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My Renaissance Ch. 16

 — My first MFM threesome with a husband and wife. by Modern_Citizenin  Group Sex11/10/104.44

Adina's Journey Ch. 02

 — School teacher blackmailed by vice principal...she likes it by quietheronin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/09/103.69

Sweet Surrender

 — Martha tests out a weight-loss candy, one with side effects. by JukeboxEMCSAin  Mind Control11/08/104.46

Wild College Nights Ch. 01

 — Becky and Liz at a BDSM club. by Lionheart72in  BDSM11/08/104.64HOT

My Renaissance Ch. 14

 — Scoring with busty blonde room-mate of my newest girlfriend. by Modern_Citizenin  First Time11/08/104.36

Midnight Dreary

 — It's not wise to attempt to gain entrance to men's chambers. by neverforgottenlorein  Novels and Novellas11/07/103.92

The Riding Crop Lesson

 — You give your dirty little girl a good spanking. by Ellafunin  BDSM11/07/104.62HOT

Serving Girl

 — Girl tricked, learns to serve his Lordship. by LadyPartsin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/05/104.41

My Wife My... Ch. 01

 — My wife becomes my toy, my slut, my slave. by MarlinPerkinsin  Loving Wives11/04/104.33

The Interview

 — The job turns out to require proof of my dedication. by submititin  BDSM11/04/104.55HOT

Welcome to College

 — She's welcomed by being blackmailed for her virgin asshole. by LOAnnie2in  NonConsent/Reluctance11/04/104.41

Secret Journey

 — Diane decides to try hypnosis at a Halloween party. by JukeboxEMCSAin  Mind Control11/04/104.42

The Plumber's Daughter Ch. 02

 — The continuing Romance of Patrick and Marie. by beagle9690in  Romance11/03/104.85HOT

Spanking the Schoolgirl

 — She loves the spanking, but it's just a preliminary. by Boxlicker101in  BDSM11/01/104.39

On the Boardwalk

 — Ass watching is so much fun with the right partner. by TxRadin  Anal11/01/104.55HOT

Home Alone Ch. 01

 — Parents left their precious virgin for the weekend. by KCMaryin  NonConsent/Reluctance10/30/104.01

A Stolen Afternoon

 — Two former lovers meet for an afternoon of pleasure. by mssassypantsin  Erotic Couplings10/30/103.42

Arms Up

 — A story of erotic torture. by CathyO1955in  BDSM10/30/104.18


 — BDSM play. by CathyO1955in  BDSM10/30/104.18

Pain Ch. 02

 — A harsh spanking. by CathyO1955in  BDSM10/30/104.53HOT

Maid to Order

 — Geneva breaks a dish and finds herself in serious trouble. by MaidToOrderin  BDSM10/28/104.28

Cranky before Coffee

 — Kitten doesn't obey and Daddy gets creative. by BaileyNytein  BDSM10/27/104.31

A Dinner

 — He was the wrong man to invite to dinner. by bettycin  NonConsent/Reluctance10/24/104.01

To Take a Wife Ch. 04

 — Women's Lib. by MelloTin  NonConsent/Reluctance10/24/104.64HOT

Good Girl

 — You hold me down on your sofa. by DearHalifaxin  BDSM10/23/103.33

Love is Blind

 — For my Kitty. by kittydaddyin  Erotic Couplings10/22/104.80

Yard Sale Ch. 04

 — Jen is sold for the night to a terrible stranger. by Writer89in  BDSM10/22/104.42

Jersey Excursion Ch. 02

 — Lynn is caught. by addicted2wifein  NonConsent/Reluctance10/21/104.16

Educating Emma Ch. 03

 — In which Miss Muriel arouses Annabelle Archet and her papa. by SweetOblivionin  Lesbian Sex10/21/104.05

The Chore List

 — A slave's punishment for missing her chores. by CM_Haidenin  BDSM10/19/104.00

The Fuckerware Party Ch. 12

 — Tina and her husband come to an arrangement. by Tappy_McWidestancein  BDSM10/18/104.75HOT

Parade Night

 — A first meeting at the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. by kotoriin  BDSM10/18/104.28

I Deserve...

 — A detour on the way home. by BlythePowerin  NonConsent/Reluctance10/16/104.09

Milk and Cookies Mom Ch. 05

 — Things are heating up in Mom's household. by Pilot4029in  Incest/Taboo10/15/104.54HOT

Laura Learns Her Husband's Secrets Ch. 04

 — Two women torment Jack; Maisie takes charge. by lesliejonesin  Fetish10/14/104.09

Student Lesbian BDSM Ch. 05

 — Erica takes Anna to a new place. by NPC01in  Lesbian Sex10/14/104.56HOT

Spanking - Between Show and Reality

 — Jacqueline and Tory spend an evening with friends – and more. by RoseWilderin  Lesbian Sex10/13/104.56HOT

Cubicle Dancing Ch. 02

 — She gets even with a man who spanked her to humiliation. by ticklechambersin  BDSM10/13/104.59HOT

An African Misadventure

 — Mother and daughter face a punishment in colonial Africa. by MarkCanein  BDSM10/12/103.68

Pool Payments Ch. 11

 — Clarity: what was confusing become so very clear. by Tx Tall Talesin  Group Sex10/12/104.62HOT

Daddy's Angel Forgets

 — Daddy's Angel forgets her collar and must be punished. by DaddysAin  BDSM10/10/104.00

Lara on Holiday Ch. 02

 — Lara is blackmailed. by 0131ajin  NonConsent/Reluctance10/10/104.48

Chastity Keyholder Sexting

 — Submissive guy is teased by his Keyholder over the phone. by her_pantyboyin  Fetish10/08/103.65

Punish Me

 — Mom misbehaves; son corrects her. by Agnolin  Incest/Taboo10/08/104.47

Hard Worker Ch. 08

 — A young bi male exhibitionist. by tzael2003in  NonConsent/Reluctance10/07/103.94

T's Story

 — Another tailored to the subject. by gushkinbandain  BDSM10/06/103.85

My Niece Needed a Loan Ch. 03

 — My niece fell behind in loan payments but made it right. by JRobin  Incest/Taboo10/06/104.46

Sherry's Test Ch. 13

 — Another Friday at the Principal's house. by PolyVoyeurin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/05/104.49

The Return Visit

 — Interracial couple make use of a female slave for the night. by lady moneypennyin  BDSM10/05/104.05

Remedial Services

 — A lady visits a BDSM dungeon for therapy. by MarkCanein  BDSM10/05/103.51


 — College girl dominates her married landlord. by DMaster_14in  BDSM10/02/104.31

Spanked by my Neighbor

 — Helen learns the joys of submission. by Bakebossin  BDSM10/02/104.15

By His Command

 — Sandra finds unexpected pleasure in her thoughts Spencer. by sirhugsin  BDSM09/30/104.24

Transforming Kim Ch. 01-03

 — First date Jake spanks Kim into submission. by missingmasterin  BDSM09/30/104.29

A Successful Lady

 — Kate Devereaux is the boss at work but not in private. by MarkCanein  BDSM09/30/103.89

Leading The Blind

 — What happens when you keep your eyes closed...? by Mortuisin  BDSM09/30/104.20

So Completely His Ch. 01

 — Features feeder/feedee, BDSM, and humiliation fantasies. by SmartequalsSexyin  Fetish09/28/104.26

A Spanking Without A Thanking

 — Not everyone who NEEDS a spanking wants one. by Warrantedin  BDSM09/28/104.00

Performance Incentive

 — A cruel tale of female domination in the banking world. by MarkCanein  BDSM09/26/103.84

Caught In Pink Panties

 — Caught in panties by muscular older neighbor. by NikkiCDin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers09/26/104.40

Laura Learns Her Husband's Secrets Ch. 03

 — Dominant wife turns surfing sub hubby over to her niece. by lesliejonesin  Fetish09/25/104.04

Business and Pleasure

 — Parry meets a girl on a South American beach. by adam applebiterin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur09/25/104.62HOT

Beautiful Reunion

 — The Beautiful People get back together. by MTL17in  Celebrities09/25/104.53HOT

Jessica Discovers Discipline

 — First meeting between a man and a girl in need of discipline. by frenchprofessorin  BDSM09/24/104.64HOT

The Fuckerware Party Ch. 11

 — Tina and the Mistress Club have a group contest. by Tappy_McWidestancein  Lesbian Sex09/23/104.49

Cubicle Dancing

 — She's spanked in the bathroom by a stranger by ticklechambersin  Fetish09/23/104.33

My Son, The New Man of the House

 — Husband goes to jail; sex-razed mother turns to her son. by blackfenin  Incest/Taboo09/23/104.49

Cassandra the Wicked

 — An epic tale of revenge. by strangenicklein  BDSM09/22/104.15

Masochistic Me

 — Freud and I agree, but who's to say that Reik is wrong? by Cal Y. Pygiain  Reviews & Essays09/21/103.20

New Job at the Village Store Ch. 03

 — Along comes Shona. by James73in  Mature09/20/104.29

Mom's Bed Ch. 05

 — Submissive Rhonda adds a new dimension to the mix. by JoeDreamerin  Incest/Taboo09/19/104.76HOT

A Surprise Party with Daddy

 — Attending a party with my Daddy, a big surprise! by LittleTemptressin  Fetish09/18/103.36

Agent Provocateur

 — A surprising bonus with purchase. by mtlmalesubin  BDSM09/17/104.22

Teeg Ch. 01

 — An Island tour reveals more than planned. by mtlmalesubin  BDSM09/17/103.93

Eye For an Eye

 — Male slave is used and rewarded by his Mistress. by Mistrisain  BDSM09/17/103.96

Ordeal and Acceptance

 — Earning notice from a dream Domme. by Painplayin  BDSM09/16/104.08

A Perfect Moment

 — His toy, locked to him, now and forever. by CatUKin  BDSM09/16/103.91

An Unexpected Visit

 — Impatient sub surprises her Master. by blondesubmissionin  BDSM09/16/104.39

Buffy's Blackmailing Little Sister Ch. 04

 — Dawn literally enslaves her big sister's ass. by MTL17in  Celebrities09/16/104.53HOT

To Take a Wife Ch. 03

 — Beth makes a run for it. by MelloTin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/16/104.52HOT

Ms. Cane's Game Ch. 01

 — A college girl makes a mistake, and pays dearly. by Pancakemixin  BDSM09/14/104.56HOT

Silky Adventures #12

 — Silky has confusion over punishment in college. by OneSilkyin  Humor & Satire09/13/103.95

A Cocktease Tamed

 — It started in a club. Beth had no idea where it would lead! by SexySpankerin  BDSM09/12/104.52HOT

Taking Control

 — Son puts his mother back in line. by hannahandmikein  Incest/Taboo09/12/104.36

Movie and a Lesson

 — Pet forgets her place. by Submissive_Salenain  BDSM09/11/104.07

At The End of What Comes Next

 — I was taken in by The Network. by TwitchBitchin  Celebrities09/11/104.14

Schoolgirls of St. Cats 09

 — Japanese schoolgirl and teacher talk and masturbate together. by catwilliamsin  Lesbian Sex09/10/104.56HOT

Patience's Close Call

 — Langdon saves Patience and Lauren from danger. by Oldguy45in  Incest/Taboo09/10/104.29

To Take a Wife Ch. 02

 — Beth learns what it is to be a wife - the hard way. by MelloTin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/09/104.48

The Weekend Away and Lina's Story

 — Two part story of Lina's first spanking. by threesistersin  BDSM09/08/104.15

A Rhythm That Only She Can Hear

 — A night of dancing leads to something more. by AmberMoorein  Lesbian Sex09/08/104.18

Intolerable Desires

 — Today finds me ridiculously horny and wet for You. by amberSayrein  BDSM09/07/104.20

Professor's Pet Ch. 02

 — Maggie and the professor meet for their Friday appointment. by GoodyGoodyTwoShoesin  Erotic Couplings09/06/104.51HOT

Maryse's Love Of Fat Ass

 — Maryse adores Melina's big round bubble butt. by MTL17in  Celebrities09/06/104.14

To Take a Wife Ch. 01

 — Everything was ready - now all he needed was a bride. by MelloTin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/05/104.29

First Surrender

 — Kaleys gentle introduction to Hyde's dark side. by hyde2hydein  BDSM09/05/104.09

Three Friends Ch. 02

 — Beth assumes control. by kuronekoin  Loving Wives09/05/103.82

It Did Balance, Didn't it? Ch. 04

 — Debbie will not ever do anything like that, again! by bucksilverin  Loving Wives09/05/104.07

The Piano Lesson

 — She receives a lesson from Master she will not soon forget. by HattersPreciousPetin  BDSM09/04/104.43

Spanked by His Neighbor Ch. 02

 — The continuing domination and humiliation of rickiee. by rickiee_2002in  BDSM09/03/104.39

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