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Melanie's Memoirs - A Married Slut 12

 — 12. The Future: Will it be the good wife, or slutty bitch? by NonStopFunGuyin  Loving Wives05/26/113.72

Photos in Jamaica

 — Wife decides to have pictures taken for anniversary present. by a2drewin  Loving Wives05/26/114.11

Getting My Wife to Loosen Up Ch. 03

 — My wife goes back to the tanning salon. Is it to tan or see. by a2drewin  Loving Wives05/26/114.22

A Game of Dominos Ch. 05

 — The next chapter in the story of a currency trader. by toolkeeperin  Loving Wives05/25/114.14

Melanie's Memoirs - A Married Slut 11

 — The Gym: This horny bitch fucked FOUR men at once. by NonStopFunGuyin  Group Sex05/25/114.30

Lover's Surprise Ch. 02

 — Lesbian couple romantic loving. by Naughtykittykat13in  Lesbian Sex05/25/114.24

White Slaves Resort Ch. 01

 — A wife signs up for a year of slavery at an African resort. by a_random_userin  Interracial Love05/25/114.07

Melanie's Memoirs - A Married Slut 10

 — The Lingerie: What my hubby didn't like, others did. by NonStopFunGuyin  Group Sex05/24/114.39

Training Tina, Days 14

 — I train a friend's wife to be a submissive slut. by rivertown_ratin  BDSM05/24/114.59HOT

Home Cumming

 — Her husband arrives home to a wonderful surprise. by JTWhitein  Group Sex05/24/114.01

Back at the Swinger's Club

 — His wife surprises him when they return to the club. by dr13bonein  Interracial Love05/23/113.87

The Spinsters Party

 — Bride goes to bachelors party thinking it is spinsters party. by varunin  NonConsent/Reluctance05/23/113.96

A New Journey Ch. 03

 — Wife continues to discover her dominant side. by johnemerson30in  BDSM05/23/114.49

Getting My Wife to Loosen Up Ch. 02

 — Will she fall for the owner's game? by a2drewin  Loving Wives05/23/114.01

The Unaffordable Vacation

 — His fantasy brings out his wife's unmentionable fantasy. by newbie2008in  Loving Wives05/23/114.54HOT

Melanie's Memoirs - A Married Slut 09

 — Third part of the best day ever -- three men! by NonStopFunGuyin  Loving Wives05/23/114.28

Melanie's Memoirs - A Married Slut 08

 — Second part of the best day ever -- three men! by NonStopFunGuyin  Loving Wives05/22/114.36

My Memoirs Ch. 01

 — My life story, My memoirs. by Krystal_Divain  Toys & Masturbation05/22/113.96

Melanie's Memoirs - A Married Slut 07

 — First part of the best day ever - three men! by NonStopFunGuyin  Loving Wives05/21/114.21

Melanie's Memoirs - A Married Slut 06

 — My one night out, I got DP'd by hot studs. by NonStopFunGuyin  Group Sex05/20/114.44

The Best Cums in Thirds

 — An unexpected menage in Miami. by Bardvarkin  Loving Wives05/19/113.74

Corporate Whore Ch. 02

 — Wife becomes a willing slave to his boss and his clients. by The_Soldier_in_Whitein  NonConsent/Reluctance05/19/114.30

Melanie's Memoirs - A Married Slut 05

 — A horny pervert supersedes my hubby. by NonStopFunGuyin  Loving Wives05/19/114.29

Remember When

 — When love is no longer new but lust is still burning. by leameadowsin  Erotic Couplings05/19/113.53

Getting My Wife to Loosen Up Ch. 01

 — In finding a tanning salon for my wife, I watch a couple. by a2drewin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur05/19/114.01

Bill & Linda's Vacation Ch. 02

 — Threesome with a black genteman from England. by phillyintexas1234in  Interracial Love05/19/114.36

Corporate Whore Ch. 01

 — Husband cheats. Wife pays for his indiscretion. by The_Soldier_in_Whitein  NonConsent/Reluctance05/18/114.37

Melanie's Memoirs - A Married Slut 04

 — Maybe I am part bisexual after all. by NonStopFunGuyin  Group Sex05/18/114.34

Bill & Linda's Vacation Ch. 01

 — Threesome with a black gentleman from England. by phillyintexas1234in  Interracial Love05/18/114.30

How I Finally Opened Up

 — All about a side of me I never knew existed. by WayneGibbousin  Loving Wives05/17/114.14

Melanie's Memoirs - A Married Slut 03

 — My first male from the Internet by NonStopFunGuyin  Loving Wives05/17/114.22

Fourteen Day Program Ch. 07

 — Their weekend ends badly; Tom takes action against Them. by toomuchinmyheadin  Mind Control05/17/113.14

Special Delivery

 — Wife arranges panty deliveries for husband. by canddykinkin  Fetish05/17/114.53HOT

I Followed You There...

 — I followed her to the bar and confirmed my suspicions. by DavidWoodsidein  Loving Wives05/17/113.27

The Old Switcheroo

 — He thinks that he is in control. by NLO_Cliffin  BDSM05/16/114.05

How My Wife Was Tricked To Fuck Ch. 04

 — My wifes lust goes beyond my control to a orgy. by varunin  Loving Wives05/16/113.99

Melanie's Memoirs - A Married Slut 02

 — My cheating had to start with someone. by NonStopFunGuyin  Loving Wives05/16/114.30

My Wife Goes Out with Her Friends Ch. 05

 — Back at Jeff's place for a unexpected hot gangbang! by andrewsixpackin  Loving Wives05/16/114.36


 — A wife relearns her place. by Mine0214in  BDSM05/15/113.71

Useless wife

 — Useless wife given to all who want to use her. by dog0810in  NonConsent/Reluctance05/11/112.66

Loving Three

 — The start of a permanent arrangement amongst three. by loves_to_sharein  Loving Wives05/11/114.27

Fourteen Day Program Ch. 06

 — Tom takes Liz on a weeken road trip, and his issues escalate. by toomuchinmyheadin  Mind Control05/09/114.05

Hotel Meeting

 — Two friends meet out of town. by _brent_123in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur05/09/114.52HOT

Palm Springs Pool Fuck

 — Canadian Snowbirds do it in the Condo Pool. by YaletownCouplein  Loving Wives05/08/113.56

Betel Nut Girl

 — A house wife working as a betel nut girl. by amandatein  Loving Wives05/08/114.13

The Long Weekend

 — A couple get their first threesome on a long weekend. by seamsnicein  Loving Wives05/08/114.05

New Year Starts With A BANG!

 — Hostess gets fucked by a friend at her New Year bash. by jackoffinjillin  Loving Wives05/08/114.32

On Travel

 — Not your normal travel rules for a married person. by WVCpl4funin  Loving Wives05/08/114.19

The Boys Next Door

 — Three college guys moved next door. by WayneGibbousin  Group Sex05/05/114.03

Alicia's Adventures

 — Asian wife brings home a stranger for threesome with husband. by ltp799in  Loving Wives05/04/114.37

The Anniversary Present

 — An anniversary present awaits a husband. by Surinein  Erotic Couplings05/03/114.31

Donna's Special Date

 — Will Donna agree to fulfill husband's desire? by wildwillie69in  Loving Wives05/03/114.48

The Hired Help

 — Husband & Wife hire a third party to push their limits. by thekingofspainin  Loving Wives05/03/113.51


 — A wife tries to choose a fantasy girl among two friends. by PlayfulAuthorin  Group Sex05/02/114.07

Vegas Baby!! Ch. 03

 — Finally, I fly over to Vegas with my lover. by Geilemeidin  Loving Wives05/02/114.31

Husband Away, Wife Plays

 — She has 2 nights of fun while husband is fishing. by calgarybabe39in  Loving Wives05/01/113.71

Titletown Tryst

 — Young married couple seduces older man for first threesome. by CaptainEroticain  Loving Wives05/01/114.46

Lynn, Tom And Steve: A Couple Trans

 — Friendship leads a wife's first sharing igniting new passion. by Bardvarkin  Loving Wives05/01/113.89

Julie: I Suck at My Job

 — Mr Cockburn and Julie drive to a meeting. by BusterGonadin  Loving Wives04/30/114.10

Amazing Vacation Ch. 02

 — New friends bring new experiences. by bman34in  Anal04/29/114.48

Amazing Vacation Ch. 01

 — Ryan and Kate meet new friends by bman34in  Loving Wives04/28/114.48

I Think He Still Loves Me

 — Her husband proves that he still wants her. by JMCIWYin  Erotic Couplings04/28/114.05

My Wife Goes Out with Her Friends Ch. 04

 — My own encounter with the sexy lingerie sales lady! by andrewsixpackin  Erotic Couplings04/28/114.57HOT

A Visit from a Friend

 — Alison and Mike sure knows how to entertain a guest. by Frank Noirin  Group Sex04/27/114.04

Stacey's Deals

 — A hot woman goes through life by contract. by Dmaestroin  Loving Wives04/27/113.99

A Good Little Wife Goes Bad Ch. 01-02

 — An ex-pat wife in Singapore exposes herself to strangers. by Pondererin  Loving Wives04/25/114.30

Monica's Awakening - Monica's Story

 — Wife's perspective of first time with another man. by BlueEyedSouthernBellein  Loving Wives04/25/114.00

Rain and Thunder Afternoon

 — An afternoon thunderstorm with my Wife, Alex and I. by SerenityPleasurein  Loving Wives04/24/113.63

The Funniest Joke in the World

 — A bimbified version of the funniest joke in the world. by king_wesleyin  Mind Control04/23/113.98

The Cabin Ch. 07

 — Kitten is curious, retribution & conclusion. by MaddieKimin  BDSM04/22/114.11

College Cathouse Ch. 10

 — The Professor's wife goes to work to pay off her debt. by DaviBlackin  Group Sex04/22/114.42

Teresa's Seduction

 — A dinner party with friends turns into more. by bareftin  Group Sex04/22/114.21

Bimbos and Sketches

 — A wife discovers some beautiful drawings by her husband. by king_wesleyin  Mind Control04/22/113.08

The Wager

 — Mindy tells her husband about a wager she made. by king_wesleyin  Mind Control04/22/113.20

The Choice - Last Chance

 — Wife is given one final choice by vengeful husband. by melairkalanain  NonConsent/Reluctance04/22/114.28

One Long Dream Ch. 07

 — Sharon's adventure in shopping land continues. by S1lverF0xin  BDSM04/21/114.74HOT

The Cabin Ch. 06

 — Fun in the shower. by MaddieKimin  BDSM04/21/113.99

Charitable Deal

 — Wife sells her ass for charity. by Tdiskin  Anal04/21/113.92

The Cabin Ch. 05

 — Fun on a table. by MaddieKimin  BDSM04/19/114.06

Shattered Ch. 03

 — Steve confronts his wife and finds resolution. by Azpiriin  Loving Wives04/19/114.34

Happy Birthday

 — Kellie gives her working husband the best birthday gift ever. by Gudzinyain  Loving Wives04/19/113.78

Two Ugly Kids

 — Sometimes you have to face the facts. by likegoodwinein  Loving Wives04/17/114.31

College Cathouse Ch. 09

 — An angry professors wife gets involved with the prostitution. by DaviBlackin  Group Sex04/16/114.41

My Fault

 — I pretended, but she did it for real. by kwantipegin  Loving Wives04/16/113.23

Fucking The Mom Next Door

 — Straight to the point: How I fucked the MILF next door. by Nixonymein  Mature04/15/114.03

The Choice - Returning Home

 — Wife suffers the consequence of her 'Choice'. by melairkalanain  NonConsent/Reluctance04/13/113.78

After the Party

 — Author and wife, getting cozy at the end of the night. by Crafty_Linguistin  Erotic Couplings04/12/114.25

The Neighbor

 — A young wife, a strange neighbor and an attraction. by Domwoolfin  BDSM04/12/114.22

Shattered Ch. 02

 — Steve uncovers more of his wife's infidelity. by Azpiriin  Loving Wives04/12/114.15

The Potoin

 — role reversal-fantasy by chrisnkattin  Anal04/11/113.32

Desert Gold

 — A frustrated wife strikes gold on an excursion. by jokeyjkin  Loving Wives04/11/114.05

Swinging with Julie Ch. 03

 — Julie decided to have some fun at a party. by Lionheart72in  Loving Wives04/10/114.14

My 1st Pantyhose Encounter

 — 1st time crossdressing with wife. by weluvhosein  Transsexuals & Crossdressers04/05/114.46

Helping My Sister in Law

 — Helping move sister in law has its benifits by templeowls69in  Erotic Couplings04/04/114.34

Thin Veil

 — A chance encounter turns into an exciting encounter. by RichardSchwarz69in  Interracial Love04/04/114.24

The Silent Treatment

 — A wife is punished for being flirtatious. by CaitlyCatein  BDSM04/04/113.92

Getting Home

 — A couple comes home to relax after a short vacation. by Perylin  Loving Wives04/03/114.00

Aftermath Confessions Ch. 07

 — Husband confesses threesome with buddy and bound wife. by DMercatorin  Loving Wives04/02/114.33

Kay's Education Ch. 01

 — Wife agrees to sympathy blowjob for a friend. by KKstoriesin  Loving Wives04/02/114.11

The Contract Ch. 01

 — A wife's past comes back to haunt her. by fawguy88in  Loving Wives04/01/114.07

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