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Big Booty Bitches Ch. 27

 — The Vegas Showdown with Vida, J-Lo and Britney. by cadeauxxxin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/16/174.73HOT

Silver Screen Express Ch. 10

 — Britney Spears calls for a private fare. by cadeauxxxin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/09/174.73HOT

Get Naked

 — Britney Spears invites two men over for a private lap dance. by cadeauxxxin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/14/174.21

The Road to EGOT Season 03 Pt. 10

 — Just Rewards. by ManUnited1086in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/19/174.65HOT

Sexy Chocolate

 — Britney Spears and Kate Upton share a night with some candy. by cadeauxxxin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction02/19/174.33

The Road to EGOT Season 03 Pt. 08

 — A Good Man. by ManUnited1086in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/03/174.91HOT

Midnight Fantasy

 — Britney Spears fulfills a dream to an old friend. by cadeauxxxin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/19/164.68HOT

Fairy Summoning Pt. 08

 — Mark is mad, but that soon changes. by maestro84in  NonHuman11/05/164.66HOT

Make Me Your Bitch!

 — A rapper makes Britney Spears into his bitch. by cadeauxxxin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/06/164.66HOT

Pool Party Ch. 02

 — The pool party gets hotter with more celebrity dickgirls. by GuyIncognito06902in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/26/164.82HOT

Big Booty Bitches Ch. 09

 — Britney Spears strips for Tony Jr and his gay lover. by cadeauxxxin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/16/164.73HOT

Pool Party

 — Ariel Winter is invited to a secret celebrity pool party. by GuyIncognito06902in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/06/164.30

Pretty Whores

 — Britney Spears and Taylor Momsen entertain a party of men. by cadeauxxxin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/03/164.58HOT

Caught in Between

 — Britney Spears rides in a limo with two men. by cadeauxxxin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction06/17/164.58HOT

Summer Love

 — In Miami, Britney Spears helps a lost man find his mind. by cadeauxxxin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/27/164.66HOT

The Road to EGOT Season 02 Pt. 20

 — Jennifer Lawrence & Melissa Benoist. by ManUnited1086in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/19/164.77HOT

The Road to EGOT Season 02 Pt. 16

 — The Princess, The Widow and The Fox. by ManUnited1086in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/05/154.83HOT

Being J Lo's Pet Ch. 06

 — We go to a private club after the Grammys. by Kerwin6886in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/23/154.25

It's Vegas Bitch!

 — Britney Spears is the sex goddess of sin city. by cadeauxxxin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction06/07/154.63HOT

Britney Spears: Britney Makes A Friend 4

 — Party in Vegas. by shaggy77in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/16/144.45

Britney Spears: Britney Makes A Friend

 — Britney hires a neighbor. by shaggy77in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/08/134.59HOT

The Ultimate Karramel Berry Chain

 — Five hot celebrities have a holiday orgy. by HarlemKnightin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/02/133.78

Desperately Seeking Britney Ch. 02

 — Deb fulfills her fantasy by being Britney's whore. by Erlikkhanin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/04/134.67HOT

Desperately Seeking Britney

 — Deb will do anything for a meeting with her idol. by Erlikkhanin  Group Sex11/04/124.37

Agent Valentina: Mission 01

 — Valentina's assignment brings her to Britney Spear's feet. by sexualrelief7191in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/21/123.81


 — A famous pop singer corrupts an innocent teenager. by Erlikkhanin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction02/16/124.49

Lesbian Call Girl: A 3-Course Feast

 — Monica Crowley as appetizer, then two delicious entrees. by Milenein  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/17/094.70HOT

A Kiss with Brit Ch. 01

 — I've always dreamed of this day, but now it's happening! by anjithaangelin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction06/05/091.88

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 27

 — The Triple Threat Tour Pt. 5 by hollywoodjimin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/11/094.74HOT

Jennifer Aniston On 'The View'

 — Jennifer Aniston proves once and for all she's not Rachel. by peeder_exposedin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction06/17/082.58

Jungle Tom Ch. 01

 — Britney visits the rain forest. by Mad_astronautin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction04/07/082.71

The Best Concert Ever

 — Fucking celebrities in public. by Durbangin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/16/074.07

The Show Ch. 06

 — Meeting the vampires goes wrong. by musicankanein  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/01/064.62HOT

Pop Star's Brother: A Dream Cum True

 — Britney and her brother share a weekend. by jessy19in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/21/054.67HOT

Oops, I Did It With Britney Pt. 04

 — All good things must come to an end. by britneyfanin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/20/053.76

Oops, I Did It With Britney Pt. 03

 — More fun with Britney Spears. by britneyfanin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/20/053.95

Oops, I Did It With Britney Pt. 02

 — My adventures with Britney Spears continue. by britneyfanin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction04/20/053.89

Confessions of a Chart Show Runner

 — Jacuzzi fun with S Club Girls & Britney. by jamesofthedeadin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/06/053.77


 — Britney Spears & Madonna at the music awards. by raaajin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction02/19/043.92

A Chance Meeting

 — Britney gets it on! by pussy_loverin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/14/033.49

The Perfect Pill Ch. 09

 — Gwen the tease and Britney the sleaze. by revolution9in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/01/023.41

Britney's Errand Boy

 — Britney Spears gives him a promotion. by Wayne Extremein  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/18/024.27

Backstage Surprise

 — Shakira makes a fan for life. by CelebFootManin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/30/023.41

Brent Gets Britney

 — Britney fixes her shower and much more. by Knoxvillein  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/24/023.29

The Limo Ch. 1

 — Guy has first big job, with Britney Spears. by getitallin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction06/29/024.34

Britney Fucked In The Penthouse

 — He gets with Britney Spears in her hotel room. by The Irish Hornin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction06/15/023.17

Seduction of Britney Spears

 — Massage leads to stripper's dreams cumming true. by leanne2kin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction04/24/024.21

Britney Spears Keeps Her Virginity

 — Britney has secret way of remaining a 'virgin'. by book of earthin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction04/07/023.83

Goin' Pop Vol. 1

 — K.W. starts his story with Britney Spears & Jessica Simpson. by HELLYEAH4WOODin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction04/01/024.18

Graves Returns

 — More carnage, junior high grade humor & Estella Warren. by Hawaiinshirtin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/18/012.62

Britney's Nasty Secret

 — Britney Spears & her mother were always close... by Will Wantonin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/08/014.17

The Diary Of Britney Spears

 — A look at entries in Britney Spears' diary. by Darksiderin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/25/014.04

Before & After

 — Guy has fun with exhibitionist & Britney & stranger. by nasty1in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/24/013.11

Britney Spears Gets A Bath

 — Angela gives Britney a soak & a little more. by britneyspearsin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction04/12/012.43

The Promotion Ch. 2

 — Melissa and Britney meet poolside. by a1storiesin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/05/014.58HOT


 — Nice guy finally gets the girl of his dreams by TDR2000in  Erotic Couplings02/06/013.92

The Tour Ch. 4

 — He and Britney get down. by HSWriterin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/09/004.34Contest Winner

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