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Asian Wife is Put Out to Stud

 — An advert promising to impregnate the wife delivers. by StarfireMayoin  Fetish09/09/174.03

Happy Birthday to Me Ch. 02

 — Isabelle is slowly learning what excites her husband. by ChloeTzangin  Loving Wives02/17/164.73HOT

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 20

 — The groups swing in the country. by Pimankoin  Interracial Love08/13/154.35

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 19

 — More than the springs are hot. by Pimankoin  Interracial Love07/16/154.40

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 18

 — Emma becomes a sumo wrestler's prize. by Pimankoin  Interracial Love06/18/154.14

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 17

 — The couples begin to collectivize their marriages. by Pimankoin  Interracial Love05/22/154.48

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 16

 — The couple's jungle sex adventure concludes. by Pimankoin  Interracial Love04/29/154.46

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 15

 — The couple joins the tribe and then consummates. by Pimankoin  Interracial Love04/08/154.26

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 14

 — The swinging duo encounters a remote tribe in Peru. by Pimankoin  Interracial Love03/18/154.35

Meeting The New Boss Ch. 01

 — Beth and Ryan are introduced to Victor and Vanessa. by Spartans1217in  Interracial Love03/01/154.42

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 13

 — Aiko submits to another woman and then some. by Pimankoin  Interracial Love02/13/154.26

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 12

 — An oversight leads to lesbian seduction. by Pimankoin  Interracial Love01/30/154.45

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 11

 — Gerald shows off his tango; Aiko shows off herself. by Pimankoin  Interracial Love01/18/154.50HOT

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 10

 — Aiko gets a birthday bang. by Pimankoin  Interracial Love01/06/154.62HOT

My Asian Wife Ch. 02

 — Blindfold encounter. by andyliin  Loving Wives01/01/154.20

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 09

 — A cold New Year's Eve makes for a hot party. by Pimankoin  Interracial Love12/27/144.60HOT

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 08

 — An exotic email leads to an erotic encounter. by Pimankoin  Interracial Love12/11/144.47

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 07

 — Aiko and Gerald try something new. by Pimankoin  Interracial Love12/03/144.63HOT

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 06

 — The three loving couples continue to party onboard. by Pimankoin  Interracial Love11/22/144.32

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 05

 — The new friends relate their first swinging experiences. by Pimankoin  Interracial Love11/13/144.29

Giving Yourself

 — Wife becomes a virtual succubus after Halloween encounter. by pahwhubbyin  Group Sex11/11/144.10

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 04

 — Aiko and Gerald meet a cruising frisky foursome. by Pimankoin  Interracial Love11/05/144.64HOT

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 03

 — Aiko gets an unexpected hot surprise. by Pimankoin  Interracial Love10/27/144.53HOT

The Gentlemen's Club

 — A couple looking for excitement gets more than they planned. by pahwhubbyin  Mind Control10/22/144.19

A Swinging Odyssey Ch. 02

 — Aiko and Gerald explore the swingers' world. by Pimankoin  Interracial Love10/21/143.99

A Swinging Odyssey

 — An interracial couple considers rejuvenating their marriage. by Pimankoin  Interracial Love10/17/144.08

Aussie Couple and Me in Aitutaki

 — Tuyen and Darin invited me to watch. I had other ideas. by WildcatAdventurein  Loving Wives01/18/144.33

Honeymoon in the Big Apple

 — Husband has a surprise honeymoon present for his Japanese wife. by themidnighterin  Loving Wives12/29/124.06

Annie's First Swinger's Party

 — Our first swinger party, but not our last! by 1LuckyRobin  Group Sex08/16/124.24

Sania's Second Chance

 — Divorced and remarried Asian wife finds sexual freedom. by BKKcouple68in  Loving Wives07/30/123.67

Chen Submits at Work

 — Asian wife learns on the job. by ursusmagnusin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/19/124.18

My Hot Wife Surprised Ch. 02

 — Japanese wife describes her first time with a big black cock. by 1LuckyRobin  Loving Wives09/02/114.42

Couples Vacation Ch. 05

 — Kylie and John hookup. by dbconorin  Loving Wives08/19/114.44

My Hot Wife Surprised Ch. 01

 — Hot Japanese wife surprised by hubby. by 1LuckyRobin  Loving Wives07/18/114.04

Annie's Journey Ch. 07

 — Conclusion to a Japanese wife's journey to becoming a slut. by 1LuckyRobin  Loving Wives02/19/114.55HOT

Annie's Journey Ch. 06

 — Hot Japanese wife enjoys her first 'Date'. by 1LuckyRobin  Loving Wives02/07/114.54HOT

Annie's Journey Ch. 03

 — Pretty Japanese wife makes a video. by 1LuckyRobin  Loving Wives01/30/114.50HOT

Mrs March: Slut Wife Ch. 02

 — Boyfriend abandons wife to uncle and confederates. by LIPrulzin  NonConsent/Reluctance12/30/104.40

Mrs March: Slut Wife Ch. 01

 — Jasmin at 28 succumbs to unknown payback. by LIPrulzin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/26/104.58HOT


 — Our marriage. Her submission. by fishophilein  BDSM05/30/104.29

This Cock Tastes Like My Wife Ch. 03

 — He meets his online friend and things change rapidly. by Turnedin  Gay Male05/02/104.32

Sph Birthday Surprise

 — A man gets special sph treatment on his birthday. by wrinkled2000in  Fetish03/16/104.40

The Candy Chronicles Ch. 01

 — Korea wife Candy agrees to open things up. by PeterBlueEyes43in  Interracial Love12/09/094.16

Card Shark

 — Neglected wife gets ironic revenge on poker playing husband. by Turnedin  Loving Wives10/18/093.31

Feline and the Mongrels Ch. 02

 — Wife's romantic interracial work entanglement. by Goforein  Interracial Love07/30/093.15

Vegas Vacation Ch. 01

 — The high roller trip kicks off in style. by Husband_of_Hottiein  Loving Wives07/21/093.90

Unconventional Counseling Ch. 06

 — The conclusion: Donald becomes a cuckold. by 99_percent_oralin  Interracial Love07/11/094.11

Unconventional Counseling Ch. 05

 — Cuckolding Day: Preparations. by 99_percent_oralin  Interracial Love07/04/093.95

Unconventional Counseling Ch. 04

 — Dr. Perry sets date for Donald's cuckolding. by 99_percent_oralin  Interracial Love06/18/094.19

Nikki Cuckolds Me and Forces Bi Sex

 — Wife cuckolds and abuses husband, and he...enjoys it? by MyWifeFucksAroundin  Loving Wives06/12/094.23

Unconventional Counseling Ch. 01

 — Husband takes his first steps into cuckoldry. by 99_percent_oralin  Loving Wives06/09/094.03

Wife and Husband's Big Fantasy

 — Big toy, then a big man, fulfill wife's fantasy. by SnowyFrostin  Loving Wives04/07/094.42

Asian MILF Explores Swinging

 — Beginning of Asian wife's adventure. by myasianwife69in  Loving Wives02/02/094.27

Asian Wife Satisfied By 7 Guys

 — Eight hung guys gangbang willing Asian wife. by spicecplin  Group Sex09/10/084.31

Stacy Takes Charge

 — Young Filipina takes command of her sexual needs. by foghorn8348in  Loving Wives08/08/084.01

Vegas Fun

 — Wife gives husband a great surprise. by i69DrDavein  Loving Wives12/26/073.96

Three Just for Fun

 — My husband invites two friends over. by JapaneseBlackDragonin  Loving Wives12/08/074.34

Su-Lin's Fantasy Ch. 02

 — Taiwan housewife continues her adventures. by lovekingin  Group Sex08/05/074.50HOT

My Sex-Addicted Wife Ch. 01

 — A night with an older couple. by MathProf75in  Loving Wives06/19/074.20

My Golden Summer with Blythe Ch. 03

 — Blythe meets Josh's friends Edwin and Li Ling. by duddle146in  Group Sex10/04/064.60HOT

An Erotic Island Getaway

 — Angela and Pei Ling. by duddle146in  Group Sex06/19/064.83HOT

The Seduction of Jessica Ch. 02

 — She just hung there, feeling her orgasms cover her. by wantwhitewomenin  Loving Wives04/24/064.03

The Seduction of Jessica Ch. 01

 — Internet story started Asian wife wondering. by wantwhitewomenin  Loving Wives04/23/064.27

Tia Can't Wait

 — Asian beauty gets hot reading stories & attacks hubby. by Silvertuchin  Erotic Couplings03/14/064.29

Thai Bride Ch. 01

 — Dave and Noi decide to expand their marriage. by bill_p99in  Loving Wives01/11/064.36

The Education of an Asian Wife Ch. 02

 — Fucking new partners for both of them. by oldfogeyin  Loving Wives12/24/054.30

The Education of an Asian Wife Ch. 01

 — The need to see his wife fucked wouldn't go away. by oldfogeyin  Loving Wives12/23/054.33

Mary and Mr. Boss

 — Asian wife poses naked for a group of men. by lovekingin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/30/054.70HOT

Mary's Hotel Massage

 — Sexy Asian wife gets more than just a massage. by lovekingin  Loving Wives10/24/054.32

Stiff Club Ch. 04

 — Sexy Asian housewife gets her gangbang. by lovekingin  Group Sex10/18/054.51HOT

Stiff Club Ch. 03

 — Asian wife finally meets the members of the club. by lovekingin  Group Sex10/17/054.18

Stiff Club Ch. 02

 — Sexy Asian housewife's continued adventure. by lovekingin  Group Sex10/16/054.47

Stiff Club Ch. 01

 — Sexy Asian wife starts a wild adventure with men. by lovekingin  Group Sex10/15/054.43

A Prostitute for a Day

 — Asian housewife fulfils a long-held fantasy. by lovekingin  Loving Wives10/02/054.18

My Vietnamese Wife Takes Care...

 — Petite Asian wife has needs. by cbpsoldierin  Loving Wives06/04/053.17

JuLee's Asian Tale Ch. 01

 — JuLee combines business with pleasure. by JuLeein  Interracial Love05/15/054.57HOT

Vietnamese Diana's Latest Adventure

 — Diana & hubby have Tony over for the weekend. by gwapodanin  Loving Wives04/05/054.30

An Asian Wife's First New Sperm

 — A Vietnamese wife finally tries another man. by gwapodanin  Loving Wives02/14/054.43

Hot Weekend

 — Hot Asian wife fulfills a younger guy's fantasy. by coupleinasiain  Loving Wives11/07/044.34

Dancer Wife

 — Asian wife, beautiful dancer by Orcaman47in  Loving Wives04/25/034.28

Kavita Learns A Lesson

 — Indian wife is humiliated by husband's friend. by madhavin  Loving Wives02/05/024.31

Wife & The Doctor

 — Indian wife gets treatment from white doctor. by madhavin  Loving Wives09/05/014.23

Wife's Massage

 — Indian wife gets a massage from local guy & hubby. by madhavin  Loving Wives07/27/014.16

Friendly Surprise Ch. 2

 — Asian wife lives out a double penetration fantasy. by INXSin  Loving Wives01/20/014.34

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