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19th century

The Fall of Eva Pryor Ch. 07

In which Benjamin, Eva and Fatima face their final challenge.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/02/2017

The Fall of Eva Pryor Ch. 06

In which dark visions & portents guide our Heroes to Fatima.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 10/26/2017

The Fall of Eva Pryor Ch. 05

In which Benjamin and Eva see the marvels of Constantinople.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 10/20/2017

The Fall of Eva Pryor Ch. 04

In which Benjamin and Eva are caught between opposing forces.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 10/12/2017

The Fall of Eva Pryor Ch. 03

In which Benjamin and Eva discuss the body politic.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 10/06/2017

The Fall of Eva Pryor Ch. 02

In which Benjamin and Ms Pryor begin a perilous voyage East.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 09/28/2017

The Fall of Eva Pryor Ch. 01

In which our Hero encounters a Mysterious Cyborg Scientist.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 09/21/2017

Yes, My Lord

A Regency Romance (Vignettes #1)

Romance 12/05/2016

Mirror Bound Pt. 02

Randy satyr discovers Victorian culture.

Novels and Novellas 07/31/2015

Damsel in Distress

He took reenacting a civil war soldier a little too far...

NonConsent/Reluctance 07/12/2015

The Box of Desires Ch. 01

In which the heir to the estate is welcomed home.

Erotic Couplings 12/11/2012

Scent of Ginger Ch. 10

In the aftermath, Hannah makes her final choices.

BDSM 05/31/2012

Scent of Ginger Ch. 09

Hannah is the subject of a perverse medical demonstration.

BDSM 05/28/2012

Scent of Ginger Ch. 08

The Doctor uses Hannah for his pleasure.

BDSM 05/23/2012

Scent of Ginger Ch. 07

Hannah feels the sensual humiliation of service in bondage.

BDSM 05/20/2012

Scent of Ginger Ch. 06

Hannah is taken to the forest and taught how to please a man.

BDSM 05/17/2012

Scent of Ginger Ch. 04

Hannah is subjected to the machinery of release & restraint.

BDSM 05/09/2012

Scent of Ginger Ch. 03

Hannah is caught and punished for exploring her own body.

BDSM 05/05/2012

Virgin Whore

A young woman falls from grace in 19th C. London.

BDSM 04/22/2012

Scent of Ginger Ch. 01

Taste of Iron: Hannah receives correction in a 19th C. medical institution.

BDSM 04/12/2012

Escape From the Harem

Thrilling tale of pirates, sultans, odalisques and harem.

Novels and Novellas 04/08/2012

Kate the Kid Ch. 15

The end of an adventure and the birth of an empire.

Romance 03/10/2011

A Touch of Nerves

Meg helps Christine relax in an unexpected way.

Lesbian Sex 01/05/2011

Victorian Gothic Ch. 01

Two women fall in love despite obstacles in 1855 London

Lesbian Sex 07/09/2007

The Secret Memoirs

Elizabeth's journey from schoolgirl to harem slave.

Group Sex 02/14/2006

19th Century Facial

Miss Watson wishes to be covered in the good Lt.'s semen

Erotic Couplings 02/16/2003
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