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A Case of Incest Ch. 08-09

 — The PI duo continue their quest. by MDF251in  Incest/Taboo07/31/094.46

Banish all the World Ch. 05

 — Arc Deco 2: our magician saves the world, but at a cost. by Stultusin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/24/094.77HOT

Banish all the World Ch. 02

 — Arc Deco 2 - Our magician saves the world, but at a cost by Stultusin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/21/094.51HOT

Banish all the World Ch. 01

 — Arc Deco 2 - Our magician saves the world, but at a cost. by Stultusin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/20/094.55HOT

It was 6 a.m. Ch. 01

 — Noir detective finds a sexy woman waiting. by petiteandproudofitin  Romance06/14/094.33

Death in Eden Ch. 01

 — Last Flight to D.C. by sr71pltin  Gay Male03/05/094.43

The Isaacs Murder Mystery

 — Lexx is questioned by a daring detective. by Morbid_Saintin  Erotic Couplings02/15/094.00

A Valentine Murder

 — A horny murder mystery. by iconisclassin  Loving Wives02/04/093.89

The Mystery of the Baton Rouge

 — A spanking detective story. by alexbernaisein  BDSM12/22/084.66HOT

Dark Reasons Ch. 14

 — The killer strikes again. by Daniellekittenin  Novels and Novellas09/28/084.70HOT

NYPD: Fighting Temptation

 — Det. Davis meets "The Not-So-New Guy". by CaramelAppleBottomin  Novels and Novellas06/26/084.21

Vice Cop Ch. 11

 — The Case of the Manhattan Headhunters. by AudreyHepburnin  Novels and Novellas06/14/084.64HOT

Runner Ch. 02

 — Detective Trip Grant by Daniellekittenin  Erotic Horror05/20/084.68HOT

Single Digits

 — Detective Dan Isbister makes a gruesome discovery. by jallen944in  Erotic Couplings05/04/084.02

Modern Fairy Tales Ch. 07

 — Puss in Boots: The Case of The Forged Will. by TE999in  Chain Stories04/12/084.17

Vice Cop Ch. 09

 — An evil rock star entraps Hudson and Lexa. by AudreyHepburnin  Novels and Novellas03/28/084.55HOT

Vice Cop Ch. 08

 — The case of the Yellow Cab Killer. by AudreyHepburnin  Novels and Novellas03/03/084.71HOT

MJ 3: A Bad Case of Blackmail

 — Old foes & a dangerous new challenge for Marly Jackson. by madam_noein  Novels and Novellas02/11/084.74HOT

Hotel Heiress: New Orleans

 — Valerie's adventure in Louisiana. by AudreyHepburnin  Erotic Couplings01/31/084.71

A Tracy Dew Mystery Ch. 01

 — Take-off of Nancy Drew, updated and highly sexualized. by funnygentin  Novels and Novellas01/24/084.10

The Private Transvestite Detective

 — This private detective wears a skirt and makeup. by MicheleNylonsin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers12/31/074.19

Vice Cop Ch. 05

 — Hudson goes undercover in The Hamptons. by AudreyHepburnin  Novels and Novellas12/29/074.70HOT

Beyond the Sea Ch. 01

 — Chicago cops track down a serial killer's only living victim. by mojo_catin  Non-Erotic12/13/074.78

Dirk Hammer – Private Dick

 — The Case of the Old Flame. by jomarin  Humor & Satire12/06/074.22

Private Dick

 — Hard boiled PI tale in the Chandler style. by maxdnamein  Humor & Satire11/16/074.65HOT

Harry Dick and the Xmas Bank Caper

 — Harry is dead, but he'll screw up Christmas anyway. by Jenny_Jacksonin  Humor & Satire11/12/074.45

Get Busy

 — Private detective on trail of pearl necklace. by petemgurkin  Humor & Satire10/31/074.39

Frank Devaroux, P.I. Case File 01

 — Frank finds more than he was looking for. by Otto26in  BDSM10/26/074.83HOT

The Little Fucker Gang

 — They are planning a heist, but Harry Dick is on the case. by Jenny_Jacksonin  Humor & Satire10/01/074.40

Out of Control Ch. 05

 — Kitten and Daddy play. by Kitten20057in  Incest/Taboo09/24/074.65HOT

Tanya Takes It Up The Ass

 — Private investigators punish slut-wife for her infidelity. by DrMickin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/07/074.12

Extreme Investigation

 — A private investigator uses surprise tools to make his case. by johntampsin  Novels and Novellas08/28/074.34

Out of Retirement Ch. 01

 — Fred gave all he had in service to his country - hadn't he? by Dinsmorein  Non-Erotic07/25/074.74HOT

The Investigation

 — Robbery and Intrigue. by MsErotica1950in  Novels and Novellas06/25/074.64HOT

Relaxing Elliot

 — Detective Stabler gets relaxed from a masseuse. by justboycrazyin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction06/22/073.41

Sex Noir Ch. 3

 — Some twists and turns for detective Rock Hard. by jrydherin  Humor & Satire06/21/074.20

Sex Noir Ch. 2

 — The continuing adventures of detective Rock Hard. by jrydherin  Humor & Satire06/07/074.55HOT

Sex Noir

 — This is story of detective Rock Hard in New York City, 1949. by jrydherin  Humor & Satire05/28/074.21

Undercover Milf Ch. 03Q

 — Her son and her best friend; the detective returns. by thehumpmanin  Novels and Novellas03/31/074.35

TT Spalding, The Van Harding Case

 — TT works on multiple cases with Bruno & Polly. by theceltin  Humor & Satire03/17/074.68HOT

When I Get Home

 — Husband gets an unpleasant surprise when he gets home. by Harddaysknightin  Loving Wives02/14/074.21

TT Spalding-The St. John Case

 — A cryptic phone call ends this case. Is Maggie safe? by theceltin  Humor & Satire01/30/074.71HOT

A Woman with Mongrel Ch. 01

 — Author Harry meets a beautiful woman by accident. by Egmont Grigorin  Novels and Novellas12/15/064.63HOT

Demon Rescuer

 — Can Lia trust this demon - even if it means her life? by racyliin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/09/064.64HOTContest Winner

Dante's Debt

 — Detective who can't leave the help alone settles a debt. by briansheadin  Romance11/15/064.19

Harry Dick: Xmas Dildo Caper

 — Harry's back on the case - this time, to save Xmas. by Jenny_Jacksonin  Humor & Satire11/12/064.57HOT

The Retainer

 — The lady needs some detective work in exchange for... by briansheadin  Romance11/04/064.32

Beyond Nocturne Ch. 04

 — The mystery deepens for Detective Michael Wolverton. by bluefox07in  Erotic Horror10/31/064.71HOT

TT Spalding - Espionage

 — TT investigates industrial secret theft. by theceltin  Humor & Satire09/22/064.62HOT

The Case of the Family Jewels

 — There's been a heist, but Harry Dick is on the case. by Jenny_Jacksonin  Humor & Satire09/08/064.47

Who Did It?

 — Who was killed and why? A murder mystery. by DG Hearin  Loving Wives08/10/064.59HOT

Travis McGraw At DelRey Pismo Beach

 — An older scalawag uses a secret weapon to seduce the ladies. by PatPowersin  Humor & Satire07/12/064.49

Jayne's Descent Ch. 01

 — A private dick and an unhappy housewife bond together. by rocket_manin  Loving Wives05/28/064.11

Victim of the Game Ch. 02

 — Two detectives get a call in the morning. by grayfox_mgsin  Erotic Couplings02/09/064.06

Pretty Boy

 — Detective Lucy's hunt for criminal yields a surprise. by Lesly Sloanin  Lesbian Sex01/18/063.84

The Magician Ch. 01

 — The advenures of a Private Investigator. by Grey Eagle 286in  Transsexuals & Crossdressers11/30/054.18

Mick the Dick Ch. 39

 — Teresa gets her revenge; Mick gets a new case. by mysteriousquillin  Novels and Novellas09/14/054.76HOTContest Winner

Mick the Dick Ch. 38

 — A new tail? Or Spy versus Spy? by mysteriousquillin  Novels and Novellas09/13/054.60HOT

Mick the Dick Ch. 37

 — Teresa's plan works, or does it? by mysteriousquillin  Novels and Novellas09/12/054.56HOT

Mick the Dick Ch. 36

 — Mick catches his tail... twice! by mysteriousquillin  Novels and Novellas09/11/054.71HOT

Mick the Dick Ch. 35

 — Mick watches the video & gets his tail back. by mysteriousquillin  Novels and Novellas09/10/054.53HOT

Mick the Dick Ch. 34

 — Partner? Mick is made an offer. by mysteriousquillin  Novels and Novellas09/09/054.54HOT

Mick the Dick Ch. 33

 — Mick gets a surprise package by mysteriousquillin  Novels and Novellas09/08/054.41

Mick the Dick Ch. 32

 — Mick introduces Murph to Mrs. Armacost. by mysteriousquillin  Novels and Novellas09/07/054.64HOT

The Ramon Vargas Affair

 — Sexy policewoman goes undercover to foil drug cartel. by Angelique Bouchettein  Novels and Novellas08/25/054.79HOT

At the Summit Ch. 14

 — Val entrances a police officer the old-fashioned way. by ProfessorRin  Novels and Novellas05/23/054.67

Mick the Dick Ch. 31

 — Mick devises a way to smuggle Teresa past the press. by mysteriousquillin  Novels and Novellas04/25/054.58HOT

Mick the Dick Ch. 30

 — Mick, Carla, and Holly, together again. by mysteriousquillin  Novels and Novellas04/25/054.60HOT

Mick the Dick Ch. 29

 — The press tries to follow Mick, again. by mysteriousquillin  Novels and Novellas04/24/054.56HOT

Mick the Dick Ch. 28

 — Like hungry sharks, the media is all over the events. by mysteriousquillin  Novels and Novellas04/22/054.59HOT

Mick the Dick Ch. 27

 — Armacost is back in trouble, without Mick's help. by mysteriousquillin  Novels and Novellas04/14/054.56HOT

Mick the Dick Ch. 26

 — Mick finds out more about Armacost. by mysteriousquillin  Novels and Novellas04/13/054.59HOT

Mick the Dick Ch. 25

 — 3-way puts Mick in a dangerous position. by mysteriousquillin  Novels and Novellas04/11/054.54HOT

Mick the Dick Ch. 24

 — Can Mick escape a 3-way? by mysteriousquillin  Novels and Novellas04/10/054.59HOT

Mick the Dick Ch. 23

 — Carla starts showing her jealousy. by mysteriousquillin  Novels and Novellas04/09/054.53HOT

Mick the Dick Ch. 22

 — Mick is back on the trail. by mysteriousquillin  Novels and Novellas04/04/054.53HOT

Mick the Dick Ch. 21

 — PI tracks down what revenge is planned. by mysteriousquillin  Novels and Novellas04/02/054.56HOT

Mick the Dick Ch. 20

 — Mick's job is done - or is it? by mysteriousquillin  Novels and Novellas03/29/054.51HOT

Mick the Dick Ch. 19

 — Our favorite PI's first date with his secretary. by mysteriousquillin  Novels and Novellas03/28/054.60HOT

Mick the Dick Ch. 18

 — Mick and Carla finally go out on a real date. by mysteriousquillin  Novels and Novellas03/26/054.59HOT

Kowalski Gets Her Man

 — Where does undercover cop on nude beach pin her badge? by Alex De Kokin  Humor & Satire07/05/034.54HOT

A Literary Seduction

 — She's seduced by his words, but who is he? by Gauchoin  Erotic Couplings11/04/024.61HOTEditor's Pick

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