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Zach Scores Twice on Naked Day

 — Zach goes to a nude beach on Naked Day and scores twice. by ZachDocEightin  Mind Control06/26/174.01NEW

Ms. Adler: Leadworth Ch. 02

 — Emily and Max are punished, Natalie learns her place. by MrAdlerin  Mind Control06/09/174.38

A Gift From His Father Ch. 28

 — Murderers are caught & Evan's powers continue to grow. by Absolutelywickedthoughtsin  Mind Control03/25/164.79HOT

Out There Ch. 01

 — An inexplicable feeling pulls her to new ways of thinking. by Domdomainin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/02/154.53HOT

The Pocket Watch Ch.01

 — Jacks new pocket watch gives him all the fun he can handle. by baxternzin  Mind Control10/15/144.55HOT

Powers to Be

 — I unknowingly gain the power to bend my girlfriend to my will. by TrapperJMGin  Mind Control01/24/144.03

The Cinema

 — Young woman finally gets what she’s always been dreaming of. by Richardjsmithin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/12/133.96

Hellcyon Days Ch. 02

 — Well, some days just seem to last forever. by n0msterin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/21/134.85HOT

Hellcyon Days Ch. 01

 — Well, the world's gone to the monsters. by n0msterin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/31/124.85HOT

The Freak Ch. 04

 — Sam discovers a new ability. by ahazin  Novels and Novellas08/13/124.60HOT

A Gift From His Father Ch. 01

 — A young man receives a strange gift with unique powers. by Absolutelywickedthoughtsin  Mind Control07/21/124.51HOT

The Terror of The Inferno

 — A dystopian adventure. by riqtermagxin  Novels and Novellas02/26/114.65HOT

A Strange Reality

 — What if? by fledglingin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/27/113.55

A Penny for Your Thoughts Ch. 02

 — Once again Brian wakes up in a hospital. by Many Feathersin  Mind Control09/05/104.66HOT

The Dog Talker Ch. 01

 — Could he really be...? by Dinsmorein  Romance08/23/104.75HOT

Pierre's Peculiar Power

 — An accountant discovers something about powers. by Tio_Narratorein  Humor & Satire07/09/104.28


 — Shaun tests mind control on Mom. by HubbaBubba99in  Incest/Taboo07/08/104.28

Sex In Sixty Seconds

 — Which would you do in a minurte ead a story or have sex? by andtheendin  Humor & Satire05/29/103.00

A Strange Day

 — Oscar's day gets curiouser and curiouser. by brian473317in  Mind Control02/19/104.34

Rest In Peace

 — Sarah finally meets someone new on Valentine's Day. by andtheendin  NonHuman01/25/104.64HOT

Atomic Power

 — Young man gains the power to control people's minds by Bakebossin  Mind Control12/26/093.43

I Control Minds Ch. 02

 — Mind controller has unbelievable sex with his mother in law. by penasweaponin  Mind Control11/29/094.37


 — Young man recieves power to make people submit. by Bakebossin  Mind Control11/14/093.83

Eye Drops Ch. 01

 — Eye drops open his eyes to what's in others' minds. by JimBob44in  Mind Control09/19/094.48

The Nudge

 — A man, his frightening supernatural powers, and his cat. by adamschakowskiin  Novels and Novellas06/15/094.24

Taking Control Over My Boss

 — A work accident gives a man mind-control power. by RoadRunner2009in  Mind Control06/07/093.74

Can You Hear Me?

 — Jack explores more of Abbey's unique ability. by femmeappealin  Mind Control02/21/094.72HOT

Delilah's Power Ch. 04

 — Danny enjoys Delilah's power of mind control. by PrincessErinin  Mind Control07/03/084.32

Delilah's Power Ch. 03

 — Danny enjoys Delilah's power of mind control. by PrincessErinin  Mind Control07/02/084.16


 — The power of the ungloved hands. by WFEATHERin  Mind Control05/08/083.97

Cold Hands

 — Romance sparks between a telekinetic & a young woman. by Kilekain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/21/084.09

Reincarnation, Life After Death Ch. 02

 — Is it psychic phenomena, ghosts, aliens or your imagination? by BOSTONFICTIONWRITERin  Reviews & Essays03/23/084.20

Delilah's Power Ch. 02

 — Natalie enjoys Delilah's power of mind control. by PrincessErinin  Mind Control03/22/084.35

Delilah's Power Ch. 01

 — Natalie enjoys Delilah's power of mind control. by PrincessErinin  Mind Control03/21/083.89

How a Rock Changed My Life

 — Rough encounter with meteorite gives him new powers. by Parkerjay77in  Mind Control01/25/084.42

Psychic Powers of Dr. Freddie Ch. 05

 — Freddie exposes his wife and sister-in-law to Wade. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITERin  Mind Control12/11/074.13

Psychic Powers of Dr. Freddie Ch. 03

 — A tragic accident gives Dr. Freddie amazing psychic powers. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITERin  Mind Control12/06/074.23

Psychic Powers of Dr. Freddie Ch. 02

 — A tragic accident gives Dr. Freddie amazing psychic powers. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITERin  Mind Control12/04/074.12

Psychic Powers of Dr. Freddie Ch. 01

 — A tragic accident gives him amazing psychic powers. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITERin  Mind Control12/04/073.68


 — Mind reader uses his powers for pleasure. by noodneighborin  Mind Control11/23/074.12

The Gift: Day 07

 — The fate of the good, the evil and innocent is decided here. by bluefox07in  Mind Control08/09/074.57HOT

The Gift: Day 05

 — As their destinies become clear, two guys become men. by bluefox07in  Mind Control08/07/074.58HOT

The Gift: Day 04

 — Daniel embraces his journey into chaos... by bluefox07in  Mind Control08/06/074.57HOT

The Gift: Day 03

 — Jesse and Elena search for answers as Daniel falls. by bluefox07in  Mind Control08/05/074.64HOT

The Gift: Day 02

 — Daniel & Jesse begin to take opposing paths. by bluefox07in  Mind Control08/04/074.47

The Gift: Day 01

 — Two guys foolishly abuse a mysterious power. by bluefox07in  Mind Control08/03/074.45

A War From Far Away Stars Ch. 04

 — They meet the Gomtu, androids, & the United Nations. by thehumpmanin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/01/074.63HOT

The Naked Truth

 — Charlene finds she has a naked twin - doesn't everybody? by archibaelin  Mind Control12/02/064.53HOT

Tennis Anyone

 — Spotting a chesty woman on the tennis court, he takes control. by techsanin  Mind Control09/29/064.35

Roomers Ch. 06

 — Doug's talent is dangerous to his friends. by satyricon.21in  Mind Control09/25/064.73HOT

When Lightning Strikes

 — She gets unbelievable abilities after getting struck. by Lady_Kiefferin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/23/064.26

Roomers Ch. 03

 — Doug's control gets better, but the ability still confuses. by satyricon.21in  Mind Control09/13/064.65HOT

Roomers Ch. 02

 — Slacker Doug works on his exhausting ability. by satyricon.21in  Mind Control09/11/064.45


 — A young man comes to terms with remarkable abilities. by hammingbyrd7in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/13/064.78HOT

Mind Fuck

 — Jared had a special power. by Many Feathersin  Mind Control07/29/054.70HOTContest Winner


 — Her hair moved unnaturally; that was just the beginning. by Liarin  NonHuman07/22/054.64HOT

The Institute Stories Set 04

 — Jason's returns from the wilderness. by elsolin  Mind Control06/23/054.68HOT

Summer Of Discovery Ch. 07

 — The twins have sex in the lake. by MagicFingersin  Incest/Taboo06/22/054.72HOT

Elf Pleasure Ch. 02

 — Kelly's New Year starts off unusually great. by damppantiesin  NonHuman02/02/044.53HOT

Control, Sam, Control Ch. 01

 — One of five in which the protagonist loses it all. by Citadelin  Mind Control05/28/034.18

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