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His Wife, My Slut Ch. 01-02

 — A head nurse learns that his colleague is now his property. by SEVERUSMAXin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/13/173.99

Coming Together

 — Two co-workers find love while helping each other. by MountainLaurelin  Romance09/04/174.70HOT

From the Flea Market

 — A lonely, young woman takes advantage of an older divorcee. by aluisain  Mature08/15/174.20

The Mansion

 — A recent divorcee ends a long drought with a friend's maid. by Resonance2Kin  Erotic Couplings05/27/174.54HOT

In The Eyes of the Beholder

 — Life has a surprise for a lonely divorcee. by MountainLaurelin  Romance02/22/174.69HOT

Gotta Love Fucking A Strong Man

 — Fuck date from a shy, fresh, gorgeous woman's viewpoint. by KissedManyin  Erotic Couplings12/11/164.48

Divorcee Married Step-Son

 — New found love with step-son. by jackjill8in  Incest/Taboo11/02/164.20

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

 — An internship brings a divorcee and a widower together. by komrad1156in  Mature09/05/164.77HOT


 — A 40 something divorcee takes her friend's advice by Susscrofain  Mature08/05/164.32

Room for Rent

 — A divorcee rents a room to a college student. by sensualsharonin  Mature07/26/164.49

The Divorcee's Club #01

 — 4 Divorcees (MFFF) share a night together. by maidenlefoyin  Group Sex07/05/164.20

Seducing My Mother-in-Law

 — Grace's brother Rob seduces his busty mother-in-law. by dreamweaver5539in  Mature06/14/164.65HOT

The Other Tongue

 — Hopes, fears and whispers in the blood. by demure101in  Romance05/18/164.81HOT

Nothing Like a Witch

 — From despair to a life in full again. by EgmontOriginalsin  Romance04/12/164.30

Father-Son Date Mother-Daughter Pt. 02

 — Surprising cross relationships develop. by SteveWallacein  Group Sex02/08/164.82HOT

Father-Son Date Mother-Daughter Pt. 01

 — Surprising cross relationships develop. by SteveWallacein  Group Sex02/05/164.78HOT


 — A divorcee deals with the world's expectations. by CFBwriterin  Group Sex12/24/154.47

The Neighbor

 — Beautiful woman pays her neighbor an unexpected visit. by Hunterncin  Erotic Couplings10/29/154.25

Cruise Ship Affair

 — He finds loving on a cruise ship. by standingstonesin  Erotic Couplings10/13/154.18

Reluctant Veronica

 — She's not "gagging for it." by AlwaysHungryin  Romance04/23/154.12

Red White and Black Ch. 03

 — Redhead's true confessions to black boss. by BlkRainbowin  Interracial Love01/09/154.59HOT

The Divorced: A Comedy and Drama

 — A bad boy and a good girl fall for each other. by AnAmericanDarlingin  Erotic Couplings01/02/154.39

Kidnapped and Defiled

 — A young divorcee is captured, caned and triply taken. by FrankHarris1in  NonConsent/Reluctance12/13/144.13

Red White and Black Ch. 01

 — Pretty redhead opens up to black boss. by BlkRainbowin  Interracial Love12/10/144.33

Black Exec on China Silk Road Ch. 09

 — Mysterious midnight visitor partakes of ebony cock. by BlkRainbowin  Interracial Love11/26/144.52HOT

The Barbeque

 — It's getting hot in this Southern neighborhood by Tara_Nealein  BDSM08/23/144.35

Pat's Toy Boy

 — It was the best thing to happen to her since her divorce. by alexcarrin  Mature07/31/143.67

Little Liz

 — A young divorcee practices feng shui, by moving the bed! by edgarf217in  Erotic Couplings12/21/134.42

Mother of My Best Friend Ch. 04

 — Lady Masseur Anja with voluptuous boobs and butt. by kinkydreams667in  BDSM05/11/133.83

My Private Banker

 — A divorcee seduces her young banker into a new job. by addictedtonylonin  Erotic Couplings03/22/134.10

Good Bye Husband Hello Lover

 — My new world as I split from my husband. by danishmichaelain  Lesbian Sex02/19/134.45

Rule of Thumb

 — A divorcee finds life very lonely. by newjaynein  Erotic Couplings11/17/124.50HOT

A Chicago Love Story: The Meeting

 — Heartbreak turns to love in the second city. by rightcurvein  Interracial Love11/07/124.03

Here's To You Mrs Robinson

 — Karen finds love after her husband walks out. by AStropiratein  Mature09/15/124.44

A Second Meeting With Mrs. Bisby

 — Fling between young man and older divorcee continues. by eastsidegentin  Mature08/22/124.46

Weekend With an Older Woman

 — Online acquaintances hook up in a tourist haven. by vampiric_demigodin  Mature03/06/123.91

Night Writer

 — The journey of a woman re-establishing after divorce. by EgmontGrigor2011in  Mature12/16/114.19

Accidental Cougar

 — Lonely divorcee finds pleasure in young neighbor. by LaceStockingin  Mature09/25/114.35

A Full Service

 — Sexy and sultry young lady named Dawn. by Karen51in  Erotic Couplings08/23/114.06

Cool Cruising

 — She takes a risk to sail with a stranger off New Caledonia. by EgmontGrigor2011in  Romance06/10/114.64HOT

Cindy's Journey to a Lesbian Life Ch. 01

 — Divorce leads Cindy to sex with Mother’s lesbian lover. by SplitLicker69in  Lesbian Sex06/09/114.37

Mother's Day

 — A divorcee tries to find herself through anonymous sex. by Cyanlotin  Incest/Taboo05/19/114.09

Mom's Little League

 — Divorced mom meets the coach. by HarryOrwellin  Mature05/16/114.34

Step By Step Ch. 01

 — Recently divorced Helen meets her new neighbour by MissLisaJonesin  Lesbian Sex04/19/114.38

Alice Falls for a Stripper

 — Straight, divorced Alice sees exactly what she wants. by Lovely_Emma_21in  Lesbian Sex04/16/114.56HOT

The Divorcee and the Yard Boy Ch. 09

 — She fucks four guys based on the roll of a dice. by SpartanWitherbyin  Group Sex01/11/114.74HOT

The Divorcee and the Yard Boy Ch. 08

 — Brian's dad confronts her. by SpartanWitherbyin  Erotic Couplings11/30/104.67HOT

Best Neighbor Ever! Ch. 03

 — Recent divorcee Cleo comes to visit Kelly. by Tomcatfivein  Group Sex11/21/104.80HOT

Betty's Wake Up

 — Betty gets a wake up call...with spiders. by PrevertOnein  NonHuman11/19/104.35

The Bar and Grill Pt. 02

 — Coming to grips with being divorced. by Rehnquistin  Loving Wives10/07/104.77HOT

A Job Well Done

 — Overworked divorcee is rewarded by coworker. by WhatIKnowin  Erotic Couplings08/29/104.68HOT

A First of Many

 — Young male's first sexual encounter with mature woman. by danielrogerashleyin  Mature07/10/104.20

The Divorcee and the Yard Boy Ch. 03

 — She shows off to convince Danny and Brian to play a scene. by SpartanWitherbyin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur03/02/104.16

Legacy of a Caring Man

 — Two mature women love younger men. by Oldlover69in  Mature12/10/094.64HOT


 — Convenience store clerk seduces her favorite customer. by Raw_sugarin  Erotic Couplings08/08/094.09

One Night with Mrs McFie

 — Male divorcee rekindles interest in women. by Egmont0409in  Romance07/10/094.42

A Neighbor Re-born

 — A divorcee coming out of her shell. by Sunshine1980in  Mature06/11/094.08

Fi Pt. 02

 — Scott plans to drop his girlfriend to have a crack at Fi. by Egmont0409in  Novels and Novellas05/17/094.72HOT

Neighborly Lover

 — Divorced woman takes a lover or two. by standingstonesin  Erotic Couplings05/07/094.34


 — Every single mom needs a friend like this. by Nightwork1in  Mature03/14/094.27

Other Side of Town

 — A divorcee rebounds with her bisexual lust awakening. by gimlisamin  Lesbian Sex02/02/094.32

Jane, Living and Loving Ch. 02

 — Two young men give me the fucking of my life. by shadow89andmorein  Group Sex01/18/094.53HOT

The Girl Next Door

 — A newly divorced woman starts her life anew. by closetlesbian37in  Lesbian Sex01/12/094.31

My Neighbor Jessica

 — Mature divorcee meets younger neighbor at new apartment. by Build_it_writein  Mature01/11/094.26

The Desirable Mrs Hawke

 — A disgraced young lawyer woos a delectable divorcee. by Egmont Grigorin  Romance12/24/084.56HOT

Linda's Suprise Visitor

 — Newly divorced she discovers the big city dangers. by Johnsexlifein  NonConsent/Reluctance11/10/083.89

Linda Goes Wild After 2nd Divorce

 — Divorcee rediscovering sex. by Johnsexlifein  Erotic Couplings11/05/083.62

Dirty Black Summer Ch. 02

 — Sexy Trina is brought into the plan. by Stardog Championin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers08/30/084.39


 — Lonely lady finds a shopping partner. by DomincDrakein  Erotic Couplings07/31/084.19

Free At Last

 — Recently divorced Rachel fucks a co-worker. by Rachel_Marie_30in  Erotic Couplings03/17/084.65HOT

The Good Girl

 — Lonely divorce' finds mature sexy lady and falls in love. by smj54apin  Lesbian Sex03/09/084.71HOT

The Handson Irish Rogue Pt. 01

 — She's hunting a husband. by AKPlinein  Erotic Couplings01/22/082.75

Dancin' For The Groceries Ch. 01

 — The cause. by sweeteuphoriain  Erotic Couplings12/16/074.53HOT

Lawn Service

 — Hector services the lawn and much more. by throatj0bin  Interracial Love10/15/074.35

The Sybian Room

 — Her sexual awakening. by Bazzzain  Erotic Couplings10/04/074.56HOTEditor's Pick

Another Chance Ch. 01

 — She thought love was only true in fairy tales. by Tamed Heartin  Romance09/27/074.65HOT

No Greater Gift Ch. 01

 — Getting someone to help around the house. by LaPatitMortin  Mature09/16/074.58HOT

One Dark and Stormy Night Ch. 01

 — That kind of weather is only good for staying in bed. by kandiein  Erotic Couplings09/12/074.11

My Wanton Cousins Ch. 04

 — Divorcee and her daughter share our hero. by jay.palinin  Incest/Taboo06/19/074.72HOT

All Brand New

 — She got a new job to start over. by Sable1347in  Group Sex06/13/074.52HOT

Carnal Connection Pt. 03

 — Sexual chaos after midnight and a marriage proposal. by Egmont Grigorin  Novels and Novellas03/07/074.76HOT

Carnal Connection Pt. 02

 — Jilli has sex with a female and doctors calves. by Egmont Grigorin  Novels and Novellas03/06/074.66HOT

Carnal Connection Pt. 01

 — Jilli puts her pussy to good use. by Egmont Grigorin  Novels and Novellas03/05/074.62HOT

My Lover the Soldier

 — Manoeuvered into bed he shot into her. by Manwitdogin  Erotic Couplings01/19/074.72HOT

Freeing Kirsty Ch. 06

 — Kirsty dreams of the final process of becoming pregnant. by Egmont Grigorin  Romance11/12/064.78HOT

Thoroughly Loving Nina Ch. 01

 — Divorcee and young sexually naive women hit the road. by Egmont Grigorin  Romance10/06/064.36

Digital Spy Ch. 12

 — Breaking in the new pad. by davet1in  NonConsent/Reluctance05/20/064.68HOT

Sea Breeze, Free Me

 — Mallon finds real freedom in divorce recovery. by rob99202in  Lesbian Sex04/07/063.44

Sarah, A New Horizon Ch. 01

 — Divorcee Sarah finds love with a younger woman. by ahazin  Lesbian Sex04/04/064.29


 — Life after divorce goes on with a younger man. by renee37AAAin  Mature01/04/064.56HOT

Digital Spy Ch. 10

 — New look, new wheels, new fetish. by davet1in  Incest/Taboo12/04/054.75HOT

Orgasmic Awakening

 — Vacationing recent divorcée beds young stud. by stud_hunterin  Mature11/16/054.29


 — He gives her all that she needs. by EvilPiggieLordin  Erotic Couplings10/19/054.78HOT

Digital Spy Ch. 08

 — Max needs to learn a hard lesson. by davet1in  NonConsent/Reluctance10/10/054.58HOT

Digital Spy Ch. 07

 — A dinner party with Julia's friends becomes interesting. by davet1in  NonConsent/Reluctance09/29/054.69HOT

Digital Spy Ch. 06

 — Dan takes the girls clubbing with a difference. by davet1in  Incest/Taboo09/23/054.66HOT

Digital Spy Ch. 05

 — Julia and Max find interesting ways of getting promoted. by davet1in  Incest/Taboo09/17/054.72HOT

A Quick Workout

 — Sometimes, working out has its benefits. by Azuldrgonin  Erotic Couplings09/15/054.12

Digital Spy Ch. 03

 — Tables get turned and an interesting shopping trip. by davet1in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur09/14/054.67HOT

Digital Spy Ch. 02

 — He tests her limits; she destroys his. by davet1in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur09/11/054.65HOT

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