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Avana in Undercity

 — Undead girl does things only a mage can do. by avanastoriesin  Celebrities02/21/144.00

Long Flight: Territorial Challenge

 — The conclusion of long flight. by weeping_angelin  BDSM02/18/143.50

Cities of Power Ch. 04

 — The birth of a prophecy. by xelliebabexin  Non-Erotic01/17/144.42

Long Flight Ch. 03

 — The story after the lone girl has been submitted to the pack. by weeping_angelin  BDSM01/04/143.55

Genie Chronicles - Gemini Ch. 09.2

 — Showdown with a demon. by BarbarianLoverin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/27/134.78HOT

CCSC Vignettes 01: Genesis Raithe

 — Death is only the beginning; you'll see. by FinalStandin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/16/134.49

Iram Draconis Ch. 01

 — A town is conquered. by shameless_writerin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/01/134.42

Long Flight Ch. 02

 — What happened when the plane landed? by weeping_angelin  BDSM09/15/134.20

Long Flight

 — Long transatlantic flights are boring. But are they really? by weeping_angelin  BDSM07/30/134.09

Taken in Battle Ch. 03

 — Skara submits to the warrior Tristan and gives him her body. by LadyElaenaBlackin  NonConsent/Reluctance05/29/134.45

Taken in Battle Ch. 02

 — Skara is stripped and subjected to an assalt by a warrior. by LadyElaenaBlackin  NonConsent/Reluctance05/26/134.06

Taken in Battle Ch. 01

 — A young woman named Skara is taken by a rival tribe... by LadyElaenaBlackin  NonConsent/Reluctance05/21/134.21

Cities of Power Ch. 03

 — First love, first mission, first time. by xelliebabexin  First Time04/15/134.50HOT

Cities of Power Ch. 02

 — Talon seeks out both Clove and Trix. by xelliebabexin  Romance04/10/134.65HOT

Cities of Power Ch. 01

 — The missing girl. by xelliebabexin  Non-Erotic04/07/134.57HOT

If Great Authors Wrote Porn #02

 — Homer, The Iliad. by SexyGeekin  Erotic Couplings01/02/134.71HOT

Aramil and the Testing Ch. 04

 — He encounters a warrior. by Thor99in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/08/124.56HOT

Skyrim and the Journey of Cerise Ch. 02

 — Chapter 02 - Riverwood. by DocCISin  Illustrated10/19/124.63HOT

She, of the Reliquary

 — The survivors of a dead world, will they succeed. by James Codyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/04/124.50HOT

Survival of the Fittest

 — The crowd went wild as her world fell apart. by Blissbound_66in  NonConsent/Reluctance08/30/124.21


 — A mage makes a warrior submit. by Elenia26in  Gay Male08/29/124.36


 — A soldier finds her kindred spirit deep in hostile territory. by MdiGirolamoin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/01/124.88HOT

Mistress Kathy's Wicked Protégé Ch. 08

 — Adam & Eve rebel; Emily's team blows stuff up. by ThoughtStormin  BDSM07/12/123.62

Skyrim and the Journey of Cerise Ch. 01

 — Chapter 01 - Helgen. by DocCISin  Illustrated05/25/124.44

Fae Woods Ch. 07

 — Eating Crow is a dish best served cold. by sylentpoetin  NonHuman04/25/124.70HOT

Berserker Child Ch. 03

 — Something Dark awaits Olivia. by Emeraldfaein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/13/124.60HOT

Fuckin' in Eternia

 — He-Man/Prince Adam bust nuts in Eternia! by Jack_Lovein  Celebrities02/04/124.68HOT

Heroes of Herodor Ch. 08

 — Another rescue and another bonder. by Superjoe99999in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/05/124.72HOT

At His Mercy Ch. 02

 — Elias cares for his prisoner; she proves to be stubborn. by phalanx_888in  NonConsent/Reluctance12/29/114.57HOT

Aingeal in the Dark

 — out of captivity. by sacrificedangelin  Romance10/04/114.84HOT

Stormfeather Ch. 07

 — So, can a werewolf have a fetish? by TaLtos6in  NonHuman08/15/114.79HOT

Mara The Warrior

 — A warrior finds out what the demons are really here for. by antonia_pleasuresin  Erotic Horror08/09/114.03

Magical Desire

 — A warrior and a mage get physical between battles. by Emeralddragunin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/08/114.45

Something New Ch. 10

 — Getting closer to the enemy. by loumey1in  NonHuman08/05/114.81HOT

60 AD Ch. 06

 — Utta the virgin warrior finally becomes a woman. by Vlinder_Fawnin  NonHuman08/03/114.35

Something New Ch. 08

 — All work and no play... by loumey1in  NonHuman06/30/114.82HOT

Something New Ch. 07

 — Mornings are fun. by loumey1in  NonHuman06/07/114.83HOT

Something New Ch. 06

 — More developments . by loumey1in  NonHuman04/23/114.81HOT

Tale of Obsession: Courting Daphne Ch. 11

 — A glimpse into the heart of a Wildercross. by silver_fireflyin  Erotic Couplings04/12/114.75HOT

Something New Ch. 05

 — Max tells his story and the relationship strengthens. by loumey1in  NonHuman04/02/114.73HOT

Across the Tracks Ch. 09

 — Gods. by BigCoreySKRin  First Time03/16/114.51HOT

Enemy Prisoner

 — After 7 years, Iana meets the man who betrayed her heart. by lepetiterosein  Erotic Couplings02/04/114.78HOT

Resolute Love

 — "We'll make it Flarni, just you and me if we have too...." by BlknMild611in  Loving Wives01/22/112.88

BloodBorne Ch. 01

 — Brethren Series: Installment IV. by purefirein  NonHuman01/21/114.57HOT

The Champion's Companion Ch. 00

 — The Champion, the Goddess, and the Decision. by BlknMild611in  NonConsent/Reluctance12/30/104.49

Dissolution of Love

 — A Prince and his mother: a high drama of a love triangle. by BlknMild611in  Incest/Taboo12/24/103.97

Tale of Obsession: Courting Daphne Ch. 10

 — Home and trials; love and confessions. by silver_fireflyin  Romance11/21/104.64HOT

Tale of Obsession: Courting Daphne Ch. 09

 — Fears, desires, and passions running high. by silver_fireflyin  Erotic Couplings11/14/104.72HOT

The Champion's Companion Ch. 01

 — Introduction of 'The Man In Black'. by BlknMild611in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/09/104.38

Tale of Obsession: Courting Daphne Ch. 08

 — Leander gets his revenge as Daphne forgets herself. by silver_fireflyin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/08/104.67HOT


 — A warrior unknowingly defies his destiny. by Occamspiledriverin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/02/104.65HOT

Hammer of Darkness Ch. 01

 — A time when Gods walked the Earth, and men were Warriors. by BigCoreySKRin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/06/104.57HOT


 — A forbidden union between a noblewoman and her bodyguard. by AkshunLovein  Erotic Couplings06/24/104.58HOT

Tale of Obsession: Courting Daphne Ch. 07

 — Tricked, captured, and seduced. by silver_fireflyin  NonConsent/Reluctance05/24/104.57HOT

Tale of Obsession: Courting Daphne Ch. 06

 — A price to pay, and Daphne's unlikely ally. by silver_fireflyin  NonConsent/Reluctance04/29/104.61HOT

Tara Ch. 04

 — A battle and a beating. by nikipinzin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/11/103.88

Love in the time of Evony

 — Evony online game themed historical romance. by Caliain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/17/104.29

A Tale of Mermen

 — Trapped and outnumbered by inferior rivals. by ellyneiin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/27/094.09

Betrothed to a Xelian Warrior

 — Girl is punished by her new groom. by Xelain_loverin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/19/094.38

Requited at Last

 — An orc warrior demands the love and lust of an elven princes. by miladygrimmin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/30/094.63HOT

Fantastic World Ch. 06

 — The Callia Chronicles. by Lady_Blackhawkin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/21/094.63HOT

King of Hearts Ch. 01

 — An evil warrior goes on the journey for his heart. by impurekarein  Novels and Novellas06/14/094.33


 — Love blinds you... by impurekarein  Erotic Horror06/07/094.09

Arabian Knights

 — A warrior fights to protect his love. by Pelaamin  Gay Male04/23/094.78HOT


 — She pleasures herself while watching a man sleep. by Autumn_Fallingleafin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur02/06/094.29

Free to Love

 — A viking warrior finds a living treasure. by Pelaamin  Gay Male01/21/094.77HOT

Prize Ch. 02

 — Kyrja takes her prize. by tenickain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/28/084.69HOT

Demon Child Ch. 09

 — Magic is a sword with two edges. by Xantuin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/24/084.83HOT

Blessed Samhain

 — Journey through the other. by rengadeirishmanin  Non-Erotic10/21/083.67

31st Century Warrior's Woman Ch. 02

 — Maggie learns about the Combatants and accepts them. by HorniBunniin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/04/084.17

Caught in Darkness Ch. 09

 — Riyarra forges her own alliances. by Belderieverin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/22/084.66HOT

Last Zealot Virgin

 — Warrior surrenders to her bitter enemy. by WarriorPrincessUKin  NonConsent/Reluctance08/17/084.37

After The Siege Ch. 02

 — The night continues. by erotiquegothiquein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/04/084.04

After The Siege

 — The tension between a warrior and a barmaid comes to an end. by erotiquegothiquein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/01/083.88

Jaguar Claw Ch. 03

 — Jaguar Claw goes to the temple. by Blakaghin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/30/083.37

Jaguar Claw Ch. 02

 — The priest offers Jaguar Claw to the king. by Blakaghin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/29/083.50

Alexander & Hephaestion Ch. 01

 — Hot sultry scene after the battle of Gaugamela. by sjsjsin  Gay Male03/10/084.41

Singing Cricket, Mountain Fucker

 — Warrior on vision quest, captured by virgin giantess. by Baba8in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/23/083.61

Ben'hamin Ch. 05

 — Ben and Avron gang up on Derix. by NymzanSusaurenin  NonHuman08/23/074.78HOT

Ben'hamin Ch. 04

 — Ben and Avron gang up on Derix. by NymzanSusaurenin  NonHuman08/22/074.70HOT

Ben'hamin Ch. 03

 — Ben and Derix argue while Avron listens worriedly. by NymzanSusaurenin  NonHuman08/21/074.58HOT

Ben'hamin Ch. 02

 — Derix takes care of things while Ben is busy. by NymzanSusaurenin  NonHuman08/20/074.62HOT

Ben'hamin Ch. 01

 — Shape-shifting cat clans have taken a gift for their leader. by NymzanSusaurenin  NonHuman08/18/074.50HOT


 — A warrior is suprised to see who is his attacker. by Rangerbrookin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/22/074.16

Sex with a Spartan

 — Warrior finds himself in a modern dance club. by marteekakarlandin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur07/22/074.51HOT

Heroes of Herodor Ch. 06

 — Assassinations, battles, and a new bonder. by Superjoe99999in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/31/074.76HOT

His Word

 — She barters for lessons of the blade. by DireLilithin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/30/074.54HOT

Highland Magic Ch. 19

 — Going a little insane. by Luckie_Duckiein  Romance03/27/074.67HOT

Dark Intentions

 — A dark elf threesome that she has no choice but to take. by DireLilithin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/01/074.14

Drossen and the Two Pearls

 — Drossen the Barbarian, in his quest to rescue two maidens. by Superjoe99999in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/26/074.52HOT

Sleeping With the Enemy

 — Elf & drow spiritually bond by accident. by GildedLilyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/13/074.64HOT

Storming the Castle

 — After the valiant warrior claims his prize - what's next? by tiedwidein  Erotic Horror08/30/064.25

The Bard

 — A traveling Bard finds a warrior maid. by deathlynxin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/17/064.27

Dreams Ch. 01

 — A young girl is consumed with flowers and meadows. by AmandaFFMekin  Non-Erotic01/08/063.25

A Warrior Kneels

 — Strong woman bends a lord to her will. by SkyOnFyrein  Erotic Couplings01/05/064.29

Discovering the Dragon

 — Sequel to 'Discovering the Phoenix'. by womanofsteelin  Lesbian Sex10/27/054.41

Earth & Beyond Ch. 01

 — One war, three worlds, every possibility. by gghaloin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/14/044.31

Alien Invasion Ch. 01

 — Naked ladies double team alien invaders. by R. Richardin  Humor & Satire02/06/044.72HOT

Conquered: Spoils of War Ch. 01

 — King deflowers slave before his generals. by wishfulthinkingin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/28/034.69HOT

Attila's Fantasy

 — Xena, Warrior Princess meets Britney Spears. by Cherie_Starin  Celebrities03/29/014.06

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