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Rope and Veil Pt. 02

 — White water. Amelia and Alex by the sea. by electricblue66in  Romance01/26/164.97HOT

He Spent His Last £30...

 — ...on a plate of oysters and a glass of champagne. by redzingerin  Non-Erotic10/15/154.65HOT

Rope and Veil

 — Amelia is tied with ropes and sits in her wheelchair. by electricblue66in  Erotic Couplings06/04/154.76HOT

Facebook Friend

 — Jane long anticipated meeting Charlie, her Facebook Friend by bradley_stokein  Romance05/14/153.82

Dramatic License

 — A blind man's relationship is put to the ultimate test. by Blind_Justicein  Erotic Couplings04/21/154.46

The Dragon

 — The Dragon. by MsMahlerin  BDSM04/10/153.94

Violating the Honor Code

 — Stripped naked but still in control of her men. by Mostodd07in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur07/15/144.61HOT

An Eventful Morning Before Work

 — A mishap is fixed by a helpful co-worker at my home by quadigyin  Erotic Couplings05/27/144.15

Restoring the Castle Ch. 08

 — Daddy Mine - End of Story. by oliviasin  Romance12/02/134.66HOT

Restoring the Castle Ch. 07

 — The Great Leap. by oliviasin  Romance11/27/134.53HOT

Restoring the Castle Ch. 06

 — It’s News. by oliviasin  Romance11/22/134.70HOT

Restoring the Castle Ch. 05

 — Grizzly Find. by oliviasin  Romance11/15/134.67HOT

Restoring the Castle Ch. 04

 — Beginning. by oliviasin  Romance11/09/134.48

Restoring the Castle Ch. 03

 — Miranda by oliviasin  Romance11/04/134.60HOT

Restoring the Castle Ch. 02

 — The Castle by oliviasin  Romance10/27/134.53HOT

Restoring the Castle Ch. 01

 — Shattering the World. by oliviasin  Romance10/19/134.53HOT

The Curative Pt. 02

 — Logan and Ryan continuing on. by Rosenkrantzin  Gay Male04/14/134.68HOT

Private Revelations

 — A young woman reveals a CFNM event that changed her life. by likewilsonin  Romance04/01/134.26

No Way Is Impossible

 — Disabled sex. by alexcarrin  Gay Male08/08/123.09

The College Club Ch. 01

 — John Joins the Club. by Kot_Carsonin  First Time07/24/124.41

Stewart & Leah: Home for Christmas

 — Stewart's bringing his sexy new girlfriend home. by RuthMadisonin  Fetish04/09/124.45


 — Marc Harmon is an extraordinary person. by Nephylimin  Gay Male12/26/114.85HOTEditor's Pick

Holiday Wishes Upon the Wind

 — Grieving heart finds comfort in a horse, healing in wishes. by LunaEroticaMysticain  Romance12/04/114.73HOT

A Story of a Change

 — Or you never end up where you expected. by Boundlifein  NonHuman07/04/114.67HOT

College with a Cane Pt. 05

 — Erik and Donna's first day as boyfriend and girlfriend. by Kot_Carsonin  Romance01/03/114.54HOT

College with a Cane Pt. 04

 — Donna had to spend to night because a pipe broke in her dorm. by Kot_Carsonin  Romance12/06/104.38

College with a Cane Pt. 01-03

 — An ongoing series set in college. by Kot_Carsonin  Romance11/04/104.28

Izzy and Me

 — A man is in love with his crippled older sister. by AngelSCCin  Incest/Taboo03/21/104.66HOT

Nursing JJ Ch. 02

 — Sexy, chubby and horny nurse gets caught fucking her patient. by DonAbdulin  BDSM01/04/103.95

Nursing JJ Ch. 03

 — Bossy BBW nurse dominates her intern & fucks her patient. by DonAbdulin  BDSM12/31/094.04

A Flight of Fancy

 — A drab conference ends in mutual satisfaction by barelegsin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur04/11/094.06


 — Coming to disabled lady's rescue leads to good things. by GToastin  Erotic Couplings04/18/084.31

Hot Rod Ch. 06-07

 — Wrapping up. by sharonain  Romance10/16/074.71HOT

Hot Rod Ch. 05

 — fantasy fulfilled or mistake? by sharonain  Romance10/01/074.59HOT

Hot Rod Ch. 04

 — Mike's decision. by sharonain  Romance09/20/074.52HOT

Business Trip

 — Man finds unique woman. by MistressMerryin  Erotic Couplings08/31/074.53HOT

Hot Rod Ch. 01

 — Friends become more. by sharonain  Romance08/25/074.41

Confessions of a Paraplegic

 — How I have sex without a working penis. by Guitman69in  Non-Erotic06/25/074.81HOT

Morning Light

 — She welcomes sunshine and shadow. by msgimplyin  Erotic Couplings06/10/074.35


 — She recovers her sexuality. by msgimplyin  Loving Wives08/22/054.33

What You See is Not What You Get

 — He falls in love with a disabled woman. by Marty Eaganin  Fetish05/03/054.36

My Gardener

 — They bare all in the pool. by msgimplyin  Mature04/05/054.38

A Memory of Red

 — Blind man has a night of passion. by Route66Girlin  Romance04/25/024.69HOT

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