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The Lodger

 — With hubby away, Victoria plays. by hobrigefin  Loving Wives04/06/093.78

Wife Submits to Black Power

 — Wife falls under a Black Adonis' spell. by Bakebossin  Interracial Love04/06/094.01

My First Story Ch. 02

 — Submissive gets more surprises. by regularguynsacin  BDSM04/05/094.39

Denise Ch. 02

 — Denise is taken while husband forced to watch. by dannymikein  BDSM04/04/094.06

He Said, She Said Ch. 02

 — Husband's office tryst leads to consequences with wife. by AverageBearin  Loving Wives04/03/094.19

She Wanted a Younger Man Ch. 05

 — Susan & Jeffrey's saga continues to grow more intimate. by jeffrey214in  Loving Wives04/03/094.18

The Fall Ch. 02

 — Carol gets it short and straight. by Dear_Dorain  Loving Wives04/02/093.51

Summer Cuckold Ch. 01

 — A new lifestyle begins as the temperature heats up. by touchedupin  Loving Wives04/01/094.06

Cuckolding Wife Ch. 01

 — Introduction: woman empowered by her husband's infidelity. by aquavulvain  Fetish04/01/094.30

Adam's Journey Pt. 02

 — Adam's lady needs more than he can give. by stormdogin  Loving Wives03/31/094.13

Saving Lucian Ch. 02

 — Allison finds herself drunk in the young thug's apartment. by EvangelineSmithin  Interracial Love03/30/093.67

My Wife Falls For Another

 — Wife flirts, falls in love and takes control. by hotmetalmanin  Loving Wives03/30/093.60

A Work Colleague Chronicle Ch. 02

 — The author continues to blackmail his work colleague. by covertopstenin  Erotic Couplings03/29/094.29

Miaw: The Life of the Party

 — 18 year old Miaw gets fucked by her boyfriend's best friend. by StudStoryin  First Time03/28/094.00


 — Bitterness turns to redemption. by Matt Moreauin  Loving Wives03/27/093.68

From Wife to Slut

 — Glory hole at the swingers club. by Craig88in  Loving Wives03/25/094.03

My Girlfriend's Mom Shrieked

 — Tommy turns future father-in-law into a cuckold by scouriesin  Loving Wives03/24/094.63HOT

Clean Me

 — Wife goes too far. by weylandin  Loving Wives03/23/093.16

Tough Love

 — Wife is too sick to domme, so she gets hubby's buddy! by justincbenedictin  BDSM03/21/093.42

A Sissy Boy is Made

 — a submissive male finds his place. by lusty Vampin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers03/21/094.12

Love and Lust

 — Well-built black man's seduction of a willing white wife. by rich0524in  Interracial Love03/21/094.16

He Looks Like His Father

 — A tale of cuckolds, male feminization, and interracial se. by RainStevensin  Interracial Love03/20/093.71

How to Cuckold Your Husband Ch. 02

 — Other fun things to do. by lovecucksin  How To03/18/094.33

The Honeymoon Goes On

 — Lenny is left alone with Chucker. by Beejaynein  Erotic Couplings03/17/094.55HOT

Honey, I Thought You Should Know... Ch. 02

 — Cuckold husband gets more than he wanted. by wifelvrmanin  Loving Wives03/17/093.69

First Time

 — Young wife meets an older man with her hubby. by doctoryes48in  Loving Wives03/17/094.30

What A Turn Up

 — My life turned upside down. by Briteasein  Loving Wives03/16/094.21

Life's Not Fair

 — Hot wife cuckolds her disabled husband. by hobrigefin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/16/093.36

Everyone has a Story

 — The making of a loving cuckold. by newbiggsin  Loving Wives03/15/093.31

She Wanted a Younger Man Ch. 04

 — More adventures of Susan and Jeffrey's love. by jeffrey214in  Loving Wives03/15/094.39

The Wrestler Helps a Hungry Wife

 — Pro wrestler, a cuckold sissy, & a wife who discovers lust. by MiamiCubanin  Loving Wives03/14/094.12

Escaped from Submission

 — How to emasculate the desire for emasculation. by selfconfidenc120in  Reviews & Essays03/14/093.06

Mary Pulls a Train

 — Wife tires of husband and takes on three men. by Bakebossin  Group Sex03/14/093.50

A Friend Helps Out

 — Husband's friend helps out with home renovations and more. by hotwifejuliein  Loving Wives03/13/093.91

She Wanted a Younger Man Ch. 03

 — The next date. by jeffrey214in  Loving Wives03/13/094.27

That's The Way It Is

 — She is a nympho. by BlBonesin  Loving Wives03/12/094.16

Love and Sacrifice

 — She sins, he pays, he reaps. by Matt Moreauin  Loving Wives03/10/094.02

Terry's Descent Ch. 05

 — Performing for my wife's pleasure. by jack.joycein  Transsexuals & Crossdressers03/09/094.32

Giving Her Away

 — A true story of intense love. by Axeburner64in  Loving Wives03/08/093.37

Wife's Second Time

 — Recovering from seeing her fuck another. by pencilnpaperin  Loving Wives03/07/093.72

Older Neighbors Ch. 03

 — Young couple continue with older neighbors. by doctoryes48in  Loving Wives03/07/094.38

Cruise to Remember

 — Wife finally meets Keith; husband finally gets his fantasy. by reindeergamesin  Loving Wives03/06/094.21

Darnell and Carmella

 — he's dumped on, he's saved; he's redeemed. by Matt Moreauin  Loving Wives03/05/094.43

Moving to San Diego Pt. 04

 — Back to school. by hetupin  Incest/Taboo03/04/094.55HOT

Honey, I Thought You Should Know...

 — Wife cuckolds hubby as he had asked of her. by wifelvrmanin  Loving Wives03/03/094.08

She Wanted a Younger Man Ch. 02

 — Susan secures Jeffrey's position as her cuckold. by jeffrey214in  Loving Wives03/03/094.29

Saving Lucian Ch. 01

 — A female prosecutor falls in love with a young thug. by EvangelineSmithin  Interracial Love03/02/093.29

Aunt Teaches me Respect

 — He loses his cherry as he learns respect for women. by Bakebossin  BDSM03/02/094.07

Road Trip

 — His wife and her lover are on vacation. by cuckytoherin  Fetish03/01/093.25

The Helper

 — He was there to help his wife and her lover in any way. by cuckytoherin  Fetish03/01/094.21

The Dutchess and Me

 — He's always wanted to be controlled and cuckolded. by cuckytoherin  Fetish03/01/094.53HOT

Selfish Bitch (Full Version)

 — Wife cuckolds and enslaves her husband. by davidjacobs2in  Loving Wives03/01/092.99

Heather and James

 — He's there to take care of his wife and her lover. by cuckytoherin  Fetish02/28/093.86

My New Life

 — He came home an unemployed, cuckolded husband. by cuckytoherin  Fetish02/28/093.57


 — She pushes her cuckold's limits. by cuckytoherin  Fetish02/28/094.01

Wife Chronicles Ch. 04

 — The next step in compatibility. by RichardMasterin  Loving Wives02/28/093.66

Louis Makes a Decision Ch. 08

 — Sarah calls Louis. by Goodhusbandin  BDSM02/28/093.51


 — His tiny cock can't compare to his wife's lover's. by cuckytoherin  Fetish02/27/093.82

Cuckold New Year

 — She takes control of her wimpy husband. by cuckytoherin  Fetish02/27/093.61

Louis Makes a Decision Ch. 07

 — Louis is faced with a decision. by Goodhusbandin  BDSM02/27/094.09

Cuckolded at the Gym

 — She discovers his deep, dark secret. by cuckytoherin  Fetish02/26/093.89

Debbies Cuckold

 — She lays down the law. by cuckytoherin  Fetish02/26/094.05

Five Long Years

 — She cuckolds him and takes control. by cuckytoherin  Fetish02/26/093.25

Louis Makes a Decision Ch. 06

 — Louis meets his wife's boyfriend. by Goodhusbandin  BDSM02/26/094.31

Ian's Workout

 — Her muscular lover uses him as a spotter. by cuckytoherin  Fetish02/25/093.78

Just What the Doctor Ordered

 — She cuckolds him with a doctor while he's away. by cuckytoherin  Fetish02/25/093.15

Louis Makes a Decision Ch. 05

 — Louis helps Sarah get ready for her date with Dave. by Goodhusbandin  BDSM02/24/094.07

The Other Man

 — A man shares his experiences as the other man. by L0tsaluckin  Loving Wives02/23/094.24

A Hot Houston Summer

 — What happens when you don't take care of business at home. by wife2hotblkin  Loving Wives02/23/093.60

Black Owned Couple

 — A white submissive couple become slaves to a black man. by Karenkayin  Interracial Love02/22/094.02

Louis Makes a Decision Ch. 04

 — Sarah makes Louis kneel at her feet while she talks to Dave. by Goodhusbandin  BDSM02/21/094.08

Home from the Resort

 — Jimmy gets a visit from his former prison "husband." by Da_Vidain  Transsexuals & Crossdressers02/20/094.28

Tryin' Ryan Ch. 07

 — Mae takes a trip. Drew takes Ryan and Linda to bed. by drewskimeskiin  Incest/Taboo02/20/094.22

Dating with Mike Ch. 01

 — Sin has a few drinks and a bit more with Mike. by Sinin  Loving Wives02/18/094.01

A Hot Surprise

 — Jur surprises his girlfriend Sin. by Sinin  Group Sex02/18/094.29

Abby Replies

 — Advice columnist replies to a cheating wife. by vargas111in  Loving Wives02/18/092.24

Taking Her to Him

 — He describes an encounter of his wife and a lover. by Mr_Butterflyin  Loving Wives02/17/093.21

Adopted Brother Ch. 01

 — Tammy's meets the meat. by pathetic_cuckin  Loving Wives02/17/093.89

Moving to San Diego Pt. 03

 — Jason has even more fun with his father's wife Lisa. by hetupin  Incest/Taboo02/15/094.68HOT

Louis Makes a Decision Ch. 02

 — Louis's wife returns from her date. by Goodhusbandin  BDSM02/14/094.02

Louis Makes a Decision Ch. 01

 — Louis's wife brazenly dates another man. by Goodhusbandin  BDSM02/11/094.04

Jade on the Beach

 — Fucked a stranger while her hubby watched. by KayandDeein  Loving Wives02/10/094.21

Dance of Days Ch. 03

 — He discovers his loving wife is not what she seems. by Bakebossin  Chain Stories02/09/093.00

She Wanted a Younger Man Ch. 01

 — Susan decides she needs to 'spice things up.' by jeffrey214in  Loving Wives02/08/093.71

A Short But True Story

 — Wife tries to find a lover. by oldguyflin  Loving Wives02/07/093.45

More Grateful Feelings

 — Gentleman cuckolder continues his journey with his couple. by agentlecuckolderin  Loving Wives02/06/093.86

Pandora's Box Unlocked

 — A fictionalized account of a real event. by omen7in  Loving Wives02/04/093.32

Ending Her Relationship

 — He wants his wife to stop seeing another man. by zeke81in  Loving Wives02/04/093.38


 — Helping a cuckolded friend break free. by zeke81in  Loving Wives02/04/094.35

Passion of Erika Christensen Ch. 05

 — Will Erika's therapy save Tom Cruise's marriage? by AchtungNightin  Celebrities02/03/095.00

Alysin's Black Affairs

 — Hot mom goes over to the "dark side". by MrDeepin  Interracial Love02/02/094.18

The Cuckold Diet Challenge

 — Wife's plan to get hubby down to size. by razorlytin  Loving Wives02/02/093.45

Perfect Wife

 — She ties me up and lets another have her. by Rodwarriorin  Loving Wives02/01/093.74

A Different Sexual Experience: Terr

 — He shares his wife with his partners. by terrytelin  Loving Wives01/30/093.80

Ellen Starts a New Life

 — Old lover, old ways, new life. by c7racerin  Loving Wives01/30/093.69

No Way Honey --- Heather

 — Did she really do that? by Briteasein  Loving Wives01/29/093.55

Letters to Cassie: From Kathy in Memphis

 — White woman tells of affair with black lover. by luvz2xin  Interracial Love01/29/094.35

Sarah & James

 — Convincing her to screw other men. by devoutmalesubin  Loving Wives01/28/094.08

Nora Jane's Revenge

 — Nora Jane uses the studs for her purposes. by bonvivantrosein  NonConsent/Reluctance01/28/093.88

The Beginning

 — A wife gets a new lover. by Truriderin  Loving Wives01/27/094.14

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