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Anonymous Submission 02

 — Not your normal tinder date. by Free_n_easyin  BDSM09/19/163.92

Anonymous Submission 01

 — Not your normal tinder date. by Free_n_easyin  BDSM09/18/163.90

3rd Chromosome: Summer Heat

 — Coming home after a long hot day Natalie Portman seeks release. by Grobnarin  Celebrities05/04/164.85HOT

Alasdair Ch. 01

 — Older dom seeks younger sub on the internet. by JenniferMaschekin  BDSM04/08/164.43

A Dom in the Making

 — He wanted a blow job but got so much more. by kcRollinsin  BDSM04/07/164.77HOT

A Stroll through the Park Pt. 02

 — The other side of the story - as told by the Master. by dirtynerdybirdiein  BDSM01/10/164.45

01 The Welcome Home

 — A short fantasy written long ago. Yes, I know it is short... by Muledriverin  BDSM01/03/163.71

Becoming Babygirl

 — Vanessa loves to please, but is she ready to be a Babygirl? by BabyGirlNessin  BDSM10/07/153.90

A Little Bit of Pain

 — He thought his life was well controlled, until this happened. by badgirlfoundoutin  BDSM10/05/154.09

Baby Girl's Bound Adventure

 — Baby Girl gets tied down and used like a good little slut. by tobiasbrahmsin  Erotic Couplings10/03/154.42

Be a Good Boy Pt. 01

 — First time encounter with a new Dom. It's only the beginning. by Tsugaru3000in  Gay Male08/27/154.19

A Bad Girl's Good Idea

 — A naughty girl gets taught a lesson. by virginseductionin  Erotic Couplings07/18/153.89

A Slave's Desire

 — Master gives into his slave, but not without whipping her. by Spmdsbin  BDSM04/09/154.24

A Slave's Journey Begins Ch. 11

 — The Banquet begins and all the slaves are forced to serve. by MidtownKittenin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/27/154.64HOT

A Slave's Journey Begins Ch. 10

 — Siara and Sir Liam blur the lines between Master and slave. by MidtownKittenin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/26/154.48

A Weekend at the Lodge...

 — 2 sisters and their husbands start swapping... by Lion24655in  Group Sex01/24/154.21

A Frantic Fuck

 — ... against his bedroom wall. by BoyfromEnglandin  Text With Audio10/08/144.18

A Loving Whisper to Help You Sleep

 — Just drift off to sleep in his arms, in his bed, in his heart... by BoyfromEnglandin  Text With Audio10/08/144.64HOT

A Female Panty Perv

 — He caught you sniffing his boxers & playing with his shave brush. by BoyfromEnglandin  Text With Audio10/08/144.03

A Makeshift Vibrator Thingy

 — A humble hair trimmer can be used for much much more. by BoyfromEnglandin  Text With Audio10/08/143.92

A Royal Jealousy Pt. 01

 — Princess Cleo - Jealousy is an ugly thing. by sunniedaiesin  Fetish09/23/144.38

A Big Cuddly Sugar Daddy

 — Let me take care of you my special good girl. by BoyfromEnglandin  Text With Audio09/17/144.50HOT

Bedroom Talk 06: Once upon a Time...

 — In a land far, far away lived a good special girl. by BoyfromEnglandin  Text With Audio08/20/144.04

After Midnight: Sleeping Beauty

 — Are you really asleep though? by BoyfromEnglandin  Text With Audio07/30/144.50HOT

A Long Night for the Slut Ch. 01

 — I come home to take out all of my frustrations on a slut by mistressdaniin  Lesbian Sex06/30/144.12

Alluring Rough Hard Penetrative Sex

 — You wanted it rough... by BoyfromEnglandin  Text With Audio06/19/144.42

An Abuse of Power Ch. 01

 — A Nazi Officer finds a Jewish girl he wants to be his sub. by subkatpunishedin  BDSM06/13/143.91

Bedroom Talk 04: Naughty Girl

 — What you did this morning, young lady? by BoyfromEnglandin  Text With Audio06/06/144.67HOT

Bedroom Talk 03: Sensual Domination

 — Whispers of Sensual Domination by BoyfromEnglandin  Text With Audio05/28/144.27

Being Master

 — Thoughts of ownership and control over your good girl body. by BoyfromEnglandin  Text With Audio05/07/144.62HOT

Annette's Story

 — A dom discovers her inner sub by doug676676in  NonConsent/Reluctance03/25/144.46

Beauty's World Ch. 04

 — Beauty meets Beast. by MissKittyDevinein  NonHuman03/09/144.12

Angel Returns

 — Angel returns to her Mistress after some time away. by angeleyes1965in  BDSM02/11/144.20

A Blind Date

 — She has reluctant sex by AccidentalExhibitionistin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/22/144.33

A Sub's Treat

 — A good little pet gets her reward. by Seshoin  BDSM08/20/133.63

A Small Town Girls Wake Up Ch. 01

 — Jessica may have meet her match. by greasy963in  BDSM06/26/133.77

Amazing Grace Ch. 01-02

 — Author Meets Dom; Second Reading by D_Lynnin  BDSM04/25/134.69HOT

A Beginning

 — Michael is introduced to the world of BDSM. by Beelzebub72in  BDSM03/19/134.20

A Lovely Visit

 — A BDSM encounter between a submissive and her dom. by LillyRosesin  BDSM08/31/124.08


 — Erotica - Dom/slut. by Dhampiein  BDSM08/06/124.00

Baby Learns The Rules Ch. 04

 — Baby Girl Gets Punished...and then Rewarded. by theredduchessin  BDSM06/07/124.42

A Gift for My Master

 — A sub gives her Master what he's been wanting. by blondesubmissionin  BDSM05/23/124.16

Abby, Ashley, and Ruby

 — Ruby Rules by LustyLee77in  Lesbian Sex02/29/124.26

Becoming Jessie's Bitch

 — My wife's lover made me his bitch and I loved it. by HerLittlePiggyin  Gay Male08/10/114.47


 — Allison and her toy spend a weekend away. by amoralchemistryin  BDSM05/10/114.30

A Good Little Wife Goes Bad Ch. 01-02

 — An ex-pat wife in Singapore exposes herself to strangers. by Pondererin  Loving Wives04/25/114.35

Amazon Bertha and Her Subs

 — Disgusting fat black femme dom uses a submissive white couple.. by fastbreakplayerin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/24/113.88

Bad Wife Ch. 02

 — The journey continues with a bit of humiliation. by HameruChanin  Mature02/25/113.63

Aunt Robyn Cums Again and Again

 — Submissive aunt and dom nephew throw a party. by boogieman10469in  Incest/Taboo02/18/114.53HOT


 — I had told Master I was excited to get a new bed. by gothwannabe78in  BDSM12/21/103.81

A D/S Christmas Story

 — A Dom and Sub put up the Christmas tree D/S style. by darkerimpulsesin  BDSM12/11/104.45

A Girl Has Needs.....

 — God, he looked yummy. by gothwannabe78in  Erotic Couplings12/02/104.22

A Night in a Hotel Suite

 — Punishment for a disobedient sub. by KeiEstellein  NonConsent/Reluctance11/28/103.80

A Submissive's Punishment

 — Your displeasure in your sub. by KeiEstellein  BDSM11/24/103.98


 — Oliver gives Aimee a gift. by OliverCramwellin  BDSM10/18/104.06

A Fantasy Comes True Ch. 02

 — Tom encourages me to masturbate rather than have sex with gf. by DevotaMaidin  Gay Male10/17/104.26

An Unexpected Visit

 — Impatient sub surprises her Master. by blondesubmissionin  BDSM09/16/104.35

Becoming Slave Girl Rita

 — I was transformed from a regular guy into a slave girl. by DevotaMaidin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers08/23/104.03

A Bull's Tale

 — A familiar tale from a different perspective. by Redthornin  BDSM08/12/104.07

A New Way Of Life Ch. 02

 — A sissy learns the rules. by blackdog27in  Transsexuals & Crossdressers07/29/104.45

A Place In The Sun

 — Punishment doesn't always end up being so bad. by aplaceinthesunin  BDSM06/22/104.16

A Super Bowl

 — Dom shares with His friends at His Superbowl party. by subnoirein  BDSM02/18/104.01

AdDICKed Cuck Ch. 02

 — Daily life of a cum hungry cuckold. by Anal Slavein  Fetish12/04/094.29

AdDICKed Cuck

 — How A Cuck Gets Started. by Anal Slavein  Fetish12/03/094.37

At Play in the Garden

 — Sub Goth wife won’t stand up to the wicked world. by hardheartedin  BDSM12/11/084.59HOT

April, May, June -- May Ch. 01

 — Stories of 3 unforgettable women back in the 90s. by lpmsain  BDSM11/23/084.42

A Miracle Weekend

 — Young teacher is sexually taken at a weekend conference. by elusive_buttrflyin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/12/083.61

A View from Both Sides

 — Anger leads a sub to try to switch. by Chiaroscuro53in  BDSM10/15/083.82

Be Careful Of What You Wish For

 — Sophie's transformation is complete. by teaquein  BDSM10/12/083.78

A Dom for Both

 — Wife Kerry, and Hubby Mark, get worked over by a Dom. by Tim Smithin  Loving Wives08/19/084.11

Bag of Tricks

 — A BDSM fantasy. by aquarian27in  BDSM07/14/084.34

Be A Good Girl Ch. 03

 — The road to ruin. by angeline_dcin  BDSM04/17/084.52HOT

A Cold Night

 — Master punishes his slave with many forms of coldness. by sweet14funin  BDSM04/16/083.66

Bad Mood

 — You try to seduce him and he takes control. by DngrDavein  BDSM03/24/084.04

A Matter Of Attitude

 — Attitude throws stud out of the saddle. by luvpsyin  Loving Wives09/02/073.45

April 28th

 — A sub meets with her vanilla dom. by GentleGeorgein  BDSM05/06/073.27

A Good Student Ch. 03

 — The Motel Session. by dr_mabeusein  BDSM04/12/074.73HOTContest Winner

A Slight Rebellion by a sub

 — She loves serving, but rebels. by MichaelG74in  BDSM03/24/074.26

A New Toy

 — It took a week to arrive, but it was worth the wait. by ladyizain  BDSM01/17/073.67

Abandonment Issues

 — Sad, poor little slave. by naive_rose_corsettein  BDSM12/24/064.33

A Sizzling Sunset

 — Cyber partners finally meet. by comicfairyin  Erotic Couplings07/28/064.18

Accidental Bull Ch. 04

 — It all works out in the end. by Shaman325in  BDSM05/15/064.71HOT

A Date

 — A date gone bad? by sfcitydomin  BDSM04/15/063.97

A Lesson for Her: Lesson 08

 — Now for Lesson 8. by sfcitydomin  BDSM04/04/064.33

Accidental Bull Ch. 03

 — Judy gets her first session and earns her collar. by Shaman325in  BDSM03/06/064.70HOT

A Lesson for Her: Lesson 07

 — Seventh lesson: something for her to do alone. by sfcitydomin  BDSM02/07/064.04

A Story from My Wife

 — An erotic story from wife to husband. by RickInMD4uin  BDSM01/21/063.94

Accidental Bull

 — Humiliation Dom gets pulled off course. by Shaman325in  BDSM01/19/064.55HOT

A Lesson for Her: Lesson 05

 — Her fifth lesson. by sfcitydomin  BDSM01/08/064.05

Adam Has Cybersex and Gets Fucked

 — An incestuous cyber story. by adamcraves1in  Letters & Transcripts11/24/053.71

24 Hours Ch. 02

 — Twenty-four little hours in a day. by sfcitydomin  BDSM11/19/054.39

A Game After Bedtime

 — He makes girlfriend his fuckslave for the weekend. by irishgal1984in  BDSM07/17/053.94

A Surprise at Work

 — Boss finds out his secret & takes advantage. by targa45xin  Fetish07/15/053.95

A Dom's Wishes

 — Joint venture between a Dom and his slave. by Phillychocolatemin  BDSM07/14/054.29

As You Say Sir, and Yes Mistress

 — A light bondage threesome, with DP. by SpikesNaughtyGirlin  Group Sex06/01/054.47

A Cleaning Adventure Ch. 03

 — She cleans his house - and disobeys. by Wish4mein  BDSM05/23/054.54HOT

A Night Out

 — He's in control - what will happen next? by sfcitydomin  BDSM04/23/054.36

Bad Girl

 — Arthur teaches Sandy a lesson. by giveandreceive8in  BDSM03/19/054.18

A Beginner's Guide to Bondage

 — A how-to for novices. by Somegirlin  How To09/10/043.96

An Evening in Hell

 — A devilish party whips a couple into an erotic froth. by Vikingboyin  BDSM04/27/034.15

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