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Nothing But the Best

 — That's what Claire's son deserves. by alextasyin  Incest/Taboo11/18/174.26NEW

My Girlfriend's Sissy Roommate Ch. 05

 — Jessica faces the music. by SEVERUSMAXin  Group Sex11/17/173.71NEW

The Alphabet of Love Ch. 17

 — After viewing a suspect, Shiloh gets an unexpected visitor. by igottapussyin  Non-Erotic10/15/173.82

A Pet's Rebellion Ch. 04

 — Why not? by DreamerByTheDiamondsin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/02/174.68HOT

The Fool Ch. 09

 — The guilded cage. by xelliebabexin  Erotic Couplings05/19/174.78HOT

The Fool Ch. 07

 — Freedom is an Illusion. by xelliebabexin  Erotic Couplings05/04/174.81HOT

Love Knows No Color Pt. 18

 — Happy Anniversary. by bwwm4mein  Interracial Love03/23/174.84HOT

Yearning Hearts Ch. 06

 — Final chapter: yearning hearts destined for each other, now-forever-always. by twistedromeoin  Gay Male02/18/174.83HOT

A Cuckold by Birth Ch. 01

 — Introductions. by vyasyain  Loving Wives01/10/174.01

Discovering Me Ch. 01 - Scott's Return

 — After 3 months away, Scott returns with a surprise. by lilythompsonin  Romance10/26/163.95

Dick or Teat

 — It's Paul's slam bash Halloween party and Krissy's there. by AsnyLarkin  First Time10/21/163.88

Naughty Fiancée Ch. 01

 — Naughty Fiancée cheats. by CaptJRackhamin  Interracial Love09/07/164.55HOT

The Twelve Tables Ch. 16

 — Surprises for everyone. by xelliebabexin  Novels and Novellas05/25/164.79HOT

The Twelve Tables Ch. 15

 — New beginnings. by xelliebabexin  BDSM04/20/164.79HOT

The Twelve Tables Ch. 14

 — Lucia's story and Peri panics. by xelliebabexin  Novels and Novellas04/10/164.82HOT


 — After proposing, a man and his love have amazing sex. by TheAmazingFlashin  Romance03/23/163.79

The Twelve Tables Ch. 09

 — Christmas at the farm. by xelliebabexin  Novels and Novellas02/29/164.75HOT

The Ex Fest Ch. 01

 — Scott gets some big news. by zirskyin  Erotic Couplings02/02/164.41

Possessing Bella Ch. 25

 — Could it be happily ever after for Bella? by xelliebabexin  BDSM01/06/164.81HOTContest Winner

Alisha Ch. 06

 — End of story of two cousins. by heartbreakkid96in  Incest/Taboo06/29/154.57HOT

Princess Ch. 04

 — Group play, being in public, future sister-in-law. by SteveWallacein  Group Sex06/27/154.77HOT


 — Young woman with a serious challenge. by Michael142in  Romance06/07/154.59HOT

Handjob Ch. 06

 — The beginnings of a cuckold. by CuckoldGuyin  Toys & Masturbation05/29/154.01

More than a Substitute

 — A single dad meets an extra-friendly preschool teacher. by nagerenin  Romance03/30/154.80HOT

It's Who You Know Ch. 08

 — An ending or a beginning? by IvoryTuskin  Gay Male12/22/144.82HOT

Derby Line Marriage Ch. 31

 — Hanna and Jovita buy engagement rings. by jtufin  Non-Erotic11/20/143.00

Derby Line Marriage Ch. 28

 — Hanna meets Jovita's family. by jtufin  Non-Erotic11/12/142.00

Wedded Wife to Lesbian Life Ch. 05

 — Angela says goodbye to Howard and hello to Abby. by walterkin  Lesbian Sex10/13/143.94

The Job Pt. 05

 — A family update. by DreamCloudin  Novels and Novellas09/26/144.85HOT

After the Wedding

 — Romance in the Blizzard. by SierraSpritein  Romance09/23/144.60HOT

Such a Little Thing Ch. 03

 — An unpleasant encounter forces Amber and Milla to act. by ScattySuein  Lesbian Sex08/22/144.87HOT

Popping the Question

 — He asks for her hand. by thepiratequeenin  Romance08/08/144.68HOT

Mothers and Children

 — Layla and Harry meet in a nursing home. by mitchawain  Erotic Couplings05/09/144.30

My Sexual Awakening

 — A college couple's slow discovery of sex. by jr0bertsin  First Time02/07/144.14

The Swap Ch. 03

 — All sex: Don and Melina find their soulmates. by WifeWatchmanin  Romance11/11/134.66HOT

Our Story

 — Who knew a concert could change our lives... by sexykitten123in  Erotic Couplings10/27/133.63

In Love with Lori Ch. 02

 — David & Lori get engaged, and decide to return to England. by beachbum1958in  Incest/Taboo10/10/134.81HOT

Lynn and Leif Forevermore Ch. 27

 — Leif had played this thing like a fiddle. by mich80newin  Interracial Love10/01/134.61HOT

The Descending of Jessica Ch. 09

 — Trouble on the horizon. by Jessie92in  Erotic Couplings08/24/134.62HOT

Velvet Heat Ch. 05

 — Happy Ever After... by adjoaqin  Erotic Couplings06/28/134.81HOT

Stacy's Surprise

 — Stacy’s playful dare makes last days of singleness legendary. by erossmanticin  Group Sex06/25/134.59HOT

Her Irish Neighbor Ch. 02

 — Sean gets caught with another, will she take him back? by EnvywithJadeein  First Time05/30/134.53HOT

Too Good To Be True

 — Can love at first sight of a pregnant woman work out? by amischiefmakerin  Erotic Couplings05/29/134.50HOT

Bedroom Maid

 — Lord Harry likes pouncing on maids. by Ashsonin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/16/134.24

A Red Leaf & Ten Orchids Ch. 14

 — There's always one kid who runs with scissors. by TaLtos6in  Romance01/02/134.81HOT

The Flying Instructor Ch. 02

 — Romantic love. by buxtonboyin  Romance12/16/124.40

Duplicity Ch. 02

 — Thrown into the mix. by partial2passionin  Interracial Love11/14/124.73HOT

The Ice Cream Man Ch. 02

 — Jen and I have a few surprises. by DG Hearin  Romance10/26/124.53HOT

Good Grief Ch. 11

 — Epilogue. by partial2passionin  Interracial Love07/13/124.78HOT

Luke at University Pt. 04

 — Tom starts dating a girl. by WittePietin  Gay Male06/14/124.54HOT

In The Nick Of Time

 — I overheard the tale of a woman and the love of her life. by likegoodwinein  Loving Wives11/13/114.42

Marrying a Doctor: Getting Engaged

 — Younger woman seduces a doctor. by msgrant67in  Erotic Couplings08/18/113.79

Kathy's Engagement

 — She gets engaged. Then meets another man. by serpentonguein  Loving Wives08/12/113.62

I Know What I'm Doing Ch. 04

 — Conclusion: It's not 2 men & labels. It's 2 hearts & love. by AzanianHeatin  Gay Male07/30/114.88HOT

The Bitches in the Basement

 — Luke is seduced by a trio of insatiable dirty anal sluts. by Dancing_Dollin  Anal04/06/114.59HOT

Repeat Ad Lib

 — I'm engaged to a witch. by oggbashanin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/04/104.25

Complex Family Ch. 04

 — Brandon asks a question, Mel and Katy make a request. by PaulStevensin  Group Sex06/13/104.75HOT

The Spirit Girl Ch. 02

 — A crisis of trust leads to a Valentine's Day to remember. by DrSqueakyin  Romance03/04/104.82HOT

Fonda and Clark

 — A love story. by Egmont0409in  Romance11/21/094.68HOT

Summer at the Sea Ch. 05

 — Rose accepts and declines in her quest for love. by tmitruein  Romance11/12/094.73HOT

Sarah's Stallion Ch. 04

 — Steve and Sarah head for college. by Privates1stClassin  Novels and Novellas11/03/094.68HOT

New Widower Thinks Sex

 — At least four times Jerry White had lost Melba. by Egmont0409in  Romance08/30/094.35

It's Only Sex

 — Sonny buildings his life around women. by Egmont0409in  Erotic Couplings06/25/094.66HOT

Montana Rhapsody Pt. 03

 — Paris becomes pregnant, finishes her novel and marries. by Egmont0409in  Novels and Novellas06/08/094.81HOTContest Winner

A World-Class Brothel Pt. 03

 — Two brothel babes team up with Eddie. by Egmont0409in  Novels and Novellas06/04/094.75HOT

My Kinky Fiancé Slips Up

 — She likes attention and he likes to watch--perfect! by Odeonin  Loving Wives04/12/094.18

Don't Let Go

 — Jack has plans that will shock Abbey to her core. by femmeappealin  Romance03/25/094.73HOT

Howard & Colleen Ch. 07

 — Howard and Colleen are engaged and make a baby. by Susie_Oin  Romance02/11/094.50HOT

Nicole's Valentine's Day Surprise

 — Rick and Nicole continue their romance. by MrKittyin  Interracial Love01/26/094.70HOTContest Winner


 — He must pay the price for revealing the Bride-to-be. by Graves94in  BDSM01/03/094.16

Forbidden Fruit Ch. 02

 — Val, Jason, and Melina commit themselves more. by SEVERUSMAXin  Incest/Taboo11/22/084.25

Susie Ch. 35

 — Susie and Corey celebrate thier engagement. by Susie_Oin  Romance10/19/084.64HOT

Danica's Loves

 — A young woman seeks and finds love by Moondriftin  Novels and Novellas06/21/084.64HOT

Recipe for Love

 — With the right ingredients, will the spark ever light? by deepemeraldin  Romance03/21/084.74HOT

Young Again Ch. 02

 — Brenna and Jerome make plans. by KarennaCin  Mature03/14/084.43

Susie Ch. 14

 — Susie and Corey are betrothed and celebrate with sex. by Susie_Oin  Romance02/05/084.64HOT

A Valentine's Day Proposal

 — Cupid to the rescue. by secretmein  Incest/Taboo01/29/084.46

Susie Ch. 13

 — Susie and Corey are betrothed, & naked with her parents. by Susie_Oin  Erotic Couplings01/24/084.58HOT

Night at the Light

 — The perfect setting for a proposal. by Deadwoodin  Romance12/04/074.30

Walking into Fire Ch. 04

 — An engagement and the celebration of life. by knitedreamsin  Romance11/29/074.71HOT

Gifted Grifter Ch. 13

 — Truth or Dare. by DrSqueakyin  Novels and Novellas09/15/074.77HOT

Callista and Logan Reunite Ch. 02

 — They rekindle their love. by EroticWitchin  Erotic Couplings07/15/073.86

It'll All be Over by Christmas

 — A betrayed soldier seeks revenge. by Moondriftin  Non-Erotic07/03/074.32

The Ugly Duckling

 — The ugly duckling finds she is beautiful. by Moondriftin  Novels and Novellas05/10/074.68HOT

Not All Is As It Seems

 — Tyler reunites with Crystal, but not before leaving Ted. by rckplskyin  Gay Male04/13/073.23

Four Year Anniversary

 — James and Stacey's engagement. by Lovebuldgein  Romance01/18/074.38

Senatorial Secrets Ch. 08

 — Light BDSM for Savannah & Mitch in this chapter. by RedHairedandFriendlyin  BDSM12/14/064.54HOT

He'll Have to Go

 — A romantic story of love persevering. by JakeRiversin  Romance10/09/054.60HOT


 — Maria hopes her engagement is back on. by sharkandpenin  Romance02/21/044.29

Rachael: Father of the Groom

 — She seduces groom's father before the wedding. by NaughtyHubbyin  Loving Wives10/20/034.41

Rachael: Cuckold Wedding Ch. 01

 — Dominant bride thoroughly cuckolds groom with the best man. by NaughtyHubbyin  Loving Wives03/04/034.18

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