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cum eating

Cum Lover and Steve Pt. 13

Telling Sarah how I became a cum lover.

Gay Male 04/19/2016

Sex Detectives

The Dick with The Rose Tattoo.

Erotic Horror 04/14/2016

Seductress & Daemon: Sissy Pt. 01

We play with a Sissy...

BDSM 04/14/2016

The Suitcase Ch. 02

A sissy is given to a new Daddy...

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 04/13/2016

The Coldest Night of the Year Ch. 03

A wife and her lover test a cuckold's limits.

Fetish 04/11/2016

My Wife Leads the Way Ch. 02

A gay man is led into a world of depravity by his wife.

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 03/31/2016

A Week in the Life of a Cumeater Ch. 01

Eating cum for a week.

Fetish 03/30/2016

Every Three Months

He visits mistress, remembers why he started.

BDSM 03/29/2016

My Colors are White and Gold

Water sports and more between men.

Fetish 03/28/2016

Jessica's Rules

Loving wife becomes the masturbatrix of his dreams.

BDSM 03/22/2016

The Ex's New Toy Pt. 03

Dana Continues to take control of Matt.

Fetish 03/22/2016

Helping out the Neighbor

Helping the new neighbor rearrange their house turns sexy.

Erotic Couplings 03/19/2016

Among The Pines

A boy heads into the woods to find the truth of his nature.

Gay Male 03/18/2016

The Story of N Day 04-05

Robot mistress milks and cuckolds me.

Fetish 03/09/2016

Romantic Fitness

An instructor and client fall in love over pizza.

Romance 03/08/2016

Lending a Helping Dick

A colleague asks for help to dominate her husband.

Loving Wives 03/06/2016

Sweet Girlfriend

Sweet virginal girlfriend becomes cruise ship slut.

Loving Wives 03/03/2016

The Story of N Day 03

I clean up after my robot mistress has a cumbath party.

Fetish 02/28/2016

The Story of N Day 02

My robot mistress makes my milking more productive...

Fetish 02/27/2016

Finding My Genie Ch. 03

Hot couple continue panty play.

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 02/25/2016

Quickie: Anna Web Ch. 02

Anna goes on a double date with her cousin.

Incest/Taboo 02/25/2016

The Story of N Day 01

New robot helps me enact my cum eating fantasies, and more.

Fetish 02/25/2016

Letisha Enjoys the Outdoors

A horny bachelorette takes a stroll to the beach...

Group Sex 02/20/2016

Mechanical Perfection

Tick Tock, a droid, discovers sex with gorgeous Dani.

NonHuman 02/19/2016

Indulging His Fantasy

A wife decides her husband would make a good maid.

Fetish 02/18/2016

Playing with a Cougar Pt. 03

Patty brings a friend.

Mature 02/07/2016

Bree's Journey Pt. 03

The truth comes out.

Fetish 02/04/2016

Bree's Journey Pt. 02

Fetishes explored, rough sex, and role playing.

Fetish 02/03/2016

The Lawn Boy Ch. 02

Will seduced by married woman with a cuckold hubby.

Loving Wives 02/02/2016

Strict Old Principal Ch. 03

A young man serves an old woman and her boyfriend.

Mature 01/29/2016

Dottie and Me Pt. 02

Man working in hospital becomes sub to coworker.

BDSM 01/28/2016

Playing with a Cougar Pt. 02

Patty gets wilder!

Mature 01/27/2016

Femdom Training 101

Ideas on how to train your man to be an obedient pet.

How To 01/26/2016

Playing with a Cougar

My first experience with a huge boobed cougar 38FF.

Mature 01/24/2016

My Mistress is My Wife Ch. 02

A husband and wife dive deeper into their new found fun.

Fetish 01/23/2016

The Morning After

The morning after I popped my husband's cherry... Yum.

Anal 01/16/2016

The Night is Still Young

Continuing a night to remember.

Fetish 01/15/2016

All by Myself

A young man explores his sexual fantasies alone.

Toys & Masturbation 01/10/2016


A BDSM story.

BDSM 01/09/2016

Older Women can be Awesome Ch. 02

Gramma likes to fool around.

Incest/Taboo 01/09/2016

Finding My Genie Ch. 02

Panty wearing guy finds his soul mate.

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 01/08/2016

Lori Pt. 03: Lori Has Visitors

Very simple: For three weeks Lori gets laid every evening.

Group Sex 01/07/2016

Steve Gets His Chance at the End

Many guys fuck Steve's wife. He has his go, with a surprise.

Group Sex 01/06/2016

Bi Fun for All

Norm and Jacinta spend the day fucking in different places.

Group Sex 01/06/2016

Doggies Make Good Maids

Lily's husband cleans Jill's home, then himself and Jill.

Mind Control 01/06/2016

Peggy Serves the Secret Society Ch. 02

Peggy serves the Society at an afternoon orgy.

Interracial Love 01/02/2016

The Nature of Seth Ch. 04

Seth and Bradley in the shower.

Gay Male 12/31/2015

Popping My Husband's Cherry

Wife discovers the joys of anal sex - her husband's anus...

Anal 12/31/2015

Lori Pt. 02: Lori in the Woods

Lori, tied between two trees, waits for her guys.

Group Sex 12/23/2015

The First Time I Tasted My Cum

Looking back at where my cum eating fetish started.

Fetish 12/23/2015

She's the Boss - My New Collar

Mistress punishes me, then opens the door to a new dynamic.

Romance 12/20/2015

My Cousin Jo and I Pt. 08

My cousin Jolene comes to stay for the summer.

Incest/Taboo 12/16/2015

A Christmas Gift from Irina & Woody

Young couple chooses to give a special gift to an older man.

Group Sex 12/12/2015

787 Amethyst Dr. Pt. 02

Ms. Mandy Rivers sinfully and sexually corrupts her lodger.

Erotic Couplings 12/11/2015

Fun at the Casino

My first bisexual MMF.

Group Sex 12/09/2015

The Dominican Trip Pt. 01

The trip where fantasy turned reality.

Loving Wives 12/07/2015

Sister Gets Banged Pt. 05

An orgy with Ritu.

Incest/Taboo 12/06/2015

Peter's Wife Brings Beer

Peter's wife delivers for Johnson.

Group Sex 12/05/2015

787 Amethyst Dr.

A 5th grade teacher meets a mysterious lodger.

BDSM 12/03/2015

Cleaning up Bob's Mess Ch. 05

I make Bob cum 3 times while Brenda is at work.

Gay Male 11/29/2015

Cum Eating Cocksucker

I learn to eat cum.

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 11/20/2015

Margie Gilday Ch. 03

Margie's adventure with her new friend continues.

Lesbian Sex 11/19/2015

Lunch with Connie Lark Ch. 02

Size 11 feet, oral sex, footjobs & surprise at City Hall.

Fetish 11/15/2015


A loving couple try new things together.

Fetish 11/14/2015

Finishing Where Tim Left Off

John goes down on his best friend's wife and gets a surprise.

Fetish 11/13/2015

My Wife Leads the Way

A gay man in denial is shown the way by his wife.

Group Sex 11/13/2015

Victorious Victoria

Submissive male struggles to win a contest for his Mistress.

BDSM 11/10/2015

Daphne & Carl at the Juniper Inn Ch. 03

Daphne uses a strap on and Carl gets an unexpected surprise.

BDSM 11/07/2015

Wild 69

One couples take on strip poker.

Loving Wives 11/07/2015

Golden Discovery

A couple discover their pissing fetish.

Fetish 11/03/2015

The Sisterhood: Carla

A troubled girl brings temptation to a family's home.

Incest/Taboo 11/03/2015

Lunch with Connie Lark

A top Political Aide of 5 years submits to his Mayor.

Fetish 10/31/2015

Daphne & Carl at the Juniper Inn Ch. 02

After dinner, Carl experiences domination in his suite.

BDSM 10/30/2015

After Darts: Submissive Slave Girl Ch. 04

The VIP backroom is a very popular spot.

Interracial Love 10/28/2015

Daphne & Carl at the Juniper Inn

Carl Wishes his wife of 5 years would become his dominatrix.

BDSM 10/27/2015

... And You Wonder ... Pt. 02

Why I love the wild and the crazy!!

Fetish 10/27/2015

She's Not My Daughter Ch. 07

Jesse explains why she loves what she loves.

Incest/Taboo 10/25/2015

... And You Wonder ...

Why I love the wild and the crazy!!

Fetish 10/23/2015

Little Sister: the Future In-Law Ch. 03

These younger sisters won't quit.

Incest/Taboo 10/21/2015

Wife's First Cock : the Slut Diary Ch. 04

When it just isn't enough, she needs more.

Interracial Love 10/20/2015

Enticed and Humiliated Ch. 17

A college boy whores himself out to a gangbang.

Gay Male 10/17/2015

Strict Old Principal

A young man if forced to submit to his former principal.

Mature 10/15/2015

Sex Slave Spooktacular

A chilling, thrilling, semen-spilling tale of terror.

Erotic Horror 10/15/2015

Adult Costume Party

A night at a work party turns into something wild.

Erotic Couplings 10/15/2015

Admission Pt. 06: Meeting the Wife

Mike takes control as his wife discovers his cum slut Molly.

Erotic Couplings 10/11/2015

Third Domination Ch. 02

The night (and surprises) continue.

BDSM 10/10/2015

She's the Boss: Kinky Spa Break

Mistress takes me to a spa, and I give her my virginity.

Romance 10/01/2015

What to Do with a Full Nest Pt. 01

Katie leads the way for a willing Donna.

Incest/Taboo 09/26/2015

Airport Rendezvous

My recollection of our explosive reconnection.

Erotic Couplings 09/24/2015

Zoe's Perfect Marriage Ch. 01

A cheating wife transforms her marriage... and her husband.

Loving Wives 09/18/2015

Pamperboy Servitude

A pampered college boy serves an older man.

Fetish 09/09/2015

Event Horizon Ch. 01

After 50 years, the spell broke, Warriors had grown.

Gay Male 09/08/2015

Enticed and Humiliated Ch. 12

A college guy serves as a sex maid at an orgy.

Gay Male 09/08/2015

Sisterhood of the Travelling Snatch

A game challenges Kate to seduce her Dad's best friend.

Incest/Taboo 09/07/2015

Owned by a Ghetto Bitch Pt. 09

A white male lives as a sex slave to a black guy.

Gay Male 09/06/2015

Enticed and Humiliated Ch. 11

A college guy serves as a sex maid.

Gay Male 09/05/2015

Event Horizon

Good vs evil, finding true love in battle, escape the evil.

Gay Male 08/31/2015

Enticed and Humiliated Ch. 09

A college couple try bisexual swinging.

Group Sex 08/30/2015

Owned by a Ghetto Bitch Pt. 06

A white male gets feminized by a sista.

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 08/29/2015

School Days

A blowjob in the boys' room.

Gay Male 08/29/2015
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