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Becoming a Good Girl Ch. 03

 — Owen faces Sam after their last encounter. by foxesandhairbowsin  Romance09/17/174.56HOT

Freshman Orientations

 — Upperclassmen offer special guidance to incoming freshmen. by SolarRayin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur08/11/174.79HOT

My Roommate’s Endorsement Ch. 02

 — I sure didn’t expect what I saw but it was awesome. by patdownin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur07/11/174.31

Sister's Roommate

 — Brother and Sister have to share a dorm room. by Grillytillyin  Incest/Taboo12/05/164.51HOT

Fun in the Dorm Room

 — My roommate and I take home two fun sorority girls. by FunRelaxedGuyin  Group Sex10/23/164.41

Woodbridge Academy Ch. 08

 — Jason faces his fears... by elno2015in  Gay Male07/05/164.84HOT

Chad Takes a Gymnast

 — Oversexed college couple gets involved with a shy athlete. by Voboyin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur07/02/164.67HOT

College Freshman

 — Female Freshmen placed in odd predicament. by jamisonh213in  Erotic Couplings06/06/164.43

Gloria's Daughter Ch. 02

 — Gloria gets more inventive in role-playing as her daughter. by IanSaulWhitcombin  Romance10/13/144.87HOT

Chelle's Turn

 — Chelle asks Eric to participate in her bisexual fantasy. by jake1969in  Group Sex07/13/144.34

The First Time

 — Eric has his first sexual experiences with Sara and Chelle by jake1969in  First Time06/30/144.50HOT

The Exploits of Cockslut Kelly 01

 — While setting up the weekend, Kelly finds a big surprise! by CSKin  Gay Male10/07/134.68HOT

Team Spirit Pays Off

 — A pair of tutors find dorm room excitement. by patdownin  Erotic Couplings07/08/133.97

Three Stoner Chix - Purple Passion

 — The summer orgies continue for a trio of hot teenagers. by CHICA_and_the_MANin  Novels and Novellas05/01/134.79HOT

Three Stoner Chix - Purple Haze

 — Let the orgies begin for three hot high school hotties. by CHICA_and_the_MANin  Novels and Novellas04/10/134.77HOT

Dorm Room Truth Or Dare

 — A college couple and their friend have a fun night. by Greatjohnin  Group Sex02/12/134.19

One Debauched Weekend Ch. 02

 — Ally and the guys order a pizza. by Lionheart72in  Group Sex01/13/134.24

Riding in Cars with Shemales Ch. 02

 — Terra and I go to the beach. by lfullbackin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers11/28/124.64HOT

Beat-Off Buddies Ch. 03

 — Donny and Jane share a trip down Mammary Lane. by Carnevil9in  Toys & Masturbation05/04/124.46

One Debauched Weekend Ch. 01

 — Ally wakes up after a date to unexpected fun. by Lionheart72in  Group Sex04/07/124.31

Drunk Shower Memories

 — I come home to a wild scene in my dorm room. by Bearsuit22in  Anal08/14/113.52

Innocent Amber Ch. 01

 — College freshman masturbates for first time. by missygold123in  Toys & Masturbation07/09/114.20

It Pays to Study

 — Drunk, passed out college girl gets knocked up by classmate. by Patrick7in  NonConsent/Reluctance07/06/113.97

Joe Tom Ch. 02

 — Joe Tom and Marc watch each other masturbate. by perihelionin  Gay Male06/09/114.65HOT

Arnold Augustus Cabot College

 — The dorm mother. by Sydney_Smartin  Mature05/23/113.83

Kira's Bra

 — Truth or Dare between close friends. by WFEATHERin  Erotic Couplings04/29/113.94

Lost Virginity on Valentine's Day

 — Women remembers her first love, when she lost her virginity. by SuperHeroRalphin  First Time02/05/114.05

Lacey and Olivia

 — Bits and pieces of a Dorm Room love story. by SweetestThingin  Lesbian Sex11/11/104.78HOT

Beat-Off Buddies Ch. 02

 — Donny and Jane play a game of "Semen Says". by Carnevil9in  Toys & Masturbation06/26/104.46

Beat-Off Buddies Ch. 01

 — Mutual masturbation is better than cheating - isn't it? by Carnevil9in  Toys & Masturbation05/15/104.32

Peggy and Larry Get Clean

 — Hey, third floor! Anyone wanna take a shower with me? by Abdulbentherein  Erotic Couplings04/26/104.27

Wild College Days Ch. 03

 — Becky's revenge fuck doesn't go as planned when Liz shows up. by Lionheart72in  Group Sex03/05/104.30

Taking a Chance For Love

 — A lesbian woman reveals herself to her roommate. by andtheendin  Lesbian Sex02/03/104.11

College Tit-Fuck

 — Two students explore the mysteries of love and boob-sex. by Carnevil9in  First Time09/07/093.94

An Unspoken Agreement

 — Roommates who aren't friends find another way to bond. by All_Shook_Upin  Lesbian Sex08/19/094.31

Triangles Ch. 01

 — His girlfriend's roommate wants him. Bad. by TracyKaberin  Erotic Couplings07/05/094.46

The Perfect Storm

 — College girl gets over her fear of storms in a good way. by livvylainein  Erotic Couplings03/08/093.91

750-1,000 Word Mind Control Story 02

 — Stories hypnotize susceptive women. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITERin  Mind Control12/14/083.76

750-1,000 Word Mind Control Story

 — Jason hypnotizes Kathy to strip in front of his friends. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITERin  Non-Erotic12/13/084.00

Sweet Temptation

 — She seduces a barely legal male student. by MTHudsonin  Interracial Love11/27/084.64HOT

Celeste's College Adventures Ch. 01

 — Unwanted roommate turns out to be exactly what Celeste needs. by vyronika_knightin  Lesbian Sex09/27/084.63HOT

Across The Way

 — Boy meets girl. Boy loves girl. But girl's dating a jerk... by CWatsonin  Romance08/28/083.79

Going Back To School Day 03

 — A lovely female student cums to visit. by westerntigerin  Erotic Couplings08/12/084.39

Susie Ch. 29

 — Susie at USC, Josh spends nights in her room. by Susie_Oin  Erotic Couplings08/03/084.07

Cougar for College Cock

 — Newly divorced, Nancy goes on a bender for college guys. by ISawYourMommyin  Mature04/21/084.55HOT

01, 01: A Big Celebration

 — Sometimes your friends will surprise you. by Callidorain  Transsexuals & Crossdressers01/02/084.45

Room Mates

 — Analisa is awakened by her lusty roommate. by vyronika_knightin  Lesbian Sex01/31/074.33

Audry, The Seductress Pt. 01

 — The longer version -- now, with character development! by temp171in  Erotic Couplings08/01/064.28

These Two Girls Are Flirting

 — A sexual event occurs late at night in a small room. by Callidorain  Lesbian Sex07/29/064.37

Roxanne's Steamy College Girl-Crush

 — Friendship turns to lust on Valentine's. by Roxanne Applebyin  Lesbian Sex01/30/064.59HOT


 — First Valentine's Day as a couple. by WFEATHERin  Romance01/23/064.58HOT

Great Study Date

 — Two good students meet in his dorm room to study. by russeltrustin  First Time11/15/053.83

Susan's College Girl-Lust Ch. 02

 — College girls' lesbian encounters & dorm room passion continue. by Roxanne Applebyin  Lesbian Sex11/09/054.77HOT

Susan's College Girl-Lust Ch. 01

 — College girl's lesbian encounters, dorm room passion. by Roxanne Applebyin  Lesbian Sex10/10/054.62HOT

Three in the Morning

 — She has another one of those days. by fieryjenin  Erotic Couplings08/08/054.46

Violet's Virgin

 — 18-year-old guy loses virginity to experienced girlfriend. by moonkaiin  First Time04/28/050.00

A Dorm Room Encounter

 — College sex gets hot. by Blue69loverin  Erotic Couplings03/01/053.81


 — A pensive submissive considers her evolution. by WFEATHERin  BDSM02/05/054.48

Dorm Room Fun

 — College student gets what he wants from his roommate. by bulletvin  Gay Male01/04/054.07

Open Dorm Policy

 — Co-eds find that privacy in the dorm may be hard to come by. by JoeyElmtreein  Erotic Couplings11/17/044.34

College Cock Sucking Slave

 — College boy sucks his first cock & loves it. by fulhammockin  Gay Male09/17/044.28

Every Good Story

 — Partygoer brings home a surprise. by Eileen82in  Erotic Couplings08/12/044.03

Virgin Turned Fuckslut Ch. 02

 — Another reason to dread gym class. by Shhhhin  BDSM07/23/043.89

Center Of My Intention

 — They hook up after a long wait. by rob99202in  Erotic Couplings07/14/044.25

Straight Laced Girl

 — A whispered story makes sex that much better. by handstogether8in  Loving Wives06/06/044.09

The Roommate

 — Prudish Asian coed is surprisingly kinky. by litpervgrrlin  Lesbian Sex04/18/044.34

Naked Stunts

 — Hanging out in the dorm leads to streaking. by nancyisnakedin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur01/29/044.35

Bridgette's Sexy Adventures Ch. 02

 — Mr. Harrison comes to the party. by Bridgette Andersonin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur01/25/044.18

Bridgette's Sexy Adventures Ch. 01

 — A sexy redhead's sexual adventures. by Bridgette Andersonin  Erotic Couplings01/23/044.46

Dorm Room Fun

 — She experiences her first time with a girl in her dorm. by Persephone542in  Lesbian Sex12/24/033.84

Final Exam

 — Hot TA, horny college girl, one night of seriously hot sex. by RoughRider007in  Erotic Couplings12/24/034.58HOT

Poor Paul

 — Two friends have a jerk off session with surprising results. by PenanceSin  Gay Male12/17/032.68

Study Break

 — Couple gets it on in college library. by mississippi_angelin  Erotic Couplings07/19/034.21

Orientation Day

 — 24 hours in the lives of cousins Rachael & Jennifer. by MarciaRin  Incest/Taboo05/28/034.08

My New Toy

 — She gets a new toy to satisfy. by babe19in  Toys & Masturbation05/04/034.23

One of Two

 — Identical brothers love the same woman by Shalein  Group Sex04/01/034.42

The Rounds Ch. 04

 — Still trapped in the closet. by squidbagin  Novels and Novellas01/06/034.18

Iowa Corn and Porn

 — Little lady from Iowa is seduced by another kind of green. by mountiemanin  Lesbian Sex11/30/023.92

Co-Ed Fantasies

 — A college freshman female dreams of you. by ShortyThaPimpstressin  Erotic Couplings10/06/024.12

Bi Friends: Bryn Mawr au Go Go

 — Rose petals unfold, and unfold again. by 99PercentStraightin  Group Sex09/14/024.14

My First Day At Party School

 — Virgin male coed meets two beautiful girls. by B.J. Woodyin  Group Sex09/10/024.04

Veronica Ch. 1

 — Veronica finds well endowed partner. by Catherine the Greatin  Erotic Couplings05/13/024.03

New Section in Science

 — Young college girl finds science professor eager to teach. by ScorpioG20in  Erotic Couplings12/11/014.14

College Rendezvous

 — Student once again runs into the undeniable one. by Atkhxhin  Erotic Couplings12/02/013.37

One Beautiful Day

 — Guy gets a slave for a day. by Simon_Magusin  NonConsent/Reluctance10/04/012.71

Guess What! I Met A Girl

 — Grieving man meets young lover at college. by bbkradwellin  Erotic Couplings05/26/014.24

Lesbian First

 — Fight with boyfriend drives her into Becca's arms. by in  Lesbian Sex04/11/014.29

Not So Alone in...Ch. 1

 — Two young people in NYC enjoy sweaty phone fun. by PhoneFunMin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur03/04/013.59

Fear in the Mind

 — Fear can enhance our deepest desires. by hdm303ljin  Lesbian Sex02/17/012.65

Oral Fixation Ch. 3

 — He's caught watching Bill & Amy. by BostonBeansin  Group Sex10/29/004.50HOT

Naughty Ch. 1

 — Girls discover fun with a pillow. by Denisein  Lesbian Sex10/14/003.98

The Dorm Room

 — Couple consoles sexy, lonely Anne. by Unpluggedin  Loving Wives10/09/004.09

Friday's Secrets

 — Fraternity takes on guy's mom and sister. by Softlyin  Incest/Taboo09/01/004.30

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