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The Long Goodbye

 — A son helps in realizing his mother's last wish. by The_Lady_Withinin  Incest/Taboo01/28/154.27


 — She takes control and gives him a surprise. by MatthewKnightin  Erotic Couplings12/21/143.84

A Slave's Journey Begins Ch. 03

 — Tara begins to learn about pain and pleasure. by MidtownKittenin  NonConsent/Reluctance12/08/144.54HOT

Meeting Anita

 — Hotel meet and BDSM with my sub. by britannicusin  BDSM11/26/143.33

Emmy's New Kinks Ch. 12

 — Nick's family punishes Emmy. by cactusaurin  BDSM08/23/144.61HOT

An Evening with Daddy

 — Daddy and his princess spend a loving evening together. by curiosa45in  BDSM08/14/143.98

The Birthday Present Ch. 01

 — She fantasized about being taken. He makes it come true. by DJWintersin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/28/144.22

First Submission Ch. 02

 — The further exploration of a new female sub. by Domfetishin  BDSM01/22/144.36

Flickering Light

 — Anal and hot wax by Roger_Ramjetin  Anal01/20/143.74

Work Party Heats Up

 — Cassidy finds courage to speak to the guy she works with. by bexxxy9in  BDSM11/02/133.52

Candles and Chocolate

 — Master and his pet share a special celebration. by eaglejet1in  BDSM09/03/134.00

Vietnamese Salon

 — Having services performed in a Vietnamese Salon. by Sexual_Thoughtsin  Fetish07/14/133.67

Candlelight Delight

 — A tale of the pleasures of fire and ice. by scarlet_letter87in  BDSM06/18/134.00

E Is for Elderberry

 — I'm tied up, covered in wax and forced to come. by KMcTin  BDSM05/22/134.03

The Scally Boys Ch. 04

 — Jake gets tied up. by martin_x59in  Gay Male04/08/133.95


 — An unstoppable mistress meets an immovable slave. by TheDougler80in  NonConsent/Reluctance02/02/134.35

C is for Coconut

 — Our fourth date and I'm tied, teased and fucked... by KMcTin  BDSM01/25/133.87

Senses Working Overtime

 — Waxes and Whipping, oh my! by jbopin  BDSM11/17/124.13

Cheerleader Chronicle Ch. 10

 — What happens when you mix a geek and a naked cheerleader? by tk5555in  Erotic Couplings10/20/124.49

Grace's Release Ch. 03: Sweet Release

 — A wounded submissive finds release with her Master. by LittleOne14385in  BDSM10/16/124.47

Happy Birthday

 — Master gives pet a special birthday gift. by pigtailedpetin  BDSM08/26/124.13

Amy's Massage

 — She seeks relief for soreness but discovers much more. by oreo99in  Erotic Couplings08/10/124.36

Be Careful Who You Call Prey Ch. 02

 — The Romance of Lindsay and Cassidy. by FinalStandin  BDSM07/11/124.58HOT

New Lover in Santa Fe

 — D/s grow new relationship in a weekend trip. by pullatrainformein  BDSM06/19/124.23

Seducing the Babysitter: Redux Ch. 04

 — Jamie discovers S&M at the hands of a black mistress. by watchdwagin  Lesbian Sex06/11/124.42

An Afternoon to Myself

 — After waxing herself bare, Mom gets to play with her toys. by DirtyDeniin  Toys & Masturbation04/24/124.45

And the Sky Turned Scarlett

 — His girl is back, ready to share what she learned. by lord_jefein  Anal04/07/123.97

The Red Moon's Power: A Sea of Exploration Ch. 01

 — My red moon series continues with Kaiden and Jace. by Duzzelin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/03/124.41

One Friday Nightmare

 — Always lock your door. by katye43in  BDSM02/29/123.78

Juicy Lucy Just Watches

 — Taming Torpedo Tammy. by The Needlerin  Fetish01/29/123.36

Snow Day

 — A couple explores on a snowy day. by cedarloomanin  Erotic Couplings12/29/113.82

Personal Time Off Ch. 01

 — Getting the most out of a Brazilian wax. by Lil_kittyin  Lesbian Sex10/28/114.18

Weekend Valkyries Ch. 03

 — Willing slaves tormented serving a Femdom club. by gmikeisbadin  BDSM05/22/113.88

Peter's Early Morning with Janie

 — Peter sees Janie login early morning & asks if she's horny. by PlayingPeterin  Text With Audio03/29/113.66

Morning After Ch. 01

 — You enjoy the afterglow of a beautiful evening. by cedarloomanin  BDSM12/30/104.67HOT

Ann: A Love Story Ch. 77

 — Neil spends the evening with Mistress Barbara. by mimasterin  BDSM11/10/104.63HOT

Senses at Play

 — She was eager to please & play his little role playing game. by Salandrain  Erotic Couplings08/14/104.11

When Wife Is Away Ch. 03

 — Both woman serve the master and mother punishes daughter by indianmaster2005in  NonConsent/Reluctance03/27/103.65

Ann: A Love Story Ch. 57

 — Neil finally gives Ann the night she's been hinting at. by mimasterin  BDSM03/24/104.75HOT

Birthday Cake

 — Nina gets a hot (wax) birthday celebration. by RisiaSkyein  Fetish03/23/104.30

A New Year Pt. 03

 — Jane's friends get a chance to play with Alan. by femmedin  BDSM02/24/104.28

Bed, Bath & WAY Beyond

 — Tori finds a candle & saleman Julian helps her test it. by afare24getin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur01/30/104.23


 — Mistress milks her slave. by DMaster_14in  BDSM10/26/094.11

Neil's Slut

 — Teasing and Torture. by RubySxcSubSlutin  BDSM08/26/093.86

Knotty Tryst

 — Rope-play and candle wax. by FunLuvr247in  BDSM07/31/094.50

Two Birthday Gifts

 — A special waxing gift from husband. by russiandollin  Toys & Masturbation07/02/094.41

Teacher's Pet? Ch. 03

 — Student dominates her teacher. by ssnatchin  BDSM05/22/094.72HOT

Brazilian Wax Job

 — Woman learns the pleasures of a good wax artist. by Bakebossin  Lesbian Sex04/26/094.08

The Kinky Brazilian Ch. 01

 — Welcome to Bare-All Beauty, how may we satisfy your needs? by Azhurain  NonConsent/Reluctance04/08/094.39

Jealousy Drives Girl To Show Off

 — Jealous of attention given to girlfriend makes her exhibitionist. by Racqelin  Erotic Couplings04/06/094.20

Falling Hard Ch. 09

 — Earth at last! by naturallysweetin  NonHuman03/13/094.55HOT

Image of Perfection Ch. 03

 — Aeriel and her Master experience the joys of candle-play. by timelessembracein  BDSM02/21/093.00

Taking Cupid's Arrow

 — First anniversary is celebrated with weekend of pleasure. by RubyLibertinein  Lesbian Sex02/04/094.49

My Immortal Beloved

 — Just a chapter from a novel I am writing. by WhiteAngel888in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/30/093.75

Bare Necessities

 — Stevie's lover persuades her to reveal more. by Amitriptalinein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur01/16/094.44

Thankful For

 — A sub recounts a holiday ordeal for her master's pleasure. by Horati0Baccusin  BDSM12/02/083.27

Slave Training Day 01

 — He wakes up hard and ready. by slave_min  BDSM09/26/083.98

Who Says I Love You?

 — Meet in a bar, things hit it off - candles, ice, hot wax... by Darlantanin  Fetish09/25/084.36

Chicago Bound Ch. 02

 — More of Mike and Tiffany's Chicago trip. by Odysseykerin  BDSM09/06/084.57HOT

Chicago Bound Ch. 01

 — Mike and Tiffany visit Chicago for some B&D fun. by Odysseykerin  BDSM08/24/084.43


 — pet's intro to wax play. by DreamAngel44in  BDSM05/25/084.62HOT

Last Dark Hurrah

 — Spurned husband has his way with her one last time. by Doc Redfieldin  NonConsent/Reluctance05/09/083.63

Bikini Wax

 — A newcomer learns of a city's summer tradition. by WFEATHERin  Non-Erotic04/02/083.55

Dungeon Pleasure

 — A little wax, a little ice, a little slap... by Purple Dragonflyin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/22/084.04

Enslaving Ev 01 Pt. 08

 — Evs first weekend as a slaveslut comes to an end with a bang. by The_Bear_Manin  BDSM03/13/084.65HOT


 — How she came to be underneath the red candle. by WFEATHERin  BDSM01/20/083.80

Visiting Cousin Ch. 02

 — His balls get more special attention. by goldemeraldin  Incest/Taboo01/17/084.26

All Afternoon!

 — Visiting a "special shop." by Freddy50in  Erotic Couplings12/24/074.00

Wax and Ice

 — Her Dom torments her with wax and ice. by pureheartAin  BDSM12/20/073.90

Played with and Punished

 — For her birthday Jenny is tied down and used. by JamesBourenin  BDSM09/04/073.88


 — A story within a story. by Novengliaein  Erotic Couplings08/27/074.38

A Mistress For Jeremy

 — Neighbor's wife dominants married Jeremy. by dominantmind2in  BDSM06/26/073.99

Birthday Present

 — She wakes, bound and gagged. by FromSunin  NonConsent/Reluctance05/30/074.40

Dinner with Andrea Ch. 03

 — They share dessert. by kinkerkinkin  BDSM05/11/073.83

Oral Exam Ch. 15

 — Sarah pays the price for her actions. by gradprofin  BDSM04/24/074.70HOT

Three Months

 — A voyage of discovery. by exiledmasterin  BDSM04/16/074.27

Lisa's new bitch part 1

 — He has no choice but to do as he is told. by masonandlarain  BDSM03/28/074.38


 — Sometimes it's hard to stay away from what hurts so good. by shellykazin  BDSM03/03/074.46

Dinner with Andrea Ch. 01

 — A Master feasts with His new slave. by kinkerkinkin  BDSM02/06/073.67

First Date With Squirting Mary

 — Neighbor finally gets sexual awakening. by r2e3v0in  BDSM01/07/074.31

Helen's Slave Ch. 03

 — Liz submits further to Helen. by VivianeGreenin  BDSM01/07/074.49

Chinese Brushes

 — A lesson in discipline and pain in an exotic setting. by SebastianIreOrwellin  BDSM12/24/063.92

A Sense of Deprivation

 — Sensual sensory deprivation of her pet. by Mistress_Dawnin  BDSM12/18/064.34


 — This first made her nervous. by summaswinein  BDSM07/24/063.94


 — Sadomasochistic wax play. by CiaraLunaMedeain  BDSM06/30/063.88

When the Honeymoon is Over

 — A slavegirl needs reminding. by litanyin  BDSM06/28/064.14

My Woman Ties Me Up

 — She gains control. by dirtyjoe69in  BDSM06/21/063.94

Jessica Wants to be Her Whore

 — Movie sparks the slutty interests of Jessica. by NYCbbwSUBin  NonConsent/Reluctance04/12/064.55HOT

Male Brazilian Waxing

 — He gets a waxing from lady teacher & students. by BigBradin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur02/22/064.20

Meeting Master Again

 — After 6 years, she and her Master are together again. by Miss Janein  BDSM02/22/064.66HOT

By the Light of the Moon

 — Punishment to a slave is never a crime. by happylilbondagefaeriin  BDSM02/17/063.44

Stress and Success Ch. 02

 — The rest of the encounter. by Woodchuckbdsmin  BDSM12/18/054.57HOT

Ice or Fire

 — His first time being dominated. by Flesin  BDSM11/14/054.14

So Many Fetishes, So Little Time

 — A little peek at 3 different lusts. by vic_elorin  Reviews & Essays11/08/053.86


 — Master & pet meet to explore their boundaries. by Snowmommain  BDSM10/05/054.13

Victor's New Slave Ch. 02

 — They have fun in the bathtub. by fredrickain  BDSM09/08/054.70HOT

Stage 02

 — What plans does he hold for her in the shower? by Capt. Stablein  Fetish08/17/053.93

LadyK_5 Ch. 05

 — Lady K continues his punishment. by thomaso98in  BDSM05/04/054.38

Anna Ch. 03

 — Continued play in the hotel room. by thomaso98in  BDSM04/29/054.36

Tables Turned

 — Who is the Master and who is the sub? by CptrdRosein  BDSM04/20/053.50

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