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The Crusader

Pillage, Plunder and Rape.

NonConsent/Reluctance 11/23/2017

Button Down the Hatches

A surprise email delivers me right back to hairy heaven.

Gay Male 11/06/2017

One Button at a Time

A short afternoon walk turns into a hairy fantasy come true.

Gay Male 10/17/2017

A Night Out with Monica - The Morning After

Joh discovers what exactly Semra got up to... and more.

Fetish 09/13/2017

A Night Out with Monica

Monica entices Semra to push the boundaries of her marriage.

Loving Wives 08/23/2017

Blown Glass Pt. 01

A college farmhand works hard to please his foreign employer.

Gay Male 08/08/2017

Kasper's Den Ch. 09

Amir's past comes back to bite Kasper, well kiss...

Gay Male 07/28/2017

Tunisian Dreams Ch. 06 (The End)

A schoolteacher falls for a foreign professor from Tunisia.

Romance 07/27/2017

Kasper's Den Ch. 08

Amir steps up to defend his boy.

Gay Male 06/27/2017

Kasper's Den Ch. 07

Kasper's first time in the driver's seat.

Gay Male 06/13/2017

SX69 - Ultimate Love Potion Ch. 22

Adding an incredibly beautiful Arab virgin into my harem.

Mind Control 06/02/2017

Jono's Journey Home Ch. 13

An Arab orphan returns home. (Convalesce, Christmas & Crash)

Gay Male 05/31/2017

Kasper's Den Ch. 06

"I can't go home... Why can't I go home?"

Gay Male 05/26/2017

Jono's Journey Home Ch. 12

An Arab orphan returns home... (Rest, Rehab, and Recovery)

Gay Male 05/22/2017

Kasper's Den Ch. 05

Kasper the orphan.

Gay Male 05/19/2017

Shower Surprise

Stunning wife surprises her man in the shower.

Erotic Couplings 05/18/2017

Kasper's Den Ch. 04

Saying goodbye to the good and the bad.

Gay Male 05/12/2017

Prisoner in his Harem Ch. 03A - Bonus

English Rosebud in the harem of the Sheikh (bonus chapter).

Romance 05/08/2017

Emerson and the Lion Ch. 12

How Ali and Amir came to be...

Gay Male 05/03/2017

Kasper's Den Ch. 03

The show must go on...

Gay Male 05/01/2017

Tunisian Dreams Ch. 05

16th century Tunisia: a Dutch slave and her Arab master.

Interracial Love 04/21/2017

Jono's Journey Home Ch. 02

An Arab orphan returns home.

Gay Male 04/20/2017

Jono's Journey Home Ch. 01

An Arab orphan returns home.

Gay Male 04/19/2017

Kasper's Den Ch. 02

There's always a catch...

Gay Male 04/16/2017

Dream Drive: Yuri Ch. 01

Another tournament finalist enters the game.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 04/03/2017

Kasper's Den Ch. 01

Kasper lands a reality show but ends up starring in his own.

Gay Male 03/27/2017

Tunisian Dreams Ch. 04

In 17th Tunisia the Bey and his foreign slave: love?

Romance 03/16/2017

Demographics Ch. 02

My Arab Master takes complete control of my body.

BDSM 02/20/2017

Racquel Darrian: International Negotiator

A porn star is US State Dept. secret weapon.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 02/14/2017


A strong Arab man fucks a married French couple every day.

Gay Male 02/02/2017

Lincoln's Pride Ch. 13

Lincoln and Samir struggle to find their places again.

Gay Male 01/31/2017

Parts of Desire

My Arabian roommate explores Western dating & romance.

Erotic Couplings 01/24/2017

Lincoln's Pride Ch. 12

Lincoln waits for news from Samir and uncovers some things.

Gay Male 01/20/2017

The Hijab Handjob

A sexy Syrian uses her roving hands over Spring Break.

NonConsent/Reluctance 01/19/2017

Lincoln's Pride Ch. 11

Lincoln is stuck in LA while Samir defends his homeland.

Gay Male 01/11/2017

Noah's Starship Ch. 17

Dealing with jealousy.

Gay Male 01/08/2017

Tunisian Dreams Ch. 03

Sara adjusts to her life in the harem till...

NonConsent/Reluctance 12/28/2016

Noah's Starship Ch. 16

Six Questions and a future.

Gay Male 12/20/2016

Choosing a Harem Life Pt. 02

Brigette continues her training in the Harem.

Lesbian Sex 12/19/2016

Noah's Starship Ch. 15

Goodbyes are the worst.

Gay Male 12/06/2016

Tunisian Dreams Ch. 02

The mighty ruler of Tunis takes a new slave to his bed.

Romance 12/01/2016

Prisoner in his Harem Ch. 08


Romance 11/24/2016

Noah's Starship Ch. 14

Navid's turn to speak.

Gay Male 10/24/2016

Jilnar Jardaly & the Big Dick Wolf

Jilnar Jardaly falls prey to a legendary sexual predator.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 10/13/2016

Arab MILF 4 Bisexual Black Man

Said cheats on his boyfriend Karim with Fathiyah.

Group Sex 09/23/2016

College Days Pt. 04

Kip and Fatema Meet Up in the Gents.

Incest/Taboo 09/02/2016

College Days Pt. 03

Kip Receives a Call from Fatema.

Incest/Taboo 09/01/2016

An Old Head Ch. 38

Beryl's dream.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 08/21/2016

The Never Ending Desire

A college jock's search for satisfaction.

Gay Male 08/06/2016

Thirsty For Saudi Girls

Steve meets the lovely Afaf in Ottawa.

Interracial Love 08/01/2016

The Best of Friends

The nobody of a group of friends finds his place.

Gay Male 07/30/2016

Noah's Starship Ch. 10

Noah's Birthday.

Gay Male 07/12/2016

Noah's Starship Ch. 09

Navid's past comes back to bite him.

Gay Male 07/08/2016

Emerson and the Lion Ch. 11

Emi and Ali in NYC.

Gay Male 06/16/2016

Sheik Omar Ch. 05

Lady Mary chooses if she returns home or stays with Omar END.

Romance 06/12/2016

Noah's Starship Ch. 07

December: Noah, Aram, and Erik.

Gay Male 06/09/2016

Sheik Omar Ch. 04

The Sheik offers something to Mary.

Romance 06/03/2016

Sheik Omar Ch. 03

The Sheik pleasures Lady Mary for the first time.

Interracial Love 05/31/2016

Sheik Omar Ch. 02

Lady Mary is brought to the house in the oasis.

Romance 05/30/2016

College Days Pt. 02

Kip gets to know Fatema better.

Novels and Novellas 04/26/2016

College Days Pt. 01

A new teacher arrives at a college for young Emirati ladies.

Novels and Novellas 04/17/2016

Lincoln's Pride Ch. 10

Lincoln and Zaid.

Gay Male 04/17/2016

Prisoner in his Harem Ch. 07

Arab prince marries his English former slave - (the end?)

Romance 04/13/2016

Suspicious Activity

She investigated some suspicious characters.

NonConsent/Reluctance 04/09/2016

An Unorthodox Conversion

A transsexual changes a man's life.

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 03/23/2016

Jilnar Jardaly's Kinky Sex Games

Jilnar Jardaly happily plays along in a horny fan's fantasy.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 03/15/2016

Jilnar Jardaly Loves Surprise Fucks

Jilnar Jardaly gets unexpectedly penetrated by a huge cock.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 03/09/2016

Lincoln's Pride Ch. 09

Bren tells his story.

Gay Male 03/08/2016

Jilnar Jardaly in Mind-Control

Jinar Jardaly finds herself under the control of a pervert.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 03/06/2016

Jilnar Jardaly the Hot Sex-Slave

Jilnar Jardaly fulfills her darkest and dirtiest fantasy!

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 03/04/2016

Prisoner in his Harem Ch. 06

Pride and prejudice in a harem.

Romance 03/03/2016

Jilnar Jardaly and the Pirates

Jilnar Jardaly encounters some nasty pirate slave-traders.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 03/02/2016

Jilnar Jardaly in Fuckland

Jilnar Jardaly finds a magical land of sleaze and debauchery.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 02/28/2016

Jilnar Jardaly's Hot Buttered Buns

Jilnar Jardaly indulges her desire for a public gangbang.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 02/26/2016

Jilnar Jardaly Fucks the Groom

Jilnar Jardaly seduces a helpless man on his wedding day.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 02/24/2016

Prisoner in his Harem Ch. 05

Rosebud becomes Lisbeth again.

Romance 02/20/2016

Jilnar Jardaly's Addicted to Sex

Jilnar Jardaly gives an American tourist the grand tour!

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 02/20/2016

Lincoln's Pride Ch. 08

Bren. Kamal and Hash.

Gay Male 02/20/2016

Jilnar Jardaly Fucks Santa Claus

Jilnar Jardaly decides to help Santa Claus empty his sack.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 02/14/2016

Lincoln's Pride Ch. 07

Khalid, Zaid, & Anders' new home.

Gay Male 02/13/2016

Prisoner in his Harem Ch. 04

Arab Sheikh falls in love with his English slave.

NonConsent/Reluctance 02/11/2016

Escape though the Desert Pt. 02

The archeologist and the soldiers need to cross the desert.

Romance 02/10/2016

Jilnar Jardaly Gets Fucked Again

Jilnar Jardaly gets taken hard by a black American NFL star.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 02/09/2016

No One Out-Fucks Jilnar Jardaly

Oversexed Jilnar Jardaly destroys a professional black stud.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 02/06/2016

Lincoln's Pride Ch. 06

School, Khalid, & Zaid's warning.

Gay Male 02/04/2016

Jilnar Jardaly Loves Hot Cum

How Jilnar Jardaly's addiction to man-sauce made her a star.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 02/04/2016

Prisoner in his Harem Ch. 03

Rosebud bathes her lord and master.

Romance 02/02/2016

Jilnar Jardaly's a Filthy Whore

Jilnar Jardaly loves her nasty, kinky and intense gangbangs.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 02/02/2016

Escape though the Desert

Archeologist has no other choice then follow former soldier.

Romance 02/02/2016

Jilnar Jardaly's Elevator Gangbang

Jilnar Jardaly meets six horny young fans in a dark elevator.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 01/31/2016

Prisoner in his Harem Ch. 01

Woman can choose between the gallows or his bed.

Romance 01/31/2016

Prisoner in his Harem Ch. 02

Rosebud is send to his bedchamber.

NonConsent/Reluctance 01/31/2016

Jilnar Jardaly's a Dirty Slut

Jilnar Jardaly's sexual depravity is way out of her control!

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 01/29/2016

Lincoln's Pride Ch. 05

Lincoln, Satra, & The Hamads.

Gay Male 01/29/2016

Shanti - Seductive Adulteress Ch. 06

Shanti and her good old college days.

Anal 01/27/2016

Young Jilnar Jardaly's First Fuck

A dirty old pool man busts young Jilnar Jardaly's cherry.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 01/26/2016

Quickie At Walmart

Black worker bangs Arab female Loss Prevention Officer.

Interracial Love 01/25/2016

Jilnar Jardaly Fucks the Interns

Jilnar Jardaly turns two young, all-American boys into men.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 01/24/2016

Jilnar Jardaly vs. King Kong

Sexy Jilnar Jardaly tames and satisfies a legendary beast.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 01/22/2016

Shanti - Seductive Adulteress Ch. 05

Shanti fucks RamanLal on the Terrace.

Erotic Couplings 01/22/2016
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