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The Boss's Whore

 — I fuck our boss at my husband's request. by Fireboxin  Loving Wives03/14/103.79

Journal Extracts Ch. 05

 — A cuckold's diary. by JRPMTPin  BDSM03/14/103.94

A Big Mistake...or Not?

 — Wannabe cuckold's fantasies fulfilled. by llienoin  Loving Wives03/14/103.61

Mrs Lacy the Naughty Mum

 — Busty lactating neighbour becomes his. by TheTitLoverin  Mature03/13/104.42

Golden Submission Ch. 02

 — Cuckold slave husband abused by wife and her lover. by leomasochin  BDSM03/13/104.25

Tracy's Tease

 — Tracy humiliates Erick and he loves it. by Bakebossin  Loving Wives03/11/103.24

The Envelope

 — Unexpectedly evidence of wife’s infidelity is provided. by StormXin  Loving Wives03/10/104.54HOT


 — White wife in a fertility clinic, must choose a father. by blackeyedgirlin  Interracial Love03/09/104.18

Voyeur Pt. 02

 — Wife feeds cuckold hubby her creampie. by Bacon4u2in  Loving Wives03/09/104.30

Interracial Surprise

 — I returned home early to find my wife in bed with black guy. by HerLittlePiggyin  Loving Wives03/09/103.23

Size Matters

 — Wwife and her well endowed lover make me a size queen too. by HerLittlePiggyin  Loving Wives03/09/104.02

Controlled Ch. 06

 — Kinky couple turn to a writer to spice things up a bit. by colesneil37in  Mind Control03/08/104.42

Jamaican Holidays

 — A wife discovers interracial. by nterin  Interracial Love03/08/104.02

Journal Extracts Ch. 04

 — A cuckold's diary. by JRPMTPin  BDSM03/07/104.53HOT

Erica's Debut Ch. 03

 — Erica & John plan a date with Mark, but best laid plans by pervinplainpackagein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur03/07/104.08

Cabin Crew

 — ...I came into your wife. by Rodwarriorin  BDSM03/07/104.24

Naughty Night at Club

 — Couple find out the club is not where fantasies come true. by TaleBehemothin  Interracial Love03/06/103.46

Cuckold Birthday Present

 — Wife cuckolds husband. by upswingin  Loving Wives03/04/104.25

Jimmy and Claire

 — She loved two me, but one of them wasn't willing to share. by Matt Moreauin  Loving Wives03/04/104.41

Marking My Women Ch. 04

 — Another man pleasures himself with my women. by SirenSeekerin  Loving Wives03/03/100.00

Playing with Kay

 — Kay get an unexpected answer. by ruthless bastardin  Fetish03/01/103.52

Journal Extracts Ch. 03

 — A cuckold's diary. by JRPMTPin  BDSM03/01/104.06

Husband Encourages Wife Ch. 02

 — Jen goes clubbing with Tina, while Michael waits at home. by xlegloverin  Loving Wives02/28/104.28

The Couples Club Ch. 07

 — Initiation. by Rodwarriorin  BDSM02/28/104.44

Cabin Pressure

 — 3: ...I'm so glad... by Rodwarriorin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/28/103.98

Angels from Hell

 — A story of female domination, cuckoldry and incest. by Enidbrightonin  Fetish02/28/104.15

Obsession of the Mind Ch. 02

 — Ex-girlfriend is back, but now has BIG experience. by k4d0h1in  Fetish02/28/104.18

Obsession of the Mind Ch. 01

 — Dr. Saza treats Chris and his small penis. by k4d0h1in  Fetish02/26/104.28

Anything For Family

 — A sequel to the 'Help My Wife' stories. by NaughtyWendyin  Incest/Taboo02/25/104.27


 — Man is betrayed by his wife, but.... by Matt Moreauin  Loving Wives02/25/103.40

Journal Extracts Ch. 02

 — A cuckold's diary. by JRPMTPin  BDSM02/24/103.74

Voyeur Pt. 01

 — Wife plays with her lover with hubby tied up in the corner. by Bacon4u2in  Loving Wives02/24/104.16

My Wife, My Queen Ch. 01

 — He becomes a cuckold. She takes the lead. by Dilberts_dreamin  Loving Wives02/24/104.21

Husband Encourages Wife Ch. 01

 — Husband wants his wife to be like her divorced friend. by xlegloverin  Loving Wives02/23/104.37

How I Became a Chastized Cuckold Ch. 04

 — Hubby gets milked to relieve pressure. by gizzardin  Loving Wives02/22/104.32

Cindy's Humble Servant Ch. 01

 — He earns his right to be slave to a proud Chinese woman. by humbleservantbeijingin  BDSM02/22/104.12

Midnight Confession

 — Ashley ties her boyfriend up and then confesses. by damonXin  Anal02/22/104.43

How Lynn Started

 — Lynn finds excitement sucking another man. by TuWatchuin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur02/22/104.54HOT

Journal Extracts Ch. 01

 — A cuckold's diary. by JRPMTPin  BDSM02/21/103.89

Prison Cuckold

 — Fantasy World where wife goes to prison with husband. by Take_it_by_Forcein  Loving Wives02/21/100.00

Hypocrite or Cuckold

 — Wife's infidelity forces husband to decide. by StormXin  Loving Wives02/20/102.67

Out of Your Hands Ch. 03

 — Mistress R forces slave r to choose his future life. by MALIBUMAN666in  BDSM02/18/104.44


 — Wife is fed up with his submissive fantasies by Seuratin  Erotic Horror02/17/103.85

Out of Your Hands Ch. 02

 — Mistress R extends her domination over slave r. by MALIBUMAN666in  BDSM02/17/104.65HOT

Out of Your Hands Ch. 01

 — Mistress R receives new information from her slave husband. by MALIBUMAN666in  BDSM02/16/104.56HOT

Spike's Giant Spike

 — My wife loves the giant cock of another man. by richardgranitein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur02/16/104.19

Cabin John

 — You make me so very happy... by Rodwarriorin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/15/103.59

Cock Lust

 — Sharing his first massive cock with his girlfriend. by Hungforyouin  Group Sex02/15/104.41

The Party

 — Wife felates neighbor in front of husband. by Bakebossin  Loving Wives02/14/103.23

A Dream Cum True

 — A loving wife cuckolds husband. by hardnpanin  Loving Wives02/13/103.54

Dear Aunt Flabby

 — Advice for perverts in love. by Bakebossin  Letters & Transcripts02/12/103.23

CFnm Adventure - 3rd Visit

 — Serving a BBW Dominatrix and her male friend. by lovelicker99in  Fetish02/12/104.44

Steve's Deception

 — Husbands stories lead to wife's seduction by Blackstud. by suewatcherin  Interracial Love02/11/104.29

How I Became a Chastized Cuckold Ch. 03

 — Release after one month and fun with toys. by gizzardin  Loving Wives02/10/104.37

Jane Discovers Mike's Fantasy

 — Jane discovers Mike wants to be cuckolded. by coastguy1in  Loving Wives02/08/103.73

The Ball Tax

 — Story of how wife and government changed this man's life. by DanielPhoenixin  BDSM02/08/103.87

Suzy Lets me Join in

 — Cuckold allowed to join wife and her lover. by Bakebossin  Group Sex02/08/103.76

Her First Affair

 — Married woman has sex with her boss. by Bakebossin  Erotic Couplings02/07/103.61

The EMT Ch. 11

 — Suzanne's adventure continues (at last). by absoluterotterin  Loving Wives02/07/104.36

Pippa and Harry Ch. 09

 — A married couple's journey to cuckold and beyond. by ColinRupertin  Loving Wives02/06/104.30

Pippa and Harry Ch. 08

 — A married couple's journey to cuckold and beyond. by ColinRupertin  Loving Wives02/05/104.29

Lynn and Bobby Ch. 06

 — Lynn learns about voyeur-cucks. by LynnGKSin  Loving Wives02/05/104.31

Angie's Valentines Baby

 — Scouries seduces a teenage wife. by scouriesin  Loving Wives02/05/104.66HOT


 — My wife learned of my affair with out neighbor. by HerLittlePiggyin  Gay Male02/04/104.48

Pippa and Harry Ch. 07

 — Further developments but slow... by ColinRupertin  Loving Wives02/03/104.12

Pippa and Harry Ch. 06

 — The morning after. A promise is made.. by ColinRupertin  Loving Wives02/02/103.93

Always Bet On Black

 — Yyou know someone had to use this title. by Spassmacher5000in  Interracial Love02/02/103.78

TX 105

 — A husband gets his wife to go black with a little help. by Bob1515in  Interracial Love02/02/104.29

Change of Style Ch. 09

 — Maggie surrenders all to Sean and finishes Jack's training. by LeMondialin  Interracial Love01/31/104.13

Norm – My Next Door Neighbor

 — Norm slips in to watch my husband perform and then eats me. by stacey_lynnein  Loving Wives01/31/103.54

Nathan Gets His Way Ch. 02

 — Cuckold humiliation. by hotchiksmalwilyin  Loving Wives01/31/103.92

Sweet Sunflower Ch. 03

 — The cuckolding comes to an end. by Heironymousin  Loving Wives01/31/103.91

Rachel Ch. 01

 — One cross-dresser meets another - and his wife. by maudecardyin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers01/31/104.44

Pippa and Harry Ch. 05

 — A married couples journey to cuckold and beyond. by ColinRupertin  Loving Wives01/30/104.07

Golden Submission

 — Slave husband abused by wife and others. by leomasochin  BDSM01/29/103.91

Pippa and Harry Ch. 04

 — Married to Cuckold and beyond. by ColinRupertin  Loving Wives01/28/104.08

Sweet Sunflower Ch. 02

 — She reveals that her husband craves cream pie. by Heironymousin  Loving Wives01/28/104.31

Cuckold-Foot-Slave's Everyday Life

 — A day in the life of a cuckolded foot slave. by cuckold_footslavein  Fetish01/26/103.98

Sweet Sunflower Ch. 01

 — Married woman picks me up in a park. by Heironymousin  Loving Wives01/25/104.32

Pleasured by Force

 — Married woman learns she enjoys being forced. by Bakebossin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/25/103.74

Love Busters

 — He catches cheating spouses. by Bakebossin  Non-Erotic01/25/104.01

The Seer of Popotla

 — Advice from an old Mexican wise man will change things. by Matt Moreauin  Loving Wives01/24/103.94

A Pig in Her Place

 — Daddy and a mystery woman remind the pig of her place. by bellscradlein  BDSM01/24/104.25

Cowboy Steak and Beans

 — Sarah meets a handsome cowboy. by Goodhusbandin  BDSM01/23/104.27

June Seeks Satisfaction

 — Couple discuss bringing in a man to help satisfy her. by Bakebossin  Mature01/23/103.75

My Wife's Diary

 — Man discovers his wife has been cheating on him - a lot. by TwiztedWritersin  Loving Wives01/22/102.67

Sexy Barbara Turns Her Husband On

 — A sexy wife cuckolds her husband, who returns the compliment. by tistfin  Loving Wives01/22/104.37

Alice and Joe and Joan and Charlie

 — Husband peeps at his wife in bed the guy next door. by LynnGKSin  Loving Wives01/22/104.30

Change of Style Ch. 08

 — Maggie begins serious cuckold training for Jack. by LeMondialin  Interracial Love01/21/104.31

Pippa and Harry Ch. 03

 — A Journey - to cuckold and beyond. by ColinRupertin  Loving Wives01/21/104.20

Rescue Me

 — Wife at the bar. by likebstarin  Loving Wives01/21/103.63

Letters to Lacy

 — Letters to a cheating wife. by Bakebossin  Letters & Transcripts01/21/102.35

Hard Luck Harlan Lawton

 — A man just can't seem to catcha break with his women. by Matt Moreauin  Loving Wives01/20/103.84

Going Rogue... with Her Son

 — Sarah Palin welcomes home her son in the best way. by RoughNTumblein  Celebrities01/18/104.45

TIA: This is Africa Ch. 01

 — White expats adjust to a new life. by A Cracker Slutin  Interracial Love01/17/104.32

Jade in Control

 — Jade continues to take control of me and our relationship. by Slutboy88in  Fetish01/16/104.38

Be Careful What You Wish For Ch. 02

 — Ungrateful white husband gets dominated by fed up black wife. by Turnedin  Loving Wives01/15/103.80

Pippa and Harry Ch. 02

 — A married couples journey to cuckold? by ColinRupertin  Loving Wives01/15/104.19

Pippa and Harry Ch. 01

 — A married couple's journey. by ColinRupertin  Loving Wives01/14/104.32

Unknowingly Used By A Stranger

 — My hubby led a total stranger to our room. by ilovestrangersin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/13/103.98

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