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Nate meets Jesse for the First Time

 — Nate meets Jesse for the first time [future timeline] by JasonClearwaterin  Gay Male09/27/174.29

It's Not Too Late

 — Jesse breaks up with Lucy. But is there hope with Will? by JasonClearwaterin  Gay Male09/16/174.32

All That's Dark and Bright

 — Byron pursues Jesse and Will. Jesse gets jealous. by JasonClearwaterin  Gay Male09/15/174.64HOT

I Might Share You

 — Bisexual Jesse gets edged in the dark by Will and Lucy by JasonClearwaterin  Group Sex08/21/174.61HOT

Shameless [Nathan Lloyd]

 — Straight to bi, Nate learns about consent the hard way. by JasonClearwaterin  Gay Male08/11/174.59HOT

Jesse's Charming Plan

 — Jesse plans to punish his mate for fucking his girl. by JasonClearwaterin  Gay Male07/27/174.75HOT

Salvation Ch. 01

 — Nate struggles to accept his lust for men in Vince's absence. by JasonClearwaterin  Gay Male07/14/174.60HOT

Jesse, It was Really Nothing!

 — Jesse takes revenge on his cheating girlfriend on the lawn. by JasonClearwaterin  NonConsent/Reluctance07/11/174.06

Nate's Evil Exploits Pt. 14

 — Nate makes a discovery that sets him on a path to freedom. by JasonClearwaterin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/27/174.70HOT

Artichoke Heart

 — Surprise reunion with a childhood crush leads to passion. by angel_grantin  Mature06/17/174.80HOT

Insatiable at Work Ch. 18

 — Tara and Bryan help Rob at work...and he helps them. by insatiablerob8in  Group Sex04/27/174.88HOT

Insatiable at Work Ch. 17: Birthday

 — Tara and Bryan help make Rob's birthday special. by insatiablerob8in  Group Sex04/25/174.17

Insatiable Rob & Eric Ch. 08

 — Rob and Eric help Jay with his needs. by insatiablerob8in  Gay Male04/03/174.48

Insatiable Rob & Eric Ch. 04

 — Eric & Tina share Rob and grow closer. by insatiablerob8in  Gay Male06/22/164.30

The Man With The Big Belly

 — Closeted Bi goes big belly hunting. by tall758in  Gay Male01/17/164.19

Black Love In Modern America

 — Can a kinky woman love a smart bisexual man? by Samuelxin  Group Sex11/24/152.57

Beer As An Excuse

 — There was no other way Dave could think of. by timmywellsin  Gay Male08/14/144.36

A Perfect Match

 — How my wife encouraged my bi sex. by london_james2010in  Erotic Couplings10/24/104.50HOT

Losing Control and Loving It

 — My unusual wife and how she changed my life. by Ronventuresin  Loving Wives08/23/103.18

The Good Neighbor Ch. 04

 — Bill teaches Maria how to please Dave. by Monterockin  Group Sex07/21/104.69HOT

The Limit

 — True calling for a timid man. by mastercapin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers06/22/094.23

Teacher Becomes Gang-Toy

 — ...and betrays her LAPD husband. by Coxswainin  Loving Wives04/14/093.48

Clinic Doctor

 — Horny patient gives good head to the good doctor by BiMaxin  Gay Male03/21/094.27

Bisexual Haitian Men

 — The life and times of Haitian men. by Samuelxin  Group Sex02/27/093.43

Birth of a New Sissy Ch. 03

 — Jeff introduces himself to Erica's wife. by AltErikin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers02/26/094.68HOT

The Therapist

 — He learns about the girl that lives inside him. by pornopersonin  Mind Control02/23/094.29

Birth of a New Sissy Ch. 02

 — Our 'hero' is led further into submission. by AltErikin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers02/21/094.59HOT

Birth of a New Sissy Ch. 01

 — Average guy meets a neighbor and finds a new hobby. by AltErikin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers02/17/094.61HOT

Fifi La Femme: A Pansy at Last

 — First time with a man. by pris69696in  Transsexuals & Crossdressers12/29/084.42

John Holmes And The Princely Prick

 — A bio of the well-endowed porn star. by DeniseNoein  Reviews & Essays08/18/084.08

Me, Maurice and Mario

 — Continuation: threesome with man on man on woman? by Peccatoin  Anal03/24/084.54HOT

Bisexual Black Policeman

 — The life and many loves of a bisexual black cop. by Samuelxin  Group Sex03/03/083.70

Patteran Ch. 01

 — Wanderer in Appalachia meets a vampire goddess. by fcdcin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/08/074.53HOT

Mansex Again, 25 Years Later

 — After 25 years, bisexual man finds a new lover. by UnderMyKiltin  Gay Male02/26/074.32

A Widow's Tale

 — Her mourning passed, Maggie's libido returns. by wordofvirtuein  Novels and Novellas01/05/074.48

My Girlfriend

 — They needed to teach a straight guy about bisexuality. by kandiein  Group Sex12/06/064.35

Good Neighbor Ch. 04

 — Things work out, but not in the way he expects. by Ken Nitsuain  Gay Male11/24/064.65HOT


 — Bisexual woman falls for bisexual man. by Samuelxin  Group Sex05/03/063.69

The Show

 — Two bi men put on a private show for ladies. by Luckylucy1in  Gay Male04/13/064.29

MMF First Time

 — A new experience hangs in the air. by Erotic Celtin  Gay Male11/27/054.52HOT


 — Bi-curious guy finds answers. by rikaaimin  Gay Male11/18/054.42

The Weekend

 — He discovers a little bit of himself on a weekend trip. by jimwilshow1in  Group Sex10/28/054.41

MMMF Foursome

 — Wife finds husband in bed with 2 men & joins them. by bigtoylvrin  Group Sex10/23/054.46

Bi Time with Wife and Eric

 — Couple try a MMF bisexual threesome by bigtoylvrin  Group Sex10/23/054.30

Just a Story, Honey!

 — Husband tells wife a fantasy. by champ wilsonin  Gay Male10/09/054.02

She Gets Her Men

 — Woman savors bi-men, Bill and Jeremy. by hockeyjohn2000in  Group Sex09/21/053.46

Local Convention Connection

 — MWM meets convention goers. by curiousonesocalin  Gay Male09/09/054.16

Briget Ch. 05

 — Brian moves out of Dennis', & in with grandmother. by velvethammerin  Incest/Taboo06/30/054.65HOT

Three Day Pass # 02

 — His first gay experience continues. by BennyBlankin  Gay Male06/19/054.47

Dave and Linda Ch. 01

 — Wife gives hubby a bi surprise on anniversary. by platilove1in  Group Sex06/09/054.34

Becoming Bi Ch. 04

 — The girls are back. by loves69forallin  Group Sex04/08/054.38

The Gym

 — Couple gets more than just a workout at gym. by jim313in  Group Sex04/07/054.55HOT

Becoming Bi Ch. 01

 — Wife's ex-lover brings out his bisexual side. by loves69forallin  Gay Male04/01/054.24

The Adventures of Anne & Me

 — Wife's first foursome; husband's first bi experience. by Dorian Q Grayin  Loving Wives03/31/054.29

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