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Just Eight Miles Ahead, He Said Ch. 04

 — Things are going bump in the night. by cindylynn34in  Interracial Love11/12/174.37

Ebb Tide Ch. 04b

 — V dates Jo, meets some old friends plus the Tempest Witch. by FinalStandin  Erotic Couplings06/15/174.88HOT

Parisian Dreams Pt. 01

 — A young secretarial candidate is waylaid in NYC. by Dutchboy51in  NonConsent/Reluctance04/27/173.86

New to the Neighborhood

 — A new neighbor is trumped. by happywriter007in  NonConsent/Reluctance03/21/173.55

Renee's Internship Pt. 03

 — Working at the restaurant and the Teacher meets the Yogini. by O2in  Lesbian Sex02/01/174.39

Determined Faith

 — Pastor persecuted for homosexuality in 1970s Angola. by sr71pltin  Gay Male01/17/174.27

Deceit and Love

 — A tale of love and deceit. by gydeonin  Novels and Novellas09/27/164.33

Rogues and Royalty Ch. 03

 — Desire in the midst of loyalty and high treason... Confrontations by homecomingqueenin  Gay Male08/21/164.65HOT

The Blackmailed Student Ch. 03

 — Meeting Tyler at "The High Flyer". by postryin  NonConsent/Reluctance08/16/164.03

A Better Whore than His Mother

 — A twink cocksucker has an affair with his mother's boyfriend. by brynnboiin  Gay Male07/21/164.27

Butt**ck, Tennessee Ch. 02

 — Everyone is out for themselves in Buttfuck, Tennessee. by bjmichaelsin  Gay Male06/28/164.52HOT

My Wild Wife

 — What will he do when he discovers her past? by RichardGeraldin  Loving Wives05/11/164.35

Music Man Pt. 03

 — Truth will out: Ged wants answers Cassie can't give. by Alwaysrainingin  Novels and Novellas12/20/154.81HOT

Music Man Pt. 02

 — The storm hits. Ups and Downs? Mainly down. by Alwaysrainingin  Novels and Novellas12/19/154.80HOT


 — Recruited to service guards at remote interrogation center. by sr71pltin  Gay Male11/24/154.15


 — Cheerleader has a mishap. by Ashsonin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/05/154.33

The Devil's Bargain Ch. 02

 — She is helpless to resist his game of seduction and trickery. by wishfulthinkingin  NonConsent/Reluctance04/21/154.71HOT

Darian & Dimitri, The DNR Series Ch. 02

 — The family bonds through pleasure. We also a shocking truth! by DNR666in  Incest/Taboo03/24/153.99

For Your Eyes Only

 — Husband watches video of ex-wife and her lover. by easyballsin  First Time01/24/153.58


 — Package delivery sparks sexual release in male colleagues. by sr71pltin  Gay Male11/13/144.43

An Incest Birthday Ch. 26

 — Randy finally leaves the hospital. by kevin_88in  Incest/Taboo10/07/144.81HOT

Pictures Never Lie: A Love Story Pt. 02

 — Janet's tale of seduction and remorse. by dtiversonin  Loving Wives05/23/140.00

Hostage to Need

 — Oil company exec's weakness pitted against terrorists. by sr71pltin  Gay Male04/25/143.73

Solicitous Service

 — Congressman dumps young male lover at restaurant. by sr71pltin  Gay Male01/10/144.40

Harmony and Dissonance

 — Musical Thai couple's harmony challenged by discord. by sr71pltin  Gay Male12/02/134.36

The Eskimo

 — It was a simple matter of reciprocal hospitality. by ukresearcherin  Loving Wives12/02/133.48

Snow Trap

 — Pursued to snowbound mountain house by dad's boyfriend. by sr71pltin  Gay Male11/16/134.15

8 Days: Day 2 - FTDS

 — All's Fair in Love and War - sequel to DamonX's 8 Days. by FinishTheDamnStoryin  Anal08/22/134.53HOT

Snobby Surma Ch. 06

 — Rakesh was fucking two married beauties. Would it last? by uncannybalin  Erotic Couplings07/11/134.54HOT

Its Eyes Are for the Stars

 — Those Eyes, part 2. by dreamsofbirdsin  NonHuman05/07/134.69HOT

Two Moms, Two Laps: Old Wounds

 — Reopening Old Wounds between the Sisters. by Tx Tall Talesin  Incest/Taboo04/11/134.61HOT

The Compassionate Reporter

 — Showing compassion can lead to a whole bunch of trouble by sr71pltin  Gay Male03/05/132.85

Nuclear Meltdown

 — Blackmailed into seducing a scientist to defect. by sr71pltin  Gay Male02/08/134.35

Bound to Bait

 — All is not what it seems in men's pursuit of a twink. by sr71pltin  Gay Male12/07/124.45

Love in Chains Ch. 06

 — Lian is an Evil Bastartd. by Nephylimin  BDSM09/16/124.30

Love in Chains Ch. 04

 — Adam asks Nye to move in. But is it the right thing for Nye? by Nephylimin  BDSM09/04/124.07

Odour of Salmon

 — Not only fish smells fishy. by fleapitin  Humor & Satire09/02/124.50HOT

Coaching Change

 — Maneuvering in the cutthroat world of tennis coaching. by KeithDin  Gay Male08/29/124.05

The Bonus

 — Blowing bonus money on a secret trip to Key West. by sr71pltin  Gay Male08/09/124.42

Upward Mobility

 — A young man treats everyone bad to get what he wants. by bjmichaelsin  Gay Male05/12/124.28

Toymaker Ch. 01

 — The fringe benefits of parapsychology. by HandsInTheDarkin  Mind Control05/08/124.76HOT

Last Present

 — Gigolo thief asked to deliver a special Christmas present by sr71pltin  Loving Wives11/11/114.42


 — Dangers of having a wartime lover. by sr71pltin  Gay Male07/16/114.40

The Doctor

 — Girl nursed into sexual situation with brother & his fiancee. by rexsabridoin  Incest/Taboo06/21/112.94

Educating Harry Ch. 14

 — Harry thinks he knows Bella; think again, Harry. by myrionomosin  Novels and Novellas06/15/114.69HOT

Go On, Ignore Me Now...

 — Skylar tires of Magdalena's mind games and captures her. by kinkybiitchxin  NonConsent/Reluctance05/13/114.23

Our Little Secret? Ch. 02

 — Is it the end for Mark and Jill? by robinhodin  Loving Wives03/03/113.56

Marium Aasan Telecom Bitch Ch. 03

 — Maryum gets her revenge. by haramakhramain  Erotic Couplings02/16/114.75HOT

Kiki, the Town Slut Ch. 03

 — Kiki’s civic booty. by eatourein  Erotic Couplings01/28/114.00

Teenager Learns That He Is Gay Ch. 03

 — More encounters for Artie & Kim plays a dangerous game. by walterioin  Gay Male12/02/104.53HOT

Golden Slumbers

 — He uses hypnosis to control wife. It backfires, as usual. by Harddaysknightin  Loving Wives11/01/104.41

The Ties That Bind Us

 — Forgiveness is not an option. by Slirpuffin  Loving Wives08/20/104.46

Anonymous Lover Ch. 02

 — Continuing story of lust and deceit. by Hot_Sisterin  Incest/Taboo03/14/104.52HOT

Peggy Sanford a Worldly Woman Ch. 12

 — Peggy makes new friends in Paris. by walterioin  Novels and Novellas03/09/104.52HOT

The Infidelity Squad

 — Organization exposes cheating wives. by walterioin  Loving Wives03/09/103.85

Laura's Weekend of Debauchery

 — Leading Lady seduces naive aspiring young actress. by walterioin  Lesbian Sex01/06/104.35

Rob's Saga Ch. 03

 — Torchthebitch's take on the JPB Invitational challenge. by torchthebitchin  Chain Stories11/14/094.29

Double Trouble Ch. 05

 — Painful truths are revealed. by The_Unicornin  Anal10/14/094.45

Bad Heather

 — Heather has been very bad. Can she turn over a new leaf? by Tx Tall Talesin  Incest/Taboo09/07/094.12

Lonnie's Enterrpise

 — Deceit lies phony names plus theft equals heart ache. by thornapplein  Romance08/31/094.32


 — Blackmail, Lust, and Deceit. by Hellboy2008in  Lesbian Sex10/14/083.18

A Blackmail Tale Ch. 07

 — Hard Lessons: Abby opens up, Donna learns a lesson. by Tx Tall Talesin  NonConsent/Reluctance08/29/084.66HOT

Seeds of Doubt, Harvest of Sorrow Ch. 01

 — Anonymous letters plants doubts in a marriage. by lucsmithin  Loving Wives12/02/074.18

How Wonderful Ch. 07

 — The crushing finish. by BlBonesin  Loving Wives07/11/074.38

How Wonderful Ch. 06

 — The final curtain is about to drop. by BlBonesin  Loving Wives07/10/074.53HOT

How Wonderful Ch. 05

 — She can't believe the signs. by BlBonesin  Loving Wives07/09/074.46

How Wonderful Ch. 04

 — She continues. He rocks the boat. by BlBonesin  Loving Wives07/08/074.29

How Wonderful Ch. 03

 — Betrayed by the pills. by BlBonesin  Loving Wives07/07/074.29

How Wonderful Ch. 02

 — He misses the clues and she does it again. by BlBonesin  Loving Wives07/06/074.09

How Wonderful Ch. 01

 — She can't resisist. by BlBonesin  Loving Wives07/05/074.18

The Bag Lady and the Domme Ch. 03

 — Has Clarissa been telling Jessica the full story? by bigrimmstalesin  Lesbian Sex06/15/074.28

Amber's and the Boyfriend's Dad

 — Live in girlfriend lusts for her boyfriend's dad. by stoneypointin  Mature12/24/064.19

Tricia Gets to Ride First Class

 — Young lady is befriended by a nice man at the airport. by tribalsurfin  Mature10/18/064.25

Best Man

 — Oh, what a tangled web we weave. by jack_strawin  Loving Wives08/20/064.59HOT

Thawing the Ice Queen

 — The Ice Queen had one more defense - the deadliest. by GrampyWriterin  First Time06/22/064.57HOT

The Widowmaker Ch. 02

 — The beginning of the Nightmare. by Scipionyxin  Loving Wives05/03/063.85

The Widowmaker Ch. 01

 — Welcome to my nightmare. by Scipionyxin  Loving Wives04/26/064.19

Seduction By... The Serial Ch. 11

 — A child is born. by Erotica_Writingsin  Erotic Horror01/23/064.20

The Devil's Bargain

 — He plays a game of seduction and trickery. by wishfulthinkingin  NonConsent/Reluctance12/22/054.45Contest Winner

The Deal

 — A twisted tale of sex and intrigue. by csmsmithin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/28/054.44

Matchmaking Trap Ch. 04

 — Donna's fate is sealed. by SEVERUSMAXin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/15/054.26

Unraveling Ch. 01

 — Did Holly's husband try to kill her? by Myalynin  Romance08/29/054.43

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