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Escape from Hell

 — A soldier and a war worker escape together. by Bray123in  Romance03/07/164.59HOT

My Name is Sue Ch. 02

 — Jim finally makes it out of the hospital. by sueampin  Fetish03/04/164.23

My Name is Sue

 — Life as an amputee. by sueampin  Fetish12/22/154.61HOT

June Ch. 05

 — Several first times happen. by rmlookerin  First Time05/20/154.50HOT

June Ch. 04

 — A new amputee is added to the group. by rmlookerin  First Time05/02/154.31

Fay Ch. 03

 — A new patient comes along. by rmlookerin  First Time04/08/154.25

Fay Ch. 02

 — Two first times. by rmlookerin  First Time02/24/154.60HOT

June Ch. 03

 — A birthday screw says thanks. by rmlookerin  Erotic Couplings02/03/154.13


 — A devotee comes to the rescue. by rmlookerin  Fetish01/08/154.29

Kip and Salina Ch. 04

 — Cricket helps Trisha for her first time. by rmlookerin  First Time01/03/154.67

Two Disabled Workers Ch. 02

 — Ginger finally has her first time. by rmlookerin  First Time12/14/144.62HOT

Nora & Norm

 — First wedding anniversary celebration. by rmlookerin  Erotic Couplings11/15/144.48

Fay Ch. 01

 — Physical Therapist and her patients. by rmlookerin  Fetish10/27/144.49

Nan & Staf

 — Lunch together leads to more. by rmlookerin  Fetish10/15/144.25

Kip and Salina Ch. 03

 — Cricket joins them. by rmlookerin  Fetish10/14/144.90HOT


 — Amputee and deaf devotee find sex. by rmlookerin  First Time10/07/144.30

Kip and Salina Ch. 02

 — Kip remembers back to their early years together. by rmlookerin  Fetish10/01/144.78

Beverly Ch. 03

 — A new job and home await. by rmlookerin  Fetish09/03/144.80HOT

Lu & Cindy

 — Sexy lovers spend the evening. by rmlookerin  Fetish08/29/144.57HOT

Kip and Salina Ch. 01

 — Devotees meet. by rmlookerin  Fetish08/26/144.50HOT

Beverly Ch. 02

 — Even with her wings clipped she can function. by rmlookerin  Fetish08/22/144.83HOT

Gill Ch. 03

 — Wounded GI gets "care" from unexpected places. by rmlookerin  Fetish08/14/144.71HOT

Beverly Ch. 01

 — Female army pilot gets clipped. by rmlookerin  Fetish08/10/144.68HOT

Gill Ch. 02

 — Wounded GI gets care and some place to live. by rmlookerin  Fetish07/29/144.79HOT

Gill Ch. 01

 — Wounded GI gets care. by rmlookerin  Fetish07/17/144.67HOT

June Ch. 02

 — June's surgery finally happens. by rmlookerin  Fetish07/03/144.32


 — Paraplegic's story. by rmlookerin  Fetish05/26/144.64HOT

My First Blind Date Ch. 05

 — Sue and I spend the night with Ann. by rmlookerin  Fetish05/18/144.46

Kim Ch. 02

 — Kim meets a man on the disabled dating site. by rmlookerin  Fetish05/10/144.48

Third Time Is a Charm

 — Disabled man & his mother reunite a third time years later. by BMYJCin  Incest/Taboo04/29/144.45

Ben & Dona

 — Two disabled people meet and share life. by rmlookerin  Fetish04/22/144.60HOT

Jan's Night at Home

 — Jan and Tina get together and talk about Mike. by rmlookerin  Fetish04/09/144.50HOT

Mora's Vacation Ch. 03

 — Mora and the nurses get together. by rmlookerin  Fetish04/08/144.79HOT

My First Blind Date Ch. 04

 — Success on all fronts. by rmlookerin  Fetish04/01/144.90HOT

Jan's Weekend

 — Disabled dating ad gets two people together. by rmlookerin  Fetish03/30/144.38

He Hooks a Good One! Ch. 04

 — Sara spends the night. by rmlookerin  Fetish03/29/144.86HOT

Mora's Vacation Ch. 02

 — Mora gets out of the hospital and starts a new life by rmlookerin  Fetish03/19/144.79HOT

It's Not What You Think

 — He's a wounded Vet. She is... well who knows? by harrycartonin  Loving Wives03/16/144.24

My First Blind Date Ch. 03

 — The big day finally arrives. by rmlookerin  Fetish03/08/144.54HOT

He Hooks a Good One! Ch. 03

 — Rob now has both arms. by rmlookerin  Fetish03/04/144.93HOT

Mora's Vacation Ch. 01

 — Mora ends up without a leg to stand on. by rmlookerin  Fetish03/02/144.67HOT

My First Blind Date Ch. 02

 — Much progress is made towards the big day. by rmlookerin  Fetish02/21/144.83HOT

He Hooks a Good One! Ch. 02

 — Patient and therapist finally hook up. by rmlookerin  Fetish02/09/144.88HOT

He Hooks a Good One!

 — Patient and therapist hook up together. by rmlookerin  Fetish01/09/144.24

Two Disabled Workers

 — A disabled couple that work and play together. by rmlookerin  Fetish11/03/134.47

TGIF Pt. 01

 — Lesbian, amputee story. by Jen10in  Lesbian Sex10/11/134.31

Damaged Goods Ch. 00

 — The unlikely romance of two people damaged in different ways by julie95in  Romance08/14/134.32

Star Wars: Battle Scars Ch. 02

 — Jedi Ta'tan'ia doesn't have any battle scars . . . yet. by HandcuffGirlin  Celebrities09/25/123.95

A View to Die For

 — An amputee and his neighbour get it together. by Cromagnonmanin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur08/04/124.63HOT

The Sponge

 — Home-visit sponge bath man helps a woman missing a leg. by Sylvester_Ladywaterin  Fetish06/05/124.18

Linda and Me

 — The mind is a wonderful thing. It works in many ways. by blue_zephyr187in  Incest/Taboo03/26/124.63HOT

The Missing Flesh

 — Cyborg girl finds love. by Spacefenderin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/15/124.48

Battle Scars Ch. 05

 — Gabby's homecoming. by owengreybeardin  Romance11/14/114.85HOT

Battle Scars Ch. 04

 — The continuing adventures of Pooh and Piglet. by owengreybeardin  Fetish10/26/114.86HOTContest Winner

Anita Ch. 02

 — Two well kept secrets. by rrspence2002in  Fetish09/26/114.24

Anita Ch. 01

 — Fantasy for one is fun for another. by rrspence2002in  Fetish09/25/114.28

The Lady Privateer

 — A devotee notices a realistic pegleg at a costume party. by rrspence2002in  Fetish09/08/114.48

Decisions Ch. 01

 — Weary Stonecarver finds his Venus. by owengreybeardin  Fetish06/06/114.77HOT

Hotel: Another Woman

 — Her gift to him, a threesome with a woman with one leg. by PeggyBuxtonin  Fetish05/30/114.43

Device: Gina

 — Gina finds love without legs thanks to the device. by PeggyBuxtonin  Fetish04/29/114.66HOT

Guest House

 — Jeff loves stockings, high heels, and missing legs. by PeggyBuxtonin  Fetish03/30/114.68HOT

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

 — Unable to have her amputation, Eva stares into the abyss. by PeggyBuxtonin  Fetish02/26/114.49

My Teacher

 — How a student falls in love with his beautiful teacher. by iwantfun4mein  First Time02/15/113.47

The Fantasies X - Pirate Whore

 — She never expected pirates to be like this. by PsychMikein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/07/114.40


 — A punk look accents the missing arm. Her sister is hot too. by PeggyBuxtonin  Fetish01/30/114.49

Coincidental Encounter

 — Two lonely people, three legs, instant chemistry, passion. by rrspence2002in  Fetish01/05/114.38

Device: Older Women

 — Love of older women with one leg takes Devon to a new place. by PeggyBuxtonin  Fetish12/30/104.14

C.L.A.M.P. Ch. 02

 — The travels of Betsy. by owengreybeardin  Fetish12/03/104.60HOT

Cheap Whiskey

 — She picks up men missing a leg in hopes of being that way. by PeggyBuxtonin  Fetish11/27/104.56HOT

C.L.A.M.P. Ch. 01

 — Cerebral Long-Term Active Muscular Paralyzer. by owengreybeardin  Fetish11/22/104.46

The Road Trip

 — It's not the first time a Harley made a marriage. by owengreybeardin  Romance10/31/104.70HOT

Photo Album

 — A married woman without arms, introduces him to friend. by PeggyBuxtonin  Fetish10/27/104.65HOT

Elf Ears

 — Christmas comes early for two deserving souls. by owengreybeardin  Romance10/08/104.67HOT

Silence is Golden

 — Former Seal finds a reason to go on. by owengreybeardin  Fetish10/04/104.70HOT

Examinations Pt. 03

 — The examination begins to deepen. by owengreybeardin  Fetish10/01/104.37

Examinations Pt. 02

 — Further examinations of a more personal type. by owengreybeardin  Fetish09/30/104.57HOT

Exit 325

 — A broken truck at Exit 325, a hook for a hand, and a limp. by PeggyBuxtonin  Fetish09/28/104.75HOT

Examinations Pt. 01

 — A surgeon chooses to help a woman in crisis. by owengreybeardin  Fetish09/20/104.62HOT

Finding A Dream

 — Wife's pictures help him learn of her need to amputate leg. by PeggyBuxtonin  Fetish08/30/104.53HOT

Magic Potion: Roseville

 — Potion capital of the world, people lose limbs, find love. by PeggyBuxtonin  Fetish07/28/104.71HOT

The Cover Is Not the Story Ch. 02

 — Not everyone sees things as they are. by Scorpio44ain  Novels and Novellas07/04/104.77HOT

Magic Potion: Lana

 — Lana pretends to have one leg and meets Mike. by PeggyBuxtonin  Fetish05/26/104.47

Magic Potion: Grace

 — A mystery woman missing a leg tells Grace about the potion. by PeggyBuxtonin  Fetish04/29/104.81HOT

Math Class

 — She's missing a leg and helps him find love elsewhere. by PeggyBuxtonin  Fetish03/30/104.56HOT

Magic Potion

 — A Voodoo Queen gives Gina new sexuality and a missing limb. by PeggyBuxtonin  Fetish02/26/104.78HOT


 — Legless, Yae has several lovers then finds an old friend. by PeggyBuxtonin  Fetish02/04/104.43


 — Without limbs, she rests in a cold hand, others watching. by PeggyBuxtonin  Fetish01/28/104.27


 — Nancy is released from the hospital to a one-legged life. by rrspence2002in  Fetish01/27/104.38

Getting to Amp Ch. 02

 — Her final hours before the amputation are spent pretending. by rrspence2002in  Fetish01/26/104.55HOT

Hotel: Renovation

 — Jake searches the streets and finds two amputee women. by PeggyBuxtonin  Fetish01/04/104.83HOT

Ski Lodge

 — A blizzard gives Matt a chance to meet a woman with one leg. by PeggyBuxtonin  Fetish12/26/094.77HOT

Room for Rent

 — Erika finds a new life with Tara who's without legs. by PeggyBuxtonin  Fetish12/22/094.74HOT


 — Laurel finds happiness with Juliet who's missing a leg. by PeggyBuxtonin  Fetish12/17/094.55HOT

Lake: Jeff

 — Two guys meet again - one rich and missing a leg. by PeggyBuxtonin  Fetish11/20/094.08

Lake: Leah

 — His mother is different - bigger breasts and a missing leg. by PeggyBuxtonin  Fetish11/20/094.38

Lake: Isabel

 — She's missing both legs and Dave won't leave her this time. by PeggyBuxtonin  Fetish11/20/094.31

Hotel: Front Desk

 — He sees the hook. She checks into the hotel and his heart. by PeggyBuxtonin  Fetish11/02/094.44

Hotel: Windows

 — Without limbs, she accidentally enters his room, his life. by PeggyBuxtonin  Fetish10/31/094.53HOT

Hotel: Lifeguard

 — Skimpy bikini on her legless body. He could have had anyone. by PeggyBuxtonin  Fetish10/21/094.48

Hotel: Sandwich

 — Two men, two women, six legs, all in a pile. by PeggyBuxtonin  Fetish10/21/093.96

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