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Ghost Ch. 02

 — Part 2 of a 3-part ghost story. by Balaakin  NonHuman08/26/064.51HOT

Memories of: Box Sex

 — Love in a Cardboard Box. by TxRadin  Erotic Couplings08/24/064.44

The Commodore's Wife

 — Naval sex. by TxRadin  Humor & Satire08/24/064.40


 — A wife dreams of what she'll never do (again). by Euphalicityin  Group Sex08/21/064.23

The Overlook

 — Discovering what wife does when she goes "in the field". by Pilgrimin  Loving Wives08/19/063.01

Forbidden Temptations

 — Wife demands to spend a night with her boss on a raft. by Winterfrogin  Loving Wives08/15/064.23

Mrs. America Ch. 01

 — "Define Married," Mrs. Idaho. by ISawYourMommyin  Mature08/14/064.42

Dear Alan Ch. 02

 — The conclusion of their first night with Scottie. by absoluterotterin  Loving Wives08/13/064.03

Friendly Visit

 — Young wife pleases their old college friend. by Ruffrider88in  Loving Wives08/12/064.04

A Wife and Her Lovers Ch. 02

 — What happens in Vegas... by christiannein  Loving Wives08/12/063.94

Hubby Wants Me to Seduce Our Son

 — Tired husband comes up with plan. by dirtyjoe69in  Incest/Taboo08/12/064.31

The Clergyman's Wife

 — Will she or won't she? by richardpufferin  Romance08/11/064.22

Queensland Resort Getaway

 — Queensland takes our clothes away. by gibssobin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur08/10/064.04

Dear Alan

 — A story, told in a novel way. by absoluterotterin  Loving Wives08/08/063.94

Forbidden Fruit

 — "Forbidden" means you’re not supposed to touch it. by ohioin  Loving Wives08/08/064.54HOT

Wife Worship

 — A husband serves his Wife without hestitation. by Wifesboyin  BDSM08/07/064.00

Wife Reamed Out By Hubby's Friend

 — He woke to catch his best friend with his wife. by davidsawitin  Loving Wives08/02/063.91

The Gentle Master

 — Ariana goes from sex-slave to wife of a warrior. by Sedonia Guillonein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/02/064.78HOT

The Patriotic Wife

 — Colonel's wife will do anything to support the troops. by Hotwifein  Loving Wives08/02/064.38

Far From Home

 — Shy, conservative wife is on display in Cancun. by Vetmanin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur08/01/064.50HOT

Sex Club Threesome

 — My wife and I have a threesome with another woman. by Lindein  Incest/Taboo07/31/063.96

Maple Syrup

 — He enjoys your anal orgasms. by happywarriorin  Anal07/30/064.05

Business Vacation with the Wife

 — Wife's first stray with husband's black colleague. by BenFitzhumein  Loving Wives07/30/063.93

The Hard To Explain Lesson

 — Wife brings home a voyeur who turns into more. by MadamRazin  Loving Wives07/29/063.90

Marrying Brother Ch. 04

 — Pratheeba gets her pregnant cunt & virgin ass fucked nice. by pretty_tamil_girlin  Incest/Taboo07/28/064.44

Marrying Brother Ch. 03

 — The husband returns with his sister, Preethi. by pretty_tamil_girlin  Incest/Taboo07/27/064.50HOT

Anal Additive a Drug to Enjoy Anal Ch. 02

 — Tom's wife unknowingly joins the experiment. by dirtyjoe69in  Anal07/27/064.54HOT

Our Best Friends Ch. 01

 — Couple gets to know their neighbors even better. by ukguy67in  Loving Wives07/26/063.97

Happy Father's Day, Honey

 — His wife has a little help starting his Dad's Day off right. by Krraaazzzzyyyyyin  Incest/Taboo07/24/064.53HOT

My Wife and Her Italian Stallion

 — Wife cheats on vacation with a sexy, younger man. by shirereevein  Loving Wives07/23/063.66

Brother-In-Law's Morning Treat

 — Kathy gives Mark quite a treat. by SusanSeekerin  Loving Wives07/23/064.33


 — Aurora's humiliation while hypnotised. by StoryTeller07in  Mind Control07/22/064.24

Mrs. Lucky

 — Jill takes things into her own hands. by leapyearguyin  Loving Wives07/22/064.64HOT

North Shore

 — I am what you desire, one night only. by M-Y-Eroticain  Erotic Couplings07/20/064.80HOT

Wife Loosens Up After Affair

 — Conservative wife looses up & confesses lifelong fantasy. by jimbostarin  Loving Wives07/18/063.20

Shy Wife Ch. 04

 — Shy wife goes for a portrait, but ends up posing nude. by daydreaming101in  Loving Wives07/18/064.30

The Illustrated Wife

 — Do you want to join them? by dirtyjoe69in  Illustrated07/18/062.49

Claire's Awakening Ch. 02

 — Cheating wife makes her decision. by PunishHerin  NonConsent/Reluctance07/17/064.29

Wedding Dress

 — This could be a part one of many. by bikiniplayerin  Fetish07/17/063.83

The Cuckold Husband Ch. 01

 — Wife secretly agrees to meet a possible lover. by mrdnhavinfunin  Loving Wives07/15/063.75

Strangers Ch. 01

 — Realizing the truth. by thebadinusin  Loving Wives07/15/062.92

Domestic Disturbance

 — Cop learns about love. by leapyearguyin  Romance07/13/064.63HOT

What You Wish For

 — Fantasies can come true. by DBizMEin  Loving Wives07/12/063.37

Enslaved & Degraded Ch. 01

 — Mystery romantic getaway takes strange turn for couple. by jthunderboltin  BDSM07/10/064.28

Effective Lingerie

 — Sarah goes shopping only to come home to a surprise. by RockHardauin  Loving Wives07/06/063.15

The Boss Retires

 — Sexy boss retires and is given a BLOWING away party. by marriedpervsin  Group Sex07/06/064.19

Sailor's Blues

 — A sailor's letter to his wife. by dirtyjoe69in  Letters & Transcripts07/04/063.92

First Time I Get To Watch

 — He watches his wife with another man. by hanibalin  Loving Wives07/02/064.29

Naughty Email to Husband

 — Wife sends naughty email after getting turned on. by Chantilyvampin  Letters & Transcripts07/02/064.29

Just A Bit Of Fun?

 — Wife's first Black lover. by thirdtonein  Interracial Love07/01/064.17

Sex Nanny Ch. 01-02

 — While husband's away, horny wife seeks release. by pkimballin  Loving Wives06/30/064.17

The Game Ch. 07

 — The game goes from physical to mental. by sharezadein  BDSM06/30/064.34

Evan's Arabic Princess

 — White banker falls for a married Persian princess. by cashcrunchin  Interracial Love06/30/064.57HOT

Menstruation Message

 — Reluctant wife gives him great bloody fuck by hotpupin  Fetish06/25/064.14

Chatilla Ch. 03

 — The Transformation begins. by Spartan666in  NonConsent/Reluctance06/24/064.37


 — She brings him a daring office surprise lunch. by WordSlingerin  Loving Wives06/23/064.03

Chatilla Ch. 01-02

 — The making of a slut. by Spartan666in  NonConsent/Reluctance06/23/064.27

Conservatoty Strip

 — Wife unexpectedly entertains his old friend. by SusanSeekerin  Loving Wives06/23/064.21

Revenge is Sweet

 — Cuckolded husband gets revenge on wife and her new man. by sexy_jessiein  Transsexuals & Crossdressers06/21/064.39

My Woman Ties Me Up

 — She gains control. by dirtyjoe69in  BDSM06/21/063.94

Bumpy Ride - The Making Of A Slut

 — The ride continues. by Skei0in  Group Sex06/17/064.56HOT

Debbie Leaves the Light On

 — Wife fulfills fantasy of giving a friend a blow job. by DebsHubin  Loving Wives06/17/064.38

Teasing Sally

 — A quiet evening at home warms up. by MysteryLoverin  Erotic Couplings06/17/063.96

Jean's Special Day

 — Giving back to his wife some of the pleasure she gives him. by TheDusterin  Erotic Couplings06/16/064.33

I Love Men

 — Wide-eyed, luscious girl works to please men. by Chris Seagatein  Loving Wives06/16/064.32

Back to the Woods

 — Couple goes back in to woods for more fun & finds a stranger. by hubbylovesitin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur06/15/064.27


 — They grow closer after a night of passion. by someoneyouknowin  Loving Wives06/14/064.49

Becoming a Slut Wife: Lucy

 — Scenes we'd like to see. by thebulletin  Loving Wives06/13/063.72

Second Adventure With My Daughter

 — He loves family Christmas. by randy2somein  Incest/Taboo06/12/064.41

With the Neighbor Ch. 04

 — The plan comes to fruition . . . by Paendragonin  Loving Wives06/11/064.51HOT

Love Letters for Him: No. 10

 — He wakes wife as she asked. by jushornyin  Letters & Transcripts06/10/064.50

Wake Up Call

 — Wife wakes up husband in a new way. by hardwillingonein  Romance06/05/064.41

Five Numbers and the Bonus Balls

 — Desperate housewife is encouraged to strip. by Wyattin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/05/064.41

Ironing Chores

 — Jaynee and Toby spice up their marriage. by RockHardauin  Loving Wives06/02/063.84


 — Our exploration of and in the new pool. by luckyman99in  Loving Wives05/31/064.20

Slut Bride Gets No Respect

 — He learns the only way to treat his bride is like a slut. by watchingyou2in  Loving Wives05/30/064.15

Bumpy Ride

 — Horny wife has fun in the back seat. by Skei0in  Loving Wives05/30/064.46

Madrid Ch. 06

 — Esmeralda seduces his wife. by Franglaisin  Erotic Couplings05/29/064.35

Time Out

 — Daddy was issued a time out; wife lets him have "it." by MysticIrishEyesin  Loving Wives05/26/064.33

Workout Incentive Ch. 02

 — She turns up the heat on their home gym workout. by curl4everin  Romance05/25/064.52HOT

The Fix

 — A faceless hotel rendezvous - with a twist. by moosehornin  Loving Wives05/19/063.36

Turning Point

 — It was always his fantasy to have a stocking slut wife. by gladiator111in  Loving Wives05/18/064.36

Around the World in 80 Fucks 02

 — Hot foursome action takes place in a mountain lift. by cheetah83in  Group Sex05/18/063.88

Time to Learn a Lesson

 — Best friend's wife has to learn the hard way. by hardwillingonein  NonConsent/Reluctance05/17/064.20

Julie Becomes John's Pet Ch. 06

 — Julie's big date with her husband takes an unexpected twist. by Johns Pet Juliein  Loving Wives05/13/064.23

Alcibaides Ch. 01

 — Alcibaides, the Blackmailer of Women. by Spartan666in  NonConsent/Reluctance05/12/064.02

Real Life Adventure of a Cuckold

 — An adventure he had in San Francisco. by stevecraigslistin  Fetish05/11/063.86

My Changing Life

 — He has a cheating wife. by hairy4135in  Loving Wives05/11/063.92

Moon Goddess

 — Loving couple have a goal for the Full Moon. by MysticIrishEyesin  Erotic Couplings05/10/064.31

Let Loose Ch. 01

 — Vacation fun for young parents. by litman2in  Loving Wives05/08/063.91

The Game Ch. 04

 — Michelle submits to the ultimate endurance test. by sharezadein  BDSM05/08/064.29

Talking with Debbie Ch. 06

 — After all the talking, it finally is a reality. by dconradin  Novels and Novellas05/08/064.56HOT


 — She has in all ways been unveiled. by Lominielin  First Time05/08/063.73

Workout Incentive Ch. 01

 — She sexes up his home gym workout. by curl4everin  Romance05/06/064.49

Sinful Sunday Shenanigans

 — Lonely husband gets a birthday surprise. by Grumpy_Bearin  Loving Wives05/05/064.60HOT

Medicinal Cream Fixes A Problem

 — Wife fixes him while scratching her itch. by gibssobin  Loving Wives05/02/063.89

I Just Needed You

 — He comes home to waiting wife. by questionableonein  Anal05/02/064.40

Bad Girl Carly

 — A wild night with friends. by cumcrazedCarlyin  Group Sex05/01/063.88

Denise's Cuckolded Tale

 — His wife and a work colleague. by Graham1952in  Loving Wives04/30/063.69

The Game Ch. 03

 — Michelle's ordeal begins by sharezadein  BDSM04/30/064.38

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