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Guilty Pleasures Pt. 03

 — Fun times with Kitty. by lesbianishkittyin  Fetish08/28/164.00

Enemy Lines Ch. 05-06

 — Nate and Ketri head home, Cpt. Thoros gets a surprise visit. by Cmdr_Lin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/28/164.74HOT

Enemy Lines Ch. 01-04.5

 — A Human merc is shot down and gets involved with a cute Xeno. by Cmdr_Lin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/17/164.75HOT

A&G Ch. 02: The Market

 — The King & Queen take a sensuous stroll through the market. by The_Tender_Dominantin  Romance02/20/164.41

First Time Online

 — A newly single woman discovers the joys of cyber sex. by ltlfoxyridrin  Toys & Masturbation01/06/164.13

Diary of an Incubus Ch. 07

 — Descent of a man to demon & the power of the female orgasm. by DJWintersin  Novels and Novellas12/05/154.73HOT

Hematoma Ch. 08

 — Shay's morning after becomes round two. by Asbelin  Gay Male11/27/154.57HOT


 — Being blind didn't stop her from grabbing love by the tail by entwined_tailsin  NonHuman05/04/154.54HOT


 — A broken wing wasn't going to stop him from finding a mate by entwined_tailsin  NonHuman05/04/154.67HOT

Bitch and Dicking: Prologue

 — Bitch and Dicking love to fuck and spank each other. by livebeornwulfin  BDSM04/11/152.75

Batman - The Beginning

 — The beginning of an affair, the first night. by DivineMsMin  Erotic Couplings04/09/154.43

Afterhours: When Orcs Pork

 — Everything's quiet, and two orcs indulge in some nasty sex. by LadyMizrain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/28/154.17

Curse of Aphrodite

 — Sex with a goddess brings unexpected consequences for Joseph by SSX1988in  NonHuman02/01/154.16

Hematoma Ch. 05

 — Shay is brought to Yorick's home... For what? by Asbelin  Gay Male01/16/154.75HOT

A Bunny to Play With Ch. 01

 — With the help of her roommate, Bunny discovers bdsm. by ChrissieLeckerin  Novels and Novellas01/02/154.71HOT

Good Morning, Goodbye

 — A night of passion in the Days Inn Hotel. by viihardinin  Interracial Love12/18/143.56

GianCarlo Ch. 08

 — Something gotta go wrong, we're feeling way too damn good. by ihartekennyin  Interracial Love12/06/144.75HOT

A&G Ch. 01: The Cottage

 — The queen needed escape but gets reminded where she belongs. by The_Tender_Dominantin  BDSM08/29/144.65HOT

Factors of Change Ch. 04

 — A chase, a catch, and a cold skinny dip in the Lake. by MarieLynein  NonHuman08/15/144.81HOT

Alpha Matings

 — How knew writing a dissertation could be such fun? by Tara_Nealein  Humor & Satire07/30/144.28

Dean & Lily - Masquerade Ball

 — After a long time apart, the lovers are reunited by fate. by The_Tender_Dominantin  BDSM06/16/144.48

Dean & Lily - Office Fun

 — Sexting leads to office sex for these close friends. by The_Tender_Dominantin  Erotic Couplings05/26/144.62HOT

Being the Big Spoon

 — Midnight sex turns into a new toy experiment for him. by MysticRaein  BDSM05/15/144.29

Dean & Lily - Gentle Dominance

 — Two close friends with benefits enjoy a night together. by The_Tender_Dominantin  Erotic Couplings05/12/144.50HOT

Afternoon Dom-light

 — A Master and slave share an important first meeting. by FamiliarStranger86in  BDSM02/24/144.26

Double Dip

 — Two encounters in one day, but who was better? by MissClarein  Erotic Couplings02/12/144.33

Car Garage

 — Planned and enjoyed play rape scene. by Kirsenne99in  NonConsent/Reluctance12/29/133.62

A Helping Hand Ch. 02

 — He helps out in the kitchen. by kitchensixin  Erotic Couplings12/16/134.17

A Very Vampy Christmas

 — Chelsea and Germaine celebrate the bed. by DinaDevereuxin  NonHuman12/08/134.71HOT

A Visit To The Vet

 — A normal day at work until her online lover arrives. by Kinks_Aboundin  Erotic Couplings11/24/134.47


 — Female vampire has her way on a one night stand. by cyberftmin  Erotic Horror09/10/134.06

Control Ch. 03

 — Sub is bound and fucked. by little_subin  BDSM08/17/134.08

Confessions of a Red Hot Red Head

 — Entry Two: Mr. Pain by red_hot_redhead_confessorin  Erotic Couplings06/13/134.10

Everything Changes Ch. 05

 — After the birth, Stephanie's vengeance, Another pup born. by KemMystin  NonHuman05/10/134.81HOT

Handsome Ch. 24

 — Bree does a good deed; talks dirty to GF & fucks his aunt. by Paris Watermanin  Incest/Taboo02/17/134.45

Childhood Friends Ch. 01

 — Jenna and Mike Discover their feelings. by twoboredfriendsin  Erotic Couplings12/02/124.07

Deep in the Heart of Me Ch. 04

 — Completely and utterly hooked. by Brunnein  Romance10/05/124.85HOT

By His Touch

 — She cannot see him, but she can feel him. by ecchi_rebirthin  BDSM09/20/124.53HOT

Deep in the Heart of Me Ch. 02

 — The hunger only goes deeper. by Brunnein  Romance08/23/124.80HOTContest Winner

Deep in the Heart of Me Ch. 01

 — The beginning of the addiction. by Brunnein  Romance08/15/124.78HOT

Gentle Giant Ch. 02

 — The half-Giant becomes an employee of the whorehouse. by vixxxxin  NonHuman03/20/124.51HOT

Finally- The Beginning

 — Cheating spouses get together for first time. by SimoneRouXin  Mind Control03/10/122.80

Artistic License

 — Bonded by Dracula, Amy gets more than she bargains for. by Nehimain  NonHuman01/12/124.48

Dr.Jekyl and Mrs. Hyde

 — Chemistry MILF gone psycho. by MrLurkerin  Incest/Taboo11/03/113.71

Casual Encounters of Transition

 — Experiences leading to huge sexual reveals. by rex_gladiorumin  Gay Male08/10/113.63

Grab, Pull and Thrust Ch. 02

 — The second date. by Bethybooin  Erotic Couplings06/07/114.33

A Night in the Country

 — A relaxing country trip turns south. by dryadiclustin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/23/113.52

Animal Lover Ch. 09

 — Thomas approaches Lyssa. by KemMystin  NonHuman02/05/114.63HOT

A Stolen Afternoon

 — Two former lovers meet for an afternoon of pleasure. by mssassypantsin  Erotic Couplings10/30/103.36

Dark Dreams

 — He knows what I need. by phoenixskyin  BDSM09/24/104.48

Angelus's Conquest

 — this is a work of fan fiction dedicated to Angel's alter eg by redneckwomanin  Celebrities09/23/103.82

Fire Ch. 12

 — The winter of their discontent. by Enithermonin  NonHuman08/31/104.85HOT


 — An erotic encounter in a mysterious circumstance. by MightyWurmin  NonHuman06/24/103.08

For Him I Am Always Ready

 — Lovers wake for passionate sex. by bisexy_butterflyin  Anal06/12/104.60HOT

Hauling Ass Ch. 02

 — Sometimes "no" means "if you bite me first". by Maresy_Doatsin  BDSM06/07/103.45


 — Out in the open. by Enygma55in  BDSM05/21/104.00

Fire Ch. 11

 — Bright smoke, cold fire, and all love's labors. by Enithermonin  NonHuman04/19/104.85HOT

City Heat

 — The summer heat heats up their afternoon. by fire_breezein  Erotic Couplings03/18/104.55HOT


 — Betty, a girl with bite. by jonmartin22in  NonHuman02/17/104.60HOT


 — Dreams can come true. by FizzledSubin  BDSM09/24/094.06

A Vampire's Human Slave Ch. 01

 — How could Jake know she was a vampire? by MasochisticFreakin  NonHuman09/23/093.96


 — A short encounter between two vampires. by phalcombin  NonHuman08/23/094.22

Burning Desires, Secret Pleasures Ch. 02

 — Continuation of the first part. by Cherelleannain  NonConsent/Reluctance08/21/093.90

Burning Desires, Secret Pleasures

 — Tantalizing story of love, desire, bondage, and domination. by Cherelleannain  NonConsent/Reluctance08/18/094.00

Country Club Ch. 02

 — Trophy wife likes it rough. by JackieJabin  NonConsent/Reluctance07/20/094.53HOT

Dream Sequence

 — I dream of biting. by cavannarosein  Fetish07/10/093.83

Fire Ch. 08

 — Damned if you do... by Enithermonin  NonHuman06/07/094.83HOT

A Touch of Violence

 — A vanilla couple experiments with rough sex and domination. by cavannarosein  BDSM05/29/093.64


 — Old flames catch fire under the Christmas tree. by DotNYin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/19/093.17

A Visit from the Professor

 — The professor shows up on his doorstep. by vyronika_knightin  Erotic Couplings11/18/084.05

Akia of Gamore

 — A Princess of Gamora finds love, and pain with a new man by Morbid_Saintin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/14/083.00

Dark Paths Ch. 02

 — Xavier is drawn into a passionate threesome. by SadieRosein  Gay Male09/20/084.86HOT

A Modern Ancient

 — Vampire finds his mate on an online gaming site. by vampyre_gemin  NonHuman09/20/083.93


 — kristin is forced into ultimate submission. by lilkristinin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/06/083.71

A Night of Kinky Passion

 — First outdoors, then indoors. by kinkymindin  Anal08/12/084.04

A Forced Apology

 — Eddie gives his ex an apology; she openly accepts. by Downsouthbabein  BDSM04/18/083.75

Beautiful Creatures

 — She is turned by a beautiful vampire. by Darkshinesin  NonHuman02/09/084.49

Freaks Ch. 02

 — Love is found within red steam & foggy glass. by GrotesqueBurgesin  Gay Male12/22/074.42

Coming Back for Seconds

 — A continuation of lessions in BDSM. by Littl1in  BDSM08/30/074.12

A Good Day

 — You are the passionate ending to a good day. by Miles Longin  Erotic Couplings08/22/074.13

Church of Swallowing: Preparing for Roxy

 — Hanna needs a Non-CoS booty call. by Silentbobin  Erotic Couplings08/02/074.44

At the Laundry Mat

 — A bad day gets better when a girl has a laundry mat encounte. by MissOrallyFixatedin  BDSM06/12/074.67HOT

Between Friends

 — You can always count on your friend. by pinkmeowin  Erotic Couplings04/29/074.42

Galactic Slave Ch. 11

 — Susan makes first contact with a new species. by dweaver999in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/15/074.80HOT


 — Some friendly sex, with teeth. by apieceofworkin  BDSM03/09/073.88

Anal Love

 — He'll win, but she puts up a sexy fight. by blackwidowbitchin  Anal02/14/073.75

AH Fantasies Ch. 04

 — When Darkness Falls: a gothic lesbian tale. by scheherazade_79in  Chain Stories02/13/074.62HOT


 — A young woman's acceptance. by Pain_Janein  Erotic Horror01/09/074.29

Angry Sex

 — A fight leads to much more. by themarquisein  Erotic Couplings11/13/064.27

A Timeless Place Ch. 13

 — A visit from an old acquaintance. by windstormyin  Gay Male11/03/064.65HOT

Bite Me

 — Vampire seduces a innocent girl. by klark420in  Erotic Horror10/18/064.30

Day 2

 — What punishment lay ahead for her? by Someonesfreakin  BDSM10/01/064.18

Breakfast in Bed

 — She spoils him and he spoils her. by themarquisein  Erotic Couplings07/09/064.67HOT

A Love Story - A Cheating Wife

 — Undeniable chemistry between man & married woman. by denversexin  Loving Wives10/22/053.42

Don't Show This One to Andy

 — He does his boss... a favor. by gorehoundin  NonConsent/Reluctance10/05/053.82


 — 1600 miles of foreplay might be just enough. by Dirt Wednesdayin  Erotic Couplings08/08/054.27

Ana's Induction

 — A vampiric threesome. by phoenixphairin  NonHuman05/21/054.53HOT

An Interlude With a Friend

 — She met Jake by accident. by aionain  BDSM03/17/054.13

Don't Bite

 — Aven learns not to bite her master. by KayeRoibenin  BDSM05/31/043.94

Full Moon Rising

 — Lonely werewolf spies his princess. by MorganHawkein  NonHuman08/17/004.60HOTEditor's Pick

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