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Slave Immigrant Ch. 29

 — Jones is punished by being separated from his owners. by OldGuy1026in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/28/104.57

She Takes Charge

 — Wife catches husband looking at porn and takes charge. by kinkycapitalcplin  Loving Wives07/28/104.20

Enslaving Elliot Ch. 07

 — Elliot becomes Ms Espinosa's maid. by MTL17in  Celebrities07/28/104.64HOT

His Bitch Enjoys Her Own Bitch

 — ...and then gets owned on top of her. by His_bitchin  NonConsent/Reluctance07/27/104.19

Why Ch. 02

 — Husband tells story of wife's submission to younger man. by mdp_2004in  BDSM07/27/104.19


 — A nasty little scene. by Trudy_Antonein  BDSM07/26/104.05

Princess Alexandria Ch. 03

 — Time to get her own back! by Benripperin  NonConsent/Reluctance07/26/103.73

His Beautiful Neighbour Ch. 08

 — His slave proves herself to him once and for all. by DontJudgeMein  BDSM07/26/104.73HOT

She Admits She Wants It Ch. 02

 — Her unintended voyeurism is rewarded; the why explained. by TheLovelyLickerish1in  Anal07/25/104.18

Doing Dirty Debbie Ch. 04

 — Debbie recruits Susan to our world of punishment. by jpb209in  Fetish07/24/104.36

The Outsider Ch. 16

 — Ruthie's memories about self-spanking. by caligula97236in  Novels and Novellas07/23/104.50HOT

Black Orgasms Ch. 02

 — Another foray into experimentation, can Juliet handle it? by laced_boundin  Fetish07/22/103.83

Her First Spanking

 — A husband fulfills his wife's desire to be spanked. by darkenhorsein  BDSM07/22/104.36

Fantasy Becomes Love

 — She plays his 'little girl' but 'daddy' falls in love. by djseraniin  Fetish07/21/104.61HOT

Dress Code Violation

 — Her inappropriate attire leads to a sexy punishment by boss. by FranklenSteinin  Erotic Couplings07/21/104.20

Side Bet Bluff Ch. 07

 — Will decides to exert more control over Jaycee. by statsultanin  BDSM07/19/104.74HOT

Car Ride Ch. 02

 — From the car to the house. by dirtymindbbcin  BDSM07/16/103.63

Lindsey's Job Ch. 04

 — Things get messy when Lindsey's Husband shows up. by Xchefin  NonConsent/Reluctance07/15/104.00

A Night of Binding and Bonding

 — Jason reminds his lady toy and her tight ass who the man is. by Yourfriendsfriendin  BDSM07/12/103.48

The Adventures of Abigail Pt. 05

 — A young woman makes her way in the world. by LadyKaren50in  Novels and Novellas07/12/104.82HOT

The Adventures of Abigail Pt. 04

 — A young woman finds her way in the world. by LadyKaren50in  Novels and Novellas07/11/104.68HOT

Is This Turning Me On? Pt. 02

 — Ashley is tricked into putting on a show for a local school. by NCERin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur07/11/104.50HOT

The Fuckerware Party Ch. 05

 — Tina goes deeper in submission, meets her mistresses. by Tappy_McWidestancein  BDSM07/11/104.70HOT

The Adventures of Abigail Pt. 03

 — A young woman finds her way in the world. by LadyKaren50in  Novels and Novellas07/10/104.54HOT

My New Life as a Slave Ch. 02

 — Punished. by fairydust22in  Incest/Taboo07/09/103.99

The Adventures of Abigail Pt. 02

 — A young woman finds her way in the world. by LadyKaren50in  Novels and Novellas07/09/104.73HOT

The Adventures of Abigail Pt. 01

 — A young woman finds her way in the world. by LadyKaren50in  Novels and Novellas07/08/104.61HOT

Car Ride

 — Slave makes a mistake when picked up by her owner. by dirtymindbbcin  BDSM07/07/104.03

Naughty Girl Seduces Daddy

 — Naughty girl seduces her Daddy and is punished. by SheLeppiein  Incest/Taboo07/06/104.39

Football Sundae

 — Tease, spank, food play, and fucking while watching football. by peebudyin  Fetish07/05/103.95

Summer's Blackmail Ch. 05

 — Blackmailed English teacher is pierced and more. by wilcox010in  NonConsent/Reluctance07/04/104.58HOT

My Girl at the Paying Guests

 — Landlords' rule - No boys, no pregnancy. by QueerDreamsin  Group Sex07/04/103.51

Different Points of View

 — Teacher loses control to the student. by hers49in  Loving Wives07/03/103.33


 — The sexual experiences of a young woman in 1840s America. by starbelliedboyin  Incest/Taboo07/03/103.92

It Did Balance, Didn't it? Ch. 01

 — They did his wife, so he has a plan to balance things out. by bucksilverin  Loving Wives07/03/104.14

Side Bet Bluff Ch. 05

 — It's Monday, and Jaycee makes new friends at Will's work. by statsultanin  BDSM07/02/104.52HOT

Email Reality

 — An older man takes a chance on the younger slut in him. by LaurenWestleyin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers06/30/104.00

The Breaking of Allison Ch. 01

 — To pass the test a Mistress becomes the slave. by lovecraft68in  BDSM06/30/104.54HOT

The Real Reason For My Business Trip

 — Online flirtation leads to a reason to sit through a meeting. by GreenwichSiin  BDSM06/30/104.31

A Memorable Morning By The Pool

 — Herman's unexpected ride on the sexual rollercoaster. by BorisBabkinin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur06/29/103.92

Princess Alexandria

 — A wedding night does not turn out quite as expected. by Benripperin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/29/104.00

Working For Mr. Goodsmith Ch. 03

 — Ashlyn comes right on time for dinner. by RBeatmanin  Erotic Couplings06/29/104.15

Running Late

 — Neighborhood Watch takes on a new meaning. by TheLovelyLickerish1in  Anal06/27/104.37

Side Bet Bluff Ch. 02

 — Will and Jaycee start the week off right. by statsultanin  BDSM06/27/104.71HOT

Must be the Weather

 — A girl is seduced and left in the park. by UltimateSwitchin  Erotic Couplings06/27/104.15

Side Bet Bluff Ch. 01

 — Will thought she was bluffing, and it led to a wild week. by statsultanin  BDSM06/26/104.65HOT

Is This Turning Me On? Pt. 01

 — Christian Coed finds herself in a compromising situation. by NCERin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur06/26/104.46

What Did I Do?

 — Sometimes punishment happens just because. by Linypsiin  BDSM06/23/104.05

The Naked Gardener

 — A new relationship blossoms with Van's peculiar neighbor. by WatchingCloudin  Romance06/23/104.71HOT

Reluctant Maid Ch. 02

 — A further chapter as Andrea starts work for Ms Hammond. by AndyS_ukin  Lesbian Sex06/22/104.59HOT

Impatient Ch. 02

 — He shows me what I've been missing. by SassyRed1in  BDSM06/22/104.29

Student Lesbian BDSM Ch. 03

 — I stood nervously on Erica's doorstep with my bag. by NPC01in  Lesbian Sex06/22/104.53HOT

Coffee Shop Encounter

 — He always wanted to be a slave, it's his lucky day. by lessthanherin  BDSM06/22/104.31

Decisions Ch. 02

 — Baby girl gets a spanking. by sxxxychk69in  Incest/Taboo06/21/104.48

Samantha Provokes Her Professor

 — Slut gets what she deserves after being a cocktease in class. by SexySpankerin  BDSM06/20/104.59HOT

The Fuckerware Party Ch. 02

 — Tina gets an education from her mystery lover. by Tappy_McWidestancein  BDSM06/20/104.52HOT

Steve Delivers Lisa for Domination

 — I punish, dominate, and humiliate a wife. by markledeuxin  BDSM06/18/104.36

Modeling Her New Toy for Him

 — Jenelle finds true love at the end of her strapon. by escriterrain  Fetish06/18/104.79HOT

Life Changes Ch. 02

 — Life changes suddenly for a married couple. by deadeye_76in  BDSM06/17/104.55HOT

Syban and Dahlia Ch. 02

 — A close encounter for her to think about. by RowanSpiritin  NonHuman06/17/104.39

Sarah and Emily's Adventure

 — Sarah and Emily are spanked, popped, and turned to furniture. by Sarahcheerin  BDSM06/16/103.99

Lara, Her Husband, and the Waitress

 — Submissive wife discovers what she wants. by 0131ajin  BDSM06/16/104.50HOT

Home for Spring Break

 — Katie brings her lover home from college to meet Mom. by EzRyeterin  Lesbian Sex06/16/104.56HOT

Summer's Blackmail Ch. 04

 — Summer meets her master. by wilcox010in  NonConsent/Reluctance06/16/104.59HOT

CFNM: His First Time Ch. 01

 — A young male explores submission to a clothed Mistress. by OrdinaryGirlin  BDSM06/15/104.34


 — A young woman's journey to being a submissive. by blake9110in  BDSM06/15/104.36

Bad Girls Don't Get What They Want

 — My back arches as you grip my hair... by cute_n_nerdyin  Erotic Couplings06/14/104.50HOT

Journal Extracts Ch. 18

 — A cuckold's diary. by JRPMTPin  BDSM06/14/104.60

Tales of the Ladies Room Ch. 01

 — Women disciplining women in a feminine setting. by lesliejonesin  Lesbian Sex06/13/104.07

The Black Cloud Ch. 02

 — Siren escapes. Ward punishes her and makes her his slave. by MesterSkyggein  BDSM06/13/104.44

The Velvet House

 — Couple has threeway with sexy stranger. by AztecKingin  Group Sex06/13/104.68HOT

Happily Kidnapped Ch. 04

 — A sad end to a happy story. by ConfusedTopBottomin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/13/102.75

Lara Goes Back to School

 — Young mother goes astray. by 0131ajin  Lesbian Sex06/12/104.47

Summer's Blackmail Ch. 03

 — A teacher follows victim to a Master, a Student and a friend. by wilcox010in  NonConsent/Reluctance06/12/104.54HOT

Double Ended Dildo Day

 — Girlfriend gets both ends. by serginhoin  Toys & Masturbation06/12/104.27

Piss Slave's Night Out

 — Desperate pee and bondage games. by Fluidpleasurein  Fetish06/11/104.24

Nancy's Inferno Ch. 08

 — The Pastor visits Lacy. by Stardog Championin  Anal06/11/104.38

The Black Cloud Ch. 01

 — Mission: To tame a reluctant slave, and escape alive. by MesterSkyggein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/10/104.67HOT

Pretty Tied Up

 — Ellen baits me into tying her up and dominating her. by Brutaliserin  BDSM06/10/104.23

Mr. Peters and the Panties

 — A day in the life of Mr. Peters. by Charles Petersunnin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/10/104.51HOT

Living with Omega Theta Pi Ch. 02

 — Albert and Shelley get to know each other. by Charles Petersunnin  First Time06/09/104.76HOT

Sorority Pt. 02

 — Natalie is given a spanking by Penny. by toocoldin  Incest/Taboo06/09/104.33

Waiting in Lust

 — Beth surprises her married lover @ gives in his darker side. by AliceNreadin  BDSM06/08/104.00

Katrin: Malachi in Charge

 — Assertive boss uses new employee. by SwtCountryGirlin  BDSM06/08/104.07

Hauling Ass Ch. 03

 — What women do for great sex. by Maresy_Doatsin  BDSM06/08/104.36

The Wanderings of Amy Ch. 25

 — Amy goes streaking and gets a spanking on her birthday. by caligula97236in  Novels and Novellas06/06/104.59HOT

Waiting in Red

 — His mistress surprises him after work. by AliceNreadin  Erotic Couplings06/06/104.32

A Gentle Whisper Ch. 02

 — Disciplined wife finds restoration after lie finds her out. by occasus514in  Fetish06/06/103.66

The Wanderings of Amy Ch. 24

 — Amy punishes Paul's roommate for plagiarism. by caligula97236in  Novels and Novellas06/05/104.70HOT

The Wanderings of Amy Ch. 22

 — Amy gets a New Year's spanking from her boyfriend Paul. by caligula97236in  Novels and Novellas06/03/104.74HOT

Diary Of "L" Entry 04

 — The date. by iamlynnin  Erotic Couplings06/02/104.29

The Wanderings of Amy Ch. 21

 — Wendy submits herself to Dr. Burnside as a collared sub. by caligula97236in  Novels and Novellas06/02/104.65HOT

The Bag Lady and the Domme Ch. 05

 — Night out with hubby becomes a renewed sexual union. by bigrimmstalesin  Loving Wives05/31/104.32

Kat's Story Ch. 06

 — It's Saturday... Party time and Kat learns a new game. by Tappy_McWidestancein  Novels and Novellas05/31/104.58HOT

The Wanderings of Amy Ch. 19

 — Dr. Burnside reflects on how she became a dominatrix. by caligula97236in  Novels and Novellas05/31/104.83HOT

Lara and the Headmaster Ch. 02

 — Lara goes home to her aunt and uncle. by 0131ajin  NonConsent/Reluctance05/31/104.37

Party Card Game

 — A card game expands our horizons. by CeasarBoobagein  Group Sex05/30/104.62HOT

Taken By Tiffany Ch. 02

 — The story of my submission to my co-worker. by Autarchic4Everin  BDSM05/30/104.50HOT

Spank Me Red

 — Plumper gets more than a spanking. by Beau_Jack_Walkerin  Fetish05/30/103.55

A Gentle Whisper Ch. 01

 — Disciplined wife finds restoration after lie finds her out. by occasus514in  Fetish05/29/103.80

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