Novellas10/15/134.63HOT

Handsome Ch. 21

 — Handsome starts pleasing his women in pairs. by Paris Watermanin  Erotic Couplings01/05/134.41

Scent of Ginger Ch. 04

 — Hannah is subjected to the machinery of release & restraint. by Case21in  BDSM05/09/124.39

Emmanuelle 2200 Ch. 02

 — The first orgasm. by newbeonein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/25/124.23

Emmanuelle 2200 Ch. 01

 — The Orgasmatron - the beginning. by newbeonein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/17/123.67

Session 01

 — Beth wakes up in a stange room, tied to a strange machine. by kinkiestloverin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/31/114.39

On the Rebound

 — Wrong sister but the other sister attended to that. by EgmontGrigor2011in  Romance07/05/114.32

The Hybrid Machine

 — A prototype turns on its operator. by EldestWolfin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/05/113.04

The Casual Acquaintance

 — A submissive males lunch meeting proposal to dominant male. by 2825653in  Gay Male01/08/112.64

Session 03

 — Teasing myself with my sex machine for a long time. by SecretDreamerin  Text With Audio11/23/103.28

Sweetie Ch. 09

 — More fun with Christa. by whole4Uin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/16/104.63HOT

Sweetie Ch. 08

 — Christa comes to visit. by whole4Uin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/12/104.65HOT

Sweetie Ch. 06

 — Sweetie's development continues. by whole4Uin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/08/104.26

Sweetie Ch. 04

 — Sweetie settles into a routine. by whole4Uin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/04/104.48

The Sex Machine

 — Redhead finds new adventures with ropes and machines by nevergoodenoughin  BDSM02/28/103.93

Orgasmo, Machine of the Future

 — Wife's new toy replaces husband. by Bakebossin  NonHuman07/25/092.39

Quality Control Ch. 02

 — The blonde was hot, but the redhead was even hotter! by Cal Y. Pygiain  BDSM07/11/094.07

Quality Control

 — Scientists aren't always as dispassionate as they may seem. by Cal Y. Pygiain  BDSM07/10/094.00

Meia Awakened Ch. 02

 — Now it's time to really have fun. by Pimpjohnpaulin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/14/094.55HOT

Thrusting Machine

 — Brad has trouble keeping his nympho Amber satisfied. by John_the_Authorin  Toys & Masturbation04/21/094.31

Her New Master Ch. 02

 — Man-machine-female threesome. by Jack597in  BDSM01/29/094.24

Smithfield Don, You're History

 — It's never too late for revenge, so watch out dad. by Egmont Grigorin  Romance07/21/084.52HOT

Colors of Lust Ch. 01

 — New machine opens door to any type of sex he feels like. by hotpupin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/02/084.35

Four Girls Ch. 04

 — A story of four girls in lust. by Taunusin  Group Sex06/07/083.39

Four Girls Ch. 02

 — A story of four girls in lust. by Taunusin  Group Sex06/05/083.35

Four Girls Ch. 01

 — A story of four college girls in lust. by Taunusin  Group Sex06/04/083.14

The Mechanics of Sex

 — Machine take over where hubby fails. by Chrissie39in  Toys & Masturbation03/04/084.51HOT


 — The future of sex. by DaddyHeartin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/18/084.24

The Gift Box

 — Find out what's inside this box. by CadeeVin  Erotic Couplings01/03/084.00

Ashleigh's Adventures Bk. 3 Ch. 10

 — Sexations Inc opens for business. by A.W. Rootin  Novels and Novellas08/12/074.73HOT

I Want to Play a Game Ch. 02

 — The search for clues. by king_wesleyin  Mind Control01/27/074.41

The Sybian Club Ch. 04

 — Tasha gives out a door prize--a free full Sybian ride! by Selena_Kittin  Toys & Masturbation11/19/064.71HOT

Vote Tampering

 — She voted and was surprised at the extra benefits. by Decayed Angelin  NonHuman11/14/064.04

Fucking Cyber

 — While cybering, he noticed something about his computer. by Decayed Angelin  NonHuman11/12/063.71

Sex in Sci-Fi Ch. 02

 — Testing the prototype computerised sex-aid. by TonyDowsein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/17/064.44

VAL v1.4

 — Two entrepreneurs & their wives develop a robotic lover. by nowunuknowin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/15/064.74HOT

The Wall Ch. 01

 — An interesting device for the discriminating Master/Mistress. by silentheart420in  BDSM07/22/064.28

Going Mechanical

 — He's stroked while friend's wife gets mechanically poked. by Bryce Schafft1in  Toys & Masturbation07/12/064.12

A Wife-Sharing Tryst Ch. 02

 — Cherise decides to even the score. by xeema47in  Loving Wives05/03/064.31

Switch, Swap and Swing

 — Two couples switch spouses before swing club visit. by Eroicain  Loving Wives02/09/064.49

Sally Ch. 03

 — Club buys sex machine. by Grey Eagle 286in  Group Sex11/23/054.17

The Love Machine

 — Inventing a better love machine also helps inventor. by techsanin  Toys & Masturbation07/01/053.90

Orgasmotron: First Deployment Ch. 02

 — Orgasmotron is prepared as Amazons move in. by cheetah83in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/25/053.83

The Fucking Machine Ch. 03

 — Even Old Pruneface likes to cum. by Boxlicker101in  Toys & Masturbation06/18/054.44

Bed Mechanic

 — She finds herself a victim of the bed. by jeanne_d_artoisin  NonConsent/Reluctance07/14/044.05

Forced Inc.: Power Lady's Destiny

 — Black girl must ride electricity-sapping cock. by FINCin  NonConsent/Reluctance04/15/044.30

The Pleasure Room Video

 — Bob learns something new about Carol, & himself. by Grey Beardin  Erotic Couplings12/26/024.38

The Orgasmatron

 — Lover invents a sex machine for his woman. by mrsdozerin  Toys & Masturbation01/03/024.02

The Machine Ch. 1

 — Couple creates their own private sex machine. by SensitiveSuccubusin  Toys & Masturbation02/18/013.90

Innocence Lost Ch. 12

 — Mouse is successful. by bradley_stokein  Novels and Novellas10/08/004.88

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