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The Ingram-Lewis Chronicles Pt. 06

 — Patrick Ingram-Lewis's Final Term at Rigby School. by JASONSHOMOEROTICAin  Gay Male05/10/164.33

Crime & Punishment in the Year 3241

 — Think twice before committing a crime in the year 3241. by jlorthiain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/07/163.41

The Complete Adventures of Quinn

 — The humiliating and heroic chronicles of a female pirate. by jlorthiain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/28/164.19

Collateral Damage Pt. 01

 — A wife poses as a slave to provide collateral for a loan. by Joe_Doe_Storiesin  BDSM04/27/164.46

The Head Boy's Fag Ch. 02

 — The new fag comes to terms with life at Ollerton School. by JASONSHOMOEROTICAin  Gay Male03/30/163.55

The Head Boy's Fag Ch. 01

 — Trials and tribulation of a naive fag on his first day. by JASONSHOMOEROTICAin  Gay Male03/26/162.82

A Lesson Learned

 — Slave is punished for a serious transgression. by slavebaby216in  BDSM03/23/163.88

The Ingram-Lewis Chronicles Pt. 05

 — Corporal punishment and gay sex in an English Public School. by JASONSHOMOEROTICAin  Gay Male03/10/164.50

The Chaste Crusader

 — A superhero is in chastity to a super-villainess! by justincbenedictin  Celebrities02/29/163.30

The Pincushion

 — A dominant wife gets evil ideas! by justincbenedictin  BDSM02/25/163.00

Beach Life in Buttermilk Falls

 — At 19, Byron went to live with dominant Aunt Hattie! by justincbenedictin  BDSM02/17/163.83

Meditations in Buttermilk Falls

 — He turned his life over to Mistress Blythe! by justincbenedictin  BDSM02/13/163.00

Laughter in Buttermilk Falls

 — Slave Darrell has no chance against his secretary! by justincbenedictin  BDSM02/12/163.45

Slave Spalding

 — When he turned 19, he became Mom's slave! by justincbenedictin  BDSM02/12/162.58

After The Super Bowl Party

 — When Scrip screws up, Marigold lets him know! by justincbenedictin  BDSM02/11/162.83

Slave Birdie

 — When he turned 19, Birdie went to live with his cruel aunt! by justincbenedictin  BDSM01/24/163.29

The Video Hood

 — What a weird BDSM device for a chaste slave hubby. by justincbenedictin  BDSM01/18/163.13

The Search

 — Where to find a dominant wife? by justincbenedictin  BDSM01/13/164.11

The Ingram-Lewis Chronicles Pt. 04

 — Patrick now Headboy, wields cane and birch with vigour. by JASONSHOMOEROTICAin  Gay Male01/07/164.67

Sex Agogo for Gregory

 — Greg's sex life develops rapidly to an unbelievable level. by JASONSHOMOEROTICAin  Gay Male12/15/154.60

The Ingram-Lewis Chronicles Pt. 03

 — Patrick uses his new powers as Senior Prefect to the full. by JASONSHOMOEROTICAin  Gay Male12/06/154.00

The Ingram-Lewis Chronicles Pt. 02

 — Further revelations of a dysfunctional family in the 1900s. by JASONSHOMOEROTICAin  Gay Male10/09/154.20

Sleeveless in St. Albans

 — Submissive Stephen recalls his visit to a Mistress. by MsTrinain  BDSM09/29/153.58

The Ingram-Lewis Chronicles

 — Life & times of a dysfunctional family in the early 1900s. by JASONSHOMOEROTICAin  Gay Male09/28/153.62

Sin City - Pompei AD 70

 — Homosexual life in Pompei in the First Century AD. by JASONSHOMOEROTICAin  Gay Male08/14/154.59HOT

A New Broom Sweeps Clean

 — A new Headmaster saves a public school from disaster. by JASONSHOMOEROTICAin  Gay Male07/31/153.67

A Very Special School

 — Life at an extraordinary reform school in the year 1900. by JASONSHOMOEROTICAin  Gay Male07/25/153.78

The Subspace Lounge

 — He gets an unexpected education. by Overbankin  BDSM07/08/154.45

Public Punishment in Santa Dora

 — Two young rich women get publicaly punished for shoplifting. by jlorthiain  BDSM07/05/154.27

Slow and Painful Ch. 03

 — Cum Aficionado. by raymondhadley123in  NonConsent/Reluctance05/12/153.90

Slow and Painful Ch. 01

 — Long term, hard-core, non-consensual enslavement. by raymondhadley123in  NonConsent/Reluctance05/09/153.50

Sin: Insubordination

 — My slave has been bad. He needs to be punished. by QueenAstonin  BDSM05/04/153.24

Dominant Memoirs Ch. 00: Introduction

 — Memoirs of my time as a Dominant Man in Dublin, Ireland. by EroticaGaussiain  BDSM03/19/154.09

Don't Break Her Rules

 — A young London couple begins a dark, sadomasochistic affair. by missemily1989in  BDSM03/12/154.28

An Appointment with Mistress Betty Pt. 02: Mallinson

 — Part 2. by VinceMin  BDSM10/10/143.88


 — Talking in class earns a punishment. by Ashsonin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/13/144.08

After School

 — The deputy headmistress punishes a pupil. by msapril81in  BDSM04/02/143.41

Better Ch. 02

 — Owning Audrey is changing Alex. by TheWorldSpinsin  BDSM03/12/144.81HOT

Sherry's Test Ch. 27

 — Sherry and her mom are punished together. by PolyVoyeurin  Incest/Taboo01/30/144.34

A Single Night

 — Two girls want to know how total control over a man feels. by susypeatin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/28/133.88

Leila - The First Level Ch. 03

 — Girl introduces fellow student to femdom relationship. by susypeatin  Fetish09/18/134.43

The Island Of Penal Correction

 — American dominatrix accepts position at a foreign prison. by MISTRESSTRESSAin  BDSM07/17/133.39

Miss Mabel Ch. 05

 — Lodger falls in love with landlady's daughter. by potsherdin  Romance06/20/134.62HOT

Sherry's Test Ch. 24

 — Punished in front of her protege. by PolyVoyeurin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur06/06/134.39

Perspectives On Spousal Training

 — A dominatrix is hired to discipline a wayward wife. by MISTRESSTRESSAin  BDSM05/08/133.81

Sherry's Test Ch. 18

 — Sherry is spanked and humiliated by her future in-laws. by PolyVoyeurin  Novels and Novellas09/16/124.34

Always On The Bare

 — A short spanking story, featuring punishment by the cane. by AnnieBeeBooksin  BDSM09/15/124.38

Sherry's Test Ch. 17b

 — Sherry stripped, spanked and whipped for shoplifting. by PolyVoyeurin  Novels and Novellas06/20/124.50HOT

Slut-2-Fuck Ch. 02

 — Domme assembles the cast. by realvelvetglovein  BDSM02/03/124.47

The Public Sex Slave Ch. 01-02

 — A young new sex slave begins his humiliation. by sss888in  BDSM01/25/123.60

Bayonetta's Abuse Ch. 05

 — Flames of passion. by ChainedToAKeyboardin  BDSM09/30/114.67HOT

Sherry's Test Ch. 15A

 — The annual fundraiser. by PolyVoyeurin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur06/13/114.66HOT

No Ordinary Assignation

 — She manipulates him to get what she wants. by MissOhin  BDSM04/22/114.33

Trust Ch. 08

 — Is this the ultimate plimsoll fetish sex fantasy? by nogloryin  Fetish11/05/100.00

An African Misadventure

 — Mother and daughter face a punishment in colonial Africa. by MarkCanein  BDSM10/12/103.74

La Contessa's Slave Girl

 — She rescues girl and intiaties her as her slave girl. by SlaveNanoin  BDSM09/20/104.57HOT

Charlotte's Catharsis

 — Tough love for a submissive woman. by Cinnamon_Tartin  BDSM04/17/094.00

Miles's Conundrums Ch. 07

 — Can Miles survive marital counseling as well? by justincbenedictin  BDSM07/23/084.30

A Mistress, Her Little One, & David

 — Mistress Angelique submits her ward to David. by MistressAngeliquein  Transsexuals & Crossdressers06/06/083.83

Jockey Club

 — Tina gets the ride of her life. by Charlotte88in  BDSM03/09/083.84

Sister Mary Learns a Lesson

 — Sister Mary Joseph learns a lesson she'll never forget. by SexxxyCuriosityin  NonConsent/Reluctance12/23/074.34

Punished Asian Shoplifter Ch. 08

 — The well-spanked Asian shoplifters discuss their experience by asianspankeein  Fetish09/15/064.12

Punished Asian Shoplifter Ch. 07

 — Asian thieves suffer a humiliating "group spanking". by asianspankeein  Fetish09/14/064.13

Sexual Biography of a Young Woman Pt. 11

 — Interludes with an aging thespian. by sammican1in  Erotic Couplings09/09/064.41

Punished Asian Shoplifter Ch. 02

 — Asian shoplifter gets a bare-bottom spanking. by asianspankeein  Fetish08/30/063.86

Spanked and Buttfucked Asian Male

 — Asian boy gets spanked. by asianspankeein  Gay Male08/20/064.16

Spanking Denise

 — Denise gets a little loving corporal punishment. by Oldguy45in  BDSM08/12/064.07

It Doesn't Have to be Spontaneous Ch. 01

 — An excursion into corporal punishment. by mandywilluk2000in  BDSM02/07/064.38

Born to Serve

 — Seven days of tests for a novice submissive. by iraussieguyin  BDSM01/16/064.72HOT

The Headmaster's Room Ch. 01

 — Lisa gets into trouble once too often at school. by Mag58in  Fetish01/02/064.17

Raising the Bar

 — Sexy Vixen is frustrated by attempts to seduce her professor. by sweetnpetitein  Mature12/31/053.92

Around the World: Not Alone

 — A man, three female slaves, a sailboat, & cruise. by orbloverin  BDSM11/17/054.24

The Maid's Tale Ch. 10

 — Victorian housemaid explores her sexuality. by christinamonroein  Erotic Couplings10/13/054.64HOT

Family Tradition

 — New husband gives his bride her first spanking. by Bruno1027in  BDSM12/24/044.06

IdeaCity Ch. 02

 — Onley on Lee (Jee-Yun Lee). by Leftbowerin  Celebrities10/01/044.60

Teacher's Pet Ch. 01

 — College tutor finds a way to motivate her student. by abbeynormalin  BDSM09/02/044.52HOT

A Student's Revenge

 — A caning teacher finally gets what she deserves. by Bazzzain  BDSM02/06/044.43

Seduced into BDSM Ch. 01

 — Young woman gets a peek. by Bibliophilein  BDSM11/06/034.54HOT

Sheikh That Thing

 — Juliet breaks rules, & learns to love the result. by decimusin  Erotic Couplings06/28/034.13

The Conference

 — A father confronts nun about corporal punishment. by Cicero6in  Fetish03/16/033.61

Travelling Man

 — Aussie Dom travels to meet his cyber subbie. by iraussieguyin  BDSM08/05/024.36

A Corporal's Punishment

 — Soldier finds wife in bed with a stranger. by English Bobin  Loving Wives10/22/003.11

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