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Surprises aren't Always Planned Ch. 02

 — Follow on from surprises aren't always planned. by D6KTAin  Group Sex04/11/174.47

Married Couple's Fantasies Ch. 02

 — Now was time to fulfill Halie's fantasy. by DRobbie06in  Erotic Couplings04/08/173.96

Married Couple's Fantasies Ch. 01

 — Noah and Halie need some spice so they talk fantasies. by DRobbie06in  Loving Wives04/04/174.01

Redhead Jess and the Gym Shower Ch. 02

 — Another dickgirl joins in the fun. by DavidRothsin  Anal03/17/174.54HOT

Redhead Jess and the Gym Shower Ch. 01

 — A gorgeous redhead has a surprise. by DavidRothsin  Anal03/16/174.27

A Fond Farewell

 — A going away party gone wild by StackedActionin  Group Sex03/09/174.27

Ya Never Know When...

 — A recounting of a life experience, my first MFM 3some. by StackedActionin  Group Sex03/09/174.49

Surprises aren't Always Planned

 — An old friend, a new love. by D6KTAin  Lesbian Sex03/07/174.20

Playing with Ann

 — A fun time with my Ex-girlfriend. by xander37in  Group Sex02/02/173.93


 — Family explores their sexuality while shipwrecked. by Schakain  Incest/Taboo01/08/174.30

Scratch Ch. 01

 — An 18 yr old boy is introduced into the porn industry. by Ravenblackeroticain  Group Sex12/04/164.60HOT

Wanda's Pool Table

 — 3some fun on a pub's pool table. by sweetangelicin  Erotic Couplings10/31/164.14

Bro Code

 — Young man's insecurities nearly derail MMF 3some. by DoctorOhin  Group Sex10/09/164.61HOT

How I Became a Hotwife

 — My first 3some with my boyfriend and another guy. by Hotwife3183in  Loving Wives10/06/164.46

Mounted During Deer Season Ch. 02

 — Surprise group sex. by nostranger2luvin  How To10/06/163.69

Mounted During Deer Season Ch. 01

 — Surprise group sex. by nostranger2luvin  Group Sex10/04/163.74

Fucking My Mother

 — A family thrives in an incestuous relationship. by Schakain  Incest/Taboo08/21/164.35

The Nuns' Story

 — Cupid's arrow causes mischief for two nuns. by Schakain  Illustrated04/29/164.44

Barter System

 — Bartering For Services. by Redstonesin  BDSM02/29/163.46

A Letter to My Girlfriend

 — Confession of my fantasies to my girlfriend. by TinglyIntimacy69in  Incest/Taboo11/08/153.51

Sisterly Lust

 — Intersex woman coerced by her sister and sister's lover. by butterflybridgettein  Transsexuals & Crossdressers07/08/153.98

The Red Couch

 — Wife loses herself and has a blast. by Longp2000in  Loving Wives06/17/153.32

Oh Baby

 — A man's dream comes true. by theilluminaughtyin  Incest/Taboo05/12/153.95

Rite of Passage

 — A young boy comes of age in an incest filled week. by Schakain  Incest/Taboo04/24/154.62HOT

A Valentine's Day Threesome

 — Senior citizens cross the line. by Schakain  Group Sex02/09/154.58HOT

Girlfriend Turned Slutty

 — My wife turned slut by my desires. by batofnightin  First Time01/24/154.18

After Dark ...A Bizaar 3some

 — Having threesome with a faceless woman. by bluebull03in  Group Sex11/30/143.20

The Airplane Ride Home Ch. 06

 — John, Jamie and an anonymous fuck at the campgrounds. by Schakain  Incest/Taboo09/14/144.48

Wife's Date Ends With MFM

 — My wife goes to see her lover and ends up in a MFM by wherethewindin  Loving Wives05/05/144.16

Jason's Journey Pt. 2 Ch. 1-4

 — Jason realizes a fantasy. by Schakain  Incest/Taboo03/24/144.58HOT

Helping Out a Neighbor

 — Her failing marriage was sexless, but neighbors helped her by Bluepen451in  Group Sex01/22/144.36

Our Secret Ch. 05

 — A family sinks to depravity while shipwrecked. by Schakain  Incest/Taboo12/08/134.49

Suzie Unchained - A Cuckold Story

 — Unfaithful wife takes on two guys by farfromreality50in  Loving Wives12/08/133.96

How It Began - A Cuckold Story

 — Married couple's evolution of sex. by farfromreality50in  Fetish12/04/133.97

A First Threesome to Remember

 — An intimate couples includes a friend and great things happen. by Fuxtasyin  Group Sex11/27/134.05

Overtime Ch. 02

 — Viola and Patrick and Mila makes 3. by jeleanein  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/06/134.38

The Sleepwalker

 — Sleeping pills bring a mother and son closer together. by Schakain  Incest/Taboo07/01/134.41

On Lute and On Lyre

 — Colin and Owen offer a duet to a talented Paris musician. by golden smogin  Group Sex06/09/134.52HOT

My Mother in Law Ch. 02

 — We moved to greater levels of depravity. by Schakain  Incest/Taboo08/05/124.41

Adventures of Jo Ch. 04

 — Jo takes on a couple of Nigerian security guards. by adventuresofjoin  Interracial Love07/04/123.97

How I Got Sucked Into Threesome Sex

 — Childhood friend invited me to share his shy wife. by bluebull03in  Loving Wives02/05/123.60

Two Drinks For The Teachers

 — Shy males finds new love with two teachers. by lemarquis7in  Group Sex10/31/113.86

Wedding Reception Party Ch. 07

 — Kyle, Shay, and Cindy. by bi_blk_slutin  Group Sex09/02/114.35

Used While Drunk

 — My best friend's bf uses me while I am drunk. by cindy_4uin  NonConsent/Reluctance08/18/114.14

Catherine and Charles (and Nick!)

 — Catherine's threesome fantasy is finally fulfilled. by HighFlyin  Group Sex03/16/114.63HOT

It Ain't Necessarily So Ch. 02

 — You can't necessarily believe everything you hear. by Scorpio44ain  Mature11/04/104.57HOT

Mary and the Delivery Men

 — Mary goes black and isn't coming back! by sethpin  Interracial Love11/03/104.11


 — Two intruders forcibly take sleeping woman. by a butterflyin  NonConsent/Reluctance10/25/103.90

Birthday Hot Tub Party Ch. 02

 — Beth, Linda and Woody arrive at Sandy's. by alwaysupforu2004in  Lesbian Sex08/15/104.30

Birthday Hot Tub Party Ch. 01

 — Sandy throws Linda a HOT hot tub party. by alwaysupforu2004in  Group Sex08/15/104.12

2 Massive Gifts For Me

 — She wants to see him "well done". by libidinalin  Group Sex08/02/104.35

After Gym Class Ch. 04

 — Candy and Sara visit the lingerie store. by alwaysupforu2004in  Transsexuals & Crossdressers06/01/104.74HOT

Aisha's Sexual Vacation Ch. 01

 — Daughter is fucked by Father and Uncle. by aishagreyin  Incest/Taboo05/14/104.02

Tropical Obsession

 — A native and a tiki head leave a lasting impression. by MKEguyin  Loving Wives04/15/103.12

My First Threesome

 — 18 year old has her first threesome. by A_Good_Usernamein  Group Sex12/05/093.90

Surprise Father

 — Couple take friend into their bed & took away a lot more. by shywriterguyin  Group Sex11/13/094.18

Freddy Gets Two Cocks

 — Two tops - one bottom. by freddy2001in  Transsexuals & Crossdressers10/20/094.38

Expanded Horizons

 — He talks her into performing a sexy dance for a young friend. by CarlLaFongin  Group Sex09/16/094.42

One Hot Year Ch. 01

 — A young couple's sexual journey. by fuciferin  Group Sex07/26/092.64

Wild Rose #1

 — Straight MMF threesome. by discretion_is_a_mustin  Group Sex07/06/094.10

New Years Eve

 — My wife makes a surprising leap back into swinging. by mhavingfuninohin  Loving Wives07/01/093.66

Study Abroad Ch. 02

 — A trio of art students get to know each other better. by MaaddMaaxxin  Group Sex06/01/094.61HOT

Camping with Mrs. Lawrence

 — Teacher discovers that the boys are more than just friends. by dinernighthawkin  Group Sex10/14/084.51HOT

First Night

 — A couple welcomes you. by FunLuvr247in  Group Sex09/16/084.26

Sharing Is Caring

 — Your triad continues. by FunLuvr247in  Group Sex09/15/083.00

Finger Fucked

 — Wife was forcefully finger fucked by strangers. by wifwatin  Loving Wives06/29/083.88

MMF in the Chatroom

 — A quick threesome in the virtual world. by lowflykiwiin  Group Sex06/25/084.40

Dueling Massages Ch. 02

 — My friend and I give our wives dueling massages. by crashdvisin  Loving Wives05/15/084.48

Wife gets Picked Up in a Hotel Bar

 — He watches as wife gets "picked up" in a hotel bar. by DooMyWife2in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur04/25/084.50HOT

Forced One Or Three?

 — I follow you into a lingerie changing stall. by ahz1in  NonConsent/Reluctance09/06/073.89

The Hunger Ch. 08

 — Kim make plans for the future with Sharon and Jim. by CorsetLvrin  Group Sex07/01/074.79HOT

Fun with a Married Couple

 — A guy fulfills a need for more. by ryan5242548in  Group Sex02/08/074.00

Wild at Woodstock Ch. 03

 — Me and Janis Joplin. by Selena_Kittin  Chain Stories09/06/064.27

Mel (2) Together At Last

 — Now that he's sober, Mel tells her brother the truth. by Mikroin  Incest/Taboo08/28/064.50HOT

Wild at Woodstock Ch. 02

 — Jimi and the Twins. by RockerJustinin  Chain Stories07/20/063.06

Paparazzi Surprise!

 — Paparazzi gets naughty with Demi and Ashton. by dirtyjoe69in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction06/25/064.15

The Summer Get Hotter

 — Threesome with a couple heats up Indianapolis. by BoneyMoreOnyin  Group Sex06/22/064.61HOT

Doubled Up Wife

 — She gets her first dp. by dirtyjoe69in  Anal06/21/064.10

Chapter 01: The Journey

 — Not as good as the second one will be. by sexymani1iin  Group Sex04/17/062.90

Quiet Weekend Away Turns Naughty

 — Plans for quiet weekend alone are altered. by shooter44n45in  Loving Wives10/07/054.42

Me, My Girlfriend, and Sadie

 — His girl brought home a hot 42FFF cup chick, Sadie. by evil_in_the_fleshin  Group Sex10/06/054.09

And Three Makes Company

 — Husband and friend surprise sunbathing wife on her b-day. by LuciousBi-Writes4Uin  Group Sex10/03/054.05

Jenny Ch. 02

 — 6 men & 1 woman; will she have them all? by Mikroin  Group Sex09/05/054.45

Jenny Ch. 01

 — Can Jenny cope while locked in with Paula & 6 studs? by Mikroin  Group Sex09/04/054.49

Kim Ch. 08

 — Teased beyond control, they took her again & again. by Mikroin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur08/27/054.67HOT

Kim Ch. 07

 — It wasn't only the ceiling the decorators whitewashed. by Mikroin  Erotic Couplings08/07/054.42

My Threesome

 — She takes on two men at a pool hall. by Miss Janein  Group Sex07/19/053.62

Kim Ch. 04

 — Kim, Paula and Jay find each other. then gang bang. by Mikroin  Incest/Taboo07/05/054.41

Debbie Ch. 03

 — It's not just snooker balls she plays with. by Mikroin  Loving Wives06/10/054.21

Threeway with My Boss

 — After drinks, they go to her place. by sun_shynein  Group Sex05/24/053.83

When the Balls Drop; A New Years Tale Ch. 13

 — Threesome with a sexy Dancer. by LuciousBi-Writes4Uin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers05/10/054.58HOT

The First Day I Met Our Lover

 — She prepares lover to share with husband. by playfulljin  Loving Wives05/03/050.00

Whispers in the Dark Ch. 03

 — Couple adds a second male to the mix by LuciousBi-Writes4Uin  Chain Stories03/17/054.19

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