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dominant wife

The Chastity Cube

Mistress Santiva's happy family!

BDSM 01/23/2016

The Ten Thousand Dollar Decision Ch. 02

Disciplinary Wife and Submissive Husband in Training.

BDSM 01/20/2016

Prom Queen

Nerd is trained to be beautiful girl's submissive husband.

BDSM 01/19/2016

Obedience Training

It's tough being locked up down there!

BDSM 01/18/2016

Mistress Sage

She dominates all the men in the area!

BDSM 01/18/2016

A New Beginning

Slave Parrish never learns!

BDSM 01/13/2016

Generations of Slaveboys

Sub males through out years!

BDSM 01/13/2016

JoeBob, Submissive

Can he find the right Domme?

BDSM 01/13/2016

The Search

Where to find a dominant wife?

BDSM 01/13/2016

Letter from Vines Village

The story of Mistress Gertrude.

BDSM 01/09/2016

Letter from Vancouver

Conrad, the Canadian Cuckold.

BDSM 01/09/2016

Letter from Sherier Place

The dominant ladies of the Keeplock Club!

BDSM 01/09/2016

Letter from Ravenswood Bluff

Mistress Jessamyn tells all.

BDSM 01/09/2016

Letter from Raleigh

Mistress Pebbles is in Command!

BDSM 01/09/2016

Letter from Oswego

Poor Slave Carter!

BDSM 01/09/2016

Letter from Naylor Gardens

The Dominant Landlady!

BDSM 01/08/2016

Letter from Emoryville

A sad, submissive football player!

BDSM 01/08/2016

Letter from Ainsley Narrows

Mistress Brina and her Fool!

BDSM 01/08/2016

Letter from Chicago

Noelle and Elgin make quite the femdom pair!

BDSM 01/01/2016

Letter from Baton Rouge

An English Lord becomes a submissive in the deep South.

BDSM 12/31/2015

Letter from Annapolis

Poor Ponty and his German Domme!

BDSM 12/23/2015

Letter from Augusta

She keeps the boys in line!

BDSM 12/22/2015

Jim's Lady

A wife takes charge using suppressed desires.

Anal 12/01/2015

Amy's Bitch Ch. 04

Dominant wife humiliates husband - with help from a friend.

BDSM 11/21/2015

Female Led Household Ch. 01

The changes in dynamics of a regular Indian household.

Fetish 10/28/2015

What You Need

Husband gets pegged by wife with a special treat at the end.

Fetish 09/13/2015

A Cuckold Marriage Evolves Ch. 02

Suburban cuckold journey continues.

Fetish 08/26/2015

Putting Her Foot Down

A wife puts her foot down with her errand husband.

Loving Wives 08/19/2015

Mtn. Pines Resort Pt. 04

Doug gets a taste of his counterparts.

BDSM 08/16/2015

Restitution Pt. 03

The cpl has some alone time. Carl is sent on an errand!

BDSM 07/27/2015

Business Woman

Peter's wife would do anything to promote her business.

BDSM 07/24/2015

Mtn. Pines Resort Pt. 02

A wife embraces her status and a husband discovers his place.

BDSM 07/01/2015

Mtn. Pines Resort Pt. 01

A wife embraces her status and a husband discovers his place.

BDSM 06/30/2015

Cuckolding Myself

A man must cuckold himself in order to save his marriage.

Loving Wives 06/19/2015


A devoted, female-led couple express their love...

BDSM 06/18/2015

A Wife-led Marriage

A man falls in love with a bossy dominant wife.

BDSM 06/04/2015

Amy's Bitch Ch. 02

Amy enjoys his punishment.

BDSM 05/04/2015

She Forces Me into Cuckoldry

Dominant girlfriend wants a BBC, it's role play right?

Loving Wives 03/22/2015

Alimony Day

Ex-wife puts him thru his paces on Check Day!

BDSM 03/19/2015

Denise NEEDS More Men Ch. 01

The beginning of our MMF cuckold lifestyle.

Loving Wives 03/05/2015

Hubby Wants to Cleanup Own Creampie

Wife entertains hubby's request to eat his own cum from her.

Loving Wives 02/24/2015

Louise's Humiliation Ch. 02

Louise's husband is feminised, Dommed and cuckolded.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 02/23/2015

Wedding Anniversary

Sub husband introduced to wife's friends.

BDSM 01/10/2015

From Submissive To Controlling

How my wife is evolving into a dome.

Romance 12/28/2014

Amy's Bitch

Wife discovers her dominant side.

BDSM 12/07/2014

Well That Was Unexpected

Wife makes amends with her husband in a most unexpected way

Loving Wives 11/23/2014

Sometimes Nice Guys Finish First

Was it a betrayal or a misunderstanding?

Loving Wives 11/04/2014

Anna's Punishment

A loving but dominant wife reminds her husband of his place.

BDSM 09/29/2014

Stewart, Neema and Mike

Dominant wife ruthlessly cuckolds her loving husband.

Loving Wives 09/20/2014

Owned by Two Sisters

A story of love, reconciliation, and betrayal.

BDSM 09/17/2014

His Chuckle

Wife starts to cuck husband.

Loving Wives 07/14/2014

Hard Candy

Husband gets his submissive fantasy filled.

BDSM 06/29/2014

The Submissive Husband Ch. 01

A frustrated wife decides to step up a notch.

BDSM 05/20/2014

Love Thy Family Ch. 01

An Indian family bonds together...

Incest/Taboo 05/11/2014

Serving a Goddess Ch. 01

The realization of a lifelong dream?

BDSM 05/09/2014


Husband is worried about being a bad lover.

Fetish 04/18/2014

Date Night Ch. 02

The Cuckold Sitter

Fetish 04/09/2014

Wife Turns Husband Ch. 01

He suspects her but she's playing a longer game.

Loving Wives 04/03/2014

A Start at Chastity

A wife finally gets her hubby into a cage.

BDSM 02/26/2014

Into Chastity

Wife punishes her husband then puts him into chastity.

BDSM 02/17/2014

Do You Want A Blow Job?

Submissive husband asks for a blow job.

Loving Wives 02/07/2014

Lynn Finds a Boyfriend

Submissive husband experiences wife's new romance.

Fetish 01/03/2014

Remote Control for Her Slave

She brings home a male masturbator to control him better.

Fetish 01/02/2014

Dominant Wife, Cuckold's Reward

A devoted submissive husband, a dominant wife.

Fetish 12/15/2013

The Drawer Ch. 02

Newly dom wife has shoe phone sex with sub husband.

BDSM 12/01/2013

The Drawer

Reluctant wife exploits husband's secret need to be her sub

BDSM 11/11/2013

Pandoras Box

Submitting to his wife opens up a wild new world.

BDSM 10/22/2013

Jackie and Artie Ch. 15

The Beginning - Artie watches Jackie party with Ron.

Loving Wives 09/29/2013

Jackie and Artie Ch. 14

The Beginning - Artie helps Jackie dress for her date.

Loving Wives 09/29/2013

Jackie and Artie Ch. 13

The Beginning - They plan for Jackie's date with Ron.

Loving Wives 09/28/2013

Jackie and Artie Ch. 12

The Beginning - Jackie and Artie play kinky games.

Loving Wives 09/22/2013

Jackie and Artie Ch. 11

The Beginning - Jackie reveals a secret to Artie.

Loving Wives 09/21/2013

Jackie and Artie Ch. 10

The Beginning - Connie and Phil.

Loving Wives 09/16/2013

Jackie and Artie Ch. 09

The Beginning - Artie prepares Connie for a date.

Loving Wives 09/09/2013

Jackie and Artie Ch. 08

The Beginning - Milton Craig.

Loving Wives 09/07/2013

Morning Tea

Submissive serves Wife and Her lover with morning tea.

Loving Wives 08/29/2013

Jackie and Artie Ch. 07

The Beginning - Playing and Experimenting.

Loving Wives 08/29/2013

Jackie and Artie Ch. 06

The Beginning - Alas poor cuckold.

Loving Wives 08/28/2013

Jackie and Artie Ch. 05

The Beginning - Jackie comes home.

Loving Wives 08/25/2013

Jackie and Artie Ch. 04

The Beginning - Connie and Nattie.

Loving Wives 08/18/2013

Jackie and Artie Ch. 03

The Beginning - Nattie and The Goldenrod.

Loving Wives 08/17/2013

Jackie and Artie Ch. 02

The Beginning - Connie.

Loving Wives 08/13/2013

Jackie and Artie Ch. 01

The Beginning - Discovery and Recognition.

Loving Wives 08/07/2013

At Last Ch. 02

The day after learning my wife wants to cuckold me.

Loving Wives 07/19/2013

No Safe Word

A submissive male experiences his Goddess with no limits.

BDSM 06/25/2013

Deeper Into Cuckoldry

The fantasy becomes more serious.

Fetish 06/18/2013

Submissive Men and Ogling

A how-to article for training the submissive male.

How To 06/11/2013

Second Saturday

Repeat command performance for hubby.

BDSM 05/29/2013

Saturday Afternoon

A husband puts on a show for his wife and her friends.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 05/07/2013

A Late Night

My wife takes control and turns the tables.

Fetish 04/10/2013

Pussy Whipped!

Young married man; wimp or what?

Loving Wives 03/28/2013

She's in Charge Ch. 02

Date Night!

BDSM 03/12/2013

Submit Ch. 01

I submit to my beautiful wife.

BDSM 02/15/2013

Julia Takes Over Ch. 03

My wife continues to take over our sex life.

Fetish 02/10/2013

Bettering Their Marriage

They wanted better sex, he didn't expect this.

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 02/05/2013

My Wife Lied To Me

Size does matter to my wife of thirty-six years.

Mature 12/24/2012

At Last

My wife finally accepts my offer of becoming a cuckoldress.

Loving Wives 10/28/2012

My Husband, My Cuckold

He was everything I wanted him to be.

Loving Wives 10/28/2012

Cuckold Desires

Alone in my hotel room after work, while wife is out.

Loving Wives 10/03/2012

A More Happy Wife has a Cuckold

The life of a man who can satisfy should be a cuckold.

Fetish 09/30/2012
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