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Gladiators Ch. 01

 — A story about the exploits and wild sex of gladiators. by adammonroein  Gay Male02/24/154.12NEW

Bound Together Ch. 02

 — Some things are explained, brings much more problems. by sinny435in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/17/154.50HOT

Return to Skyrim

 — A stranger has arrived at the Braidwood Inn... by ViperVenomin  Non-Erotic02/15/153.76

Aurion Ch. 01

 — A warrior arrives on a tide of Darkness... by luciusgreyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/05/154.72HOT

Bound Together Ch. 01

 — Story of magic relics. by sinny435in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/22/154.50HOT

Everything Looks Better Ch. 06

 — Fanfiction of Final Fantasy 10: Raine sharpens Auron's sword. by Clunketyin  Celebrities12/03/145.00

Quest for the Dragon Soul Pt. 03

 — Lust, seduction and betrayal in the city of Videsh'Achar. by James Codyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/17/144.57HOT

Marcus of Duros Ch. 06

 — Durosian justice is meted out. by Hawkeye802in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/14/144.79HOT

Slave Princess

 — A runaway Princess is returned home a changed girl. by Nymphadora73in  NonConsent/Reluctance08/28/144.17

Agents of the Cardinal Ep. 01

 — How Louise make contact with a musketeer. by Ehtanielin  Fetish05/08/143.00

Prince to Queen

 — A young Prince is made to marry the usurper of his kingdom by teller72in  Transsexuals & Crossdressers10/03/134.48

Khoe; A Tale of Sadness & Joy Ch. 02

 — What one woman can't have, another doesn't dare to hope for. by TaLtos6in  Romance08/24/134.82HOT

Wizard's Bane

 — Sword and Sorcery Erotica. by KoreGoddessin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/30/134.38

Search for the Goddess Ch. 05

 — Lana's search for a cure. by LordWriter7in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/26/134.86HOT

Daughter of the Witcher Ch. 01

 — "No one hits the witcher's girl," she said. by TaLtos6in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/10/134.78HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 53

 — More fun with the roadmen. by TaLtos6in  NonHuman05/05/134.80HOT

Timeros: A Clash Of Gods Ch. 04

 — A Friendly town turns sour for Lucan and Amberlee. by TravellingWillyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/24/124.67HOT

Sword Swinging Zombie Killer

 — Zombie apocalypse proves best time to pick up chicks. by BuckyDuckmanin  Erotic Horror11/29/124.39

Timeros: A Clash Of Gods Ch. 03

 — Lucan begins his quest as Oundle learns her fate. by TravellingWillyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/27/124.80HOT

A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 45

 — What needs to be done & What should never be. by TaLtos6in  NonHuman11/22/124.83HOT

Forbidden Love

 — The story behind blood and ice by shadow_raiderin  Novels and Novellas11/19/124.66HOT

Timeros: A Clash Of Gods Ch. 02

 — The dead rise and a powerful force crosses into Timeros. by TravellingWillyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/18/124.63HOT

Hunters Advent Ch. 01

 — The Fate and Life of Night Hunter, Vincent Zacrias. by Arcerdoin  Novels and Novellas11/17/124.69HOT

Timeros: A Clash Of Gods

 — In a land now hostile one knight must redeem his past. by TravellingWillyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/11/124.05

The Huntress

 — A knight is captured by warrior women. by litwriting2011in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/17/124.33

Mistress Kathy's Wicked Protégé Ch. 09

 — Final Battle: Duel of the Dommes! by ThoughtStormin  BDSM07/14/124.70HOT

Mistress Kathy's Wicked Protégé Ch. 08

 — Adam & Eve rebel; Emily's team blows stuff up. by ThoughtStormin  BDSM07/12/123.67

The Five Sisters

 — One crime. Five sisters. Five erotic ways to cheat death. by Case21in  BDSM06/06/123.86

Awakened Guardian Ch. 02

 — From the guardian's point of view. by arisamorakin  Gay Male05/10/124.45

Awakened Guardian

 — He is both strong and delicate; will his guardian care? by arisamorakin  Gay Male04/25/124.42

The Syren: Escape

 — Mercy gives her captor the slip. by Jackran15in  Erotic Couplings03/22/124.45

Prolonging the Inevitable Ch. 02

 — The past. by MsPrometheusin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/09/123.80

The Queens Maid Ch. 04

 — Tales from the French Court. by Lucreacein  Celebrities09/28/114.64HOT

The Queens Maid Ch. 02

 — Tales from the French Court. by Lucreacein  Celebrities09/19/114.57HOT

Just an Old Legend Ch. 11

 — Who's Hunting Whom? by TaLtos6in  NonHuman09/04/114.86HOT

Just an Old Legend Ch. 10

 — The hunt begins. by TaLtos6in  NonHuman09/03/114.78HOT

Shadow Dagger Ch. 20

 — The End by austin_eroticain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/24/114.88HOT

Shadow Dagger Ch. 19

 — A meeting with a goddess. by austin_eroticain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/28/114.86HOT

Shadow Dagger Ch. 16

 — The Wedding. by austin_eroticain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/14/114.77HOT

Hammer of Darkness Ch. 03

 — A Chance Encounter. by BigCoreySKRin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/22/104.65HOT

Captive Nymphs of Eros

 — Captive nymphs battle for survival in the arena. by hankstrin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/10/104.19

Shadow Dagger Ch. 12

 — What's in the box? by austin_eroticain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/13/104.84HOT

Shadow Dagger Ch. 08

 — The road to war. by austin_eroticain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/25/104.80HOT

Divine Feud

 — Of gods, revenge and intercourse. by Eric_Ericson00in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/20/103.62

Chronicles of Perversia Ch. 00

 — Prologue. by DaveBarkingin  Erotic Horror04/08/103.89

Shadow Dagger Ch. 06

 — A conspiracy revealed. by austin_eroticain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/27/104.77HOT

A Daemon-Horn Blade Ch. 01

 — Weaver's #1 - A heroic romantic fantasy novel length story. by Stultusin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/26/104.51HOT

Shadow Dagger Ch. 05

 — Raynolt reaches for power. by austin_eroticain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/10/104.76HOT

Love in the time of Evony

 — Evony online game themed historical romance. by Caliain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/17/104.25

Shadow Dagger Ch. 01

 — An epic fantasy series begins. by austin_eroticain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/06/104.71HOT

Spirit of the Sword Ch. 02

 — Serafina resists her fate. Sin'tal strives for patience. by kitancyrusin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/10/094.67HOT

Knight vs. Succubus

 — A knight is waylaid by a dangerous and seductive demon. by manyeyedhydrain  Erotic Horror07/19/094.46

Spirit of the Sword Ch. 01

 — In the future, a sword spirit is awakened by a grad student. by kitancyrusin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/27/094.53HOT

The Star Jewel

 — A barbarian treasure hunter gets some action. by Lord_Tom_Byronin  Gay Male04/13/094.13

The Sword of Demokles Ch. 03

 — The saga goes on. by FlashingSteelin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/24/084.24

Grave Babies

 — Halloween is ripe for planting seeds. by princessjenniein  Erotic Horror10/20/084.34

Sir Guy and His Lady

 — Sir Guy meets his match in a mysterious young lady. by Ameliusin  Romance10/01/084.46

The Shieldmaidens Lover Pt. 03

 — An epic tale of love in a time of war. by Sirens_Cryin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/23/084.80HOT

After The Siege

 — The tension between a warrior and a barmaid comes to an end. by erotiquegothiquein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/01/083.88

Betrayal's Hands

 — Once touched by violence, one is forever changed. by Phineasin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/23/084.59HOT

Eleanor Ch. 11

 — A love between two people that can never be. by sacrificedangelin  Romance03/27/084.85HOT

The Ultiplex of Aeva LeVeaux Ch. 04

 — Aeva's camp is attacked by Blood-Golems. by Tivanosain  Non-Erotic02/05/083.33

The Ultiplex of Aeva LeVeaux Ch. 03

 — Aeva outlines her plans. by Tivanosain  Non-Erotic02/04/080.00

The Champion Ch. 05

 — A most pleasant game. by drawandstrikein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/03/084.53HOT

Behind Green Eyes Ch. 01

 — Two sisters meet a handsome green-eyed man. by Elenia26in  NonConsent/Reluctance12/23/074.18

Aire Eird Pt. 02

 — Continuation of the Aira Eird Saga,. by Moon_Flamein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/14/074.67HOT

The Broken Sword

 — Kelnozz and family are called to service again. by Phineasin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/12/074.70HOTEditor's Pick

The Hamaro Avenger Ch. 01

 — A prince in peril in perilous times. by GBRADICALin  Non-Erotic06/10/074.80

Blood and Iron Ch. 13

 — Betrayed, hiding out, he finds adventure. by WarLordwritesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/26/074.77HOT

Blood and Iron Ch. 12

 — Betrayed, hiding out, he finds adventure. by WarLordwritesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/25/074.70HOT

Blood and Iron Ch. 11

 — Betrayed, hiding out, he finds adventure. by WarLordwritesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/24/074.70HOT

Blood and Iron Ch. 10

 — Betrayed hiding out, he finds adventure. by WarLordwritesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/17/074.76HOT

Blood and Iron Ch. 09

 — Betrayed hiding out, he finds adventure. by WarLordwritesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/16/074.78HOT

Blood and Iron Ch. 08

 — Betrayed hiding out, he finds adventure. by WarLordwritesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/12/074.68HOT

Blood and Iron Ch. 07

 — Betrayed hiding out he finds adventure. by WarLordwritesin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/06/074.67HOT

Drossen and the Two Pearls

 — Drossen the Barbarian, in his quest to rescue two maidens. by Superjoe99999in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/26/074.57HOT

Much Mightier Than the Sword

 — A mind-controlling pen is bestowed upon a young man. by Wanafilerupin  Mind Control07/13/064.63HOT

Caledonia Ch. 05: Rescue

 — Jack rescues Renee from the pirates. by IrisCitadelin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/02/064.65HOT

Something Wicked

 — She hates feeling controlled. by Mrs.Kittyin  Erotic Horror05/19/064.44


 — Her Master is displeased with her effort. by fieryjenin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/16/064.16

Discovering the Dragon

 — Sequel to 'Discovering the Phoenix'. by womanofsteelin  Lesbian Sex10/27/054.33


 — A whore's world is turned upside-down. by Chastity_Jin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/10/054.23

The Lady of the Forge

 — A sequel to "Maidenstar". by Sabledrakein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/10/054.75HOT

Once A Wolf Ch. 08

 — Peeping Toms and Lorelei's ascendence. by AngelCheryssein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/07/040.00

Death Departed

 — A sword fight with the Reaper. by ZfrkS62in  Non-Erotic08/13/044.75

Empire Of Pleasures Ch. 04

 — The Sword of the Trickster. by Paul Lucasin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/21/024.70HOT

Evil Times Ch. 01

 — A fantasy novel set in wartorn Japan. by Kozure Okamiin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/04/014.48

Breaking The Chains

 — A knight & a witch meet in the depths of a dungeoon. by Nicadaemusin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/08/014.42

SirBuckles Ch. 1

 — Sir Buckles rescues the Dragon MoreGar. by ANiceGuyin  NonHuman01/15/013.76

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