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The Buyer Ch. 01

 — A devoted slave is rented out for a month. by cinnamynin  BDSM01/06/153.77

Anna's Dream

 — Punishment, pain, and sex on the open sea. by Serafina1210in  BDSM10/31/144.15

The Story of Odilia Ch. 01

 — Odilia is sold at auction by Schlankin  NonConsent/Reluctance12/13/134.22

Heavy Breath Ch. 01

 — A nervous sub helps a friend with an elite slave auction. by cuddlebug4uin  Novels and Novellas09/27/133.44

Stephanie's Humiliation Ch. 11

 — On the market in more ways than one. by dragenphlyin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/05/134.33

Black Slave Auction Ch. 07

 — Renee and Master move forward. by subwryterin  Interracial Love05/26/134.22

Black Slave Auction Ch. 01

 — Ebony reporter gets looped up in slave auction scandal. by subwryterin  Interracial Love01/25/133.93

Earning Forgiveness Ch. 05

 — She undergoes her final humiliation. by MechanicalAngelin  BDSM06/25/123.91

A Christmas Tail Ch. 01

 — Wife is auctioned off for charity. by Angelscuckin  BDSM12/16/114.08

Miranda and Geraldine Ch. 03

 — A wealthy woman is humiliated by a young woman. by StoryTeller07in  Lesbian Sex10/21/114.42

TXR-92U-2280 – Call Name: Sara Pt. 01

 — Sexual servitude and mass slavery in the 21st century. by epexiain  BDSM06/09/114.44

The Dance

 — A downtrodden housewife is forced into a better life. by Ferranartistin  BDSM04/23/114.04

A Payment of Reparations Ch. 01

 — A white couple is auctioned to a Black Couple's service. by houseboyservitudein  Interracial Love06/30/103.65

The Audition

 — A young woman desperate for a career in films... by Jack_Normanin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/24/093.55

Alice's Costume Party

 — Alice finds her lust, on her knees, kissing the whip. by mollyjin  BDSM10/18/084.62HOT

Escapades of Eva Ch. 63

 — The auction begins. by strayangelin  BDSM07/03/084.25

On The Block

 — Father and son's last time before they are sold. by Ywasherein  Celebrities05/31/084.38

Anna Ch. 02

 — Auctioning her off. by Carizabethin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/07/084.57HOT

Enslaving Ev 01 Pt. 06

 — Ev gets a tattoo and much more. by The_Bear_Manin  BDSM02/29/084.33

Lilac Eyes

 — A pleasant surprise at the end of third day. by GaeaWindsingerin  BDSM05/31/074.44

Valerie Ch. 02

 — Valerie tries to find her place in the BSDM lifestyle. by dweaver999in  BDSM03/03/074.74HOT

My Night At The Slave Auction

 — He always wanted to submit. by toy_boy5in  BDSM09/29/044.20

Auction in Black

 — Attend a slave auction with Master & Sasha. by StephenThornin  BDSM09/17/043.96

Slave Girl Ch. 03

 — She's a slave to her own family. by XXXerxes37in  Incest/Taboo07/13/034.08

Slave Girl Ch. 01

 — A lost girl friend is found at a slave auction. by XXXerxes37in  Erotic Couplings07/03/034.37

Hitchhikers of Gor

 — Alf seeks transport to planet Gor. by Haroldxin  Celebrities04/01/034.19

The Slave Ch. 02

 — Preparing their slave for the auction. by Zoeeeein  Fetish12/20/024.13

Roman Life

 — Sex in Ancient Rome. by Vic5in  Erotic Couplings08/07/024.06

Heaven & Hell Part 1-2

 — Vampire finds an Angel being sold at slave auction. by TexasAngel28in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/01/024.26

Auction of Love

 — Man obtains flirtatious co-worker at slave auction. by MILKMANin  Erotic Couplings05/27/014.33

Xanthopella: The Gift

 — Spirited girl becomes a gift to an alien's wife. by peterpanin  NonHuman04/17/014.50HOT


 — She reflects on fetish party. by Janebabein  Fetish12/24/003.96

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