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A Tale of Revenge Ch. 02

 — The hunt begins. by Eliyain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/27/154.76HOT

A Tale of Revenge

 — Selling her soul. by Eliyain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/24/154.75HOT

Death Wish

 — Is it wise to mess with a mobster's wife? by imhaplessin  Loving Wives02/24/153.86

The Serpent Warlock Ch. 01

 — He possesses his female student. by SerpentWarlockin  Erotic Horror12/29/144.50HOT

Damien Night Ch. 08

 — Finished...mostly. by AutumnRayvenin  NonHuman07/17/144.17

My Mother, the Succubus

 — Alex is captured, moms plans begin. by take44in  Erotic Horror05/05/144.34

Damien Night Ch. 07

 — She gave up so much more than she should have... by AutumnRayvenin  NonHuman04/16/144.76HOT

The Domu: Apocalypse Meow

 — In which the psycho-sexual neurotoxin blessed feline Domu continue... by RubyMagein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/06/144.62HOT

Edwina's Second Chance Ch.04

 — "This night is for you and I alone." by TaLtos6in  NonHuman09/19/134.67HOT

A Soul Under Our Clouds

 — The perfect woman. by BrioMarblesin  Non-Erotic06/18/135.00

The Lady Wore Red Ch. 03

 — Unassuming, shy woman transforms into succubus. by Lycandopein  Erotic Horror03/27/134.30

Soul's Divide Ch. 05-07

 — Converging powers. by austin_eroticain  NonHuman02/08/134.77HOT

All That Matters

 — All that matters is the soulful language your body speaks. by Heidi123in  Romance01/28/134.36

Changed Ch. 02

 — Discovery. by a_kooziein  NonHuman01/17/134.70HOT

Damien Skylar Ch. 04

 — The Master seduces Selene with power, revenge and sex. by xxxArtemisDawnxxxin  Erotic Horror11/26/124.58HOT

The Lady Wore Red Ch. 02

 — Unassuming, shy woman transforms into succubus. by Lycandopein  Erotic Horror11/24/124.61HOT

Soul Lake

 — Anna tries to relax in a lake, but discovers something odd. by YorkPeppermintin  Erotic Horror08/27/123.86

Natalie-Alone Ch. 03

 — Life gets in the middle. by Poisonlovein  Romance07/15/124.71HOT

Natalie-Alone Ch. 02

 — Fighting your feelings will take you nowhere. by Poisonlovein  Romance07/13/124.54HOT

Demon's Grace Ch. 32-37

 — Enjoy your last night without me. by akbunnyin  NonHuman04/16/124.77HOT

Demon's Grace Ch. 28-31

 — Dove Hawthorne, you have been granted a warrant. by akbunnyin  NonHuman04/12/124.76HOT

Demon's Grace Ch. 24-27

 —  "What will the Affairs' Office do?" I asked. by akbunnyin  NonHuman04/10/124.86HOTContest Winner

Demon's Grace Ch. 21-23

 — I walked into the parking lot and... by akbunnyin  NonHuman04/05/124.72HOT

Demon's Grace Ch. 18-20

 — He stood fully dressed and human looking. by akbunnyin  NonHuman04/04/124.71HOT

Demon's Grace Ch. 15-17

 — I tried to talk to Lin again. She denied me. by akbunnyin  NonHuman04/02/124.76HOT

Demon's Grace Ch. 13-14

 — What the hell does that mean? by akbunnyin  NonHuman04/01/124.66HOT

Like a Moth to a Flame

 — Passion, vulnerability and intensity. by aria_rosein  Romance03/28/124.67HOT

Demon's Grace Ch. 11-12

 — I grimaced and decided to be polite even if he wasn't. by akbunnyin  NonHuman03/28/124.79HOT

Demon's Grace Ch. 05-06

 — I was in a better mood when I got back to the motel. by akbunnyin  NonHuman03/23/124.57HOT

Demon's Grace Ch. 01

 — Hunter becomes hunted by akbunnyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/13/124.34

Two Lonely Souls Ch. 01

 — Loneliness Evaporates. by CGDEin  Lesbian Sex03/01/123.72

The First Time

 — A massage parlour succubus is after more than his cherry. by manyeyedhydrain  Erotic Horror01/15/124.48

Soul of Evil

 — What if Evil had a soul? What if it escaped? by SweetSexySwitchin  Non-Erotic12/22/114.43

Shadow Dagger: Epilogue

 — A new beginning. A new world. by austin_eroticain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/28/114.80HOT

Blood for a Succubus Ch. 02

 — Jacob is seduced and almost taken. by kuellarin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/26/104.48

Drowned Girl

 — A new CPR technique discovered. by oneiriain  Erotic Horror07/08/103.98Editor's Pick

Lilith Of Fire And Brimstone Ch. 03

 — Lilith's depraved sexual appetite is fed for the first time. by PlasticJanein  NonHuman04/11/104.46

Perchance to Dream Ch. 01

 — A most unusual 'nightmare' reunites couple. by Hatsudain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/13/104.65HOT

Two Sides To Every Story

 — Loree and Alex find a forever love together. by virginiarainein  Lesbian Sex01/24/104.73HOT

The Drinker of Souls

 — A supernatural predator feeds his hungers. by phalcombin  Erotic Horror11/18/084.00

Her Light

 — A night of memories, and letting go. by damppantiesin  Romance10/22/074.73HOT

Shock Radio

 — Evil across the airwaves. by slyc_williein  Erotic Horror10/21/074.40Contest Winner

Songs for the Soul Ch. 03

 — Brighter than sunshine. by youdonwannaknowin  Non-Erotic08/10/074.75

The Long Kiss of Night Ch. 02

 — Once a knight, he takes on his new purpose. by James Codyin  NonHuman06/21/074.53HOT

Along the Foamy Strand

 — Where does a ghost go, when there's no place for it? by Lisa Summersin  Lesbian Sex10/26/064.23Editor's Pick

Soul Gazer Ch. 03

 — He was the only man who would ever have her heart and soul. by EroticSoulin  Celebrities10/06/063.67

Soul Gazer Ch. 02

 — He was the only man who would ever have her heart and soul. by EroticSoulin  Celebrities10/05/063.00

Soul Gazer Ch. 01

 — He was the only man who would ever have her heart and soul. by EroticSoulin  Celebrities09/27/063.00

Love Discovered

 — Exploring the memories of the beginnings of love. by Katyushain  Romance07/03/064.61HOT

The Devil's Lesson

 — Girl trades her body for the ability to play the guitar. by dr_mabeusein  NonHuman06/02/064.70HOT

The Conversation

 — Two men in a pub on one man's daughter's 18th birthday. by ThatSexyIrishGirlin  Non-Erotic02/01/063.86

Soul Love

 — Middle-aged woman interviews a 1970s Soul Star. by Mag58in  Interracial Love01/20/064.22

'Tis Destiny

 — A life...fulfilled. by fantasywriterin  NonHuman01/15/063.53

Immortal Ecstasy

 — Preying on the depraved. by neonlytein  Erotic Horror10/03/044.00

Sunset in Dereth

 — Warrior and Princess "frolic" in an internet gamer's reality. by ScottishChieftanin  Celebrities09/11/034.80

The Healing

 — You seek healing with another wounded soul. by scorpiostingin  Erotic Couplings06/30/034.53HOT


 — Jiri gets to know a gawky girl. by sadlittlelostboyin  First Time03/07/033.90


 — Jiri meets a mysterious woman on a train. by sadlittlelostboyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/24/024.31

Tender Mercies

 — Young woman's loss of innocence. by Phineasin  Novels and Novellas09/29/024.67HOTEditor's Pick

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