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Two Wrongs

 — She knows he's cheating so decides two wrongs make a right. by opelsin  Anal03/29/174.10

Drunk Samantha

 — Drunk Samantha is way naughtier than sober Samantha. by Goldeniangelin  Anal03/01/174.67HOT

Never Say Never Pt. 04

 — Wife exploring new ways to enjoy anal. by SunChrisin  Anal09/10/164.57HOT

Gina's Ski Holiday

 — Sexy wife gets her pussy and ass pounded on vacation. by kitalogosin  Text With Audio05/20/144.23

Whatcha Doing?

 — Husband and wife enjoy their life. by UncleMarkin  Anal12/17/134.56HOT

Anniversary Present

 — A loving wife gives her husband her anal virginity. by phantasy19in  Anal06/14/134.33

I Came Screaming Last Night

 — Husband fucks wife in every hole. by brklyn_rompin  Anal02/22/134.23

The Affair Episode 07

 — Sherry make sure Brad's birthday is ass-tastic. by tk5555in  Loving Wives02/15/134.41

Friday's Pleasures

 — A horny husband got more than he thought he would. by FUNFORUS2in  Anal12/06/124.08

Ali Does Anal

 — My wife lets me in the back door. by onlyinmydreamsin  Anal08/22/124.44

Jill Ch. 09

 — Jill's husband comes home - several times. by lckscknfck7in  Anal04/16/123.86

Multiple Anal O's

 — Listen in as wife is anally pounded. by larson67in  Text With Audio10/27/113.71

Hot & Sticky

 — An intrepid first journey through the back door. by ChatNoir36in  Anal08/03/114.35

How My Wife Was Tricked To Fuck Ch. 04

 — My wifes lust goes beyond my control to a orgy. by varunin  Loving Wives05/16/113.86

The Dream

 — Wife's ass gets trained. by Tdiskin  Anal05/03/114.10


 — Wife finally fulfills his anal fantasy. by iwytfmain  Anal03/01/114.26

Dear Diary #01

 — Husband enticed into his wife's hot wet ass. by ceb35in  Anal11/13/103.74

Let's Begin

 — You had understood now that your ass was being readied. by skorp75064in  Anal10/26/102.76

Watching my Wife Fuck my Friend

 — A hot wife takes it in every hole from hubby's best friend. by MickNeighborin  Loving Wives10/18/104.28

My Mouth or My Ass, You Choose

 — Hot wife gives husband a choice. by larson67in  Text With Audio05/11/103.83

Make Me Believe

 — Misbehaving wife must beg for her deepest desires... by northcountrylassin  Anal03/27/104.28

Wife Submits to a Stranger

 — And gets more than she bargained for. by Hell_spawnin  Loving Wives03/14/104.19

A Wife's Night Out

 — A husband shows his wife off and it turns into a gangbang. by ALandRFin  Group Sex01/22/104.09

Andrea Gets a Triple

 — Andrea with her husband and two friends. by jasexy28in  Group Sex11/21/094.14

Never Had I Ever...

 — My husband gives me my first anal experience. by dreamyerin  Anal09/19/093.92

Couple's Fantasy Goes Wrong

 — Playful non-consent sex turns into real non-consent sex. by Mick1963in  NonConsent/Reluctance08/07/093.55

Sunshine's Transformation

 — Sexy wife tries on the role of porn star. by masterfeedlarryin  Anal07/31/094.11

Love is Blind (Folded!)

 — Wife takes him on bondage adventure. by Bad2Bonein  Anal07/15/094.15

Connections by Six Degrees Ch. 01.2

 — Lucky bastard. by karma_riderin  Anal04/24/093.83

The Wrestler Helps a Hungry Wife

 — Pro wrestler, a cuckold sissy, & a wife who discovers lust. by MiamiCubanin  Loving Wives03/14/094.07

Mary Pulls a Train

 — Wife tires of husband and takes on three men. by Bakebossin  Group Sex03/14/093.56

Treating Myself

 — Sexually bored wife discovers her bottom. by Kevstain  Anal03/08/093.77

Business Trip Transformation

 — Husband and wife see marriage crumbling around them. by curious2cin  Loving Wives03/06/093.41

Becoming Aphrodite Ch 01

 — How my wife discovered her inner slut. by vanessa_brownin  Loving Wives03/05/093.89

Hannah's First Anal

 — One couple's first anal experience. by Stringer321in  Anal03/05/093.86

April in October

 — Navy wife has affair while husband is away by subdude607in  Loving Wives03/02/093.61

A Big Birthday Treat

 — Wife finds an especially 'big' birthday gift for her husband. by libidinalin  Loving Wives02/25/094.44

Wife's Sex Act Photos

 — Wife's friend Jill sends pictures. by formazein  Loving Wives01/16/094.01

Anal at Last

 — An accountant and his wife enjoy hot anal sex. by Aussie_Tonin  Anal01/10/094.38

Back Door MILF

 — Two mature women get anal from the pool man. by Bakebossin  Anal01/10/094.21

Good Dream

 — Dream about anal experience with my wife. by analisthenewblackin  Anal01/05/093.93

Anal Exploration

 — Married couple spice up intimacy. by moltenicein  Anal11/29/083.44

Charles and Diana Ch. 10

 — She performs emotionally and gives him her virgin ass. by surober1in  Loving Wives11/28/083.94

Innocence Watches

 — Married couple rekindles the flame while the maid watches. by Christian Blackin  Loving Wives08/12/084.37

Revenge is Sweet

 — Jilted husband finds turnabout is fair play. by CGDavidin  Loving Wives08/10/084.11

Hot, Wet Wife Gets It All

 — You don't need to go to Brazil to have Brazilian sex! by TheLovelyLickerish1in  Loving Wives08/09/084.16

First Anniversary

 — Wife gives husband a gift. by ColoradoKingin  Anal07/18/083.91

What the Hell Happened?

 — Young wife gets revenge - and lots of pleasure by Willing2Doin  Loving Wives07/18/083.32

The Backdoor Salon

 — A woman finds a hidden pleasure. by Jezebel_in_Hellin  Anal06/27/084.56HOT

Karli's Birthday

 — My pregnant wife fulfils her group fantasy. by Aussie_Tonin  Loving Wives06/20/084.06

Casualty of Chance Ch. 03

 — The men give Kelli a surprise grooming. by Stardog Championin  Interracial Love05/26/084.40

Jody and Her Dildo

 — Jody tries a "dick" in her ass by slowbellin  Anal04/26/084.26

Truck Stop Fuckin'

 — Threesome with his wife and a trucker. by BeyondPleasurein  Group Sex04/03/083.86

Anal Adventure

 — Horny wife takes it in every hole. by madeumoan69in  Erotic Couplings03/28/084.26

Teaching My Wife's Ass

 — Husband takes wife's ass in preparation for three-way. by Tavlorin  Anal03/22/083.93

Snowed In Ch. 06

 — The men double team her from each side. by Goldeniangelin  Loving Wives03/17/084.48

Our First Threeway

 — Wife's first experience getting fucked by two guys. by Tavlorin  Loving Wives02/24/084.17

Round Robin

 — Unfulfilled married woman has sexual fantasies realized. by ampmin  Loving Wives02/19/083.84

My Three Hole Anniversary

 — Husband enjoys every orifice. by Coldguy69in  Erotic Couplings02/08/084.34

Her Ultimate Fantasy

 — Teresa gets two men at once. by hot_kinky_chicin  Loving Wives01/19/083.96

Sandra Turns Over

 — BBW wife Sandra lets him explore a new frontier. by JorisKHuysmansin  Anal12/15/074.02

Sunshine's Needs

 — Husband and wife share a love for her ass. by masterfeedlarryin  Anal10/13/074.30

My Hot Wife Katie Ch. 02

 — Katie's anal experience. by Freddyj881in  Loving Wives10/01/074.55HOT

Fantasies Inc. Pt. 03

 — A loving wife returns to make another fantasy come true. by novacouple4uin  Loving Wives08/30/074.26


 — Anal drive causes one to look elsewhere. by topwisein  Anal08/23/074.50HOT

My Sex-Addicted Wife Ch. 02

 — Emma's new boobs arrive. by MathProf75in  Loving Wives08/01/074.27

In the Cool Night Breeze

 — Married couple rekindle the spark by exploring new territory. by ElizaBin  Anal07/09/074.29

My Date Night with Her Asshole

 — He enjoys a special night rimming & fucking his wife. by dewdoerin  Anal06/22/073.74

Hot Wife: Mexican Vacation Ch. 01

 — They extend their boundaries on Mexican Vacation. by hotorangecouplein  Group Sex06/04/074.55HOT

Dave's Training Program Step 01

 — Anal initiation and exploration. by vcfruitflyin  Anal05/18/074.25

Annie's New Lover

 — A couple's first time wife sharing. by mjar65in  Loving Wives05/12/074.20

An Awakening

 — New book leads to exploration. by Wish4mein  Anal05/09/074.50HOT

Anal Massage for His Wife

 — Long time barriers are broken when his wife submits. by nativediverin  Anal05/04/074.15

Dark Desires Ch. 04

 — Amy spends the night with Daniel alone. by wantwhitewomenin  Loving Wives03/19/074.12

Favorite Toy

 — Webcam fun with hubby and wife. by rayvynin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur03/19/074.38

Lorna's Pleasuring

 — Frustrated wife gets herself pampered. by Otazelin  Anal03/09/074.65HOT

Discussion with a Wife of a Cuck Ch. 04

 — Alice tells how she moves deeper into cuckolding. by wantyouin  Loving Wives02/18/073.83

A Christmas Treat

 — Wife gives husband just want he wants for Christmas. by vitessein  Anal12/09/064.01

Mid-Week Anal Sex

 — Wife takes cock deep in hot butt fucking. by quietcantorin  Anal12/01/063.98

My Anal Wife

 — How couple got started in anal sex. by luvmywifesassin  Anal11/23/064.39

Is it a Wishful Dream?

 — What got wife dreaming about sex with her ex? by Winterfrogin  Loving Wives11/17/063.76

A Night with Tom

 — Married sex doesn't have to be boring. by chronicblissin  Anal11/07/064.07

Enema Discipline

 — Anal wife holds an enima for husband. by amypussyin  Fetish10/18/063.62

Stopping to See Eve

 — Just dropping off the child support check. by Just Plain Bobin  Loving Wives09/22/064.09

Another UPS Special Delivery

 — Wife craves a "special anal delivery". by dennyboy2in  Interracial Love08/24/064.12

A Wife and Her Lovers Ch. 02

 — What happens in Vegas... by christiannein  Loving Wives08/12/064.03

Marriage Needs Give and Take

 — He shouldn't try to give what he couldn't take. by Otazelin  Anal05/27/064.55HOT

In The Kitchen

 — Couple tries anal sex for the first time. by emotionalthingin  Anal05/08/064.08

Filling the Gap

 — Co-worker takes over where hubby won't go. by blazerbrian1in  Loving Wives03/15/064.25

An Interesting Awakening

 — Lonely young wife finds she might like it rough. by Zerlinain  BDSM03/15/064.43

Physical Therapy: Back for More

 — She wants more of what she had the night before. by Silvertuchin  Loving Wives03/03/064.30

A Nice Vacation

 — Wife meets other men while couple is on vacation. by ldawsonin  Loving Wives02/08/063.93

Birthday Gift

 — A wife gives the best presents. by sterling1111in  Loving Wives01/13/064.21

Not Gay, Butt... Ch. 02

 — Couple's sex life is reawakened. by Sacanazin  Anal01/04/064.59HOT

Hotel Surprise

 — You are surprised by your husband at a Hotel rendezvous. by ZoneMasterin  Loving Wives10/18/053.85

Fucking Other Mens Wives

 — From the fucker's point of view. by Nasty Karlin  Loving Wives07/27/033.80

John & Sue Ch. 2

 — John's boss fills him in on what he knows. by curious2cin  Interracial Love07/20/024.20

John & Sue Ch. 1

 — Faithful husband finds out about wife's other life. by curious2cin  Interracial Love07/18/024.28

Anal at Last!

 — She gives her husband a wild birthday present. by SteamyChikin  Anal07/27/014.52HOTContest Winner

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