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Attic Slut - The Shower

 — A good attic slut takes care of her Master in the shower. by Jewrightin  BDSM01/03/173.56

Caitlin Loses Control Ch. 01

 — Sex was always comfortable. But it won't stay that way. by Lovethefunin  Loving Wives05/31/164.01

Wrong Copier, Right Time

 — Emily finds a sex story on the copier. by BritneyHarrisin  Romance12/20/154.23

F5: Bluetooth

 — Sensuality in the technology age is more than he expected. by stlgoddessfreyain  Erotic Horror06/16/144.61HOT

Committing Revenge

 — John decides to take revenge on his mom and bitchy sister. by Nikitakittyin  Mind Control06/07/143.29


 — Domme shows off her Pet to fellow workers on site. by YoungSub98in  BDSM09/09/134.14

My Sub and Her Phone

 — She knows better than to use her phone during our time. by dchapleauxin  BDSM09/04/134.29

A New Mistress for Lexi 03

 — Brittany Requests Something a Little Different. by iwantedtowritein  BDSM09/01/133.97

Your Playtime

 — Let me take control, and bring you erotic pleasure. by AManCalledXin  Text With Audio03/21/133.61

Hypnotist's Revenge

 — Curative Hypnotist meets an old foe. by Ashsonin  Mind Control03/07/134.16


 — She explains her hesitance. by Darkinsidein  BDSM01/10/133.54

The Red Ribbon

 — She looked to the window, sorrow creasing her brow... by KaylaStephensin  BDSM07/11/123.61

The Sky Bridge

 — Stacy dresses appropriately for work and is rewarded. by LostRoosterin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur12/27/113.96

Nature's Naughty Whisper

 — Fucking a stranger in the woods. by MissHollyin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur12/01/114.18

Stepping Into My Position

 — A reserved woman takes command of her career. by OntarioCavegirlin  NonConsent/Reluctance04/26/114.08

Zane Ch. 01

 — Black woman loves aggressive white man, but it's not enough. by TheIncognitoin  Interracial Love07/01/104.50HOT


 — my Lord denies me an orgasm, and I agonize. by faceslapin  BDSM09/16/094.07

Yes, Sergeant Major

 — He crosses the line with his Chain of Command. by WilleZurMachtin  NonConsent/Reluctance04/12/094.08

Heart of Stone Ch. 11

 — History, practice and submission. by psyche_b_musedin  NonHuman12/29/084.76HOT

The Adventures of Katie and Sarah

 — Katie starts her decent to dirty cum-sucking pig. by sugarisnicein  Lesbian Sex08/10/084.11

A Light Bit of Friskiness

 — Wife teaches husband how to behave (friendly). by MadamRazin  BDSM05/25/083.92

Are You Ready?

 — She takes what she wants. by bobozin  Erotic Couplings04/29/083.95


 — College mind control experiment extends male sexuality. by hypnodrone1in  Mind Control03/23/083.90

Hypnosex Ch. 04

 — Experience a hypnotic orgasm. by master_passion1900in  Mind Control10/25/074.00

Bi First Time Debauch

 — His first oral with a man is wild. by MrHarleyQuinnin  Gay Male06/10/073.85

Evening Spectacular

 — Was she hypnotized? by dirtyjoe69in  Mind Control07/04/064.17

Sexual Things I Should Not Do

 — They explore the wild side. by dragongraymalkinin  Erotic Couplings02/09/064.25

The Cost Ch. 03

 — Control of the lesser. by bsi8412in  Gay Male01/18/064.58HOT

Be Careful What You Wish For

 — Wife's sex with friend isn't what he expected. by zeke81in  Incest/Taboo03/05/043.81


 — A doctor and nurse aboard a research vessel. by Stepandfetchitin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/06/043.83

Evil Man: The Story

 — A woman finds new reason for being. by Bill Smithin  BDSM11/05/013.75

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