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She Took a Vow to Obey

 — A young, Victorian wife is examined by the doctor. by Classyladybugin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/28/114.27

Secret Inspiration

 — A tale of passion and inspiration in the hills of Tuscany. by Antoninoin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur01/12/114.05

The Fall Ch. 06

 — In Victorian London, there are many ways to "cure" madness. by Sovereign_Statein  BDSM12/18/104.73HOT

The Fall Ch. 05

 — In Victorian London, there are many ways to "cure" madness. by Sovereign_Statein  BDSM12/15/104.16

The Fall Ch. 04

 — In Victorian London, there are many ways to "cure" madness. by Sovereign_Statein  BDSM12/07/104.40

Rose Red in Darkness Ch. 01

 — A young woman is lured to a gloomy old mansion. by sididisin  Erotic Horror12/06/103.78

The Fall Ch. 03

 — In Victorian London, there are many ways to "cure" madness. by Sovereign_Statein  BDSM12/05/104.37

The Fall Ch. 02

 — In Victorian London, there are many ways to "cure" madness. by Sovereign_Statein  BDSM12/04/104.25

The Fall

 — In Victorian London, there are many ways to "cure" madness. by Sovereign_Statein  BDSM12/03/103.78

Journal of a Victorian Gentleman

 — Living in Victorian England had its benefits. by TheBigandBaldGuyin  Letters & Transcripts11/29/104.26

A Victorian Dalliance

 — Alexi helps Gordon with some research. by angstypleasurein  Erotic Couplings07/21/104.14

Edward Lane's Argosy Ch. 03

 — Uncle Pete and the Parisian Whore. by Ian_Ironwoodin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/22/104.71HOT

Edward Lane's Argosy Ch. 02

 — The Ape in the Jar. by Ian_Ironwoodin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/16/104.68HOT

Edward Lane's Argosy Ch. 01

 — An erotic steampunk adventure. by Ian_Ironwoodin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/10/104.71HOT

Continue The Legacy

 — Wealthy lesbian woman befriends and helps a homeless woman. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITERin  Novels and Novellas03/23/104.82HOT

The Slave Trade

 — A Victorian-era woman sold into slavery in the Middle East. by ALandRFin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/25/104.02

Devonny Ch. 08

 — An impossible romance in post-abolition Victorian London. by theDuskyGirlin  Interracial Love01/15/104.76HOT

Devonny Ch. 07

 — An impossible romance in Post-Abolition Victorian London. by theDuskyGirlin  Interracial Love10/21/094.81HOT

Granddaughter's Treatment

 — He will do anything to cure her of her affliction. by oolalain  Incest/Taboo10/07/094.28

Devonny Ch. 05

 — An impossible romance in post-Abolition Victorian London. by theDuskyGirlin  Interracial Love09/28/094.70HOT

A Lady of Leisure & Pleasure Ch. 07

 — Laura attends a sex party, a celebration of debauchery. by Cavortin  Erotic Couplings09/05/094.33

A Lady of Leisure & Pleasure Ch. 06

 — Laura discovers more about Brendan & gets closer to Kitty. by Cavortin  Lesbian Sex08/29/094.26

A Lady of Leisure & Pleasure Ch. 05

 — Laura continues to play games with the staff. by Cavortin  Erotic Couplings08/23/094.31

A Lady of Leisure & Pleasure Ch. 04

 — Laura sacrifices Kitty's virginity, then gifts John her own. by Cavortin  First Time08/13/094.60HOT

A Lady of Leisure & Pleasure Ch. 03

 — Laura & Kitty bathe & prepare for their mutual deflowering. by Cavortin  Erotic Couplings08/08/094.40

Down on the Farm!

 — CFNM adventure on a farm in Victorian England. by dummersin  NonConsent/Reluctance08/01/094.23

A Lady of Leisure & Pleasure Ch. 01

 — Laura returns home eager to explore her burgeoning sexuality by Cavortin  Erotic Couplings07/31/094.22

Riverboat Fun!

 — CFNM embarrassment for two Victorian playboys. by dummersin  NonConsent/Reluctance07/11/094.26

Katy Ch. 03

 — Katy gets punished and then pleasured. by January85in  NonConsent/Reluctance06/01/094.25

Clarissa's Diary Entry 01

 — A modern day librarian finds love after reading a diary. by Michel_dAttirerin  Erotic Couplings05/13/093.85

David's French Tutor Ch. 11

 — David Shaw is humiliated in front of Anna and Sarah. by Thorillain  Fetish04/10/094.72HOT

The Adventures of Evie Ch. 03

 — Rebecca is overwhelmed at the opera. by darclight24in  Erotic Horror04/03/094.46

Taking Cupid's Arrow

 — First anniversary is celebrated with weekend of pleasure. by RubyLibertinein  Lesbian Sex02/04/094.49

Daring Dancers

 — Lovers sneak their passion in a Victorian ballroom. by CrimsonCaptainin  Letters & Transcripts01/19/093.90

Master and Maid Ch. 02

 — The Master continues to take advantage. by Lady_Fionain  BDSM12/16/084.27

Master and Maid Ch. 01

 — A master takes advantage. by Lady_Fionain  BDSM12/07/084.21

Dreams of Desire

 — A Victorian tale of lust. by Aloysius_J_Smithin  Incest/Taboo12/05/083.23

Fox Hunt

 — Inspired by Jethro Tull's song "Hunting Girl." by Katiecatin  BDSM11/12/084.26

Dearest Friends Ch. 01

 — Young Victorian lady receives a shocking confession. by Dockettin  Lesbian Sex11/11/084.17

David's French Tutor Ch. 10

 — Rewarded by Cook, and in the Twins' Bedchamber. by Thorillain  Fetish09/14/084.78HOT

David's French Tutor Ch. 09

 — David Shaw loses his virginity with Miss Marie. by Thorillain  Fetish09/05/084.41

David's French Tutor Ch. 08

 — David awakes in Sarah & Anna's Victorian bedroom. by Thorillain  Fetish08/28/084.59HOT

David Shaw, Victorian Messenger Ch. 08

 — David pleasures four middle-aged spinster sisters. by Thorillain  Fetish08/20/084.52HOT

David Shaw, Victorian Messenger Ch. 07

 — David pleasures Miss Geraldine Sumpter, Teacher. by Thorillain  Fetish08/12/084.54HOT

David Shaw, Victorian Messenger Ch. 06

 — Pleasuring Mrs Langley, in mourning, at Gloucester Place. by Thorillain  Fetish08/09/084.64HOT

David Shaw, Victorian Messenger Ch. 05

 — Timothy Prentice at Lucy Bellingham's birthday party. by Thorillain  Fetish08/08/084.66HOT

Arthur Rimbaud, Victorian Gentleman

 — If you thought D/s was born yesterday, think again. by jerniganin  BDSM08/05/084.21

David Shaw, Victorian Messenger Ch. 04

 — David anally pleasures Lady Gertrude Flaxenworth. by Thorillain  Fetish08/03/084.54HOT

David Shaw, Victorian Messenger Ch. 03

 — David services Lady Huntington at Paultons Square. by Thorillain  Fetish07/30/084.50HOT

David Shaw, Victorian Messenger Ch. 02

 — David is sent to orally pleasure twins. by Thorillain  Fetish07/27/084.50HOT

David Shaw, Victorian Messenger

 — David by accident gets an unusual job as an 'Underskirt Boy'. by Thorillain  Fetish07/12/084.53HOT

The Duchess and Green Man Ch. 01

 — Victorian nobility seduced by nature god. by exploringwordsin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/09/083.89

For Thee M'Lady

 — A lady's proposal to her lord involves elaborate planning. by AphroditeRebornin  Romance07/03/083.50

Lost at Sea Ch. 01

 — Christina's ordeal on the high seas. by jester2000x2in  Romance05/02/083.85

Ravenloft: Midnight Lies

 — The many cons of baronial house calls. by The_Chromatic_Onein  First Time04/14/083.36

Punishment for a Masturbator

 — Victorian young man is caught in the act. by notecraigin  BDSM04/09/083.76

The Gentleman's Confession Ch. 05

 — The gentleman witnesses an unusual meeting. by prophet007in  Novels and Novellas03/07/084.43

The Gentleman's Confession Ch. 04

 — The gentleman is taken completely. by prophet007in  Novels and Novellas02/26/084.77HOT

The Gentleman's Confession Ch. 03

 — The gentleman is surprised at work. by prophet007in  Novels and Novellas02/21/084.76HOT

The Huckle Chronicles: Ch. A

 — A maid must wake her master. by teddyrabbitin  Novels and Novellas02/18/084.09

The Gentleman's Confession Ch. 02

 — The gentleman submits once again. by prophet007in  Novels and Novellas02/14/084.46

The Gentleman's Confession Ch. 01

 — Victorian Gentleman describes his descent into shame. by prophet007in  Novels and Novellas02/09/084.54HOT

David's French Tutor Ch. 06

 — A night spent in Anna's and Sarah's Victorian bedroom. by Thorillain  Fetish02/06/084.52HOT

David's French Tutor Ch. 05

 — Under Anna's and Sarah's 'Alice' dresses and petticoats by Thorillain  Fetish01/21/084.72HOT

David's French Tutor Ch. 04

 — His hands inside Sarah's and Anna's skirts and petticoats. by Thorillain  Fetish01/16/084.31

David's French Tutor Ch. 03

 — He ends up under Sarah's Victorian petticoats & dress. by Thorillain  Fetish01/14/084.55HOT

David's French Tutor Ch. 01

 — His Victorian tutor uses unusual underskirt methods. by Thorillain  Fetish01/05/084.10

The Hunt

 — Jessica and John watch an erotic Hunt. by bigtddybrin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur01/03/084.70HOT

The Redhaired Herring

 — A girl should beware of raising hell in Sodom City. by Five_Eightin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/09/074.70HOT

The Painted Lady

 — Renovation and rejuvenation go hand in hand. by Deadwoodin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur12/07/074.38

Phileas Fogg - A Memoir Pt. 03

 — At university. by Paris Watermanin  Celebrities10/05/074.34

The Young Irish Maid

 — A Victorian gentleman's dark obsession. by CAP811in  NonConsent/Reluctance10/02/074.56HOT


 — Emilia discovers the dark side of the Victorians. by Cavallierein  BDSM09/19/073.72

Victoria's Misfortune

 — The life of a young Edwardian Lady. by RomanCEisdead2in  First Time09/07/074.62HOT

Victorian Gothic Ch. 02

 — Rose describes her loveless marriage. by AudreyHepburnin  Lesbian Sex08/22/074.14

Emily Fessenden Ch. 03

 — A more thorough physical exam begins. by Doctor Oin  Erotic Couplings08/17/074.55HOT

Emily Fessenden Ch. 02

 — Victorian woman's first medical examination. by Doctor Oin  Erotic Couplings08/07/074.25

Emily Fessenden

 — Victorian woman learns from her doctor. by Doctor Oin  Erotic Couplings07/31/074.25

The Victorian Tale

 — A Victorian virgin decides to travel to Egypt. by Borntolovein  NonConsent/Reluctance06/19/074.37

Reaching New Heights Ch. 01

 — Young maid soars to new heights. by Rag-Wedin  Erotic Couplings03/17/074.20

Lord and Lady Talon Ch. 02

 — A Victorian era Dominant couple in Ireland. by tamedwolf007in  Mind Control03/16/074.60HOT


 — Brother's long anticipated return. by nikkiein  Incest/Taboo03/09/074.16

Lord and Lady Talon Ch. 01

 — A Victorian era Dominant couple in Ireland. by tamedwolf007in  Mind Control03/01/074.59HOT

Dunyazad: Tale the Third

 — Victorian adventure involving Templars & a Jinniyah by Cordelia Speedicutin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/30/064.66HOT

Caress of the Whip

 — Imprisoned, you find pleasure in pain. by LiquidPearlin  BDSM08/13/064.03

Miss Blake's Abduction Ch. 03

 — He corrupts his captive completely. by callidain  Novels and Novellas07/31/064.78HOT

A Victorian Virgin? Ch. 05

 — Victoria wakes up in Ned's arms. by Sachsin  Novels and Novellas03/19/064.17

A Victorian Virgin? Ch. 04

 — Ned finds his past obstructing present happiness. by Sachsin  Novels and Novellas03/18/064.65HOT

A Victorian Virgin? Ch. 03

 — Charlotte discovers Victoria's affair. by Sachsin  Novels and Novellas03/17/064.13

A Victorian Virgin? Ch. 02

 — The seduction of an unsure virgin continues in a hotel. by Sachsin  Novels and Novellas03/16/064.69HOT

A Victorian Virgin?

 — A psych nurse in victorian times is seduced by a doctor. by Sachsin  Novels and Novellas03/15/064.18

Becoming Abigail

 — Can his love survive the truth? by Nakod Apain  Letters & Transcripts02/18/064.50HOT

The Trainer

 — Master paints a picture of perfect submission. by AFDin  BDSM01/30/064.26

A Sanguine Romance for the Dying Ch. 05

 — Katrina and Edmund have to face an old foe. by UnknownPleasuresin  Erotic Horror01/05/064.82HOT

The Maid's Tale Ch. 03

 — Victorian housemaid explores her erotic side. by christinamonroein  Erotic Couplings10/05/054.64HOT

A Victorian Masquerade Ch. 01

 — Victorian era girl discovers pleasure. by KAY776969in  Erotic Couplings10/05/053.89

Dark Desires: First Blood

 — Virgin turns the tables on a vampire. by Mystical Foldsin  NonHuman08/29/054.46

Science at St Mary's

 — A good doctor cures a Victorian teacher. by Jim Rubyin  NonConsent/Reluctance08/13/054.67HOT

Miss Blake's Abduction Ch. 02

 — Constance plans her escape. by callidain  Novels and Novellas07/13/054.71HOT

Miss Blake's Abduction Ch. 01

 — A gentleman ensnares a virgin in his ploy for revenge by callidain  Novels and Novellas06/21/054.65HOT

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