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Dreams Come True

 — A Stepdaughter and Stepfather have coincidental encounter. by bigdaddy8in  Incest/Taboo05/31/164.45


 — Artistic Stepdaughter wants to be Perfect! by luvrobbijoin  First Time05/19/154.41


 — Songs that play in my head. by angelface195in  BDSM06/10/134.62HOT


 — Sydd has a chat with a partner's wife. by sydianin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers08/15/103.84

Turning Diana

 — She's slowly turning into a werewolf--and a sex addict. by Lady_Jess7015in  NonHuman04/20/104.33

Pete's Weekend Ch. 02

 — Diana and Pete can't stop themselves. by Balke7612in  Erotic Couplings09/04/094.69HOT

And Now You See Me

 — Friend discovers what's been in front of her the whole time. by ElizaRuthin  Lesbian Sex03/13/094.02

First Meeting, First Kiss

 — She thought she was helping her best friend's man cheat. by Nefatiriin  Erotic Couplings03/17/084.20

Allison's New Life Ch. 19

 — They spend a day outside - with a surprise. by Goldeniangelin  Novels and Novellas03/20/054.68HOT

Allison's New Life Ch. 17

 — Diana wants Allison to break her promise. by Goldeniangelin  Novels and Novellas03/18/054.57HOT

Allison's New Life Ch. 16

 — Todd reaches out from across the ocean. by Goldeniangelin  Novels and Novellas03/16/054.69HOT

Allison's New Life Ch. 13

 — Diana and Chad drag Allison out of her slump. by Goldeniangelin  Novels and Novellas03/11/054.70HOT

Allison's New Life Ch. 03

 — Allison goes to club with Chad & Diana. by Goldeniangelin  Novels and Novellas02/24/054.53HOT

Allison's New Life Ch. 02

 — Allison is horny and getting nothing. by Goldeniangelin  Novels and Novellas02/22/054.35

Review: Room 1503

 — An episode of the Women: Stories of Passion series. by velvetpiein  Reviews & Essays02/04/055.00

How Batgirl Learned The Game

 — A close call leads to lesson in lust. by odderoticain  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/22/044.26

A University Education

 — Student's secret is discovered by his friend. by prophet007in  Fetish05/18/044.44


 — A coed's first lesbian experience. by Zhulin  Lesbian Sex11/08/034.43

Same Time Next Week

 — Superman needs help only a Wonder Woman can give. by Mild Mannered Authorin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/11/034.58HOT

She Watched Me in the Mirror

 — The mirror brings the image in her mind to life. by  Erotic Couplings02/26/034.46


 — Dom and sub discuss escape. by Chickletin  BDSM09/11/024.59HOT

A Brother's Duty Ch. 3

 — Diana turns to Larry after dreaming of sex with Tony. by Paul Yearwoodin  Loving Wives08/15/024.50HOT

Harry's Spring Break Ch. 5

 — Rheda asks Harry a favor he'd be mad to refuse. by Sabledrakein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/08/024.49

Half Virgin

 — Conjoined twins discover their sexuality. by Pahaskain  Incest/Taboo01/31/023.26

Sunrise at Last

 — Celia's wild night comes to an end. by Bonairein  Group Sex01/08/024.34

A Practicum in Sensual Awareness Ch. 11

 — John finds himself in an uncomfortable position. by vmysterein  BDSM07/23/014.34

A Practicum in Sensual Awareness Ch. 05

 — Angela continues feeling his wrath. by vmysterein  BDSM06/14/014.44

A Practicum in Sensual Awareness Ch. 04

 — Diana & Angela pay for their transgressions. by vmysterein  BDSM06/11/014.28

A Practicum in Sensual Awareness Ch. 03

 — She experiences extreme bondage. by vmysterein  BDSM06/09/014.13

A Practicum in Sensual Awareness Ch. 02

 — The first part of Diana's experience begins. by vmysterein  BDSM06/06/014.38

HighTech Sex, Inc. Ch. 3

 — Mark entertains Diana's client. by AerinThomasin  Erotic Couplings10/27/004.53HOT

HighTech Sex, Inc. Ch. 2

 — Sammi schemes to make Mark hers. by AerinThomasin  Erotic Couplings10/27/004.67HOT

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