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Mindy's Massage Ch. 10: Different Kind of Ride

 — Mindy explores one client's odd perversion. by hornyolpervin  Group Sex09/26/174.00

Mindy's Massage Ch. 08: Mindy's Boat Trip

 — Mindy has more fun than she expects on a boat with four guys. by hornyolpervin  Group Sex08/15/174.46

Aratego: A Cuckold's Paradise Ch. 01

 — In Aratego, the cuckold life is the way of life. by thegeroticain  Interracial Love07/11/174.00

The Power of Suggestion

 — I suggest wife pick up a guy for sex so I can watch. by spousepeepin  Loving Wives04/04/154.33

Uncertain Desires Ch. 05

 — Don't judge a book by its cover... Isn't that the truth? by gorilla4in  NonHuman11/12/144.61HOT

Janet's Story

 — A BBC-addict relapses. by tw_holtin  Interracial Love10/29/144.33

Ashley's Story

 — A BBC-loving college girl has an encounter that changes her. by tw_holtin  Interracial Love10/29/144.33

Rachael's Year

 — A year in the life of Rachael. by tw_holtin  Interracial Love05/03/144.38

Ray Finds Himself in a Skirt Ch. 03

 — Rey's Mom brings home a guest for more than just dinner. by ReyLin64in  Incest/Taboo05/12/134.24

Ashlee, JD, the White Girl Buffet

 — Her black boyfriend begins building his harem. by DrHugein  Interracial Love01/04/124.27

The Cook and The French Maid

 — An interracial couple get ready for a costume party. by LusciousKnightin  Interracial Love12/13/113.91

Ashlee, JD, the Anniversary Dinner

 — Blonde surprises black boyfriend with a friend. by DrHugein  Interracial Love11/21/114.06

Mature Lady Gets Fit

 — For part of a soccer team. by BobCarolein  Mature07/14/114.15

You've Been Flirting Again Ch. 03

 — Roshanda's feelings for Chris intensify. by miserybusinessin  Interracial Love07/04/114.50HOT

Robin Goes Black For More

 — Girl gets a booty call from an old friend. by TooCool21in  Interracial Love06/28/113.83

Blondes On Blacks: Strapon Rage

 — Older White woman strapons Black guy. by Samuelxin  Interracial Love03/24/112.61

Blondes On Blacks: Strapon Hell

 — White woman strapons Black guy. by Samuelxin  Interracial Love03/24/112.57

A Long Flight with My Daughter

 — Mom watches as daughter is 'looked after' on plane. by 1978yidin  Incest/Taboo12/23/103.59

First meeting

 — White wife meets black guy she's been talking to online. by chasseur11in  Interracial Love02/11/104.41

Learning to Love Black Guys

 — When I entered college I never expected to lose my virginity. by KinzieCrewsin  Interracial Love07/02/093.00

Mrs. Johnson's Confession

 — Mrs. Johnson feels guilty about giving Jason lessons. by A_Satoriin  Mature04/16/094.53HOT

I Know Melanie Ch. 03

 — Melanie shares her man. by chasingDanin  Interracial Love01/27/084.70HOT

A Taboo Affair

 — His wife has an affair with a black man. by 1711in  Interracial Love08/16/074.09

Danielle's Life Ch. 01

 — Her husband wants to see her with a black man. by chasingDanin  Interracial Love04/25/074.51HOT

Leon's College Sexcapades Ch. 02

 — Freshman continues to get down and dirty in his coed dorm. by mutepenguinin  Interracial Love02/01/074.36

Leon's College Sexcapades Ch. 01

 — A hot freshman gets down and dirty in his coed dorm. by mutepenguinin  Interracial Love01/31/074.26

The Interview: Cassie Returns

 — Cassie's back, this time she gets a taste of Jungle Fever. by romanticwenchin  Interracial Love01/05/074.49

First Time in Love

 — Interracial couple finally give in. by str8butcuriousin  Interracial Love10/14/063.89

James’ Birthday Gift

 — Birthday boy wants to play with her pussy. by lilmisssmartypantsin  NonConsent/Reluctance04/23/064.19


 — Trip to Amsterdam opens up my wife. by Annismyslutin  Loving Wives10/15/044.31

Debbie Gone Wild Ch. 03

 — She takes on the big guy. by DeftProseForYouin  Group Sex09/07/044.50HOT

Debbie Gone Wild Ch. 02

 — She gets a handful of the roomful. by DeftProseForYouin  Group Sex09/06/044.41

Debbie Gone Wild Ch. 01

 — My ex-girlfriend takes on a roomful. by DeftProseForYouin  Group Sex09/05/043.76

Hurricanes Bring More Than Rain

 — Visitor to the Big Easy gets wet. by 60 Minute Manin  Gay Male08/16/044.30

Roped in the Woods

 — She's tricked into what she doesn't want. by Lupines_denin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/13/043.85

Argument Ch. 01

 — Wife goes sex crazy after argument. by marriedpervsin  Group Sex06/05/044.16

Dead Heat: Forged In Fire Ch. 01

 — Officer Robby Munroe foils a robbery. by velvetpiein  Gay Male04/05/044.50HOT

Eat Me

 — He's learning to be a cuckold. by Likes Watchingin  Loving Wives03/22/044.30

Drunken Wife

 — Just a few drinks and she's game for anything. by marilyn69in  Group Sex02/04/043.88

My Wife & A Bottle Of Tequila

 — Wife drinks too much tequila. by mhbin  Loving Wives12/26/034.03

Second Time Bi

 — His second time with a guy. by StyxVenomin  Gay Male11/08/034.19

Jacking in the Bathroom

 — His first encounter with another man. by John Hamiltonin  Gay Male10/25/033.70

Need For Black Cock Continued

 — Stella loves that cock. by hotlain  Interracial Love07/31/034.35

Taxi Office

 — Cuckold and his drunk wife's adventure. by wifwatin  Loving Wives06/09/034.27

Wild Ride

 — Older woman's first time with a younger Black man. by TeretheTreein  Interracial Love06/02/033.77

Sherri's Secret Ch. 01

 — Truth cums out about wife's interracial lust. by DerickXin  Interracial Love04/16/034.35

Wife Takes on Black Sailors

 — She gets a pounding. by uksallyin  Loving Wives03/04/034.19

Marg's Present

 — White woman gets Black guy for present. by ray davisin  Interracial Love03/01/033.99

Forbidden Fruit Ch. 01

 — Her first black lover. by TeretheTreein  Interracial Love02/20/033.92

The Workmen

 — Always make sure the job is done properly : -) by rockgoddessukin  Group Sex01/19/033.75

My Wife's First Black Cock

 — Husband sets wife up for an interracial affair. by Eugene Randallin  Loving Wives12/17/024.13

Pizza Delivery Ch. 1

 — Leo delivers. by cecile_mmm_21in  Interracial Love07/13/024.25


 — Swedish hottie on roadtrip shares room with Black stud. by Svenskaflickain  Interracial Love07/07/024.11

White Hot Beach

 — Hot group sex heats up a summer afternoon. by pdxjoin  Gay Male02/13/023.81

Against My Will Ch. 8

 — The women are sold to others. by lynn_bbin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/18/024.34

Porn Site Hostess & the Fan

 — A fan wins a date with sexy amateur webmistress. by Wolfiein  Loving Wives12/20/013.59

A Fantasy of Black

 — Joanne's racial fantasy is fulfilled. by English Bobin  Loving Wives11/01/013.93

The Trip

 — This bet is too good to pass up. by Buffffyin  Group Sex05/07/013.98


 — Girl plays some serious billiards. by Buffffyin  Group Sex05/07/013.70

Older & Wiser

 — Eldest son finds love with his mother. by RakenHoein  Incest/Taboo01/20/013.89

Dear Diary...

 — A young student gets a surprise job interview. by Rainbowin  Group Sex01/15/013.45

Make It Happen

 — Japanese girl's fantasies come true. by TSlavein  BDSM12/05/004.12

Porno Theater Adventure

 — Couple enjoys movie crowd. by Darenin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/18/003.59

Once You Go Black...?

 — Horny girl tests the cliche. by Delilahbabyin  Interracial Love09/01/003.82

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