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ass worship

The Homewrecker Ch. 02

Man falls deeper into clutches of big butted Latina.

Fetish 02/17/2018

DOATEC Revivified

After DOA4, Helena has to revive DOATEC ... in a unique way.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 02/13/2018

The Heisty Buttwoman Ch. 03

Mary Jane is livid that Black Cat is stealing Peter away.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 02/07/2018

Do you Like Being Smothered?

Mistress and sub explore chastity for the first time.

BDSM 01/30/2018

Best Aunt in the World

Vanessa asks her aunty to go talk with her futanari teacher.

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 01/24/2018

Magnolia's Games

Kara and Magnolia torture a shy sub with a sexy strip show.

BDSM 01/20/2018


Meet Jong Park- Measurements: 34D-34-47.

NonConsent/Reluctance 01/10/2018

A New Mistress

Forced into slavery with a new mistress.

NonConsent/Reluctance 01/09/2018

Smothered and Face Sat

Smothered by ass, sat on face, smell fetish.

Fetish 01/04/2018

Bad M.I.L.F Vol. 02 - The New Batch Ch. 02

Thick P.A.W.G Grandmother Catherine Brennan gets RAILED!!

Mature 12/09/2017

The Farm Ch. 08

Lisa finds a girlfriend to bring back to her mistress.

Fetish 11/10/2017

The Farm Ch. 07

Jordy and Emily come to terms, Joshua is purchased.

Fetish 11/09/2017

The Farm Ch. 06

Jordy spends his first full day free of the gag.

Fetish 11/08/2017

Brownmailed Ch. 02

James meets with Juanita and her lawyer to talk.

Fetish 10/29/2017

Becoming My Stepmother's Slave Pt. 04

Bridget is more than half way through but can she hold out.

NonConsent/Reluctance 09/29/2017

Shawn Worships Mommy Ch. 02

Anastasia owns the dean and makes Shawn worship her ass.

Incest/Taboo 09/21/2017

Cruel to be Kind

Jackie allows husband Ben to stroke for her entertainment...

Fetish 08/25/2017

Becoming My Stepmother's Slave Pt. 02

Diana makes a discovery that changes her plans completely.

NonConsent/Reluctance 08/22/2017

Black Femdom, Cindy Story

An interracial lesbian story.

Fetish 08/22/2017

Big Sucker

Sarah can cover whole counties to catch you. Ready?

Fetish 08/16/2017

Ready to Play

After years of hesitation, Sophie is finally ready to play.

Fetish 08/08/2017

Dirty Dawg: Big Boss Booty

Getting more than he bargained for...and a MASSIVE DONK!!

Mature 07/14/2017

Emi's Fart Slave Ch. 04

Emi throws her party.

Fetish 07/05/2017

Emi's Fart Slave Ch. 03

The mistress slave relationship develops.

Fetish 07/04/2017

The Black Femdom Society Pt. 02

Interracial Love, Lesbian, Femdom.

Fetish 06/19/2017

Soft, Smooth and Subtle

A fellow hits it off with his kinky neighbor lady.

Fetish 06/15/2017

The Black Femdom Society Pt. 01

White girl sub / Black woman dom.

Fetish 06/14/2017

Schoolgirls are Real Bitches

The Drow Academy of Humiliating Submission continues work.

NonHuman 06/10/2017

Jessica at the Finishing School Pt. 04

The owner of the school pays a visit...

Fetish 05/31/2017

Mean Look

Dark elf captivity works for subs only.

NonHuman 05/28/2017

Welcome to the Sex Dungeon

A dark elf turns to a shōta for love.

NonHuman 05/23/2017

Schoolgirls Aren't That Submissive

Dark elves run a school, and it's for sex.

NonHuman 05/10/2017

Bad M.I.L.F 04

Trying to regain my manhood; EXPLOITED all the same.

NonConsent/Reluctance 05/08/2017

Lisa's Stinkfacing

Lisa humiliates a ring fighter with her lucha libre.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 04/25/2017

One Session

Very intimate pee play in the bathroom.

Fetish 04/07/2017

The DAALS in Jamaica Ch. 01

A Honeymoon in Jamaica with unexpected surprises.

Fetish 03/14/2017

Bad M.I.L.F 02

The NEXT DAY-Addressing the Elephant in the room.

NonConsent/Reluctance 02/16/2017

At Sophia's Feet

My neighbor makes me her slave.

Fetish 02/08/2017

Bottom Feeder

He can't stop staring and she makes the most of it.

Erotic Couplings 02/05/2017

Emi's Fart Slave Ch. 02

When I try to stand up for myself Emi sits down on me.

Fetish 02/01/2017

A Perfect Day for Chili

Kaylee enjoys her first time, sitting on my face.

Fetish 01/26/2017

Emi's Fart Slave

Emi turned me into her obedient little bitch.

Fetish 01/22/2017

The Rich Bitch

A foot fetish story.

Fetish 10/20/2016

The Other Side - Sleepy Breeding

He likes impregnating sleeping girls.

NonConsent/Reluctance 09/20/2016

Mrs Riesin's Son Ch. 05

Luke faces consequences.

Fetish 09/06/2016

The Submissives: Tag Team Tales

Interracial cock and ass worship.

Gay Male 08/01/2016

Tempted and Teased in Texas Ch. 04

Jack can't resist his neighbor's daughter and her friend.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 05/26/2016

The Millers Ch. 12

The Final Chapter.

BDSM 05/19/2016

The Millers Ch. 11

Contract Approaches Expiration.

BDSM 05/18/2016

The Millers Ch. 09

BDSM Convention Coming to Town.

BDSM 05/12/2016

The Millers Ch. 08

Making up for lost wages.

BDSM 05/11/2016

The Millers Ch. 05

Mistress continues her hold on me.

BDSM 05/06/2016


Would-be lovers combine to create the perfect rendezvous.

Erotic Couplings 03/24/2016

The Ties That Bind

Forbidden romance goes to another level.

Romance 03/02/2016

Doll House - The Interview

A young man interviews for the position of a lifetime...

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 01/24/2016

Stephen the King

Gay man falls for his dominant alpha roommate.

BDSM 12/29/2015

Quid Pro Quo = SSBBW Ch. 03

Conclusion: FUCKING her MIND and her BODY!!

Loving Wives 12/24/2015

Baby Got Back

Lashawnda accidentally hypnotizes a man with her ass.

Mind Control 12/05/2015

Friends Sweaty Girlfriend Pt. 03

Serving Sarah and Rose.

Fetish 11/25/2015

Friends Sweaty Girlfriend Pt. 02

I pay the price for my mistake.

Fetish 11/21/2015

Big Butt Japan

She HATES her HUGE BUTT; but perverts LOVE IT!!

NonConsent/Reluctance 10/30/2015

Jazz Jones

A jazz artist catches a regular patron's fancy.

Fetish 10/08/2015

Dental Nurse

My nurse adventure.

Humor & Satire 09/05/2015

Mockingbird Ch. 01

Redneck girl abused by dad lusts after kinky black crush.

Interracial Love 09/01/2015

The Bachelorette Party

I put on a raunchy show for a group of Seattle women.

Lesbian Sex 08/21/2015

Mrs Riesin's Son Ch. 04

Luke gets bold.

Fetish 08/19/2015

Size Matters Ch. 03

Really Pissed off BBW seduces her Aunt's Boyfriend!!!

Anal 08/05/2015

Her Service Charge

At the hotel, what's her fee for a tease/denial role-play?

Fetish 06/17/2015

The Cool Down

A slave performs clean up duties after his mistress' workout.

Fetish 06/04/2015

Mrs. O'Malley's Golden Juices Ch. 12

The Rev. Dr. Maria Pearson runs afoul of pissy mistress.

Fetish 05/31/2015

The T(h)rustful Voice Pt. 01

51% incestuous, 49% T-girl enthusiast. Also, hearing voices.

Incest/Taboo 05/27/2015

The Morning Ritual

A mistress and slave's morning routine.

Fetish 05/25/2015

Mervyn's Last Play

Mervyn gets his comeuppance without even knowing it.

Fetish 05/21/2015

Big and Bold

Guy gets boldly approached by the chunky neighbor woman

Fetish 05/18/2015

Small Man in the Valley

Small penis humiliation on the wrong side of the tracks.

NonConsent/Reluctance 05/09/2015

On the Rim of a Fantasy

An encounter featuring a Male Rimming a Female.

Fetish 05/09/2015

The Dragon Lady

An ordinary escort service caters to a man's fetish.

Fetish 01/22/2015

Psyche's Surprise

Married woman has her biggest insecurity licked away.

Anal 01/01/2015

Smoking Mistress Ch. 01

Smoking brunette lures me into imprisonment.

Fetish 12/03/2014

Dorm Room Cuckold

Justin helps a friend move and clean up.

Interracial Love 11/11/2014

Dominated By 2 Exotic Bitches

Part 4 of my story & Salima is just as dominant as ever.

Fetish 10/24/2014

Curious Girls Ch. 05

Sara returns home to discover she's not out of the woods.

NonConsent/Reluctance 10/12/2014

2035 - The Year of Male Chastity Pt. 02

A modern wedding night in 2035.

Loving Wives 10/06/2014

The Three Porcelaineers, Plus One Pt. 04

Part Four.

Fetish 10/01/2014

The Three Porcelaineers, Plus One Pt. 03

Part Three.

Fetish 09/30/2014

The Three Porcelaineers, Plus One Pt. 02

Part Two.

Fetish 09/28/2014

The Three Porcelaineers, Plus One Pt. 01

Tasha and Ethan continue their saga as fetish partners.

Fetish 09/27/2014

Seema's Journey Ch. 06

Out for the evening...

Lesbian Sex 09/04/2014

Ultimate Intimacy

She eyed me with great interest.

Anal 08/26/2014

Humiliated and Teased by Two Girls

Man gets put in his place by his girlfriend and her friend.

Fetish 07/24/2014

My Beloved Jenna Goes Bonkers On Me

A mostly-straight but also bi guy has perceptive GF.

NonConsent/Reluctance 06/26/2014

Telling a Domme Too Many Secrets

Tom just wanted to explore but Vickie was out to lay claim.

BDSM 05/22/2014

The Key Club

Eyeopening experience of real service.

Fetish 05/21/2014

Proper Management Skills

Vice principal Mindy services her subordinate mistress.

Lesbian Sex 05/21/2014

Tempted and Teased in Texas Ch. 03

Jack faces his biggest temptation yet in young Sofia

Fetish 04/22/2014

In Pam's Control Pt. 05

Our weekend adventure takes a surprising turn

Fetish 03/26/2014

In Pam's Control Pt. 04

Pam enjoys a birthday massage in Atlantic City.

Fetish 03/04/2014

In Pam's Control Pt. 03

Pam invites Steph over for dinner.

Fetish 02/20/2014

Ass Chronicles 04

An evening out with Pam and Sheila.

Anal 02/17/2014

Cars, Haircare, and Kink

A car salesman and a hair care professional get kinky.

Fetish 02/06/2014
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