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Riding the Boss Again

 — The second time I met the boss dressed as Brianne. by Brian70in  Transsexuals & Crossdressers11/12/174.45NEW

Gloryhole First Timer Pt. 01

 — Matt's first experience at the gloryholes. by Urtoy2bein  Fetish06/25/174.61HOT

Video Store Submission

 — Submissive bi man is treated like the slut he is. by joesissyhusbandin  Gay Male06/19/173.49

My First Taste

 — Adventures at an adult bookstore. by MrE352in  Gay Male11/10/164.53HOT

My Eighteenth Birthday

 — Adult bookstore adventure. by charlessmythein  First Time10/14/163.91

The Sins of the Fathers Ch. 12

 — Should dad let teen daughter go to an adult bookstore alone? by Fatherlyneedin  Incest/Taboo08/26/164.49

Dark Angel Ch. 02: The Gift

 — Bookstore blowjob gets rough. by ReiverTooin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers08/23/164.25

Offender Ch. 02

 — My descent into semi-public gay sex continues! by publicjohnin  Gay Male07/29/164.35

Dark Angel Ch. 01: The Meeting

 — Bookstore blowjob plans go wrong. by ReiverTooin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers07/19/164.25

Accidental Incest

 — Or visit to the ABS turns into an accidental incest gangbang. by Scott_Heywoodin  Incest/Taboo06/15/163.86

The Bookstore

 — Fantasy leads to bookstore encounter. by aaronsandlerin  Fetish05/16/160.00


 — My real adventure into gay sex. by publicjohnin  Gay Male05/05/164.35

Friends in the Booth

 — Kirsten agrees to escort Melissa to an adult bookstore. by SecretHowlin  Group Sex03/21/164.64HOT

In the Booth

 — A young woman discovers an adult bookstore. by SecretHowlin  Group Sex01/24/164.42

The Theater Pt. 01

 — White CD sissy gets blacked for the first time. by Stephisissycdin  Group Sex12/29/154.17

Adventurous Outing

 — A sexually inexperienced girlfriend finds a glory hole. by Broadvuein  Group Sex12/02/154.51HOT

Daddy Caught by Daughter Pt. 03

 — Alicia is out of town but Niki is not. by Urtoy2bein  Incest/Taboo07/31/154.56HOT

Thoroughly Used Ch. 02

 — While trying to leave, he is used again. by CSKin  Gay Male06/04/154.35

Josh and I

 — A story of a shemale and his brother exploring. by fun4all6969in  Incest/Taboo01/08/153.97

Stuck in the Middle Ch. 02

 — They take his anal virginity. by CSKin  Gay Male10/20/144.68HOT

Adult Theater Adventure

 — Fondled while masturbating with strangers. by gushingirlin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur05/26/144.15

A Night of Firsts at the ABS

 — A young man's night of discovery. by DrMikeHuntin  Gay Male05/07/143.99

Thrown Out of the Adult Bookstore!

 — My wife and I get thrown out of an adult bookstore. by DooMyWife2in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur05/03/134.21

Wife and I Get a Roommate Ch. 08

 — Adding another roommate. by tonyl65in  Group Sex03/22/134.47


 — Tate works behind glass at the local adult bookstore. by salvatore31in  Erotic Couplings03/21/133.92

Story of Heather Ch. 01

 — How I became Heather throughout the years. by Skimpylilpantiesin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers01/15/134.24

Wife Fucks a Strange Man

 — My wife fucks an unknown man in an adult bookstore theater. by DooMyWife2in  Loving Wives01/04/134.49

Ashley's Confessions Ch. 02

 — Ashley goes back to the bookstore. by Marie89in  Fetish01/04/134.52HOT

Ashley's Confessions

 — A young woman discovers her slutty nature in a glory hole. by Marie89in  Fetish12/13/124.50HOT


 — Cullen meets a stranger at an adult bookstore. by rckplskyin  Gay Male12/02/123.63

Down The Path Ch. 02

 — My time at the XXX bookstore. by gbr2004in  Gay Male07/07/124.39

The Porn Store

 — We fuck in a small booth at a porn store. by Miragein  Text With Audio05/08/124.28

Thomas's Long Hard Night Ch. 01

 — He should have never gone to the bookstore in the first place. by wanderinjoekiddin  Gay Male03/23/124.02

The Bookstore

 — We'd met bumping into each other at an adult bookstore. by vinceh23in  Gay Male05/31/114.11

Bookstore Bound

 — Sub tgirl is bound & ring gagged, then left in a bookstore. by shawnavinyltvin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers03/31/104.55HOT

The Jack Off Sessions Ch. 02

 — Brent and James continue the fun. by dlakein  Erotic Couplings03/17/104.60HOT

First Time Glory Hole Fun!

 — Our first time playing at a Glory Hole. by DooMyWife2in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur01/14/104.41

My Initiation

 — How I lost my gay virginity. The hard way. by lockedupslutin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers09/09/094.62HOT

Book Store Stories No. 05

 — Daddy and Candy enjoy glory holes. by KawGuyin  Incest/Taboo07/04/094.45

Fantasies Fulfilled

 — More than reading goes on at the Adult Bookstore. by availableslave2uin  Group Sex07/03/094.40

Book Store Stories No. 03

 — Dad & daughter make their second trip to the adult store. by KawGuyin  Incest/Taboo06/12/094.49

Book Store Stories No. 02

 — The next day after being discovered at the book store. by KawGuyin  Incest/Taboo05/21/094.49

Experiencing a Heavenly Night

 — Couple expands horizons & finds bliss. by tungmaster1973in  Erotic Couplings05/05/094.18

Denise Ch. 03

 — Denise is taken to adult bookstore. by dannymikein  BDSM04/05/094.25

Bookstore Ch. 01

 — 18-year-old visits an Adult Bookstore for first time. by LikesOlderMen18in  Gay Male11/27/084.55HOT

My First BBC

 — New to cocksucking, he gets his first big black cock. by gholelovrin  Gay Male09/13/084.47

The Anonymous Gift

 — Anonymous gift to co-worker leads to fantastic blowjob. by bornin54in  Erotic Couplings08/13/084.40

Gloryhole For The First Time

 — He finds out that he likes giving head in a video booth. by prkrwse08in  Gay Male05/28/084.38

Rebecca's First Gloryhole Fun

 — Plain girl finds a place that she feels wanted. by prkrwse08in  Group Sex05/19/084.10

Forced First Suck, The Follow-Up

 — Another trip to the bookstore, another cock to suck. by gholelovrin  Gay Male04/22/084.44

My Wife And I At The Adult Theater

 — His wife has fun at the theater as he watches. by anita_hardinin  Loving Wives03/02/084.24

JFT Tales - Adult Store Ch. 02

 — The video booths await. by jenyesin  Group Sex02/16/084.22

Gloryhole Fun

 — Three sucks and two fucks. by james_ga_usin  Gay Male02/14/084.45

Becoming a MILF (Male I'd Like To Fuck)

 — What happens when a man visits an adult bookstore. by MrDeviantin  Gay Male11/22/073.65

Gloryhole Fun

 — One from each end. by little sebastianin  Gay Male10/15/074.44

The Contest

 — Tyler and Candace will do anything to win. by Teh_Zapperin  Erotic Couplings09/15/074.05

My Next Visit

 — Her next visit to the dirty video store. by Darcy84in  Group Sex08/31/074.57HOT

Vacation Planning

 — Going to the adult bookstore. by Joatsterin  BDSM08/31/074.46

Misty at the Porn Shop

 — Clothes shopping at an adult store gets interesting. by culen75in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur08/15/074.42

Soaked Gal

 — They both get their wish at adult store arcade. by Silentman45in  Erotic Couplings08/15/074.45

Silencing the Clerk

 — Sucking the clerk at the adult bookstore. by james_ga_usin  Gay Male08/08/074.32

Thursday Night Betty

 — Lonely spinster becomes the queen of the glory hole. by SmithCommaJohnin  Group Sex07/07/074.61HOT

The Porn Store

 — Couple uses private video booth for show of their own. by Santemuertein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur06/06/074.16

Bookstore Fantasy

 — Ben finally gets the nerve stop in. by bendmeovr69in  Gay Male05/12/074.17

Glory Hole Blues

 — A wild night at the bookstore. by mikey2muchin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur04/16/074.07

Jen and Stacy at the Bookstore Ch. 02

 — The wild fuckfest continues & gets even nastier. by dickdanger2005in  Group Sex10/29/064.34

Jen and Stacy at the Bookstore

 — Two sluts raise the stakes at an adult bookstore. by dickdanger2005in  Group Sex10/20/064.35

Night at the Adult Bookstore

 — A bi-male's excursion to the adult bookstore. by oldmangeorgein  Gay Male08/26/064.21

Jizz Mopper

 — Coed learns what goes on at porn shops. by StephanieSeymourin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur08/11/064.31

The Book Store

 — Sexual encounter in an adult bookstore. by standingstonesin  Gay Male06/10/064.30

Jane's Dare

 — Christian housewives have adventure in adult bookstore. by corpsbalin  Loving Wives05/17/064.26

Chance Encounter

 — Traveling salesman makes a pick-up at a porn store. by History Nutin  Erotic Couplings03/30/064.11

The Book Store

 — A submissive's experience in an adult book store. by ShaDowspetin  BDSM03/18/063.88

Sherry's Adventures as a Slut Ch. 04

 — Slutty housewife sucks & fucks in an adult theater. by BadBuzzardin  Loving Wives03/10/064.34

Randy Holiday Shopping

 — Gay men meet at ABS and get together by lostsoul1974in  Gay Male02/23/064.51HOT

Looking For Dwight

 — Married man finds fun at adult bookstore. by johnbegonein  Gay Male01/20/063.81


 — The epitome of a male-to-male experience. by Flicker58in  Gay Male01/14/064.00

Becoming a Slut Wife: Joanna

 — A trip to the adult bookstore. by Just Plain Bobin  Loving Wives11/13/054.23

A Surprise Roadtrip Stop

 — XXX detour turns spicy. by KCTallManin  Group Sex10/15/054.62HOT

Peepshow Pimps

 — An adult bookstore can be a good place to audition. by Cal Y. Pygiain  Gay Male06/02/053.62

Kinky Theater Fun Ch. 01

 — Man has fun in the adult bookstore. by fun4all6969in  Gay Male11/19/044.16

Veronica & The Bookstore

 — Mature woman surprises adult bookstore browser. by LuvsAShowin  Mature08/01/044.42

Kat & Stan Visit the Black Rose

 — Visit to on-premise swing club. by jazm49in  Group Sex06/13/043.19

Glory Hole Revisited

 — Young exec heads back to adult bookstore. by JRobin  Gay Male02/14/044.58HOT

A Bargain At Any Price Ch. 01

 — First-time prostitute gets more. by aquamarine77in  Group Sex12/21/033.90

A Taste of True Friendship

 — A frumpy young woman finds sexual fulfillment. by BennyBlankin  Erotic Couplings11/27/034.28

The Awakening of Jennifer Ch. 01

 — Jennifer's "awakening" began simply enough. by tm1863in  Romance10/19/034.11

Laura's Sexual Awakening Ch. 03

 — Mike takes her to "Velvet Touch". by MsErotica1950in  Group Sex08/13/034.40

Not So Boring Afternoon Ch. 03

 — Adventures with Ed get more intense. by agpatch2in  Gay Male06/19/034.22

Bookstore She-Male Whore

 — She-Male loves to fuck and suck at adult bookstore by Anal Slavein  Transsexuals & Crossdressers03/06/034.39

A Glory Hole Experience

 — His wife gets a snack. by Happy-to-be-Mein  Loving Wives02/13/034.39

First Male-to-Male Experience Ch. 2

 — College freshman adventures continue. by patricks29in  Gay Male09/27/024.43

Loving The Kinky Side Of Life

 — The day-to-day life of a kink-loving man. by Anal Slavein  Fetish05/30/024.35

Adult Bookstore Fun

 — Man is used by two men & a woman. by fun4all6969in  Fetish03/31/024.25

Be Careful What You Wish For

 — Bi-male gets wish at adult bookstore. by hotbimin  Gay Male02/14/024.06

Bookstore Flashing

 — Couple shares their flashing adventures. by deadhdin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur01/28/024.43

Glory Hole Mother

 — Son finds luvin from mom at the adult bookstore by VirtualFantasyin  Incest/Taboo12/18/014.39

Joy Goes to the Adult Bookstore

 — She has fun at shopping and showing. by JOYSHUSBANDin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur08/02/014.02

Adventures of the J.A.P. Episode 2 Ch. 1

 — She arranges a reunion with the Master. by Femk9frndin  BDSM06/17/014.37

Glory Hole

 — Straight-laced man's eyes are opened at bachelor party. by JRobin  Gay Male04/06/014.26

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