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Lost & Found: A Charm for Trinity

 — In Robbie, Casey & Joey's world, Scott and Trinity fall. by beachbum1958in  Incest/Taboo04/16/164.75HOT

The Robot at Play

 — The story depicts the conflict in the mind of a woman. by PrettyPaluin  First Time04/14/163.57

Dark as Daylight Ch. 11

 — The journey continues. by Prolonged_Debut10in  Novels and Novellas04/08/164.83HOT

Release Me Ch. 02

 — Is her past all wrong for his future. by freegirl2012in  Interracial Love04/02/164.53HOT

Aquata Cove Ch. 62

 — The Kenovani Pod is under attack from sea monsters! by Feare909in  Gay Male01/02/164.41

The Rialto

 — Duty versus Desire. by GGRamonein  Loving Wives12/31/153.36

When the Levee Breaks

 — To he who killed my neighbor's cat: Cryin' won't help you. by frost1294in  Non-Erotic12/21/153.24


 — A journey between two loves. by Mainefiddleheadsin  Romance11/23/154.52HOT

Brother Wolves Ch. 06

 — Enemy vanquished. by Iread2relaxin  NonHuman10/03/154.85HOT

Second Base

 — Conflict between rivals leads to something else. by DavidPatrickin  Gay Male09/16/154.74HOT

Terminal Case

 — Repressed desires are revealed when Paige visits family. by walkerlongin  Incest/Taboo09/04/154.50HOT

Dragon (S)Layers Ch. 41

 — Volume 4 Interlude 1. by T_Silverwolfin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/28/154.50HOT

Mom's Cowboy

 — A young girl takes advantage of a fluke situation. by MacHillin  Erotic Couplings07/28/154.39

Kate Gets Her Man

 — She arrests him but he gets away. by RichardGeraldin  Romance07/11/154.59HOT

Aquata Cove Ch. 51

 — After the drunken night, Adam wakes to remember his mistakes. by Feare909in  Gay Male07/02/154.71HOT

A Tale for the Middle Ages Pt. 03

 — The seduction of Joanne. by cerrotorrein  Erotic Couplings06/18/154.69HOT

A Walk in the Sand

 — A young man ventures out to find himself and others. by MacHillin  First Time05/17/153.62

An Incest Birthday Ch. 31

 — The twins' secret is out, but what happens? by kevin_88in  Incest/Taboo05/16/154.60HOT

Michael and Elizabeth

 — Can Michael Forgive? An open invitation. by Chagrinedin  Loving Wives02/25/153.44

Pictures Never Lie: A Love Story Pt. 09

 — Some decisions get made and a bombshell arrives. by dtiversonin  Loving Wives10/24/140.00

The Contrast Ch. 07

 — Their first conflict. by lenarosicin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/12/144.50HOT

South Mountain Pack Ch. 14

 — Like vultures with bad manners. by pocketbookloverin  NonHuman05/10/144.89HOTContest Winner

Building Utopia Ch. 08

 — A fight in Florida and collection of more colonists. by SW_MO_Hermitin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/23/134.75HOT

Building Utopia Ch. 07

 — A trip to Florida to visit Margarita's family. by SW_MO_Hermitin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/22/134.74HOT

Muslim Girl's Sexual Awakening Ch. 01

 — From Radicalism to Sexual Liberation. by Scheherazade88in  Interracial Love11/12/133.80

The Curse of the Scots Ch. 04

 — Eight traumatic days of anger, confusion, and discovery by carvohiin  Loving Wives10/24/134.64HOT

Chosen Mate Ch. 08

 — Warcouncil. by HarryHillin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/21/134.76HOT

The Reluctant Admiral, Three

 — A Navy Captain gets a big surprise. by amicusin  Novels and Novellas07/18/134.45

The Reluctant Admiral, Two

 — Adventure, mystery, spy, drama, love. by amicusin  Novels and Novellas07/17/134.68HOT

The Farm

 — A Gathering Storm. by amicusin  Novels and Novellas07/14/134.24

Three Virgins Ch. 04

 — The conflict of the mind. by PrimalRootsin  Mind Control02/03/134.24

Velma's Diary

 — The ramblings of a lovesick women. by elphaba69in  Letters & Transcripts01/01/133.00

Betrayal 05

 — Facing a ghost from the past. by Nightimevisionsin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/09/124.83HOT

I Never Meant To Fall In Love Ch. 02

 — Something is developing Between Esau and Lauren. by vickivalein  Interracial Love12/01/124.56HOT

Betrayal 00-01

 — Is the begining the end? by Nightimevisionsin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/16/124.74HOT

To Love a Stray Ch. 17

 — Just like dealing with a criminal. by Mygypsyin  NonHuman10/10/124.81HOT

SIW: Adam & Bronwille Ch. 10

 — The End is Near. by mokkelkein  NonHuman06/19/124.81HOT

Heat of Tennis Ch. 09

 — The conclusion: Casey and Will fight the final battle. by LolitasLegacyin  Romance06/03/123.79

Clashed Preferences

 — This story is the sequel to "Love Knows No Limits". by Obsessive_Lesbianin  Incest/Taboo04/29/124.27

Alone at the End of the World Ch. 03

 — Inception. by Cruel2BKindin  Gay Male01/09/124.72HOT

Enter the Cat Ch. 06

 — An Australian Werecay. by Mygypsyin  NonHuman11/29/114.76HOT

SIW: Adam & Bronwille Ch. 08

 — Insecurities and Initiations! by mokkelkein  NonHuman11/11/114.82HOT

Enter the Cat Ch. 05

 — An Australian werecat. by Mygypsyin  NonHuman11/05/114.80HOT

The Crusader

 — The internal struggles of a man unsure of his faith. by LaRascassein  Novels and Novellas10/30/114.28

SIW: Adam & Bronwille Ch. 07

 — Offspring. by mokkelkein  NonHuman10/28/114.72HOT

SIW: Adam & Bronwille Ch. 05

 — How much can he take? by mokkelkein  NonHuman10/05/114.74HOT

Tender, Loving Care Ch. 03

 — Drenched in Syn. by Bizzy_Bishin  Celebrities10/02/114.77HOT

Perspectives Series: Jess Pt. 02

 — Jess & Simon's love affair continues. by D_Lynnin  Erotic Couplings10/02/114.60HOT

SIW: Adam & Bronwille Ch. 03

 — Soul Searching and Planning. by mokkelkein  NonHuman09/22/114.79HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 17

 — Mine to protect. by JazCullenin  NonHuman04/28/114.84HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 09

 — Vengeance of the wolf. by JazCullenin  NonHuman03/16/114.84HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 05

 — Dayton faces his family. by JazCullenin  NonHuman02/15/114.83HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 04

 — The first step on the road. by JazCullenin  NonHuman02/09/114.80HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 03

 — Friends or Enemies? by JazCullenin  NonHuman02/02/114.81HOT

A Long Walk Home Ch. 02

 — If you go down to the woods out! by JazCullenin  NonHuman01/30/114.78HOT

An Incest Birthday Ch. 06

 — The first real test of the twins' relationship. by kevin_88in  Incest/Taboo01/22/114.69HOT

Hunger Within

 — The hunger, the love, and the lust has been awakened. by VampJenaiin  NonHuman12/07/104.08

Demetrius Ch. 10

 — An assertion of sorts. by KirkEdwardsin  Novels and Novellas10/27/104.72HOT

Chemical Messenger

 — Unbearable tension escalates as she meets her weed dealer. by narcoticin  Erotic Couplings09/14/104.44

Bite-Size Morsels

 — Writing the short-short story. by Cal Y. Pygiain  How To02/10/103.14

My Rose Does Bloom Ch. 00-02

 — 18-year-old high school senior confronts life & lesbianism. by nofaceinthemirrorin  Lesbian Sex12/24/094.44

Reach Out For The Sunrise Ch. 04

 — Rayne makes a big decision, but is it the right one? by SadieRosein  Novels and Novellas12/18/094.86HOT

How I Wrote "Quality Control"

 — The same approach can work for you. by Cal Y. Pygiain  How To12/10/094.14

I Love You Ch. 10

 — All good things to those who wait. by redwitchin  Non-Erotic08/17/094.83HOT

I Love You Ch. 09

 — ...and then backfires. by redwitchin  BDSM06/16/094.76HOT

I Love You Ch. 08

 — The trick unfolds. by redwitchin  Non-Erotic06/12/094.80HOT

I Love You Ch. 07

 — A semi succesful trick. by redwitchin  Non-Erotic06/09/094.77HOT

I Love You Ch. 06

 — The lies continue. by redwitchin  Interracial Love11/28/084.78HOT


 — The conflicting emotions of a burgeoning submissive desire. by indigonightsin  BDSM10/30/084.11

I Love You Ch. 05

 — A sticky situation. by redwitchin  Non-Erotic10/30/084.76HOT

Lena - The Fifth of July

 — The strange love affair continues and broadens. by Franco Pauliin  Incest/Taboo09/09/084.48

Lena - The Fourth of July

 — A strange love affair begins. by Franco Pauliin  Incest/Taboo09/08/084.71HOT

Cupid's Kiss Ch. 09

 — A fight between Psyche and Cybil. by swingingpussin  Novels and Novellas08/19/084.33

The Aftermath Ch. 02

 — Protector son and antagonist settle as Sex Ed plans form. by RealDocin  Incest/Taboo03/09/084.29

Luck Ch. 06

 — Luck is dead! by redwitchin  Romance03/02/084.81HOT

Futile Resistance Ch. 11

 — Will they reach a satisfying resolution? by quintessentialquillin  Novels and Novellas01/20/084.87HOT

Futile Resistance Ch. 10

 — A sizzling reunion... then she leaves. by quintessentialquillin  Novels and Novellas01/11/084.92HOT

Luck Ch. 05

 — Out of luck. by redwitchin  Romance09/24/074.82HOT

Futile Resistance Ch. 08

 — She regrets her leap of faith. by quintessentialquillin  Novels and Novellas08/19/074.91HOT

Blind Love Ch. 03

 — Daniel warns Sophie about Mike, but will she listen? by mystikvixenin  Romance08/17/074.58HOT

A Sea of Sex

 — A moonlit beach, two lovers, & the dyke who got ditched. by RAMJET69in  Erotic Couplings04/05/073.08

Julia Visits

 — Julia and Noel find fulfilment in a cottage. by Moondriftin  Incest/Taboo02/14/074.64HOT

A Study in Scarlet Ch. 01

 — Perception can be stronger than reality. by Blue88in  Loving Wives01/17/074.51HOT

You're Worth Dying For Ch. 01

 — Maggie yearns for a replacement lover. by Egmont Grigorin  Romance12/12/064.68HOT

Falling to Her

 — Elsie works out how she feels about Connor. by TheEarlin  Romance12/01/064.69HOT

Valley of Sinners Ch. 04

 — Hope and Lisa restore their relationship. by Egmont Grigorin  Novels and Novellas11/29/064.69HOT

Valley of Sinners Ch. 03

 — Hope relates how the Chevy came into the family. by Egmont Grigorin  Novels and Novellas11/28/064.79HOT


 — Not so light, this breeze. by Unsung Musein  Lesbian Sex11/25/064.31

This Will Hurt

 — A fight for survival. by Kev Hin  Non-Erotic10/01/064.33

Catherine & Thomas Ch. 05

 — Life turns upside down for Catherine. by hot_honeyin  Incest/Taboo08/16/064.52HOT

Thoughts On Writing Erotica

 — POVs, plots, pacing, and pudendas. by slitlicker69in  Reviews & Essays04/28/064.37Editor's Pick

The Journey

 — Adam's journey back to his true love: his sister. by BadEye50in  Incest/Taboo11/12/054.63HOT

Bedsprings Arc Pt. 01

 — Denial is a powerful aphrodesiac. by naradragonflyin  Gay Male10/17/054.70HOT

Free Birds Ch. 06

 — It's Rachel's turn to explain. by Lisa Summersin  Lesbian Sex04/18/054.55HOT

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