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Singing in Ethiopia

 — Learning the meaning of the songs. by RubenRin  Interracial Love01/31/174.63HOT

Dancing in Ethiopia

 — Spending my Winter Holiday with Aster. by RubenRin  Interracial Love11/28/164.69HOT

Freshman Girl Loses Her Virginity

 — Newly-turned 18 college girl finally has sex in college. by thirstygirlllin  First Time05/25/163.37

How You Want It Mr. Cable?

 — A young man looks through the slats of the barn. by timmywellsin  Gay Male06/18/154.57HOT

Hot Sex Instead of Dancing Ch. 15

 — Tiffany wants to have sex with Walter dressed as Wendy. by SusanJillParkerin  Interracial Love12/21/144.50HOT

Stuck in a Hotel with Friends Ch. 01

 — The making of a Cuckold. by eroswizardin  Interracial Love12/16/133.84

Dark Chocolate

 — Anna may never go back... by leannaharrowin  Interracial Love10/17/134.04

My Name is Fred Ch. 03

 — Small Fred and track star work out small cock issues. by gushoganin  Fetish04/09/133.33


 — A ponyback ride arouses her, and they love what happens next by Boxlicker101in  Fetish11/06/124.54HOT

The Hot Adventures of Jack Ch. 01-02

 — Jack gets the ability to control others. by James_Black001in  Mind Control09/14/123.93

Naked Bloom

 — The beginning of Illiana's story. by Vanessa_Bellein  Interracial Love03/27/123.96

Measuring Up

 — Personal trainer wanted to check my measurements. by giantalexin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur02/15/124.08

Young Black Pussy

 — The white teacher and black student have a good deal going. by Boxlicker101in  Interracial Love12/23/114.45

White Daughter Taken By Black Man

 — A mother surrenders her daughter to her black boyfriend. by JonathanTin  Interracial Love12/21/114.21

Laura and Two African Businessmen

 — 31-year-old Laura's meeting with two older West Africans. by fantasyboyin  Group Sex11/18/114.36

Wild Weekend with My Wife Ch. 01

 — She's enjoyed by step brothers. by fishgardengolfin  Loving Wives07/06/114.15


 — His date with a gorgeous black woman. by mgwauthorin  Interracial Love06/29/114.29

Nights Like These

 — One night of passion changes the lives of two friends. by BiteMePlease1792in  Interracial Love01/13/113.44

My Hermaphrodite Boss Pt. 06

 — Bad vibrations. by Metamorphosein  Transsexuals & Crossdressers11/26/104.67HOT

Black Snake Boot Camp

 — First foray into interracial lust. by headmaster4hungonesin  Interracial Love11/15/103.73

Uninvited Night Guest

 — Solitary, old man is alone at home in the dark of the night. by cowboy109in  NonConsent/Reluctance11/13/104.12Editor's Pick

Disgust or Lust

 — Wife's lust awakened. by JustRongin  Loving Wives08/08/103.46

Budunkadunk: A Meet and Greet

 — Online dating turns real and sweaty with a big shelf! by Brusonin  Interracial Love02/11/104.05

M and H Ch. 01

 — A young lady gets spiced and flavored. by therealultimatedarkonein  Interracial Love10/14/094.06

Wimp Loses to Young Black Boss

 — A white husband is humiliated by his black boss. by michaelwimphusbandin  Interracial Love09/17/083.46

Unforgotten Promise Ch. 02

 — Danielle and Kiccaid meet after 5 years. by in4sinin  Interracial Love02/27/084.63HOT

Black Meat For My Sister

 — A sister's fantasy is realised. by upriverin  Incest/Taboo01/06/084.36

Anika: An African Goddess Ch. 02

 — Marcus has intense meeting with his beautiful black client. by gapster7in  Interracial Love01/09/074.70HOT

Workplace Tryst

 — Hot interracial tension in the office erupts after hours. by xlr8_okin  Interracial Love01/08/074.34

Black and White Prologue

 — Two powerful angels clash over the alchemist. by skyunendingin  Gay Male07/07/063.90

Innocence Lost Ch. 13

 — Joan's threesome with husband and Harry. by ShaneFullin  Loving Wives06/09/064.52HOT

The Pied Piper

 — The Pied Piper pays a visit to the Deep South. by Selena_Kittin  Mind Control04/13/064.04

Love of My Life Ch. 02

 — The relationships gets complicated. by Innocent06in  Interracial Love03/18/064.36

Learning the Dance Ch. 01

 — Gloria teaches Christy the Secret Woman's Tribal Dance. by klvyoennein  Lesbian Sex03/14/063.66

The First but Not Last for Diane

 — MWF is taken to places she's never been before. by MichaelLakeHoughtonin  Interracial Love12/29/054.45

New Experiences in London

 — Voyeuristic black man seduces two girls to bi-sex. by pussylove69in  Group Sex12/17/054.55HOT

The Summer Picnic

 — Overseas employee has sex at the company picnic. by stoneypointin  Interracial Love10/26/054.00

The Perfect Threesome

 — Sarah enjoys one white, one black. by bebechickin  Group Sex10/07/053.12

Time to Share

 — Two men share a beauty. by pratychookin  Group Sex06/10/054.23

New Neighbor Ch. 01

 — A married man meets his new ebony neighbor. by caramelzin  Interracial Love04/27/054.00

Casino Night

 — Hubby sets up coworker to seduce his wife. by Barb36Din  Loving Wives07/04/034.31

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