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Weeknight Love

 — A Tale of Love and Devotion. by ttocs68in  Erotic Couplings04/24/164.10

Yin and Yang

 — Opposites complete one another. by saucymhin  Lesbian Sex03/10/164.60HOT

The Designer Pt. 02 Ch. 01

 — Continuing the story - Jeremiah and four girls entangled. by HankDolworthin  Mind Control12/18/154.71HOT

Sable Submission Ch. 00

 — A Submissive's journey to the BDSM lifestyle. by MasterLordB5in  BDSM11/02/153.97

I Dream of Her

 — A man answers a friend's question about what he really wants. by MagnaCumLiteratein  Letters & Transcripts08/15/153.83

Daddy Surprises Baby on Birthday

 — Her dominant lover surprises her with twin kinks. by DaddysJin  BDSM07/06/153.51

I Still Love You

 — He loves his wife...he's just been forgetting to. by thepiratequeenin  Romance01/08/154.66HOT

F4: Maiden's Wait

 — A maiden not so young lands a grateful young lover. by sr71pltin  Mature05/10/144.04

Love As The Darker Binding Ch. 06

 — Techs Part Two - I've got just the parts you need. by TaLtos6in  NonHuman03/28/144.85HOT

Svetlana in Olive Drab

 — He saw her struggling not to cry. He knew how it felt. by TaLtos6in  Romance02/22/144.78HOT

Last Rodeo

 — Young man looks for love and acceptance in traveling rodeo. by sr71pltin  Gay Male01/23/144.04

Accident grants Benefit Ch. 08a

 — Sylvia's 'Nurse Pack' cums, one stays overnight. by femadorerin  Group Sex01/13/144.90HOT

SX69 - Ultimate Love Potion

 — Government project ends but Edward continues the experiment. by KissedManyin  Mind Control11/01/134.33

Are You Sure You Want This?

 — She finds true freedom in loving ownership and submission by JoeysMoniquein  BDSM10/15/134.29

Accident Grants Benefit Ch. 07c

 — Lustful reconnaissances in the darkness. by femadorerin  Group Sex05/16/134.65HOT

She Wolf Ch. 06

 — Will she break or will she stay strong? by Iread2relaxin  NonHuman04/16/134.72HOT

The Darkness

 — There's darkness on the outside but on the inside.... by Nephylimin  Non-Erotic02/14/134.28

Accident Grants Benefit Ch. 07b

 — More sultry dispersal before the visitors cum. by femadorerin  Group Sex02/11/134.42


 — Gabriel's been to hell and back, but now he's come home. by Nephylimin  Gay Male11/25/124.65HOT

Accident Grants Benefit Ch. 07a

 — Some sultry dispersal before the visitors cum. by femadorerin  Group Sex11/19/124.26

Very Fragile! Handle with care!

 — Some hearts may really break. by MaitreNuitin  Romance09/20/124.60HOT

Hot Blooded 03

 — Passionate cousins have the time of their life. by MaitreNuitin  Incest/Taboo09/09/124.80

Hot Blooded 02

 — Sometimes you can't rely on anyone but the family. by MaitreNuitin  Incest/Taboo09/07/124.00

Eternal Passion

 — The love of a lifetime. by MaitreNuitin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/03/124.33

My Loving Pet

 — Loving husband takes sub wife shopping and tests her limits. by Erotic Reveriein  BDSM08/27/124.25

Accident Grants Benefit Ch. 06

 — Visitors are expected, will Renate cum too? by femadorerin  Erotic Couplings06/05/123.85

A Helping Hand is Rewarded Ch. 02

 — She fell down in my bed, and I lost my mind. by femadorerin  Erotic Couplings05/21/124.05

A Helping Hand is Rewarded Ch. 01

 — She fell into my arms, and I fell for her. by femadorerin  Erotic Couplings05/11/123.94

Hiking Buddy Pt. 02

 — Conclusion: a mishap transforms a friendship. by RalphyNJin  Gay Male04/02/124.61HOT

Yolanda and the Professor

 — Saved by a perfect couple on Valentine's Day. by oliviasin  Mature01/20/124.39

Accident Grants Benefit Ch. 05

 — Waking her up around noon shows to be sooo exciting. by femadorerin  Erotic Couplings01/03/124.05

A Surprise Evening

 — Devoted submissive wife rewarded for pleasing her husband. by CamillaHumbyin  Loving Wives12/16/113.87

Accident Grants Benefit Ch. 04

 — Urging needs, leading over to a night of Debauchery. by femadorerin  Erotic Couplings12/02/113.73

An Unexpected Consecration Ch. 02

 — An apartment in heat. by femadorerin  Group Sex11/24/114.28

An Unexpected Consecration Ch. 01

 — The Party was boring...but now... by femadorerin  Lesbian Sex10/30/114.24

Accident Grants Benefit Ch. 03

 — Finally alone, and she's losing self-consciousness. by femadorerin  Erotic Couplings10/13/114.29

Accident Grants Benefit Ch. 02

 — Nightly Caring inflames her Glow. by femadorerin  Erotic Couplings10/02/114.17

Accident Grants Benefit Ch. 01

 — Day Care leads to deeper understanding, and harmony. by femadorerin  Erotic Couplings09/26/113.81

Training a Cock Princess

 — Devotion to loving The Cock. by Michele3790in  BDSM09/14/113.87

The Odd Tale of Nightingale Synge Ch. 01

 — Compassionate nurse founds a sexual therapy sisterhood. by kalodinin  Novels and Novellas01/31/114.50HOT

Daddy's Kitty

 — She realizes Daddy's claim on her runs deeper than she thought. by BaileyNytein  BDSM09/25/104.34

Knowing What Women Want, Updated

 — One man's take on the battle of the sexes. by KingRichard923in  How To06/28/103.78

The Wash

 — Washing Mistress. by brooke39in  BDSM11/06/092.80

New Again

 — A new friend makes her wish for something more. by DeeVotedin  Letters & Transcripts08/04/093.33

The Taxi Ride

 — Would she do anything for her Master? by BigZack69in  BDSM06/28/094.23

My Prayer

 — A submissive's prayer to her God. by Milkchocolate88in  BDSM06/23/094.05

Wife's Devotion

 — Where infidelity may lead to. by Fandomin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/10/092.41

The Perfect Loving Wives Tale

 — A devoted husband and wife get wild on date night. by PacullaAnniain  Loving Wives01/29/093.61


 — A Master gets an unusual surprise by Lanuitin  BDSM01/17/093.97

Attentive Nurse

 — You are in the hospital with a broken leg. by robinet_esclavein  BDSM09/15/080.00

An Unexpected Journey Ch. 06

 — Inhibitions revealed, a master’s revenge, a new life forms. by Sugared_Delightin  BDSM08/13/084.59HOT


 — Norway 1940: A officer of the occupation force gets seduced. by hepburn666in  BDSM03/12/084.13

A New Heaven

 — Fall of the Berlin Wall gives rise to a new love. by Moondriftin  Incest/Taboo10/25/074.26

The Word Ch. 02

 — Younger man indulges his lover's fantasy for submission. by FogBardin  BDSM07/31/074.62HOT

I Am My Master's Slut Ch. 10

 — Ron and Sara grow more intimate in their relationship. by MsVixen416in  BDSM12/31/064.33

The Beach

 — Pony dances for her Master. by Ponys Masterin  BDSM03/10/064.24

I Am My Master's Slut

 — She gives him public demonstrations of her devotion. by MsVixen416in  BDSM09/26/054.45

No Holiday at the Beach Ch. 1

 — Long weekend with Chineses Mistress begins. by Saoadorain  BDSM06/26/023.80

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