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Mistress Tanya Ch. 01

Widower starts down the road to submission.

Fetish 07/16/2016

The Storm

A car breakdown in a storm leads to interesting experiences.

Fetish 07/16/2016

High School Sweethearts Pt. 02

Andi and Jack's weekend progresses on Saturday.

BDSM 07/15/2016

High School Sweethearts Pt. 01

HighSchool Sweethearts add a D/s dynamic over a long weekend.

BDSM 07/14/2016

Mother-in-Law Discipline Pt. 02

Another trip to mother-i-l for correction & we learn more.

Fetish 07/12/2016

Anniversary Dinner

A romantic dinner and leads to sex under the table.

Fetish 07/10/2016

Mistaken Identity

A salesman at a convention is taken by a tranny by mistake.

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 07/05/2016

The Mistress Ball Pt. 01

The annual mistress ball was upon us.

BDSM 06/23/2016

Why I hate Colonial Williamsburg

Tricked into a stockade, guy is stripped, teased and pegged.

BDSM 06/22/2016

Self Humiliation

Self male bondage and cock and ball torture.

BDSM 06/04/2016

Ian's Quest Pt. 04

Captive in a dragon's lair.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 06/01/2016

All in the Family Pt. 03

A male learns submission from his mother-in-law.

BDSM 05/28/2016

Hannah's Bananas Pt. 02

Hannah and David continue their relationship.

BDSM 04/26/2016

The Benefits of a Girlfriend Ch. 04

Kristy and Adam tell the story of their first encounter.

BDSM 04/26/2016

The Benefits of a Girlfriend Ch. 03

She recounts her recent past while being licked then fucked.

BDSM 04/15/2016

Doll House - The Salon Pt. 02

Sami's initial transformation is completed at the Salon!

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 04/14/2016

Lost and Found Ch. 02 Pt. 02

Lunch, the past revealed, a lesson in submission.

BDSM 04/12/2016

Sadist in the Steam

A day at the bathhouse.

Gay Male 04/06/2016

Jessica's Rules

Loving wife becomes the masturbatrix of his dreams.

BDSM 03/22/2016

His Special Day

Will a slave pass his mistress's test?

BDSM 03/15/2016

Celeste's Chuckles

Allowing an orgasm can be tricky for the slave!

BDSM 03/07/2016

Tease Island

The resort island for Orgasm Denial!

Fetish 03/06/2016

Jeremy's Women

His wife plays a naughty trick on him!

BDSM 03/06/2016

Making Me Hers Ch. 01

A Dark Connection is Made.

BDSM 03/04/2016

The Chaste Crusader

A superhero is in chastity to a super-villainess!

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 02/29/2016

The Fetish Files

The variety of things we enjoy...

Fetish 02/20/2016

Pleasing Master Hans

The Congressman meets his match!

BDSM 02/19/2016

Stuart's Secretary

He hired a Master who made the young lawyer jump!

BDSM 02/19/2016

Beach Life in Buttermilk Falls

At 19, Byron went to live with dominant Aunt Hattie!

BDSM 02/17/2016

Altercations in Buttermilk Falls

Morse learns to be a proper submissive!

BDSM 02/13/2016

Visions in Buttermilk Falls

Turning an unsuspecting graduate student into a slave-pig!

BDSM 02/13/2016

Mistress Myriam of Buttermilk Falls

She is an effective domme!

BDSM 02/13/2016

Mistress Jodie

A weekend of fetishes fulfilled.

BDSM 02/12/2016

The Y-Virus Ch. 07

A male-killing virus plagues the world in the future.

Novels and Novellas 02/11/2016

Ask Medusa

Medusa is the guru of the dominant wife!

BDSM 02/11/2016

The Magazine Article

Yes, it's a tough business, curing bad habits!

BDSM 02/10/2016

Master Knows Best

Master Shane is a Chastity King.

BDSM 02/07/2016

Henry's Exposed Adventure Ch. 04

A ride with Henry's teacher turns exciting.

Novels and Novellas 02/03/2016

The Plant Girl

A young Domme grows up.

BDSM 02/01/2016

Stuart, Celibate

Stuart is enslaved by his 19-year-old paperboy!

BDSM 02/01/2016

Secrets of Buttermilk Falls

About Slave Ellis and his dominant and submissive friends!

BDSM 02/01/2016

Henry's Exposed Adventure Ch. 03

Henry must learn to obey females.

Novels and Novellas 01/31/2016

Sense and Sensuality

An old couple gets together for some debauchery.

BDSM 01/29/2016

Pain of the Goblin

They call him the Goblin, but he's just another slaveboy.

BDSM 01/28/2016

Julie's Triumph

She is happily chastizing a big shot.

BDSM 01/25/2016

The Tutor of Buttermilk Falls

Mistress Fanchon raises some heck!

BDSM 01/24/2016

Slave Phoebe

She is terrified of her Mistress!

BDSM 01/24/2016

Trials of Timothy

Timothy is an unfortunate submissive!

BDSM 01/24/2016

Mistress Di

She makes her poor hubby cry!

BDSM 01/23/2016

The Chastity Cube

Mistress Santiva's happy family!

BDSM 01/23/2016

My Mistress is My Wife

Wife and husband begin femdom journey.

Fetish 01/21/2016

Miss Andi

Can a robot dominate a human?

BDSM 01/13/2016

Prison Bitch Ch. 04: Hose Down

James is subjected to an enema.

NonConsent/Reluctance 01/11/2016

A Business Meeting

A Chicago business man has a meeting with a Thai Mistress.

BDSM 01/07/2016


A guy starts his journey to slavery.

BDSM 01/03/2016

Sun Hee Ch. 07

His chastity forces him to face the consequences.

Fetish 12/31/2015

The Pleasure Planet Pt. 03

Shadow's punishment.

NonConsent/Reluctance 12/27/2015

Henry's Exposed Adventure Ch. 01

Young man meets a domineering group of women.

BDSM 12/27/2015

My Journey to Submission Pt. 09b

My journey to submission continues in Berlin, part 2.

BDSM 12/17/2015

This Time She's Gone Too Far

Salima's pushed me too far this time. I won't stand for this.

Fetish 12/12/2015

Balls of War

Drake and I play tug of war to win Alexis.

BDSM 12/10/2015

Sex Cults Exist Ch. 01

Based on my experience with four women, I became a member.

BDSM 12/10/2015

The Program Ch. 02: Power Transfer

A sub decides she wants to take control and train her man.

BDSM 12/03/2015

Prison Bitch Ch. 01

Kyle meets his new bitch - a cute college kid.

NonConsent/Reluctance 11/28/2015

Finding My Exhibitionist and Ball B

My roommate and his girlfriend encourage my exhibitionism.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 11/22/2015

Detective Slave Ch. 02

A police detective is enslaved by a nightclub singer.

BDSM 11/19/2015

Harvey's Training Pt. 01: Prologue

Young Harvey will be trained to be the perfect fucktoy.

NonConsent/Reluctance 11/19/2015

My Journey to Submission Pt. 04

Continuing story of submitting to older woman.

BDSM 11/06/2015

Sun Hee Ch. 05

Korean keyholder lets me cum, but it's not what I expected.

Fetish 10/30/2015

I Taught Highschool English

Teacher loses power and gets more than he's bargained for.

BDSM 10/28/2015

Teased by My Neighbor

Locked in chastity, Beth teases me more.

Fetish 10/26/2015

Taming the Peckerhead Pt. 02

Keeping arrogant lawyer on the straight and narrow.

NonConsent/Reluctance 10/25/2015

The Y-Virus Ch. 06

A male-killing virus plagues the world in the future.

Novels and Novellas 10/15/2015

Humiliated by Bully Girls Ch. 01

Caught and humiliated by chav bully girls.

BDSM 09/15/2015

Superior Mistress Session 01

Diary of serving my Mistress as she chooses.

BDSM 08/20/2015

Babysitter Takes Advantage

Jessica starts pushing limits to get what she wants.

NonConsent/Reluctance 08/19/2015

Pictures of Change Ch. 01

Pictures can change everything, for better or worse.

BDSM 08/14/2015

Taming the Peckerhead

Smug lawyer gets put in his place.

NonConsent/Reluctance 08/01/2015

The Y-Virus Ch. 05

A male-killing virus plagues the world in the future.

Novels and Novellas 07/28/2015

A Working Mother

A boss forces a mother to ballbust and humiliate her son.

NonConsent/Reluctance 07/19/2015

The Y-Virus Ch. 04

A male-killing virus plagues the world in the future.

Novels and Novellas 07/08/2015

Mtn. Pines Resort Pt. 03

A wife embraces her status and a husband discovers his place.

BDSM 07/04/2015

The Y-Virus Ch. 03

A male-killing virus plagues the world in the future.

Novels and Novellas 06/30/2015

Mtn. Pines Resort Pt. 01

A wife embraces her status and a husband discovers his place.

BDSM 06/30/2015

Third Domination

My third visit to my mistress and I get a surprise.

BDSM 06/29/2015

Mother's Helping Hand Ch. 12

Bobby get's his dick moulded and ends up in a 3some.

Incest/Taboo 06/29/2015

The Y-Virus Ch. 02

A male-killing virus plagues the world in the future.

Novels and Novellas 06/27/2015

The Y-Virus Ch. 01

A male-killing virus plagues the world in the future.

Novels and Novellas 06/26/2015

Put That On!

Two adults explore their tendencies toward dominance and sub.

BDSM 06/19/2015

Nicoletter Ch. 02

Young French girl moves in with her boss and husband.

BDSM 05/31/2015

How I Met My Shemale Pt. 03

Shy man dates shemale.

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 05/30/2015

Punishing Scott's Balls

Emma takes pleasure from hurting her husband's balls...

Fetish 05/27/2015

Hell Week Ch. 08

The pledges week of hell is almost over. What happens next.

BDSM 05/26/2015

Lot 27 Ch. 01

Tom discovers his father's business is not all it seemed.

Gay Male 05/20/2015

Slow and Painful Ch. 08

Study Session.

NonConsent/Reluctance 05/17/2015

Dave Gets an Education Pt. 10

The ladies plan to expand as the end of summer approaches.

BDSM 05/04/2015

My Eventful Naked Week

An awakening and arrival into the world of kink.

BDSM 05/03/2015

Dave Gets an Education Pt. 09

Dave's saga continues.

BDSM 05/01/2015

Dave Gets an Education Pt. 08

The saga of Dave continues.

BDSM 04/30/2015

Poor Boy

The sexual adventures of a young poet.

Incest/Taboo 04/23/2015
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