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Ménage à Trois

 — Young escort meets classy older couple ready to explore. by MissMiaMondayin  Lesbian Sex10/20/174.12NEW

Competition at the Workplace

 — Her boss is playing with a new toy and she isn't happy. by LilaMinain  Mature10/13/173.26

Richter Ch. 02

 — What we aren't. What we are. by Tenouin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/20/174.69HOT

Stowaway Monsters Ch. 02

 — The girls continue their secret and do a little growing up. by Mars_Inamoratain  Lesbian Sex09/18/174.78HOT

The Guilded Lily Ch. 22: Older

 — Mandy thinks she's getting old. And who is Tony Blake? by IslandCovein  Novels and Novellas09/14/174.62HOT

The Guilded Lily Ch. 21: Recovery

 — And after all that, some peace! by IslandCovein  Novels and Novellas09/05/174.71HOT


 — A niece spends some quality time with her uncle. by theduchessviiiin  Incest/Taboo08/19/173.88

Stowaway Monsters Ch. 01

 — Coming home ensnares Esther in a risky love she can't resist. by Mars_Inamoratain  Lesbian Sex08/10/174.63HOT

The Way of Proper Submission

 — His student is a challenge to teach - in more than one way. by LilaMinain  Mature07/29/174.39

Exotic and Forbidden

 — It's dangerous and illicit, but too tempting to resist. by LilaMinain  Mature07/25/174.40

Taking Maryam Ch. 03

 — She shouldn't have made me wait so long. by MisterGoneFLin  First Time07/20/174.08

Girls, Interrupted

 — Lana's lesbian threesome is interrupted by her Master. by LilaMinain  Group Sex06/29/174.50HOT

Dubious Desire Ch. 02

 — Damon visits Keegan's family for Christmas. by thatkiwiguyin  Gay Male06/21/174.54HOT

Operation ImpregNation Ch. 02

 — Daddy wants more, and more, and more. by naughtyconfessionin  Mind Control05/23/174.16

Operation ImpregNation Ch. 01

 — What (or who) Daddy wants, Daddy gets. by naughtyconfessionin  Mind Control05/22/174.22

The Guilded Lily Ch. 01: Lost Girl

 — Homeless girl learns to trust. by IslandCovein  Novels and Novellas05/04/174.69HOT

Dubious Desire

 — A young guy gets even with his father's womanizing best mate. by thatkiwiguyin  Gay Male04/12/174.69HOT

Meeting Frank

 — Alexandra takes her boyfriend to meet her parents. by clandestanin  Gay Male03/15/174.07

A Pervert Young Woman

 — Fucking a boring young girl purely for pleasure. by jossrandallin  Erotic Couplings10/18/162.88

Incest Aunt And Niece Pt. 03

 — Anna had never known her aunt was so tempting. by Rubyroticain  Incest/Taboo08/09/163.54

Incest Aunt And Niece Pt. 02

 — Anna had never known her aunt was so tempting. by Rubyroticain  Incest/Taboo08/03/163.97

La Etoile

 — Kelly begins her new life as a sugar baby, to another woman. by c00ki3in  Lesbian Sex07/26/164.35

Ella's Lessons

 — Ella is a very good student. by Alice_in_Pervlandin  Erotic Couplings07/13/164.35


 — A female Episcopal priest discovers lesbian sex. by Collar_Mein  Lesbian Sex06/09/164.63HOT


 — High rollers, card counting, and one hell of a spanking. by bjnightengale69in  Fetish11/21/154.04

The Girl In Flat 89

 — Lynda discovers she has a new neighbour. by MELD9003in  Lesbian Sex11/10/154.47

Beyond Our Control Ch. 01

 — A failed date is the start of something new. by MELD9003in  Lesbian Sex06/05/154.46

Free Golf Lessons

 — I get free lessons, and then more. by LikeItHardAndRoughin  Mature01/10/144.27

Young Finds Desire For Old

 — A story of a 21 year old who finds love with a 71 year old. by Taylor79in  Lesbian Sex09/30/134.16

The House Guest

 — A demanding lady visitor complicates the life of a maid. by Llacheuin  BDSM01/12/133.94

Waiting for Aphrodite

 — Rick realizes that love is closer than he thought. by LingerieRobotin  First Time06/14/124.55HOT


 — I got my chance at the hottest girl in Southern California. by Build_it_writein  Erotic Couplings05/03/124.30

The Adventures of Little Debbie Ch. 05

 — Debbie becomes a model. by hornyjohndoein  Erotic Couplings05/02/124.27

A Punk Rock Girl & Distressed Priest

 — Free-spirited Jesse comes on strong to good Father. by Jerkface_in  Erotic Couplings02/29/123.96

Drama Among Drama

 — He expects to just be a helping hand, he gets much more. by Tinman451in  Erotic Couplings01/31/123.85

Led Astray By An Angel

 — Two straight female friends fall for each other. by kinkybiitchxin  Lesbian Sex05/31/114.23

Dionysia's Dirty Deal

 — Psychology teacher and her pretty student reach an agreement. by kinkybiitchxin  Lesbian Sex04/30/114.22

Love & The Internet

 — Annie and Conner meet. by ACFallonin  Romance02/08/114.44

Clean This Ch. 01-05

 — A beginning of Romance between a Maid and her boss. by coolguy010in  Interracial Love08/02/104.26


 — What is unspoken... by WFEATHERin  Non-Erotic05/21/084.36

Erotic Writing Process

 — How Shale came to write 'Harrad Redux'. by Shalein  How To11/25/063.77

Jenna's Re-Awakening

 — Her fantasy starts to take over. by Zorro69in  BDSM05/31/054.50HOT

Meeting Claire

 — Having only had his wife, what would another feel like? by Zorro69in  Erotic Couplings05/31/054.19

Afternoons with Mrs. K Ch. 02

 — The affair gets hotter. by Jay_Lloydin  Mature10/10/044.60HOT

Stacy Ch. 05

 — A Truth or Dare pool party. by MindFiendin  Incest/Taboo07/06/044.78HOT

She Makes Hungry Where She Most Satisfies

 — Jason finds his satisfaction in age. by Starlightin  Mature09/01/024.41

Conscience Doth Make Cowards of Us

 — She is ruled by conscience, but he finds a way. by Starlightin  Incest/Taboo08/13/024.47

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