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The Alphabet of Love Ch. 16

 — Derek flies to Shiloh's rescue, wows her work colleagues. by igottapussyin  Non-Erotic10/11/174.00NEW

My Medical Result With Nurse Sonia

 — Applying for work as a factory worker was never this good. by phil_gabriel73in  Mature04/20/153.93

Long Tall Sally's Exploits Ch. 01

 — Sally and her boss have an encounter in her car. by hierophant39in  Loving Wives02/05/153.18

Dr. Street

 — Prostate Massage at the Clinic. by boo56in  Anal01/06/154.02

Ste. Vivienne's Clinic: The Doctor's Counseling

 — The counseling, the transformation, the confrontation. by wonderer4in  Chain Stories06/08/144.32

A Visit During Chemotherapy

 — A woman's daughter meets a cancer patient. by pacifist91win  Chain Stories05/27/144.16

The Two Sisters Pt. 01

 — Two girls undergo anal treatments in a special clinic. by fantasywriter1in  Anal12/02/134.56HOT

This Guy Walks into a Bar

 — A Not So Funny Joke On Modern Times. by fanfarein  Loving Wives09/23/133.95

Sports Star

 — I love you. by Jena121in  Romance12/22/124.07

Total Woman Clinic 01

 — Monday: Mandy, Tandem Cycling. by bhuffin  Novels and Novellas07/02/124.48

The Salon Ch. 01

 — The salon, we help you feel good. by rjhmin  Toys & Masturbation01/21/124.15

Double Life Ch. 04

 — The ultimate humiliation. by Julie20in  BDSM10/07/114.11

Lisa's Employment Checkup

 — Lisa is exposed and tormented during her physical. by aspt2011in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur09/29/114.29

Josh Gets Laid

 — Lindsay Lohan takes his virginity. by ainu2in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/31/114.51HOT

Denise's Adventure

 — A young woman goes in search of a dirty experience. by margaret_jenkinsin  Fetish08/14/104.54HOT

The Mbayo Clinic Ch. 02

 — As the drugs take hold, I recall what drew me to Audrey. by Memphisto23in  Loving Wives06/15/104.38

Getting the Job Done

 — Hot clinic assistant shows doctor her effective methods. by kimbelinain  Erotic Couplings01/15/104.22

Susie End

 — Susie and Corey conceive their first child. by Susie_Oin  Loving Wives06/25/094.20

The Sperm Donation Ch. 06

 — Jack continuing adventures at the clinic. by scorpionicus45in  Fetish02/19/094.50HOT

Holly Visits the Orgasm Doctor

 — Can the doctor help her reach her first ever orgasm? by SnivellingPlatypusin  Toys & Masturbation02/05/094.08

The Sperm Donation

 — Jack continues his work for the clinic. by scorpionicus45in  Fetish12/19/084.31

The Sperm Donation Ch. 05

 — Jack is called into the clinic again. by scorpionicus45in  Fetish12/15/084.50HOT

The Clinic

 — A co-ed has a problem only the clinic nurse can fix! by grniddevilin  Fetish08/17/084.19

Finding Home Ch. 10

 — Stories shared, & first steps toward reconciliation. by Xantuin  Novels and Novellas01/04/084.80HOT

Finding Home Ch. 09

 — Recovering old loves, she finds room in her heart for all. by Xantuin  Novels and Novellas01/04/084.74HOT

Finding Home Ch. 08

 — New friends and old lovers, an unexpected visit. by Xantuin  Novels and Novellas01/03/084.81HOT

Finding Home Ch. 07

 — Conjugal visit, love reaffirmed, rewards undreamed of. by Xantuin  Novels and Novellas01/02/084.80HOT

Finding Home Ch. 06

 — Painful details revealed, break down & recovery. by Xantuin  Novels and Novellas01/01/084.70HOT

Finding Home Ch. 05

 — old memories, new insights by Xantuin  Novels and Novellas12/31/074.69HOT

Finding Home Ch. 04

 — First memories and then a breakthrough. by Xantuin  Novels and Novellas12/31/074.55HOT

Finding Home Ch. 03

 — She has to find her demons in order to face them. by Xantuin  Novels and Novellas12/31/074.63HOT

Finding Home Ch. 02

 — Cassy learns more about the clinic. by Xantuin  Novels and Novellas12/29/074.58HOT

Finding Home Ch. 01

 — her Master sends her to the clinic. by Xantuin  Novels and Novellas12/28/074.39

Secret Weapon Ch. 09

 — Bachi goes for her monthly check-up. by Ton8tyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/09/073.90

Forced Ch. 10

 — Under the doctor's care. by nickymartinin  Gay Male12/02/074.78HOT

Forced Ch. 06

 — The results are in. by nickymartinin  Gay Male10/12/074.56HOT

Wulfwinter Weight Loss Clinic

 — The menu is limited, but the results outstanding. by Wulfwinterin  NonConsent/Reluctance08/19/074.49

The Sperm Donation Ch. 04

 — More work for Jack at the clinic. by scorpionicus45in  Fetish08/01/074.55HOT


 — Leaving a sperm donation was never this fun. by bruce_chaosin  Erotic Couplings12/26/064.38

The Honesty of Life

 — My trip to the Clinic. by Julianin  Humor & Satire11/13/064.10

Nymphomania Clinic Ch. 03

 — A new patient. by Rassendyllin  BDSM06/30/064.12

Mentoring Britney Ch. 03

 — Young barmaid broadens her experience. by irxgbrin  Loving Wives05/22/064.19

Mentoring Britney Ch. 02

 — Young barmaid learns to enjoy her body. by irxgbrin  Loving Wives05/18/064.25

The Sperm Donation Ch. 02

 — Jack is called into the clinic again. by scorpionicus45in  Fetish02/23/064.55HOT

Nymphomania Clinic

 — He takes a new job at an unusual institution. by Rassendyllin  BDSM11/28/054.25

Chantal: The Real Story Ch. 08

 — She burns her bridges. by irxgbrin  Loving Wives11/14/053.88

Eve Visit's Louise Bellman's Clinic

 — The journey of a degradation slut. by eved65in  Fetish11/12/054.28

Chantal: The Real Story Ch. 07

 — A wet and hard dogging session. by irxgbrin  Loving Wives11/11/053.94

The Fertility Clinic Ch. 05

 — Return visit to the doctor brings unexpected results. by Peter_in  BDSM07/23/054.53HOT

The Fertility Clinic Ch. 04

 — Sally nearly drives him mad. by Peter_in  BDSM07/18/054.60HOT

Trip To The Doctor Ch. 1

 — She goes for a physical & finds a new way of life. by DominantRin  BDSM07/08/013.90

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