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At the Store

Alex smacks my ass, then more.

BDSM 11/23/2017

Santa's the Boss

Company Christmas costume party leads to seduction.

Erotic Couplings 11/23/2017

Ms. Sandstrom's Assistant Pt. 02

Cheryl asks Mike some unusual interview questions.

Erotic Couplings 11/14/2017

The Intern Pt. 01

An intern at a law office gets revenge on his boss.

NonConsent/Reluctance 11/02/2017

Jenny's Dilemma

Jenny gets to know what she really wanted.

BDSM 10/21/2017

Fucking Mr. Bishop

Mum helps out with my boss.

Mature 10/21/2017

Captain and Crew

A playboy buys a yacht and learns about women.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 09/29/2017

Luca Ch. 02

Luca and his Boss.

Gay Male 09/21/2017

Bass-Ackwards Ch. 04

This was supposed to be a transaction.

NonConsent/Reluctance 09/17/2017

Ignorant Village Boy Pt. 02

Sexual desire of our boss's wife.

Mature 09/07/2017

The Boss

Being naughty at work has it's consequences... and rewards.

BDSM 08/30/2017

A Date with My Ex-Boss

A few years ago, I worked for a wonderful man...

Erotic Couplings 08/29/2017

Doing Him a Favor

Tina greets her frequent guest and is asked a favor.

Fetish 07/29/2017

A Little Extra Insurance

I invite my boss to spank me.

BDSM 07/25/2017

Bass-Ackwards Ch. 01

Her asshole boss makes her an offer.

NonConsent/Reluctance 06/03/2017

Lila's Promotion: Webcam Duties

My office promotion calls for unique services.

Lesbian Sex 05/07/2017


A husband knows his place.

Erotic Couplings 05/03/2017

Pleasing Juliette Ch. 04

Juliette asks another favour of Emily.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 04/26/2017

Cleaning Up Ch. 02

Nick is caught with Sandra by his boss.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 04/12/2017

Best Boss Ever

Lawyer finds her boss is doing his secretary.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 03/29/2017

After Hours Pt. 01

She and her boss do naughty things after hours.

Erotic Couplings 03/08/2017

Claire and Her Boss Pt. 02

The boss takes his intern out during lunch.

Erotic Couplings 03/01/2017

A Cool, Cool Boss Ch. 05

David's hot awakening, Astrid is radiant, Georgia suffers.

Erotic Couplings 02/23/2017

Cumming Cleansed: Day One

A woman's much-needed vacation turns alarmingly spa-lacious.

NonConsent/Reluctance 01/29/2017

A Cool, Cool Boss Ch. 04

Astrid & David wind down from forced sex, and then wind up!

Erotic Couplings 01/26/2017

I Control My Boss Ch. 01

Under the influence Jenn seduces Mari.

Lesbian Sex 01/17/2017

Master William & Elizabeth Ch. 01

Master William finds his new employee intriguing.

BDSM 01/16/2017

A Cool, Cool Boss Ch. 03

Astrid reveals all to David, Georgia suffers.

Mind Control 01/08/2017

Claire and Her Boss

An older man has his way with a young temp.

NonConsent/Reluctance 12/28/2016

A Fair Punishment

His hot secretary deserves to be punished.

NonConsent/Reluctance 12/27/2016

In Search of a Muse: Niki Pt. 01

Niki's fantasy was to be forced into submission by her boss.

NonConsent/Reluctance 12/15/2016

The Boss's Office

Threesome date.

Group Sex 12/15/2016


Open your legs and I'll promote your husband.

Loving Wives 12/13/2016

A Cool, Cool Boss Ch. 02

David and Astrid, more sex and a bit of unanticipated BDSM!

Mind Control 12/10/2016

Alice Ch. 02

Chapter 2.

Erotic Couplings 12/01/2016


A woman misunderstands her boss's needs - or does she?

Erotic Couplings 12/01/2016

Alice Ch. 01

Chapter 1.

Erotic Couplings 11/29/2016

Nicole Ch. 02: My Turn

The Boss's Turn to be in charge.

NonConsent/Reluctance 11/28/2016

Meeting the Boss's Daughter Ch. 03

Katie's visit at the office Part 2.

Mature 11/20/2016

A Cool, Cool Boss Ch. 01

Hot dreams become hot action in an unexpected sort of way!

Mind Control 11/19/2016

A Hike with the Boss

Intern gets taken under the old man's wing.

Gay Male 11/14/2016

Taken by the Boss Ch. 04

Everyone loves a good reward.

Erotic Couplings 11/04/2016

Taken by the Boss Ch. 02

Their little office playtime has just begun...

Erotic Couplings 10/26/2016

Never Have I Ever

When you just can't help but let go.

Erotic Couplings 10/23/2016

Here for You Ch. 21-23

A story about trust and betrayal.

Romance 10/20/2016

Here for You Ch. 18-20

A story about trust and betrayal.

Romance 10/18/2016

Here for You Ch. 15-17

A story about trust and betrayal.

Romance 10/14/2016

The Agreement Ch. 03

Miss McNeil continues in her agreement with her boss.

BDSM 10/11/2016

Here for You Ch. 11-14

A story about trust and betrayal.

Romance 10/11/2016

Here for You Ch. 09-10

A story about trust and betrayal.

Romance 10/09/2016


Mixing business and pleasure.

First Time 10/08/2016

Pleasing Juliette Ch. 03

Emily is ordered to butt fuck her boss, by her boss.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 10/08/2016

Here for You Ch. 07-08

A story about trust and betrayal.

Romance 09/30/2016

Here for You Ch. 05-06

A story about trust and betrayal.

Romance 09/25/2016

Here for You Ch. 03-04

A story about trust and betrayal.

Romance 09/22/2016

My Boss is a Bastard

A bet goes wrong, or right.

NonConsent/Reluctance 08/27/2016

The New Hire

The new hire at the company is more than she seems.

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 08/23/2016

Mr. Randall

Making up my shortcomings with my boss.

Erotic Couplings 08/18/2016

Summer Songs and Perfume Ch. 08

Lydia goes out for drinks with her boss.

Erotic Couplings 08/17/2016

Scenes from a Restaurant

On-the-job training for a new waitress.

NonConsent/Reluctance 08/10/2016

A Night after Work

Callie is surprised by events after work.

NonConsent/Reluctance 07/29/2016

The Interview Pt. 03

My on the job training continues.

Erotic Couplings 07/15/2016

Daddy's Spanking Chair

Every night, her daddy spanks her for the day's infractions.

BDSM 07/08/2016


I tie up my hot boss to control her.

NonConsent/Reluctance 07/03/2016

Kylie's Secret Ch. 01

Kylie's boss reveals that he knows her secret.

Erotic Couplings 07/01/2016

Harry's Protégé Ch. 12

The protégé accepts that Harry is right for her.

Romance 06/28/2016

Harry's Protégé Ch. 11

Chapter 11.

Romance 06/25/2016

Boss to Good Girl Ch. 06

She can't resist what she truly needs.

BDSM 06/25/2016

The New Boss

Anna thought she was putting on a show for the new boss.

Group Sex 06/24/2016

Here for You Ch. 01-02

A story about trust and betrayal.

Romance 06/22/2016

Harry's Protégé Ch. 07

Sierra has a serious fall-out with Harry her boss.

Romance 06/21/2016

Harry's Protégé Ch. 02

Ex-playgirl begins to align with her mentor and boss.

Romance 06/13/2016

The Orange Rose

An old boss returns.

Erotic Couplings 06/09/2016

How I Met My Assistant

My executive assistant seduces my greatest competitor.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 05/19/2016

My Assistant, My Slut

A teasing assistant gets what she deserves.

NonConsent/Reluctance 05/18/2016

Boss's Day

Fun at work.

BDSM 05/12/2016

Pleasing Her Boss

Young waitress is compelled to please her female boss.

NonConsent/Reluctance 05/08/2016

Italian Piano Ch. 01

Isabella can't stand her sexy Italian boss, Marco.

Interracial Love 04/24/2016

Once in a Lifetime Ch. 02

An affair so riveting it borders obsession.

Novels and Novellas 04/24/2016

Gina's Office Gangbang

Corporate duties now include sexual services.

Group Sex 03/17/2016

Snowed In with the Boss

Getting snowed in with the bitch boss turns into a surprise.

Erotic Couplings 02/21/2016

Snapped: Maid

Angelica is trying to do her job, her boss is difficult.

NonConsent/Reluctance 02/11/2016

Just Another Day at the Office

Taken by the Boss.

Erotic Couplings 01/24/2016

Hot Intern Humiliates Employee

Hot intern girl humiliates Apple Employee and takes his job.

BDSM 01/14/2016

The Office Fling

Office sex between supervisor and new employee.

Romance 01/14/2016

Beth's Bakery: A New Employee

Beth struggles to find the perfect new employee

Group Sex 12/30/2015

Rose Pt. 01

Rose desires a man much older than herself...

Mature 12/05/2015

Jenn and Sabine 03

Toys and at Jennifer's.

Lesbian Sex 10/14/2015

Handy Man Helps Out

A young man helps out his employer.

Erotic Couplings 10/14/2015

Jenn and Sabine 02

Sabine follows her orders.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 10/09/2015

Pleasing Juliette Ch. 02

Juliette insists on a repeat performance.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 09/30/2015

Taking My Manager Jen

An office fantasy becomes reality.

Erotic Couplings 09/25/2015

Untouchable Ch. 03

Chapter 3.

NonHuman 09/23/2015

Untouchable Ch. 02

Henry's P.O.V of chapter 1.

NonHuman 09/22/2015

An Obsession Realized

Married man manipulates events to get with his employee.

Erotic Couplings 09/16/2015

While Her Husband is at the Conference

A spouse surprises her old boss.

Erotic Couplings 09/09/2015

Literotica Ch. 02

Duncan decides how to deal with work (sort of).

Erotic Couplings 09/08/2015

A New Way of Seeing Things Pt. 02 Ch. 13

Eric arrives and Walt leaves.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 08/11/2015

Pleasing Juliette

Emily finally finds a way to make her boss happy.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 07/29/2015

I Have a Great Secretary Ch. 03

She "entertained" the clients to seal a deal.

Erotic Couplings 07/24/2015
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