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An Old Coach Remembers

 — A coach recalls a special year coaching youth baseball. by Jeff_Thomasin  Non-Erotic01/11/164.86HOT

Sex and Baseball

 — He takes the blonde from the ballpark to the hotel room. by TessRhymesWithMmmYesin  Erotic Couplings01/08/164.63HOT

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 14

 — Brad gets personal with Kelly, and does a good deed. by SpotInTheSandin  Erotic Couplings09/22/154.79HOT

I Never Believed

 — Do the far-fetched antics in movies ever occur in real life? by amischiefmakerin  Loving Wives09/10/154.31

George & Buster

 — Teammates from the Bronx visit the Combat Zone in Boston. by DevisPixiin  Celebrities09/10/154.50

Home Runs

 — Ethan finds himself hitting home runs on and off the field. by BeccaBloomin  Romance09/03/154.47

Kansas City

 — Post-game sexual release. by macheath42in  Erotic Couplings08/18/153.92

For the Seniors

 — Rewarding the seniors for the victory. by purplepanther25in  Group Sex08/18/153.98

Baseball Cuckold Ch. 02

 — Timmy's girlfriend submits to his mother's masters! by dr13bonein  Interracial Love06/03/154.44

Baseball Cuckold Ch. 01

 — Timmy's mother pays the price for her husband's stupidity! by dr13bonein  Interracial Love04/29/154.30

After The Game

 — Back sooner than expected! I deserve a bathroom quickie! by TheDreamVisitorin  Erotic Couplings04/28/154.20

Speech and Debate Pt. 12

 — Daniel shows David a new world, in more ways than one. by DAMackeyin  Gay Male04/03/154.86HOT

Speech and Debate Pt. 09

 — David goes to an away game, and a hotel room full of jocks. by DAMackeyin  Gay Male02/28/154.87HOT

Speech and Debate Pt. 08

 — The boys have some fun in a car...but are they alone? by DAMackeyin  Gay Male02/27/154.80HOT

Righting A Wrong

 — She's his ex-wife's lawyer. by JimBob44in  Romance08/18/144.79HOT

Bases Fully Loaded

 — Two teammates discover passion in the equipment shed. by Leigh_Rosein  Gay Male07/27/144.23

She's Not My Type

 — She's alluring, but definitely not Brian's type. by imhaplessin  Loving Wives07/17/144.18

Grass on the Field

 — Baseball and fun. by Trixinabagin  Erotic Couplings07/15/144.32


 — Jesse learns the real reason he can't join his brothers team by WoeIsMein  Incest/Taboo06/22/140.00

Sexting: Father and Son Ch. 01

 — Roleplay to get both men off. by IncestLuv920in  Gay Male02/08/143.60

Live from the Game Ch. 05

 — Deanna's point of view of the whole sordid affair. by jezzazin  Loving Wives01/09/144.31

Live from the Game Ch. 04

 — The conclusion to Ryan's tale, with some revenge thrown in. by jezzazin  Loving Wives01/03/144.64HOT

Live from the Game Ch. 03

 — In which a plan is made and Ryan meets his nemesis. by jezzazin  Loving Wives01/02/144.57HOT

Live from the Game Ch. 02

 — Ryan follows up and gets the details he needs. by jezzazin  Loving Wives01/01/144.60HOT

Live from the Game Ch. 01

 — Sports games have never been so dangerous to watch. by jezzazin  Loving Wives12/31/134.37


 — Can two Mets fans find love at CitiField? by JayDavidin  Romance11/08/134.54HOT

Battery Mates

 — A pitcher and a catcher share a special bond. by Tdp167in  Gay Male10/27/134.28


 — 18-year-old guy saves his mother from an intruder. by hotmannin  Incest/Taboo10/15/134.69HOT

Dombo and Angel

 — Wife prepares to accept his posthumous award. by Jeff_Thomasin  Non-Erotic08/26/134.88HOTContest Winner

Body Shop

 — A summer car accident can't be a good thing... can it? by drteethoin  Erotic Couplings08/22/134.76HOT

Dark Jeans, Dark Eyes Ch. 06

 — Married mom's Latin lover shows up again by IlizaDanilin  Interracial Love06/10/134.03

A Hall of Fame Night

 — Father and daughter explore Cooperstown and each other. by freehugs1959in  Incest/Taboo05/05/134.04

Samantha's Sex-Dungeon

 — A dominatrix punishes a young punk for breaking her window. by markydaysaidin  BDSM04/27/134.20

Grand Slam

 — Sex after Rose surpasses Cobb. by GC66in  Erotic Couplings11/29/123.77

Batter Up!

 — Husband deals with wife's old boyfriend. by jakewho69in  Loving Wives11/06/122.65

Baseball Annie

 — Sylvia has the hots for major league baseball players. by SweetPrettyAssin  Group Sex08/25/124.26

Catching My Dream Girl

 — He carries a torch for childhood rival, then attacks her. by AverageBearin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/30/124.52HOT

All The Guys Like Her

 — Jo is a "good sport," and good sport! by imhaplessin  Mature03/28/124.31

For Friendship or Love?

 — She loves him but can he love her? by fgmntfmgnshnin  Romance02/27/124.58HOT

It Slipped My Mind

 — A very special baseball minor league physical exam. by KeithDin  Gay Male01/19/124.22


 — Ups and downs of a team roster relationship. by sr71pltin  Gay Male01/18/124.46

Nick's Christmas Presents

 — Baseball jock gives his neighbor some amazing presents. by cosmic709in  Gay Male12/27/114.58HOT

Love Lost, Then Found Ch. 12

 — Hank gets together with Brianna again. by jerseybluein  Novels and Novellas11/29/114.47

Good or Lucky?

 — Will a chance meeting result in ball game fun? by imhaplessin  Loving Wives10/29/114.45

Baseball Cougars Take The Lead Pt. 03

 — MILF moms are secretly coaching the baseball team. by George VIin  Incest/Taboo10/22/114.70HOT

He Takes in a Ball Game

 — Even the Grim Reaper likes to relax and have a beer. by RjThoughtsin  Non-Erotic10/15/114.64HOT

The Boy of Summer Ch. 03

 — Spending some time together. by PatientlyWaitingin  Romance02/14/114.72HOT

The Boy of Summer Ch. 02

 — Jeremy continues to pursue Kat, but how will she react? by PatientlyWaitingin  Romance01/08/114.82HOT

The Boy of Summer Ch. 01

 — Hotshot baseball player meets his match in a feisty artist. by PatientlyWaitingin  Romance12/25/104.77HOT

Are You Man Enough?

 — Teen's anger brings out unexpected lust in hated stepmom. by ghostscribein  Incest/Taboo12/13/103.85

En-Gauge-ing Love Ch. 02

 — One night after ball games. by twelvegaugegirl1989in  Erotic Couplings10/30/104.51HOT

En-Gauge-ing Love

 — College coeds meet. by twelvegaugegirl1989in  First Time10/24/104.30

Pinch Hitter

 — Substitute fucking partner turns out to be a good play. by johnnieblue44in  Erotic Couplings10/10/104.59HOT

Mighty Casey Strikes Out

 — New hubby struck out; bride calls on daddy for relief. by clinton09in  Incest/Taboo10/08/104.15

Home Run

 — Jane throws the heat and Greg swings for the fences. by GoodyGoodyTwoShoesin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur09/06/104.51HOT

My Baseball Player

 — Boy & Girl get it on after two great games. by cntry_chick09in  Erotic Couplings07/21/104.16

Homerun Love

 — A baseball and softball player fall in love. by cntry_chick09in  Erotic Couplings07/19/104.50HOT

Rainy's Day Ch. 01

 — She learns hubby enjoys her exhibitionist tendencies. by docBluein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur05/25/104.46

His Number One Fan

 — Horny MILF gets her young baseball player. by leftylibra66in  Mature05/22/104.40

Breaking In The New Wife

 — Coach and two players give whore wife a team welcome. by Christian_Damorein  Loving Wives02/05/103.64

Finding Mr. Right Ch. 02

 — Laura runs into the high school bad boy. by PatientlyWaitingin  Erotic Couplings02/05/104.63HOT


 — A baseball story. by jjcolein  Non-Erotic12/22/094.54HOT

Fear Strikes Out!

 — A Lovecraftian horror story for Halloween. by Stultusin  Erotic Horror10/22/093.68

Take Me After The Ol' Ball Game

 — A summer of sexy fun crammed into two weeks. by ndbf4everin  Erotic Couplings08/27/094.33

A Pearl in the Snow Ch. 05

 — The happy lovers are married and find contentment and joy. by Stultusin  Romance07/10/094.76HOT

A Pearl in the Snow Ch. 03

 — The Pearl's love rival is humbled but forgiven. by Stultusin  Romance07/02/094.77HOT

A Pearl in the Snow Ch. 02

 — The Pearl's secret past starts to be revealed by Stultusin  Romance07/01/094.76HOT

A Pearl in the Snow Ch. 01

 — A baseball player in Japan finds love and a little magic. by Stultusin  Romance06/25/094.73HOT

Love That Game Ch. 02

 — Sharing more than the sport they love. by Vicksterin  Gay Male06/07/094.61HOT

Games Ch. 02

 — The nights begins, and Brad makes a move. by aloha_loloin  Novels and Novellas11/18/084.20

Army Brat Ch. 06

 — Army base game and romance. by Slickmanin  First Time10/30/084.83HOT

Army Brat Ch. 02

 — Son of Army Hero copes with his new town and love. by Slickmanin  First Time08/16/084.78HOT

Army Brat

 — A young ball player finds the girl of his dreams. by Slickmanin  First Time08/06/084.70HOT

Silver Slugger: the Sixth Game

 — A comeback for a worthy vet. by Nigel Debonnairein  Romance08/04/080.00

Blown in the Bathroom

 — He stumbles upon sister in the head and gets head. by americansluggerin  Incest/Taboo07/28/084.16

Put Me In, Coach!

 — Will Carly let Jake slide home? by Marshtickledkittyin  Erotic Couplings06/24/084.45

Love That Game

 — Sharing more than the sport they love. by Vicksterin  Gay Male06/18/084.57HOT

Silver Slugger

 — A reward for a rising star. by Nigel Debonnairein  Erotic Couplings06/13/080.00

The Ball Game

 — Young man teaches his mother about baseball. by voyeur_2cuin  Incest/Taboo02/09/084.33

Fictionrotica's Contest Scandal Ch. 03

 — The fixing of Fictionrotica's Great Divider Contest. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITERin  Humor & Satire01/06/083.21

Out at Home!

 — A sexual opus. by Irishdragonin  Loving Wives09/14/073.58

Take Me into the Ball Game

 — A story truly suspends disbelief. by rocker_wifein  Mind Control08/22/074.00

Big Woman Booty Hole Chronicles

 — He persuades a woman to try anal sex. by Samuelxin  Anal08/06/072.89

Bad Season

 — Zack is traded to the minors and his wife doesn't like it. by Tylin  Gay Male07/10/074.03

My Cop Stud Neighbor

 — College dude sucks cop stud neighbor's cock. by NYCSTUDin  Gay Male05/23/074.49

Lauren Adams Ch. 02

 — A tale of two mothers, and two days to feel better. by EtherealGenesisin  Romance12/17/064.77HOT

Seventh Inning Stretch

 — She loved baseball - and boys. by mernie99in  Erotic Couplings12/09/064.59HOT


 — Passion builds and explodes on a midnight walk. by AutumnLoverin  Erotic Couplings10/07/063.50

Looking After Sarah

 — Nephew looks after pregnant Aunt after family row. by Coop83in  Incest/Taboo08/30/064.53HOT

Slump Buster

 — College athlete gets a leg up. by XXtraPrincein  Erotic Couplings08/25/064.50HOT

My Mother is a M.I.L.F.

 — Baseball star sees a hot M.I.L.F. by L.A. Wickerin  Incest/Taboo08/24/064.66HOT

Television Takes Our Innocence

 — Baseball will never be the same for Paul & Natalie. by ohstoneyin  Incest/Taboo05/09/064.40

A Homerun

 — Wife sees who has the biggest bat. by Molikepiein  Loving Wives12/01/054.03

New York Yankees' Lucky Charm Ch. 01

 — How she became their lucky charm. by leavessnailtrailsin  Celebrities11/15/054.18

Swing and a Hit

 — Two men find love in each other - and in baseball. by LadyTigeressin  Gay Male09/26/054.24

Band Guy Ch. 02

 — Pete and Catherine have fun at the ball game. by Bedtime Storytellerin  Erotic Couplings09/07/054.16

Play Ball

 — A baseball memory. by HLDin  Non-Erotic08/16/054.83HOT

A Cape Cod Night

 — Love at first sight erupts in passionate night. by AnOceanLightin  Erotic Couplings08/05/054.26

Casey at the Bat

 — Why did Casey strike out in that big game? by poisoniv1in  Humor & Satire10/18/024.33Editor's Pick

Carnal Campus Ch. 08

 — Monica "tutors" the baseball team. by AnonOnein  Novels and Novellas02/16/014.17

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