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Wrestling Entertainment!

 — Abi gets challenged to a public wrestling match. by LadyKaren50in  Mature05/18/103.93

The Match

 — Wrestling practice turns into something intense. by DonnyDicksonin  Gay Male04/26/104.41

Christy Hemme and LAX

 — A TNA tag team loser fucks valvet match and Christy loses. by wwekillerin  Celebrities04/15/104.67HOT

Don't Hesitate

 — A young man is surprised by his friend. by MattyinMNin  Gay Male03/29/104.56HOT

Vince's Devil's Slaves Ch. 03

 — Vince's Devils finish enslaving Trish, Ashley and Mickie. by MTL17in  Celebrities03/28/104.58HOT

The Forbidden Combat Club Ch. 04

 — The third and fourth match. by deepkick1in  Anal03/21/104.05

You Get What You Ask For

 — A confession changes a friendship. by luvjdr29in  Celebrities02/19/102.33

Martial Love

 — Martial arts can tend to make the clothes come off. by Highspeed0516in  Erotic Couplings02/13/104.61HOT

A Little Wrestling Match

 — Cecelia issues a challenge that I can't pass up. by Fred1177in  Fetish02/12/103.32

Catfight Invitational

 — Hilary and Frances fight in a casino. by MaxMarkovin  Fetish02/02/104.16

The Ultimate Test

 — Test wins Stacy back, and has some devious tasks for her. by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities01/14/103.00

Under Her Spell

 — The FBI want some pay back, but Ariel has other ideas. by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities01/14/100.00

Val Venis Presents Christy Hemme

 — Val Venis presents his latest video featuring Christy Hemme. by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities01/14/104.67HOT

Val Venis Presents

 — Daddy's Little Girl: Stephanie McMahon by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities01/13/104.11

Vamp of the Night

 — What if Kevin Thorn and Ariel were really Vampires? by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities01/13/102.50

A Very Extreme Hardy Reunion

 — The Hardys have reunited and celebrate with Kelly Kelly. by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities01/13/104.54HOT

Viciously Dykstra

 — Victoria knows how to please her boytoy, Kenny Dykstra. by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities01/13/103.00

A Visit From Torrie

 — Torrie Wilson visits Maven in the Hospital. by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities01/13/104.46

Miss Laura vs. Ben

 — An optimistic male squares off against a veteran wrestler. by MissLaurain  Fetish12/29/093.64

Up and Down in the Elevator

 — Coworker and brown girl trapped her last night on the job. by brownbeautyin  Erotic Couplings12/11/094.57HOT


 — The first ever mom-son pro-wrestling based story! by Surtin  Celebrities10/27/094.06

Vince's Devil's Slaves Ch. 02

 — Vince's Devils continue enslaving Trish, Ashley and Mickie. by MTL17in  Celebrities10/25/094.75HOT

Beaten and Taken

 — You set me up for failure in an erotic wrestling match. by Ian1in  Fetish10/21/093.78

Little Sister Susie Ch. 01

 — Little sister comes to visit. by Seethru57in  Incest/Taboo10/17/094.46

Life in Hawaii Ch. 03

 — Kat gets a skimpy gym uniform and wrestles with her students. by Sanialusin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/17/094.06

Gigi: The Club

 — After witnessing my wife's wanton exhitionism in the tittie. by gigintonyin  Loving Wives10/14/094.00

Vince's Devil's Slaves

 — Vince's Devils want to enslave Trish, Ashley and Mickie. by MTL17in  Celebrities09/29/094.72HOT

Mickie's Mine Ch. 02

 — Trish and Melina take turns with Mickie. by MTL17in  Celebrities09/22/094.71HOT

Legacy Ch. 03

 — She cheats on her new husband with Stevie Richards. by WWEs1fangirlin  Celebrities09/19/093.71

Legacy Ch. 02

 — Randy Orton gets revenge after losing his WWE title to her. by WWEs1fangirlin  Celebrities09/07/092.67

Legacy Ch. 01

 — She takes Randy Orton's WWE Championship and his pride. by WWEs1fangirlin  Celebrities08/30/093.12

Maria Loves Mickie's Thongs

 — Maria is caught sniffing Mickie's thong. by MTL17in  Celebrities08/22/094.57HOT

Brooding Ch. 05

 — Edge requests a transfer to ECW to be with his lover. by WWEs1fangirlin  Celebrities08/21/094.67

HLA: Hot Lesbian Anal Ch. 03

 — Trish faces Stacy in the first ever HLA match. by MTL17in  Celebrities08/15/094.53HOT

A Knight Tale from Cardien Ch. 01

 — Paper rpg d&d-ereb altor, tv-show merlin and some femdom. by deepkick1in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/14/093.69

The Forbidden Combat Club Ch. 03

 — Part 3: second match. by deepkick1in  Anal08/10/093.90

The Forbidden Combat Club Ch. 02

 — Part 2: tonight’s matches. by deepkick1in  Lesbian Sex08/07/094.02

The Forbidden Combat Club Ch. 01

 — Pin & Fuck Wrestling club by deepkick1in  Fetish08/02/093.72

Dealing with Trish

 — A loyal boyfriend deals with his girlfriend's rival. by dfg1980in  Celebrities07/21/094.13

Mickie's Mine

 — Trish and Melina fight over Mickie. by MTL17in  Celebrities07/20/094.44

Brooding Ch. 03

 — Edge tries to prove he's better than Christian in the sack. by WWEs1fangirlin  Celebrities06/20/094.17

Brooding Ch. 02

 — Edge has a go at Christian's slave. by WWEs1fangirlin  Celebrities06/13/094.71

A Dose Of T & A

 — Trish Stratus Gets Banged... DX Style. by Dice_Casdenin  Celebrities06/07/094.28

Wrestling Mom

 — Son's plan to wrestle Mom. by kidrockin  Incest/Taboo06/03/094.14

Brooding Ch. 01

 — WWF's Christian takes a slave to satisfy his need for blood. by WWEs1fangirlin  Celebrities05/24/094.20

The Trish/Mickie Saga Ch. 04

 — The Divas find a nice way to kill time on a road trip to Raw. by wwekillerin  Celebrities05/20/094.70HOT

Men Wrestle, One Survives

 — Green Beret vs. Seal leaves one man standing. by Coxswainin  Gay Male04/29/094.79HOT

An Interesting PPV Match

 — Mickie, Melina, Beth and Orton have an orgy in the showers. by wwekillerin  Celebrities04/29/094.18

Down for the Count

 — Younger brother gets the upper hand on busty sister. by socrazy143in  Incest/Taboo04/05/094.15

Taming The Hurricane

 — Hurricane Helms reminds a friend how fun he can be. by WWEs1fangirlin  Celebrities04/02/095.00

Cherry Gets Cheered Up

 — Cherry sees Matt Hardy and hopes he can cheer her up. by wwekillerin  Celebrities03/25/094.20

Ground and Pound

 — A little after hours workout gets intense. by sdwpthwlkrin  Erotic Couplings03/24/094.38


 — The Miz catches up with a friend by WWEs1fangirlin  Celebrities03/24/093.29

In The Office

 — Some alone time with The Shaman of Sexy, John Morrison. by WWEs1fangirlin  Celebrities03/10/094.38

HLA: Hot Lesbian Anal Ch. 02

 — Trish completely breaks Stephanie. by MTL17in  Celebrities03/01/094.23

Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 12

 — Mickie has some fun with Lillian. by MTL17in  Celebrities02/19/094.69HOT

Stripped in the Ring Ch. 02

 — Revenge: this time, the Champ strips them. by bigdaleforeverin  Fetish01/26/094.15

The Trish/Mickie Saga Ch. 03

 — Mickie & Trish have dinner that ends with so much more. by wwekillerin  Celebrities01/23/094.47

Christy Cleans Up For Orton

 — GM for the night meets Christy to help clean him up. by wwekillerin  Celebrities01/15/094.27

Wrestling Match

 — Wrestling match is a win-win situation. by lmnop321in  Erotic Couplings12/18/084.38

Pummelled by Coach J

 — High school wrestler finds being "bi" is not so bad. by NiceGuyInVain  Gay Male11/23/084.33

Beta Rising

 — John Morrison fights a battle with himself and the pack. by Trinas_Bunnyin  Celebrities11/22/084.50

Cena and Lita Live Sex Session

 — Cena wins Lita for the night, or does he? by wwekillerin  Celebrities10/29/083.00

A Fight In with the Girls Ch. 02

 — Revenge can be sweet. by charloin  Lesbian Sex10/28/084.22

Brother Samuel vs BBW Wrestler

 — Bisexual black man meets big female wrestler. by Samuelxin  Anal10/24/083.14


 — Sierra strips & humiliates a male gladiator in the arena. by Brianna_Teasein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/20/084.68HOT

The Trish/Mickie Saga Ch. 02

 — Trish and Mickie get clean and dirty in the shower by wwekillerin  Celebrities10/13/084.87HOT

The Pecking Order

 — The Beautiful People teach Karen Angle a lesson. by MTL17in  Celebrities10/10/084.60HOT

HLA: Hot Lesbian Anal

 — Eric has a surprise for Stephanie. by MTL17in  Celebrities10/08/084.46

A Fight In with the Girls

 — Throwaway line leads to grappling & more between girls. by charloin  Lesbian Sex10/03/084.16

Training The Divas: Trish Stratus

 — Rookie male wrestler takes on the role of WWE Diva Trainer. by Porn_Pendulumin  Celebrities09/27/083.80

WWE First Cum Match

 — Trish and Lita end their feud in a new match type. by wwekillerin  Celebrities09/27/084.47

Take Down

 — Wrestlin' is fun. by sfcitydomin  BDSM09/12/084.35

The Trish/Mickie Saga Ch. 01

 — Trish meets a new Diva and wants this girl in her bed. by wwekillerin  Celebrities09/05/084.84HOT

Trish's Wedding Day

 — It's Trish's wedding day, but there's a problem. by MTL17in  Celebrities09/05/084.42

Wrestling with Lance

 — Straight guy wrestles nude with another guy - and loves it. by o123olearyin  Gay Male08/21/084.02

Playing Games Ch. 02

 — How will Mr. Marcus deal after playing around with Cassie? by HarveyMarcusin  Mature08/13/084.29

Stephanie Doesn’t Share

 — Mickie is about to learn that Stephanie doesn't share. by MTL17in  Celebrities08/07/084.33

Countermove Ch. 10

 — ENDGAME- Onyx vs. Tyger. Final match. by ChrystalWyndin  Mind Control07/31/084.63HOT

Countermove Ch. 09

 — Day 5 (pt.2)- Shannon goes shopping. Onyx vs. Dominatrix. by ChrystalWyndin  Mind Control07/30/084.62HOT

Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 11

 — Mickie puts Torrie in her place. by MTL17in  Celebrities07/29/084.54HOT

Countermove Ch. 08

 — Day 5 (pt.1)- Tyger vs. Dominatrix. Viper trains Shannon. by ChrystalWyndin  Mind Control07/29/084.36

Countermove Ch. 07

 — Day 4- Viper's Den. Onyx vs. Fury. by ChrystalWyndin  Mind Control07/28/084.55HOT

Countermove Ch. 06

 — Interlude 3-Diane trains Shannon; a lead on Viper. by ChrystalWyndin  Mind Control07/27/084.36

Countermove Ch. 05

 — Interlude 2- Diane trains Shannon. Marty's change. by ChrystalWyndin  Mind Control07/26/084.43

Harem School Ch. 03

 — What does it take for slave to become Mistress? by Falcinatorin  BDSM07/26/084.50HOT

Countermove Ch. 02

 — Day 2. Shannon researches her ability. Onyx vs. Jewel. by ChrystalWyndin  Mind Control07/24/084.33

Countermove Ch. 01

 — Shannon uses mental powers to defend her wrestling title. by ChrystalWyndin  Mind Control07/17/084.50HOT


 — She's caught spying on gladiators training in the nude. by Brianna_Teasein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/10/084.65HOT

Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 10

 — Mickie puts Candice in her place. by MTL17in  Celebrities06/19/084.55HOT

Messy Justice

 — Two women are forced to settle their issues once and for all. by BOFHUKin  Fetish06/04/083.55

Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 09

 — Mickie has some fun with Melina and Jillian. by MTL17in  Celebrities05/20/084.48

Presenting Jessica Ch. 03

 — Jessica is live on TV and the Internet. by The_Bear_Manin  BDSM03/21/084.12

Mickie Gets What's Hers Ch. 08

 — Mickie has fun with Edge and Lita. by MTL17in  Celebrities02/08/084.75

From The Top To The Bottom

 — Trish and Mickie are changing clothes and changing roles. by MTL17in  Celebrities02/07/084.76HOT

Big Woman's Booty Cake

 — Male & female wrestlers bond in unusual ways. by Samuelxin  Fetish01/13/082.73

The Way It Should Have Been

 — Trish and Lita finally get together. by MTL17in  Celebrities12/28/074.71HOT

Weekend Warriors

 — Getting together for friendly wrestling and a little more. by Ken Nitsuain  Gay Male12/24/074.23

My Trish Stratus Locker Room Fantasy

 — What happens when fans sees Trish live. by wwekillerin  Celebrities12/19/073.83

Wrestling with Celebrity Ch. 01

 — Lucky mug gets a contract & meets Danielle Fishel. by crow76308in  Celebrities11/06/073.92

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