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An Open Letter to Steve

David comes to terms with his strange feelings.

Letters & Transcripts 11/22/2017

The Foster's Finale

James and Melinda Foster get much deeper into cuckoldry.

Loving Wives 07/11/2017

Sally Jo and the Seven Penises

Hubby plays the innocent while the wife fucks around.

Fetish 06/24/2017

Sam Meets the Neighbor Ch. 06

The weekend arrives.

BDSM 06/24/2017

The Deflowering of My Wife Ch. 02

I enact some revenge, but I should have thought twice.

Loving Wives 05/18/2017

Couples Reconnecting

A recollection of 4-way fun.

Loving Wives 10/11/2016

Cyndy Decides to Stray

She needs to experience sex with another man.

Loving Wives 08/05/2016

A Man of the World

Be careful what you wish for.

Loving Wives 07/15/2016

Taylor's Locker Room Gangbang

A high school girl gets gangbanged after boyfriend loses bet.

NonConsent/Reluctance 04/22/2016

The Tale of Peter & Alicia

How a Chicago power couple went wrong.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 03/30/2016

The Advertisement

the poor sucker asked for it--actually advertised for pain!

BDSM 03/06/2016

Letter from Turkey Thicket

Husband training in the Heartlands!

BDSM 02/25/2016

Changes Required By Mrs Carter

A submissive male's trip to a divorce court enslaves him.

BDSM 02/11/2016

Mistress Cindy

She makes movies of her slaveboy.

BDSM 01/23/2016

Letter from Jefferson City

Licia, dominant wife!

BDSM 01/18/2016

JoeBob, Submissive

Can he find the right Domme?

BDSM 01/13/2016

The Resort Pt. 01

A husband proposes cuckoldry to his wife.

Fetish 06/28/2015

Checkout Girl

Dishonesty as a survival ploy leads to high class prostitute.

Loving Wives 04/15/2015

The Old Pals Act

What can happen when the past doesn't stay in the past.

Loving Wives 01/18/2015

Club Venus Paradisio Ch. 02

Madeline introduced, the cocky male cuckolded and dominated.

BDSM 09/02/2014

Club Venus Paradisio

Madeline indulges her dominance in the holiday of a lifetime.

BDSM 08/29/2014

His Place Assured, Beneath Her

A male is cuckolded and obliges all women present

BDSM 03/05/2014

Tales from the Amazon

A description of the sexual parasites of the Great River.

NonHuman 12/10/2013

Born to be a Cuckold

He was born to be a cuckold and he had the perfect wife.

Fetish 09/29/2013

I Have a Proposition For You

A saga of a hot wife.

Loving Wives 09/09/2013

Summer Sitter

Some interesting goings on in the Denton and West households.

Loving Wives 08/26/2013

Summer of Denial

Can denial outlast flight from NYC to an isolated island?

Erotic Couplings 08/22/2013

Wedded into Cuckoldry

A girl and her master, plan for her husband's cuckolding.

BDSM 07/28/2013

Freedom and the Widow Ch. 15

Eric oils all by the pool and is cuckolded later.

BDSM 05/13/2013

Catcher Culture Ch. 08

Clark's Liaison, Fenton punished in Bondage.

BDSM 05/09/2013

Our Introduction into Cuckoldry

Fantasy becomes real.

Loving Wives 12/29/2012

Julia Ch. 01

Strange future world of unnatural sexual relationships.

Novels and Novellas 12/09/2012

Owned by my Mother-in-Law Ch. 11

Miranda's Hotel; the ginger woman pleased.

BDSM 11/08/2012

Camilla Ch. 100

Camilla the professor seduces one of her students.

Erotic Couplings 08/03/2012

Camilla Ch. 097

Camilla's husband wants to watch her fuck another man.

Erotic Couplings 07/19/2012

Camilla Ch. 048

Collette remembers having an affair when Camilla was little.

Erotic Couplings 01/01/2012

Blue Oasis Club; The Beginning

Casablanca in the 30s: Clubs run by Dominant women.

BDSM 11/07/2011

The Stonehenge Ch. 02

Drusha's curiosity is satisfied

Interracial Love 02/10/2011

I’d Die If My Husband Found Out

Pat took off her wedding ring and spread her legs wide.

Loving Wives 10/14/2010

Essay: A Theory of Angry Cucks

Why do some guys get so violently angry at cuck stories?

Reviews & Essays 05/28/2010

Sheila's Story

An innocent wife begins her adventures.

Loving Wives 03/25/2010

How I Became a Chastized Cuckold Ch. 05

Wife wants more and I become a cuckold.

Loving Wives 03/21/2010

How I Became a Chastized Cuckold Ch. 04

Hubby gets milked to relieve pressure.

Loving Wives 02/22/2010

How I Became a Chastized Cuckold Ch. 03

Release after one month and fun with toys.

Loving Wives 02/10/2010

How I Became a Chastized Cuckold Ch. 02

He goes deeper into chastity.

Loving Wives 12/01/2009

How I Became a Chastized Cuckold

Wife puts me in chastity.

Loving Wives 11/08/2009

Cuckold Story - Christina's Revenge

3rd story about getting cuckolded by my wife.

Loving Wives 09/11/2008

The Game

A wife makes an orgasm bet.

Loving Wives 07/07/2008

Living Incubus Ch. 01

A teacher and her husband fall victim to the power.

Mind Control 05/17/2008

Cathleen Encouraged Ch. 13

Final installment of story of BiW interracial cuckoldry.

Interracial Love 04/23/2008

Battling Cuckold-Fantasy Addiction

Married man is addicted to femdom cuckoldress fantasies.

BDSM 03/18/2008

Cathleen Encouraged Ch. 12

He was on the edge.

Interracial Love 12/28/2007

How to Write Interracial Cuckoldry Stories

Tips for writing stories in Interracial cuckoldry theme

How To 08/09/2007

Maureen, My Queen of Spades

White wife has a thing for black cock.

Interracial Love 08/08/2007

Four Fabliaux

An account of a sample of Medieval sex stories.

Reviews & Essays 08/05/2007

Cathleen Encouraged Ch. 11

The anniversary party.

Loving Wives 07/27/2007

Cathleen Encouraged Ch. 10

The situation grows even more sexually charged.

Loving Wives 07/26/2007

Cathleen Encouraged Ch. 09

Randy is moving in.

Loving Wives 05/27/2007

Cathleen Encouraged Ch. 07

George attends a cuckold support group.

Loving Wives 05/11/2007

Cathleen Encouraged Ch. 06

A white wife that cuckolds hubby.

Loving Wives 04/25/2007

Cathleen Encouraged Ch. 05

White couple go deeper into BiW cuckoldry.

Loving Wives 04/01/2007

Black Cock Fantasy Ch. 02

She's a slut for black cock.

Loving Wives 12/24/2006

Executive Suite or Sweet Executive

Executive discoveries of a sexual nature.

Interracial Love 07/12/2006

Ofelia Ch. 02 Pt. 07

In the dragon's mouth.

Novels and Novellas 04/30/2006

Jackie Makes Two Submit

Jackie cuckolds her husband, then her lover.

Loving Wives 04/30/2006

Ofelia Ch. 02 Pt. 04-06

One love is consummated.

Novels and Novellas 04/29/2006

Ofelia Ch. 01 Pt. 09-11

She and her brother draw closer.

Novels and Novellas 04/23/2006

Ofelia Ch. 01 Pt. 04-06

She has a friendly encounter.

Novels and Novellas 04/20/2006

Ofelia Ch. 01 Pt. 01-03

Beautiful Latina exposes her character.

Novels and Novellas 04/19/2006

Pocketbooks Ch. 01

The designer pocketbook as a symbol of domination.

Fetish 04/15/2006

One for Misty...

A path to cuckoldry.

Loving Wives 04/12/2006

Alpha Male

Tale of lust, humiliation, and broken faith.

Loving Wives 03/13/2006

Mum and the Rude Optician!

He watches Mum's adultery with her Optician.

Incest/Taboo 03/09/2006
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