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The Beginning: Ch. 02

 — Something Weird Happens. by FantasyStoryLoverin  Non-Erotic09/21/164.59HOT

The Beginning: Ch. 01

 — Meet Chris. by FantasyStoryLoverin  Non-Erotic09/20/164.35

The Beginning: Ch. 00

 — An Introduction to the Universe. by FantasyStoryLoverin  Non-Erotic09/19/164.52HOT

Alissa Came

 — Hot stranger fucks horny girl on break. by Hayworthenin  Erotic Couplings10/11/153.67

Unbreakable Bond Ch. 11

 — There's no love like the first... bonded for life! by adjoaqin  Gay Male04/18/154.88HOT

Unspoken Words Ch. 03

 — Chatting leads to... planning a date? by DomXianin  Gay Male03/11/154.50HOT

Unbreakable Bond Ch. 09

 — There's no love like the first...Mending! by adjoaqin  Gay Male03/07/154.83HOT

Unspoken Words Ch. 02

 — Getting to know more about Chris' childhood and friends. by DomXianin  Gay Male02/22/154.47

Unspoken Words Ch. 01

 — Angelo meets Chris. by DomXianin  Gay Male02/14/154.49

Unspoken Words: Prologue

 — Looking for love, and finding it in someone unlikely. by DomXianin  Gay Male02/13/154.34

Unbreakable Bond Ch. 06

 — There's no love like the first...sizzling encounters! by adjoaqin  Gay Male01/01/154.88HOT

Unbreakable Bond Ch. 05

 — There's no love like the first... revelations! by adjoaqin  Gay Male12/09/144.85HOT

My Good Girl

 — Chris and Ally take their online relationship to real life. by NaughtyGlitterin  NonConsent/Reluctance12/07/143.45

My Video Good Girl

 — Chris and Ally have a sexy video chat. by NaughtyGlitterin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur11/08/143.33

Unbreakable Bond Ch. 02

 — There's no love like the first... a desperate attempt! by adjoaqin  Gay Male10/23/144.74HOT

Unbreakable Bond Ch. 01

 — There's no love like the first... The meeting! by adjoaqin  Gay Male10/12/144.67HOT

The Friendship Flight Ch. 02

 — An unexpected offer from Chase. by zhivegasin  Novels and Novellas06/29/134.50HOT

Mr. Perfect Ch. 04

 — The Trial. by Bleblain  Gay Male03/31/124.64HOT

Mr. Perfect Ch. 03

 — The Event. by Bleblain  Gay Male02/28/124.59HOT

Mr. Perfect Ch. 02

 — The Truth. by Bleblain  Gay Male02/15/124.46

Things Change Ch. 04

 — Mike has deja vu. by Gweallin  Gay Male04/30/114.63HOT

Knock Knock Knock

 — A rockin' New Year's Eve. by Chris3798in  BDSM01/01/114.62HOT

Dilemma Continued Ch. 03

 — Chris meets Lorelei and makes contact with his past life. by northlanderin  Non-Erotic12/31/104.48

Dilemma Continued Ch. 01

 — The continuing story of Chris and Lorelei. by northlanderin  Non-Erotic12/24/104.52HOT

Resident Evil 5: Debriefing

 — Chris relieves some tension with Jill. by ResidentEmanin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/11/104.43

Higher Power

 — There is no such thing as love at first sight right? by Sean Renaudin  Romance02/04/103.61

Cutie Gets a Taste of Colorado

 — A relaxing afternoon alone takes a different turn. by qwertycutiein  Erotic Couplings09/18/094.35

Christmas in Dallas

 — So she does like Christmas after all... by RedBlackin  Erotic Couplings12/06/084.56HOT

Drew Ch. 07

 — Let's get it all out there - most of it, anyway! by Nefatiriin  Erotic Couplings06/12/084.70HOT

Shy Wife Ch. 07

 — Shy wife draws the short straw and posts photo online. by daydreaming101in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/23/074.46

Shy Wife Ch. 04

 — Shy wife goes for a portrait, but ends up posing nude. by daydreaming101in  Loving Wives07/19/064.34

Chris-Crossed Ch. 02

 — A kiss is never just a kiss, when it comes from Chris. by darkphoenix1in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction04/15/064.50HOT

Christina Looks for a College Ch. 09

 — Christina enjoys her shower with two mystery women. by 2in  Toys & Masturbation12/27/054.38

Touching Down

 — She arrives at the airport & gets a surprise. by chasingyouoldsin  Romance07/18/054.47

Designer Guys Ch. 01

 — Designer Guys Steven & Chris meet for the first time. by pingkyin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/28/054.33

Dani Cums to Me Ch. 05

 — Dani takes some hot shots from the guys. by tall758in  BDSM02/27/054.03

The Story of Debra Ch. 04

 — Things take an unusual turn. by Karien3474in  Group Sex11/06/044.48

Snowed In

 — College freshman has first gay sex experience. by suckyoudryin  Gay Male11/04/044.11

A Girl's Fairy Tale Dream Come True Ch. 28

 — The proposal. by mstrspetin  BDSM10/30/044.49

While You Were Sleeping

 — Chris takes advantage of his passed out roommate. by SubmissiveVirginSlutin  Erotic Couplings10/26/044.31

Reunion Under Halloween's Moon

 — A Halloween party reunites Chris with Aimee. by crimson_angelin  Erotic Couplings10/24/044.39

A Girl's Fairy Tale Dream Come True Ch. 07

 — Does she accept? by mstrspetin  BDSM10/09/044.32

A Girl's Fairy Tale Dream Come True Ch. 05

 — They finally meet. by mstrspetin  BDSM10/07/044.38

Camping Weekend

 — Future son-in-law spends weekend with the new family. by Hg Dragonin  Erotic Couplings09/26/044.17

Night Out

 — Her fiance wanted a threesome. by SweetPABabyin  Group Sex08/10/044.39

The Vixen Chronicles Ch. 08

 — A hot threesome with a hot wife. by Sir Edwardin  Loving Wives06/27/043.93

Frolicking by the River

 — Two cousins learn to give pleasure. by jutain  Incest/Taboo05/25/044.22

Lost Time Ch. 05

 — The anal dream comes true. by frustratedpoodlein  Erotic Couplings05/02/044.52HOT

Lost Time

 — Friends do more than catch up after a decade. by frustratedpoodlein  Erotic Couplings04/27/044.53HOT

Finally Alone & Horny

 — His first time with another guy is yummy. by HungryLust6969in  Gay Male04/03/044.17

The Pool Hall

 — Chris and Summer head over to the pool hall for some fun. by codependentin  Erotic Couplings03/15/044.25

Seducing The Paperboy

 — Horny wife takes on a young man. by amethyst windin  Loving Wives03/12/044.30

Ice and a Fire Ch. 02

 — The Fire grows between Mandi and Chris. by Windshadowin  Mature02/22/044.60HOT

Growing Up Is Tough

 — There was an accident. by Charmed26726in  Non-Erotic02/03/044.14

Family Values

 — When her man shows up in a dress, drastic action is required. by thrillerauthorin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers12/11/034.09

Second Chances & Erotic Romances

 — Shy college student fucks disillusioned slut. by AinuraOsorioin  First Time11/30/034.28

Mommy's Got A Puffy One Ch. 02

 — Father and daughter return from fishing. by sgt.d069in  Incest/Taboo09/23/034.51HOT

Abandoned New Wife Ch. 02

 — She's exposed in an erotic game. by WestPac Widowin  Loving Wives09/21/034.31

Mommy's Got A Puffy One

 — A family finally gets to have some fun. by sgt.d069in  Incest/Taboo09/09/034.11


 — She gets more than her lawn mowed. by Wickid Cherry Piein  Erotic Couplings09/01/034.22

Dead Write Ch. 02

 — How to replace a ball cock. by wildernessin  Novels and Novellas08/16/034.69HOT

Business and Pleasure

 — She finds her much needed release with Chris and Brandy. by Brandy-winein  Fetish08/04/034.38

Fantasy Shower

 — Communal shower leads to new pleasures. by humminbrd30in  Lesbian Sex07/26/033.41

Love's A Funny Thing

 — You find it in the strangest places. by ILin  Romance05/30/034.19

Tori's Awakening

 — Shy, repressed virgin is really turned on. by 2naughty4uin  First Time05/04/033.61

Splish, Splash

 — An evening of clean and soapy fun. by acartiain  Erotic Couplings05/02/033.64

Violent and Loving

 — Chris had a fantasy about Zelda. by plaidskirtin  BDSM02/27/033.23

Chris' Grief

 — Chris deals with the death of his parents.... by Hot_Housewife03in  Non-Erotic02/25/032.93

Pain Distracts Pain

 — Nipple piercing arouses Master & sub. by Marjoriein  BDSM02/12/034.13

She's a Bad Bad Girl

 — Susan gets taught a lesson. by strewth101in  Group Sex02/08/033.58

A Party and a Little Bit More

 — When chris's parents leave town he has a party and gets some. by calebalyisin  Group Sex02/03/033.61

Jessica: Lust Prevails Ch. 02

 — Jess and Chris find themselves together alone. by Joe_Dinkin  Loving Wives01/18/034.38

Calendar Art Ch. 6

 — Heath finds he has a new rival. by irishlass101in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/18/024.50HOT

Sisterly Love

 — Nikole catches Chris in a tight situation. by Niki_Lovein  Incest/Taboo11/08/024.15

Jungle Jane Ch. 02

 — Couple plus one's fun continues the next morning. by InjunDudein  Loving Wives10/22/024.13

Educating Chris

 — Nephew learns about sex. by CalWriterin  Incest/Taboo09/15/023.92

Basement Boff

 — While wifey is away, he plays with painters. by clairepennin  Gay Male07/18/024.43

School Teacher Gives Lessons Ch. 2

 — After school sessions continue for hot teacher. by maverick1in  Loving Wives06/20/024.17

School Teacher Gives Lessons Ch. 1

 — Slutty school teacher wife gives private lessons. by maverick1in  Loving Wives06/19/024.00

Calendar Art Ch. 4

 — Threesome gets heated up. by irishlass101in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction06/17/024.45


 — Classmate inspires an erotic daydream. by horny_giraffein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur06/11/023.27

That First Suck

 — 18-year-old guy's first gay experience. by sparkzzzin  Gay Male05/26/023.84

Calendar Art Ch. 1

 — Heath gets friendly with a photographer. by irishlass101in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/19/024.05

All In The Family

 — Dad catches naughty daughter, & punishes her. by plaidskirtin  Incest/Taboo05/08/023.95

Birthday Ch. 2

 — His thirtieth birthday comes to a close. by Synnermanin  Erotic Couplings04/21/024.34

DreamWorks Ch. 2

 — From sleep to sex, the adventure continues. by PrincessKatiein  Fetish04/09/023.00

DreamWorks Ch. 1

 — From dreams to desire, this family never sleeps. by PrincessKatiein  Fetish04/06/023.21

Arianne's First Step

 — Chris undoes girlfriend's conservative side. by Tigressin  BDSM02/21/023.59

Doctor's Surgery

 — Young doctor gets more than she bargained for. by ilovewritingin  Erotic Couplings01/24/024.06

My Chris

 — Mother-in-law has another daughter's husband. by MrsQuinnin  Incest/Taboo12/10/014.02

Love's Infatuation Ch. 2

 — Jay finds out that his perfection is tainted. by shadowfires89in  Romance10/04/012.17


 — Christine & George go through an ordeal. by English Bobin  Loving Wives09/28/013.62

A Dumb Blonde

 — Husband talks housewife Joy into a GangBang. by English Bobin  Loving Wives07/27/014.14

Home at Last

 — Cousins learn the joys of incestual love. by texastornadoin  Incest/Taboo06/29/014.11

A Borrowed Wife

 — Chris shares his wife with his best friend. by English Bobin  Loving Wives05/12/014.33


 — While dressing at Heather's, Chris finds something. by Rufus2121in  Group Sex03/07/012.96

Sex in the Champagne Room

 — Drinking in the hot tub gets kinky. by realifein  Group Sex01/27/013.57

Phoebe & Chris

 — High school sweethearts find each other. by Portia Jin  Romance12/07/003.87

My First Threesome

 — Jennifer relaxes with the guys. by Jennifer Darkin  Group Sex11/29/003.81

Chris Comes Undone Ch. 03

 — Chris kisses another woman. by Adalefinin  Lesbian Sex10/12/003.50

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