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SWTOR: Everyone Loves Lana

 — Sith Lord Lana Beniko has fun on Hoth! by Twilekloverin  Celebrities03/23/164.57

Submitting to Hans Ch. 01

 — Blond California stud takes over. by engine1844in  Gay Male03/20/164.28

Swinger Christmas

 — Male model swinger sub fights outing attempt. by KeithDin  Gay Male11/30/154.58HOT

The Club Ch. 04

 — A formal dinner with a decidedly bisexual flavor. by Fog43in  Group Sex10/31/154.30

The Club Ch. 03

 — A wild, sexy Saturday afternoon. by Fog43in  Group Sex10/17/154.65HOT

The Club Ch. 02

 — Friday Evening Barbecue. by Fog43in  Group Sex09/09/154.65HOT

The Club Ch. 01

 — Julie and Deana's Weekend Tryst. by Fog43in  Lesbian Sex09/04/154.44

Summer’s End at Spirit Lake

 — Crossing the line in Georgia, summer’s end, 1956. by sr71pltin  Gay Male08/28/154.67HOT

Stephanie's Birthday Gangbang

 — Stephanie gets thirty inches for her 30th. by MarkSpectrein  Group Sex05/27/154.05

The Craftons

 — A family's dark secrets come to light by Schakain  Incest/Taboo10/06/144.59HOT

Teaching Lea Ch. 01

 — Zach teaches Scott's girl how to give head. by UptheDownSpoutin  Group Sex07/27/144.54HOT

Surprise Threesome

 — A wife finally agrees to threesome. by Waxmein  Group Sex06/20/144.39

The Anniversary Present

 — New sex toy leads to feminisation. by DrLuveroticain  Transsexuals & Crossdressers03/01/144.33

The Beach

 — A bisexual reawakening. by lisandmanin  Gay Male10/15/134.38

Strange Encounters Ch. 02

 — Stacey and Ann, or Joe and I? by matthellmanin  Gay Male05/24/134.31

The Conference Day 02

 — Two married men continue exploring their love for lingerie. by Entry_Levelin  Gay Male04/02/134.56HOT

The Conference

 — Two married men explore their mutual love for lingerie. by Entry_Levelin  Gay Male03/05/134.49

The Conference Ch. 01

 — Discovered bisexual feelings. by colbiguyin  Gay Male10/01/124.47

Summer Rental Week 01 Day 01

 — Living next to a weekly rental gives rewards to bi guy. by 69plus1in  Gay Male09/22/124.07

Stop the World to Get a Better View Ch. 06

 — Matthew Hunter gets job offer from Greg Ferrante . . . by Kaidenin  Gay Male08/25/123.00

The Box

 — His first time. by lsa3in  First Time08/24/123.84

Teachers Pets Ch. 02

 — The discipline continues. by MelvinMhkin  Gay Male07/26/124.05


 — Perfect sex is possible when the right factors combine. by assxiblein  Gay Male07/10/124.29

The Biggest Examination Yet

 — Doctor and young patient bond. by Shadowfallmailin  Gay Male07/02/124.42

The Cuckold Journal of Jane & Mark Ch. 06

 — Part VI of Mark's journey into cuckolding. by angieseroticpenin  Loving Wives06/25/124.32

Spontaneous Threesome

 — One girl and two bi guys in a horny threesome. by sweetnessukin  Group Sex04/28/123.36

The Club Pt. 08

 — Our cross dressing heroine meets Lisa. by RubberBudcusin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers02/11/124.75HOT

Surfer Boy Gets Taken for a Ride

 — Two straight male roommates go camping and explore bi-sex. by luvassin  Gay Male02/03/124.22

Taylor Fulfills A Fantasy

 — She finally takes her walk on the wild side. by oldhippie1949in  Group Sex12/11/114.09

Steam Room Daddy

 — A young straight guy is forced to obey him. by Redhead4Daddyin  Gay Male10/23/114.51HOT

Str8 Teams's Secret Gay Sex Tea

 — Str8 football team has a gay orgy because of a powerful tea. by GGandGin  Gay Male10/13/114.11

Taking the Step Ch. 02

 — Straight married man finally takes the chance. by texas0791in  Gay Male09/10/114.45

Telling Me About Their First Times

 — My good friends ask me to write about their first threesomes. by oldhippie1949in  Group Sex08/26/114.44

Taking You Ch. 02

 — Woman indulges a bi lover and herself. by JustifyablyGrownin  Gay Male06/25/114.16


 — Surprising my straight hubby with a bi guy in drag. by Mrs_Cummingin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers06/24/114.55HOT


 — My wife convinced me to have sex with another man. by HerLittlePiggyin  Gay Male04/02/114.50HOT

Sucking My First Couple

 — A cocksucker fulfills his fantasy of sucking two men. by John Hamiltonin  Gay Male04/02/114.19

The Ad

 — Male places ad for fun and gets a surprise response. by maturemaleinmoin  Group Sex03/18/114.32

Steph's Story Ch. 03

 — Steph continues telling her story to her brother. by aussieboySAin  Incest/Taboo03/07/114.55HOT

Teenager Learns That He Is Gay Ch. 03

 — More encounters for Artie & Kim plays a dangerous game. by walterioin  Gay Male12/02/104.52HOT

Surprise, Surprise

 — She thought she was surprising him. by cocobeautyin  Group Sex11/23/104.25

Strange Encounters

 — Man finds friend jerking off and is changed forever. by matthellmanin  Gay Male10/23/104.06

Stories I've Been Told

 — A Lit author does some deep research. by oldhippie1949in  Group Sex10/20/104.62HOT

The Day I Sucked Three Black Cocks

 — Bi-curious male has sex with three black men. by reddevil58in  Gay Male09/10/104.32

Swedish Sauna

 — A visit to spa turns erotic. by Animus90in  Gay Male08/16/103.99

Straight Eye for a Queer Business

 — Change in strategy introduces a straight guy to the bi world. by walterioin  Gay Male07/24/104.38

Sucking Cock for Carla

 — He's blackmailed into sucking his first cock. by reddevil58in  Gay Male06/18/104.40

Taking Care of Business Ch. 04

 — Marcy takes charge, teaching the men to love cock and cum. by CheriSMin  Fetish05/29/104.64HOT

Str8 to Bitch

 — A dominate guy turns his str8/high friend into his bitch. by GGandGin  Gay Male04/02/104.44

Straight Guy Sucks His First

 — Jacking and sucking when his girlfriend's out of town. by fakename1221in  Gay Male02/15/103.43

Swinging Parents

 — Son joins parents in a steamy threesome. by tekong53in  Incest/Taboo10/07/094.35

Stephen Ch. 01

 — A homophobic man begins to learn about himself. by SixtyMinuteManin  Group Sex09/26/094.63HOT

The Balcony Ch. 02

 — Katia wants Ken to see her with her boyfriend. by brian473317in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur08/24/094.57HOT

The Autobahnpolizei

 — Straight German cycle cop is turned. by Coxswainin  Gay Male08/05/094.40

The Auction

 — He's rescued from cruelty by a mysterious woman. by Winter_Wordsmithin  NonConsent/Reluctance08/03/094.11


 — Be careful of strangers. by JimBob44in  Erotic Horror07/04/094.09

The Audition

 — His bi curiosity leads to a hot, kinky ultimatum. by curio_69in  Gay Male05/18/090.00

Star Athlete to Slut Ch. 03

 — New playmates and fun. by QueenBCSin  Interracial Love11/19/084.03

Submission to Andre Ch. 01

 — Boss made me his whore. by Dragonlipzin  Group Sex10/29/083.74

Summer of '59 Ch. 03

 — Cliff discovers his bi-sexuality. by walterioin  Gay Male07/07/084.48


 — Wife convinced him to try bi and he loved it. by HerLittlePiggyin  Gay Male06/02/084.52HOT

Telling the Wife

 — Confessing to being sucked by a man. by glory_firstin  Loving Wives05/15/083.86

The Contest

 — Eating creampies to make a baby? by bimyselfzin  Fetish05/09/084.21

Straight Guys Need Money

 — Backpacking friends take desperate measures. by Dylan987in  Gay Male05/08/084.20

Sweeter Patrick

 — She watches her bisexual male neighbour with a woman. by noisymotherin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur04/22/084.02

The Ascension of Will Ch. 01

 — Will is an unwilling slave before he becomes a Master. by Varla_Pussycatin  BDSM04/03/083.79

Suzy's Open Marriage Ch. 02

 — David tries bi-sex. by MKOOLPOPin  Loving Wives01/04/084.26

The Dancer

 — His wife takes him to an all-male review. by HerLittlePiggyin  Gay Male12/20/074.62HOT

The Bar

 — What happens when a bicyclist gets ridden instead. by MrDeviantin  Group Sex11/23/072.90

Straight Offshore Bunkmates

 — Horniness leads bunkmates to a first time. by AquaMan984in  Gay Male10/28/074.40

The Camping Trip

 — Two married guys find pleasure on a camping trip. by bottom4blkin  Gay Male10/11/074.22

Surrender to Love

 — A bisexual MMF love story. by yukonnightsin  Group Sex08/22/074.70HOT

Telling Her that I am Bi Like Her

 — He not only tells her, but shows her, too. by bisexualcoupleazin  Group Sex08/11/073.91

Switch Hitter Ch. 02

 — They continue their exploration at home. by HerLittlePiggyin  Gay Male08/08/074.54HOT

The Cabin Trip

 — Two best friends discover they are both bisexual. by geilguyin  Gay Male07/27/070.00

The All-Over Tan

 — Rob discovers Mark & his sister have matching tans. by r_redstonein  Incest/Taboo06/23/074.56HOT

Stag Party

 — Groom gets laid, but not by the stripper. by donaldelliott11in  Group Sex05/25/073.77

Strong Men Are Bisexual, Too

 — Sexy woman meets bisexual Black men. by Samuelxin  Group Sex05/10/074.13

Southern Nights

 — Techie becomes aware of his bi side. by jjjshmidtin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers04/26/074.65HOT

Tennis, A Love Game of Surprises Ch. 02

 — More tennis and other love games by walterioin  Group Sex04/25/074.48

Straight Man who Admires Other Men's Butts

 — Women do, so why can't men? by Edwarlifein  Gay Male02/15/073.88

The Beach

 — Beach, sun, and a stranger. by bybiguyin  Gay Male02/11/073.98

The Bookstore Ch. 01

 — Paul & Martha's new business leads to more than profits. by jim313in  Group Sex01/03/074.53HOT

That Full Feeling

 — Interracial bi-curious becomes a full bisexual. by GE216237in  Gay Male10/20/064.46

Stranger on the Train

 — Straight but curious guys seduce each other on the train. by _V_in  Gay Male09/18/064.44

Summer Had Finally Arrived Ch. 01

 — Friends get closer - much closer. by wedding_surprisein  Group Sex08/14/064.19

Sucking at the Picnic

 — Caught misbehaving by his wife. by bullfrogtsin  Gay Male08/02/064.46

Steam Room Surprise

 — Bi-guy surprises his straight buddy. by T@nmanin  Gay Male07/28/064.29

The Cruise

 — A first-time widowed swinger cruise. by 1977TTin  Group Sex06/16/064.00

The Bet

 — Mike's team loses & he must pay up to his wife. by mikec1010in  Gay Male06/06/064.27

Spin-The-Bottle Ch. 02

 — The story of Tyler, Jade, and Kevin. by Thizbeein  Group Sex04/30/064.02

Spin-The-Bottle Ch. 01

 — The story of Tyler, Jade, and Kevin. by Thizbeein  Group Sex04/29/064.09

That Photo!

 — A straight man bends a little. by Otazelin  Gay Male03/18/064.67HOT

Straight From the Horse's Mouth!

 — Husbands have fun with wives at Halloween party. by champ wilsonin  Group Sex10/16/053.42

Summer on the Farm Ch. 01

 — Young man meets his coworker and twin cousins. by christian_hmin  Group Sex07/22/053.98

The Bar

 — A wild night with her bisexual Master. by co1029in  BDSM06/05/053.93

Staying with Friends

 — Threesome leads to his first bisexual experience. by BillyBobJoeEdin  Group Sex04/28/054.63HOT

The Club

 — An email from Sweden turns into a great fivesome. by jim313in  Group Sex04/05/044.57HOT

The Aruba Experience

 — They headed off for a quiet vacation in Aruba. by jim313in  Group Sex03/14/044.65HOT

The Ad

 — Bisexual personal ad leads married guy to excitement. by jim313in  Group Sex03/05/044.77HOT

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