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The Education of My Wife

 — Wife learns how to fuck. by ronrigoin  Loving Wives02/23/064.25

Liza & Tommy #8

 — Mary and Liza sat there with Tommy. by vastiesmithin  Loving Wives02/23/064.17

Used & Abused Ch. 09

 — Can Marc tell what Jes has been up to? by Jessiebnhin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/19/064.33

Stolen Love

 — Young wife finds lust in another man. by bedtymelover2in  BDSM02/19/064.04

Just Add Alcohol Ch. 04

 — Mrs. Cannon: Champion in the World Series of Whores. by ISawYourMommyin  Loving Wives02/19/064.41

Terry's Descent Ch. 03

 — His punishment. by jack.joycein  Transsexuals & Crossdressers02/18/064.25

Full Disclosure Ch. 03

 — Wife's adventure is discovered. by gypsiesin  Loving Wives02/18/063.92

Webcam Wife Ch. 10

 — His reward is for her to film him with three women. by thick7in1972in  Group Sex02/16/064.44

Jan Goes Camping Ch. 02

 — Jan and husband make new friends while camping. by turngreenin  Loving Wives02/16/064.47

Wife Takes On All Cummers Ch. 01

 — She becomes a slut for husband's boss & friends. by goldcrewsailorin  Loving Wives02/16/064.20


 — The destruction of love. by Kennewickianin  Loving Wives02/16/063.46

The Sitter

 — One night, things get out of hand. by fl_mikein  Loving Wives02/08/064.37

Her First Trio

 — She admits her first threesome. by hanibalin  Loving Wives02/08/064.42

Should Old Acquaintance?

 — Dave's wife entertains friends for New Years Eve. by docBluein  Group Sex02/07/064.48

Webcam Wife Ch. 09

 — Dee gets gangbanged and gets a porn contract. by thick7in1972in  Loving Wives02/07/064.25

Used & Abused Ch. 08

 — Married slut cums when called. by Jessiebnhin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/05/064.46

The Wife Chronicles: A Truth

 — The truth is always stranger than fiction. by blue_genesin  Loving Wives02/03/064.11

Webcam Wife Ch. 08

 — He fucks some porn stars at the Vegas sex party. by thick7in1972in  Group Sex02/02/064.39

The Discovery

 — Wife discovers a new, thrilling life. by handwriterin  Interracial Love02/02/063.96

Friendly Dilemma Ch. 02

 — She knows about his wife, should she tell? by bill_p99in  Loving Wives02/01/063.75

Wife Bang in the Stables Ch. 02

 — Wife's gangbang is caught on tape. by altegoin  Loving Wives01/29/064.46

Terry's Descent Ch. 02

 — Terry's wife comes home. by jack.joycein  Transsexuals & Crossdressers01/28/064.14

Acrobatics 08

 — What will Jack's wife do? by Strawberry_2051in  Loving Wives01/28/064.42

Truth & Consequences: The Other Half

 — Phil's reply to Janet's letter. by fdkman262in  Loving Wives01/25/064.42

Acrobatics 04

 — The girls watch Jack with his wife. by Strawberry_2051in  Loving Wives01/24/064.43

Stacy's New Hobby

 — After taking cardio striptease, Stacy shows her moves. by Jake Marlowin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur01/22/064.46

My How They Grow Ch. 02

 — A close call with the wife turns interesting. by luvtoread_660in  Loving Wives01/22/064.48

Ageless Desires Ch. 01

 — He remembers his wife and wants her back. by Lady_Silverin  Mature01/21/064.78HOT

Amanda's Black Lust

 — Amanda discovers she's a slut for black cock. by dave_jones_50in  Interracial Love01/20/064.48

Dancing The Night Away

 — Two married couples dance and more. by DukeSchoolin  Loving Wives01/19/063.97

My Turn

 — Wife gets her turn at the cabin. by DukeSchoolin  Loving Wives01/19/064.35

An Evening At Bergen's

 — Beth cheats on her husband in a DC tavern. by DeepInYain  Loving Wives01/19/063.03

From Online Slut to Real Slut

 — She is claimed by her online Master. by satinlvr_mwfin  Interracial Love01/18/064.29

Wife Bang in the Stables Ch. 01

 — Wife and 18-year-old studs on an icy day. by altegoin  Loving Wives01/18/064.37

I Screwed Up Again

 — His wife is taken by game buddies. by ka0s_steedin  Loving Wives01/18/064.18

Webcam Wife Ch. 07

 — A wet t-shirt contest leads to an impromptu hotel orgy. by thick7in1972in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur01/17/064.41

Happy Anniversary Ch. 02

 — The anniversary sexcapade continues. by black saphirein  Erotic Couplings01/16/064.48

Inside Indian Secret Gardens! Ch. 06

 — Pursuits in the gardens. by jay_kumarin  Loving Wives01/14/064.13

Full Disclosure Ch. 02

 — Wife's adventure is discovered. by gypsiesin  Loving Wives01/14/064.13

Completely Cuckolded

 — Caught wife in bed with black man who kicks his ass. by ezchoicein  Loving Wives01/12/063.34

Building a New Home Ch. 01

 — Heather torments Raul without touching him. by victoriawhitain  BDSM01/10/064.49

Camping Fun

 — Campsite frolics with a horny stranger. by kiwiwoodyin  Loving Wives01/10/064.13

Melanie Gets A Job

 — Wife learns the benefits of working as an escort. by fanatic282in  Group Sex01/08/064.43

A Night With My Wife And A Stranger

 — Love, bondage, and submissive bisexuality. by backdoor2in  Loving Wives01/08/063.66

Forever And A Day

 — The realisation of true love. by Siennain  Romance01/08/064.08

Full Disclosure Ch. 01

 — Wife's adventure is discovered. by gypsiesin  Loving Wives01/05/063.92

New To The Leather Pt. 02

 — Her submission to her husband is her gift. by Winter Lotusin  BDSM01/05/064.78HOT

Cat, Chris and Amy

 — Cat's first taste of girl comes from Amy with Chris. by Cattypussin  Group Sex01/05/064.73HOT

My Promiscuous Mom Pt. 02

 — He sees a shockingly different side of mom. by George VIin  Incest/Taboo01/04/064.54HOT

Another Ride At Night

 — He likes to show off his naked wife. by showifein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur01/04/064.28

My Wife, Her Brother, His Buddy Ch. 02

 — Her second time is a gangbang. by showifein  Incest/Taboo01/04/064.37

New To The Leather Pt. 01

 — She surprises her husband with submission. by Winter Lotusin  BDSM01/04/064.50HOT

The Training of Sheila

 — Boss trains wife of subordinate to be a slut. by immediatein  NonConsent/Reluctance01/03/064.37

Our First Threesome

 — He and his wife enjoy their friend. by The Packin  Loving Wives01/03/064.43

Helen's Revenge

 — She fucks blacks for revenge on double dealing husband. by fanatic282in  Interracial Love01/03/064.18

Mom Sucks Black Coach At Park

 — Mom gets off while son plays ball. by DonnaDuGoodin  Interracial Love01/01/064.31

My Wife and Her Friends

 — He watches his wife during a lesbian group romp. by sohowandererin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur12/29/054.42

Inside Indian Secret Gardens! Ch. 04

 — Chasing honey in other's gardens. by jay_kumarin  Loving Wives12/29/054.21

Inside Indian Secret Gardens! Ch. 03

 — Dreams can be accepted. by jay_kumarin  Loving Wives12/28/054.23

The Best Revenge Is A Life Lived Well

 — Sometimes you don't know what you risk. by Joesephusin  Loving Wives12/28/054.56HOT

Wife Dances for New Friend

 — Hot wife gives erotic dance to a new friend. by KingStoryTellerin  Loving Wives12/27/054.01

Our Tree

 — She comes home to find he's been a busy little hubby. by Rattlesnake1775in  Erotic Couplings12/26/054.47

Pakistani Wife's Sensual Massage

 — Conservative Pakistani wife's first full body massage. by hitman221in  Loving Wives12/25/054.00

Pakistani Wife's Caribbean Vacation

 — Conservative Pakistani wife's first beach experience. by hitman221in  Loving Wives12/25/054.06

Door Unlocked Ch. 02

 — Suzie gets another visitor. by robodudin  NonConsent/Reluctance12/25/054.16

Can't a Guy Get Any Rest?

 — He tried to pretend he was asleep, but... by butch007in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur12/25/054.52HOT

Trust Her with Your Kid? Ch. 01

 — Christine's mother-in-law would be wise not to by ISawYourMommyin  Loving Wives12/23/054.34

Was She Ever My Wife?

 — Husband finds out about wife's other life. by curious2cin  Loving Wives12/23/054.39

Rocky Mountain "Hi"

 — Bored wife finds excitment at a mountain lodge. by pallesin  Lesbian Sex12/22/054.23

Lori's Black Reunion

 — His wife meets up with her former black lovers. by dave_jones_50in  Interracial Love12/21/054.21

Inside Indian Secret Gardens! Ch. 02

 — Dreams proposed - desires. by jay_kumarin  Loving Wives12/20/054.15

San Diego Slutwife Ch. 03

 — Tish gives anal to hubby and friend. by Scara_N_tishin  Loving Wives12/19/054.63HOT

A Predilection Toward Perfection

 — The pleasurable pursuit of oral artistry. by Dark Lordin  Erotic Couplings12/15/054.70HOT

Just Shut-Up And Fuck Me

 — Wife submits to wisdom of husband's dull point. by cliterotiain  Loving Wives12/14/054.16

In The Kitchen

 — Love renewed in a familiar place. by godkillzyouin  Romance12/13/054.72HOT

Door Unlocked

 — Suzie has unexpected visitor. by robodudin  NonConsent/Reluctance12/13/053.96

Oh What A Wife

 — Husband and Wife entertain a secretary. by fantasex13in  Loving Wives12/12/053.91

Changing Fantasy to Reality

 — Husband "works out" a way to share his wife. by Beachsyrfin  Loving Wives12/11/053.81

Ruth, Chris, and I

 — It's a three to foursome payback. by xxxroadsin  Loving Wives12/08/054.16

Valery's Date

 — A sexy wife on an innocent date; what harm could that do? by Dark Lordin  Loving Wives12/08/054.52HOT

Wife's Black Cock Fantasy Massage

 — Her dream massage being fucked by black stud. by richdickin  Interracial Love12/07/054.32

Evening In

 — She greets you after a long day. by fairycakesin  Loving Wives12/06/054.19

Romancing Jan

 — He finds the love of his life. by Paniolo Boyin  Romance12/04/054.73HOT

Spent Cum

 — Wife's anal pleasure, husbands cum pleasure. by Anal Slavein  Loving Wives12/04/053.92

Girl's Weekend in New York City

 — Ann & Trish have a naughty weekend in NYC. by DeepInYain  Loving Wives12/02/053.76

Angie's Affair

 — Loving wife & mother falls into sordid love affair. by csmsmithin  Loving Wives12/02/053.89

Christina's Contradictions Ch. 04

 — The beach. by Sstugatzin  Loving Wives12/02/053.74

Heavy Breathing

 — Returning home early from work has its rewards. by WFEATHERin  Toys & Masturbation11/28/054.39

The Deal

 — A twisted tale of sex and intrigue. by csmsmithin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/28/054.41

Fucking Kelly Heinz Ch. 02

 — A day at the pool makes for a very wet night. by melsdadin  Incest/Taboo11/24/054.21

With the Neighbor Ch. 03

 — Leigh and John witness the seduction of Derek. by Paendragonin  Loving Wives11/24/054.52HOT

Untangling the Web Ch. 03

 — Be careful what you ask for. You might get it. by capecodmercuryin  Humor & Satire11/21/053.99


 — A tempted wife goes to the gym. by csmsmithin  Loving Wives11/21/054.05

Annie's Secret Desires

 — Her husband discovers her secret desires. by Wes99in  Loving Wives11/16/054.33

Afternoon Delight

 — He comes home to you, his submissive wife. by storylover2005in  BDSM11/16/054.23

Indian Wife Succumbs To Curiosity

 — Indian wife wants to try it once. by rupanitain  Loving Wives11/14/054.28

The Wife's Road to Slavery

 — Wife's torn between suburbs and slavery. by SexOrnatein  BDSM11/14/053.96

The Christening of the Fire Engine

 — Newly elected Chief shows wife the rescue truck. by MysticIrishEyesin  Erotic Couplings11/12/054.72HOT

Kate's Night In

 — Kate has a night in with hubby's new boss. by kate-englishin  Loving Wives11/12/054.33

A Neighborhood Sex Party

 — They're invited to attend a "different" kind of party. by Play4Youin  Group Sex11/10/054.12

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