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A Good Wife Ch. 03

A young couple's induction into the Doctor's family.

BDSM 06/29/2016

Wait... What?

A rebuttal.

Anal 06/29/2016

Vegas Weekend Ch. 01

A cuckold's fantasy unexpected looks to come true.

Interracial Love 06/29/2016

New Experiences Pt. 01

Jane leads Tom and his wife into a cuckolding vacation.

Loving Wives 06/28/2016

Part Time Job Ch. 03

She ventures into new territory.

Loving Wives 06/27/2016

The New York City Boy Scout

A darkened Manhattan high rise, Superstorm Sandy, and...

Loving Wives 06/27/2016

The Company Vacation Ch. 02

The depravity continues.

Loving Wives 06/25/2016

Mass Temptation Ch. 02

The next day, a plan comes together.

Loving Wives 06/24/2016

College Days Ch. 03

The younger side of life.

Erotic Couplings 06/24/2016

The Company Vacation Ch. 01

A wife discovers unbridled lust with her coworkers.

Loving Wives 06/23/2016

Sucking First BBC

Straight male sucks big black cock.

Gay Male 06/23/2016

A Cuckold's Confession

The compulsion grew and grew.

Fetish 06/23/2016

Kristen Taken on the Subway

Kristen gets taken in front of her husband.

Loving Wives 06/23/2016

What Are Friends For? Ch. 02

Two couples become much closer.

Group Sex 06/22/2016


Watching a gf with someone Else becomes a new fantasy.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 06/22/2016

I Lost a Bet to My Friend

After losing a bet over the game I shared my beloved.

Group Sex 06/21/2016

Black Cuckolding Is Sweet

Black wife rides white dick before Black hubby,

Interracial Love 06/21/2016

On the Phone with the Plumber

My girlfriend called, not able to afford paying the plumber.

Loving Wives 06/21/2016

The Erotic Bible: Samson and Delilah

An Erotic Bible story of BDSM and submission from Judges.

BDSM 06/19/2016

The Old Friends

Old girlfriends who brag are fair game.

Mature 06/19/2016

My Friend Watches Me with His Wife

The night my friend let me make love to his wife.

Erotic Couplings 06/19/2016

Beach Play

A naked upturned butt seems like a dream come true.

Loving Wives 06/19/2016

My Hobby

Seducing someone else's wife is a lot of hard work.

Loving Wives 06/17/2016

Corrupting Amber Ch. 12

School daze.

Fetish 06/15/2016

Awards Banquet Slut

Wife becomes a slut at a company award weekend in her honor.

Loving Wives 06/15/2016

A Good Wife Ch. 02

Young couple continues to explore a three-way relationship.

Anal 06/13/2016

Our Vacation

Couple is liberated at Hedonism.

Gay Male 06/13/2016

A Cuckold's Diary Ch. 34

"A Cuckold's Blessings"

Loving Wives 06/13/2016

Wife Bumps into Her Ex

Recounting a recent night with my wife and her ex...

Loving Wives 06/12/2016

Wife Finally Shares Her Feet

Wife willing to go further than husband expected.

Fetish 06/12/2016

My Roommate is My GF's Ex Ch. 03

Lucas, Chris, and Riley throw a party. (Final Chapter)

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 06/12/2016

My Dad Married Mandy

(Or: How I Became a Cuckold)

Loving Wives 06/11/2016

Wife's Desires

Fulfilling wife's Fantasies.

First Time 06/11/2016

Denise at the Gazebo in Palmer Park

Nympho, MILF Hotwife lives a Fantasy.

Loving Wives 06/11/2016

A Golfing Wife Pt. 01

She loves more than golf.

Loving Wives 06/11/2016

My First Day as a Cuckold

After months of planning, my wife got to go on a date.

Loving Wives 06/10/2016


Open Marriage.

Interracial Love 06/08/2016

My Roommate is My GF's Ex Ch. 02

Lucas's boundaries are pushed further.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 06/08/2016

Entertaining Emma Ch. 02

Can Emma outsmart Pete whilst husband sleeps?

Loving Wives 06/07/2016

Moonlight Saunata

Married couple share an intimate evening with a good friend.

Loving Wives 06/07/2016

A Good Wife

Young professionals enticed into wild three-way oral sex.

Loving Wives 06/07/2016

Entertaining Emma Ch. 01

Emma is no match for husband's colleague.

Loving Wives 06/06/2016

Casino Girl

Young and pretty - Hubby is away

Loving Wives 06/06/2016

Sharing Lily with Will

Enjoying her first time so much, she wants seconds.

Loving Wives 06/06/2016


Loveless wife indulges with boss.

Erotic Couplings 06/04/2016

The Genie Is Out Of The Bottle Ch. 10

Voyeur to the Max.

Loving Wives 06/04/2016

Swordfight: Steel vs. Voltra

My POV Interracial Cockfight.

Erotic Couplings 06/04/2016

My Roommate is My GF's Ex Ch. 01

Things get weird when my girlfriend is reunited with her ex.

Loving Wives 06/03/2016

Eve and Jerry's New Baby

Another cheating wife story.

Loving Wives 06/03/2016

Taken at a Party Pt. 06

Aaron has me cater a party for him and Marta.

Loving Wives 06/03/2016

The Genie Is Out Of The Bottle Ch. 09

More stories, more partners.

Loving Wives 06/03/2016

The Genie Is Out Of The Bottle Ch. 08

Multiple orgasms on multiple dates.

Loving Wives 06/03/2016

An Unexpected Vacation

Husband gets more than he bargains for when wife agrees.

Loving Wives 06/02/2016

Taken at a Party Pt. 05

I become a full-fledged cuckold as Aaron takes my wife.

Loving Wives 06/02/2016

Her Night Out

A married woman enjoys her out.

Loving Wives 06/02/2016

A Memorable 15th Anniversary

Gaby gets an unusual surprise 'gift' from Marty.

Loving Wives 06/02/2016

Being My Roommate's Sissy Pt. 01

A sissy has a failed first date and gets humiliated.

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 06/02/2016

Cruising a Hotel Pool

Married cock sucker looks for cock as his wife sleeps!

Loving Wives 06/01/2016

Across the Hall Pt. 01

Becca is slowly seduced away by her new sexy neighbour.

Loving Wives 05/31/2016

A Different Relationship Ch. 04

Linda brings someone home to play with.

Fetish 05/30/2016

Fantasy Come True

Wife gives in on husband's fantasy.

Loving Wives 05/29/2016

Send and Receive

Kristin learns a lesson after emailing the wrong guy.

NonConsent/Reluctance 05/27/2016

That 90's Gap In-Between Ch. 03

Four very long months in the making.

Interracial Love 05/27/2016

A Willing Cuckold Pt. 04: Conclusion

My vision of how this story might end.

BDSM 05/26/2016

His Birthday Plaything Pt. 02

She may be J's creature now, her boyfriend isn't in charge.

Group Sex 05/26/2016

Jillian Goes Black

She experiences first black stud while husband watches.

Interracial Love 05/26/2016

Creampie Lover Ch. 03

Couple continue quest for fresh creampie.

Fetish 05/25/2016

An Athlete Forced

She's forced in a crowded bar; her fiancé watches cluelessly.

NonConsent/Reluctance 05/25/2016

Not Giving it Away! Pt. 01

Balancing her morals against her husband's fantasy!

Interracial Love 05/25/2016

Graduation of a Cuckold Pt. 03

His wife takes it even further!

Interracial Love 05/24/2016

Accidental Picture Exchange

Sharing pictures turns into a fun time for hubby's friend.

Loving Wives 05/24/2016

Sissy in Training

Gf cucks me and changes my life.

Interracial Love 05/24/2016

She Rules Wife and Husband Ch. 01

Wife lets her pussy call the shots.

Fetish 05/23/2016

My Life as a Wittol Ch. 08

CJ says good bye to Roger.

Erotic Couplings 05/21/2016

My Wife Astrid

Wife gets picked up.

Interracial Love 05/20/2016

Emily the Tease Ch. 05

Emily has Ian take her out to meet her old friend Dan.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 05/19/2016


A sissy cuckold story.

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 05/19/2016

Stretching My Subs

An online dominant recalls some pleasurable moments.

BDSM 05/19/2016

Slut! Wife Needs a Hard Cock Ch. 06

Hotwife and impotent husband.

Loving Wives 05/19/2016

A Cuckold Earns His Horns Pt. 02

Madame, Marc, and Molly take things further.

BDSM 05/18/2016

Slut! Wife Needs a Hard Cock Ch. 05

Loving Wife Sluts for her impotent husband.

Loving Wives 05/18/2016

The Benefits of a Girlfriend Ch. 05

Kristy describes the relationship she has been planning.

BDSM 05/17/2016

Plaything Pt. 01

Indian mother fucked by white bullies with son at home.

Mature 05/17/2016

City Hotel

She had been waiting at the hotel bar for her husband.

Erotic Couplings 05/17/2016

3 AM: She Finally Comes Home

A sissy's wife returns from her date.

Fetish 05/15/2016

Whitewash High Ch. 04

Asian sensation enters the picture.

Interracial Love 05/14/2016

Elizabeth 339 Ch. 01 - Invitation Only

The first rule of fuck club is...

BDSM 05/14/2016

Vanessa and I - Ch 13: Anything

V will do anything for her lover.

Loving Wives 05/13/2016

Susie Next Adventure

Her flirting leads to more than she wanted.

Loving Wives 05/13/2016

Fun with Stephanie & Mark Ch. 03

Stephanie surprises Mark at the sex club.

Group Sex 05/13/2016

49 Days

Wife has special surprise for husband after 49 day chastity.

Loving Wives 05/13/2016

Allison! A Change in Circumstance

Twenty Years was too long to be Faithful. Allie steps out!

Loving Wives 05/12/2016

Having it in Our Bed

A man wakes up in his bed having anal by wife and her lover.

NonConsent/Reluctance 05/12/2016

On Channel 12

A local celebrity walks away from a cheating wife.

Loving Wives 05/12/2016

Helen, my Wife and Cuckoldress

Wife goes Black and feminizes her pathetic hubby.

Fetish 05/12/2016

Cuckhold Love Ch. 02: The Confrontation

The Confrontation.

Fetish 05/12/2016

A Different Relationship Ch. 03

Some first times and permanent changes are being made.

Fetish 05/12/2016

Well Booted... Ch. 02

A domme exploits a couple and young man.

Group Sex 05/11/2016

Heather's Husbands Pt. 01

Two husbands aren't enough to satisfy Heather.

Group Sex 05/10/2016

Casanova and the Cuckold

Amateur dramatics become a centre of cuckolding.

Loving Wives 05/10/2016
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