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My Good Girl

 — Chris and Ally take their online relationship to real life. by NaughtyGlitterin  NonConsent/Reluctance12/07/143.59

Pairing Punishment Pt. 02

 — The lines are drawn and the rules mapped out. by sabrinamaxwellin  BDSM11/09/143.67

My Master, My Love Ch. 01

 — I displease Master. I am humiliated, punished, loved. by xxx_kittenin  BDSM08/18/143.96

New Sub Ch. 01

 — The first meeting with his new sub by Sophias_choicein  BDSM08/05/143.76

Learning Who's In Charge

 — A little slut learns who is in charge. by Badgirlxoxoin  BDSM07/17/143.96

New Beginning

 — Ex-boyfriend becomes 'Sir'. by iwantedtowritein  NonConsent/Reluctance05/21/144.22

Getting Used to Master's Touch

 — First time in the playroom... by jellybelly2in  BDSM04/25/143.37

Grace and Sir

 — This is the story of how an average girl becomes owned. by Sharon78in  Erotic Couplings04/23/144.23

Sir And Pet Break In Their New Home

 — Jack and Rebekah have to move, but break in their new home by jaxxspectorin  BDSM03/27/143.91

The Birthday Present

 — A submissive provides a saucy present for her Dom. by BenjaminMcqueenin  Fetish11/07/133.44

My Sub and Her Phone

 — She knows better than to use her phone during our time. by dchapleauxin  BDSM09/04/134.00

Binding My Slut Ch. 03

 — My slut gets bound and tied for our first time. by dchapleauxin  BDSM08/31/134.00

Her Sir

 — Caroline gets what she's always wished for.. to be owned. by Honiahaka12in  BDSM08/17/134.38

Slut's Surprise

 — My slut, my good little sub, gets more than she expected. by dchapleauxin  BDSM08/16/134.11

Sir's Reading Time

 — Pet learns not to interrupt Sir when he's reading. by Kyweein  BDSM07/29/134.15

Thank You, Sir

 — A new experience for his Slut by cam2012in  BDSM07/17/133.85

Call Me Sir Ch. 01

 — A woman gets a taste of her daydreams. by ZinaHeavenin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/24/134.34

Date Night Postponed

 — He promised to take you out and you are eating out. by NaughtyGail1204in  BDSM05/10/133.86

Early Morning Wake-Up

 — I get woken up by Sir. by BiancaPEin  BDSM03/24/134.10

An Evening with SIR

 — An erotic evening with SIR and anal play. by SIRssubin  BDSM03/11/134.14

The Choice - Rachel's Story

 — Rachel tells the story about Canada. by angelface195in  BDSM12/11/124.49


 — He forces her into submission. by Raminain  BDSM12/10/123.25

President's Mistress - Michael Worthington and Eric Hayden

 — The men and their romance. by angelface195in  Gay Male11/26/124.62HOT

The Choice Ch. 02

 — Sir Richard gets a surprise. by angelface195in  BDSM11/18/124.48

The Choice

 — Two Doms choose their slaves. by angelface195in  BDSM11/11/124.42

A Bad Case of the Tingles

 — Light role reversal within a traditional BDSM relationship. by TigersPetin  BDSM11/01/124.11

Masked Lust

 — A virgin loses it to her European lover in an elevator. by Boheminxenin  First Time10/24/123.95

How to Dom Your Mom Ch. 02

 — Will guilt and regret keep them apart? by Karenasin  Incest/Taboo10/16/124.41

My Pet

 — Amelia cheers up her Sir after a long day at work. by morcielin  BDSM10/06/124.26

Meeting Sir

 — Online lovers meet at last. by TigersPetin  BDSM09/03/124.31

Sorry, Come Again Sir?

 — Ellen finally gets what she always wanted with her teacher. by ellen_swallowsin  Erotic Couplings07/22/124.44

Freedom Ch. 01

 — She goes through unforgettable experiences. by sweetmary21in  BDSM06/21/123.86

Logan and Lauren Ch. 11

 — Taking Risks... by Bizzy_Bishin  Interracial Love06/06/124.77HOT

A Visit from her Sir

 — A surprise visit from her online Sir. by Raminain  BDSM06/05/123.88

Baby Learns The Rules Ch. 01

 — Daddy teaches Baby Girl what it means to be a good girl. by theredduchessin  BDSM05/15/124.22

Emails to Sir III

 — My emails to Sir at his request. by sub_CHin  BDSM04/11/124.08

Gothic Weekend with My Master

 — A tale of Whitby Weekend. by Shellybethin  BDSM11/26/114.00

Stop Thinking

 — The learning of a lesson by cloudschaserin  BDSM11/20/114.15

Kitten Tales Ch. 01

 — His submissive moves in. by KittenXIIIin  BDSM11/04/114.02

A Typical Day

 — What Sir says, goes. by xrecklessin  BDSM10/22/113.59

A New Step Ch. 01

 — A sub is moved to another step in her Dom/sub relationship. by StormiPin  BDSM07/27/114.32

Faceless Fuck Toy

 — Naked. Except for the hood. by juliafairein  Fetish07/04/113.90

Recipe for Disaster

 — She gets turned on in more ways than one! by Suddersin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/29/114.07

Hello Sir

 — I begged for it, begged for You to let me come. by Sami_Kittenin  BDSM06/13/114.06

A Submissive's Punishment

 — Your displeasure in your sub. by KeiEstellein  BDSM11/24/104.06

Dark Dreams Ch. 04

 — I can taste the darkness. by phoenixskyin  BDSM11/04/103.71

Forced Road Trip

 — Female slut forced to obey. by nastypigwhore29in  BDSM10/27/103.63

Submission of a Slut

 — A sub gives herself to her Master and another man. by amore_101in  BDSM10/08/104.20

Dark Dreams

 — He knows what I need. by phoenixskyin  BDSM09/24/104.48

Beachside camping

 — BBW gets fucked by old friend. by rose12345in  Erotic Couplings08/02/104.23

English Submission Ch. 01

 — An American divorcee heads to England to become his slut. by paeroticain  BDSM05/02/103.98

A First, But Probably Not a Last

 — She receives her first taste of a hard spanking. by kitty_kitty_in  BDSM09/23/093.98

Starting Again

 — New pet receives a little tenderness. by daddy1024in  BDSM08/31/093.86

Master Comes Home

 — You comes home to find your pet curled up cold in bed. by brkmrevrgnin  BDSM05/31/094.14

A Night at the Movie

 — A girl has an unusual encounter. by Enygma55in  NonConsent/Reluctance06/19/083.72

Addicted to Sir

 — A day pleasing Sir; she needs him so much. by sassybutsub4uin  BDSM04/27/084.19

Taken Ch. 01

 — slut is kidnapped & taken to the One who owns her. by Aurora Leighin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/21/084.34

Service Before Self

 — You improve a submissive cadet's military discipline. by Bluehoney17in  BDSM10/21/074.33

My Choice

 — D/s scene where Sub is giving difficult choice. by slutkimmiin  BDSM06/30/074.06

Repopulation Pt. 03

 — Nurse Allie Cooke's kidnapping in Post-WW3 Omaha continues. by OzArrianin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/22/074.14

Awakening the Beast

 — Your first experiences with domination. by Shay73in  BDSM03/04/074.37

Fantasies Do Cum True Ch. 03

 — An encounter with Mr Meyer in the Bathroom by PurrfectKitten22in  BDSM02/13/074.11

Oh So Warm and Wonderful

 — First time for golden showers. by NYCbbwSUBin  Fetish01/04/074.20

Master To You

 — A sub's journey into slavery. by need2nomyplaycein  BDSM12/31/064.16

Submissive Blush Ch. 01

 — New sub meets an online Dom & takes it offline. by slutkimmiin  BDSM08/06/064.33

Sir's Humiliating Shoe Shopping

 — Slut is punished through humiliation while shoe shopping. by slutkimmiin  BDSM07/15/064.16

My First Meeting with Sir

 — New sub meets online Dom for first time. by slutkimmiin  BDSM06/21/064.31

Punishment Unlimited

 — She sits and waits for his displeasure. by slutkimmiin  BDSM06/21/063.92

A Letter from Sir

 — How Sir feels about his cumslut. by DansCumSlutin  BDSM03/09/064.00

Rewriting History Ch. 01

 — First submission to a Dom. by Vixen211in  BDSM02/05/064.05

Raising the Bar

 — Sexy Vixen is frustrated by attempts to seduce her professor. by sweetnpetitein  Mature12/31/053.93

Pigtails and Porn

 — Watching porn leads to a spanking. by English Ladyin  BDSM05/22/054.33

Afternoon Delight

 — A shared fantasy comes to life. by _linda_in  BDSM05/08/053.33

The Call Ch. 03

 — They continue their journey. by MANORLORD28in  BDSM03/22/054.32

Reviewing "Celia"

 — Author's thoughts on "The Captivity of Celia". by Goldeniangelin  Reviews & Essays03/07/054.43

Giving In

 — They play power games at the office. by ronyanin  BDSM10/16/043.85

Laura: Initiation of a Submissive Ch. 02

 — Dinner, then home for dessert. by Sir_Winston54in  BDSM07/24/044.57HOT

Laura: Initiation of a Submissive Ch. 01

 — Young woman seeks her destiny as sub. by Sir_Winston54in  BDSM07/23/044.39

Property Ch. 03

 — Debasement of a worthless whore. by GvilleWriterGuyin  BDSM04/16/044.09

An Introduction

 — submissive learns about pain from Master & his sister. by petslavein  BDSM01/02/044.06

Breaking in a New Sub Ch. 03

 — Diane & Jack go to a new level. by Master_Vassagoin  BDSM01/01/044.13

A Pain-Slut's Fantasy

 — A test in pain. by bekahin  BDSM07/13/033.83


 — Dominant torments his pretty subby. by GvilleWriterGuyin  BDSM01/02/034.12

First of Many

 — Initial interview Master with submissive. by Dreaminbigin  BDSM12/01/023.89

Excellent Interview

 — Ms. Flowers exhibits excellent interview skills. by Dreaminbigin  Erotic Couplings11/04/024.10


 — Dom and sub discuss escape. by Chickletin  BDSM09/11/024.59HOT

Master's Time

 — He uses His slut just because He wants to. by teaselin  BDSM07/01/024.32

Master's Night

 — He uses His slut just because He wants to. by teaselin  BDSM06/28/023.82

A Letter To Sir

 — a sub's power to walk away, no matter what the hurt. by mLadytiniin  BDSM06/18/024.48

Jenna: The Lesson Continues

 — slut is caught pleasuring herself, and punished. by Jimbowin  BDSM06/18/023.43

Night After the Opera

 — Hot Jenna willingly submits. by Jimbowin  BDSM06/17/024.10

Learning Ch. 2

 — Rebecca's new master takes her virginity. by littlegirl18in  NonConsent/Reluctance05/15/024.48

Long, Black Car

 — She meets her Master. by wildsweetonein  BDSM03/26/024.00

Pick Your Poison

 — Master gives slave options for punishment. by KillerVanityin  BDSM01/28/023.83

Dream Come True

 — A pupil learns about submission. by df_69in  BDSM12/13/013.55

I Dream...

 — A day in the life of a sub and her Sir. by klingongalin  BDSM10/01/014.30

First Night

 — Young woman meets Master for the first time. by Kara Jin  BDSM08/29/013.63

My Punishment

 — Naughty girl is taught a lesson. by ossm73in  BDSM03/19/013.81

How To Do a Good Knight's Work

 — Save dragons and kill maidens! by ANiceGuyin  Humor & Satire01/21/013.32

SirBuckles Ch. 1

 — Sir Buckles rescues the Dragon MoreGar. by ANiceGuyin  NonHuman01/15/013.77

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